the human factor

So I was thinking about music earlier in a Earth is Space Austraila/Humans Are Space Orcs kind of way

  • Humans have a way of singing that if you are not careful can permanently damage your vocal cords 
  • Humans are incredible mimics 
  • Whenever we hear “This song can’t be sung by humans” we Immediately go “lol” and do it anyway
  • Humans have a wide variety in which they can pitch their voices naturally, Freddie Mercury being a shining example of this (even though he is an outlier)
    • Likewise some people’s voices are naturally super high pitched or super fucking deep, there’s a lot of factors in human vocals 

Which got me thinking about how varied music would be in some Galactic Federation type of thing. How interpersonal relationships may be affected by a human hearing a song that is from a species that maybe descended from birds and a human is dancing and singing in the breakroom to some Avian Boy Band just nailing the lyrics. 

A alien crewmate walking in to find that one of their human crewmates are trying extremely hard to sing this song that, as far as anyone could tell, isn’t possible for them to do but What would you Know they’re getting better and better and might just be able to Do It

People who are singers have to have amazing breath control because of famously long notes in various songs and are able hold them and keep on going where as a human who doesn’t have that same kind of practice or an alien that just might not be able to do it it would be really impressed at this. 

idk man just, intergalactic music 

The Framework mindset.

So I think I see now why Jemma wasn’t able to wake Phil, Mace or Mack up. She’s focused to much on the science & technical parts. “None of this is real”. “Everyone’s just a code” “what you do and who you save doesnt matter” and its needs an emotional human factor.

Daisy got Phil out by going to him like she would any other time shit got to real and she needed the one person that has always been there. Like a child with her father. He might not remember everything but he remembers that feeling. And he followed it. Because it was overwhelmingly real, and natural for those two.

Phil got May standing up and saving the kid nothing else mattered but the kids and he did what Phil does and told her to snap the hell out of it. I mean as much as I wanted a cute scene between Phil and May to get her out of the framework mindset. What happened was honestly the only way it could have happened. Philinda is not a lovey dovey couple, they’re the ones who make tough calls, and putting others first always. And calling each other on they’re bullshit. And always having each others back. That what makes them so freaking Married. Sure you get the flirting, and the hearteyes for each other but that’s just the cherry on top. And again she doesn’t instantly remember everything but she’s on the right track now.

That’s also why Jemma is the only way Fitz is getting out of it. Her yelling for/at got to him he’s doubting things but he’s surrounded by not good things reinforcing the Framework mindset, they need a face to face with her doing or saying something Simmons would say to Fitz or them FitzSimmoning somehow.

Tremors or Turbo are gonna have to be the ones that get Mack out, they’re the only two they have really bonded with Mack. Those two have a special part of his heart that’s why they get the nicknames and not really anyone else. I’m betting on Daisy for this since it looks like Fitz will be the last to get out.

Which brings us to Mace and sadly I’m not sure anyone could have gotten him out he didn’t bond with anyone really, and like most politicians he built mistrust when saying trust was everything. Jemma spent the most time with him and couldn’t find a way to get to him
But he died well. That was the most like Captain America he’s ever been.

Those are my thoughts anyway.

I had a dream where I came up with this idea for vampire solarpunk– vampires being long-lived and requiring little resources were able to create vastly more sustainable infrastructure than we have now and it was a world of immortal environmentalists.

Not… sure how humans factored into this.

Tfw you consider that one of the longterm effects of radiation exposure is stunted growth.

And then you make the connection that Hilbert is more likely than not the shortest person in the crew.

Like… this scary Russian scientist, killed a bunch of people with a scary death virus, ripped Hera’s brains out one time, just barely on his way toward a redemption arc.

Anyone else on the crew could probably hoist him over one of their shoulders and carry him like a sack of flour.