the human cannonball

Meet Rosa Richeter, a noted English aerialist and protege of Canadian tightrope walker the Great Farini. She made her big debut in 1877 as Zazel, the world’s first “human cannonball.” She was just fourteen. Popped out of a metal cylinder loaded with springs, flying sixty feet in the air, passing over the heads of spectators, Zazel would land safely and to great applause in a large net. The act made her very, very famous. At her height she performed for 20,000 people crowds every night.

She was so popular that other performers stole her act, the spring-loaded cannon idea, and even her stage name, Zazel! Rosa went back to walking the tightrope. Ironically, it was a fall from a tightrope that ended her career by breaking her back, at the age of just 29.

A family can be a genius musician, her irresponsible time-traveling son, a human cannonball, a pizza delivery guy, a ventriloquist and his cranky wife, a fashionista, an artist, a train conductor and her husband who does crossfit, a retired science teacher and his retired supergenius wife, the mafia but with an orchestra of frogs, a sentient robot, the butler, two twins whose relation to you are a mystery, a dog that needs better vision insurance, a T-Rex, a homeless ex-villain, and Tom Selleck

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I wanna see Link from LoZ: Twilight Princess somehow tricking Revali into going in Fyer's Human-cannonball ride or see how Revali react to seeing the Oocca race! :)

and as for the Oocca race…

what even is an Oocca w g a t they’resoweirdhhhhhhhhh

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: every time i need to see your face i just close my eyes and i am taken to a place where your crystal mind and magenta feelings take up shelter in the base of my spine sweet like a chic-a-cherry cola i dont need to try and explain i just hold on tight and if it happens again i might move so slightly to the arms and the lips and the face of the human cannonball that i need to i want to
Unlocking the Tower of Dread (and to be prepared)

There’s a few steps of unlocking the quote quote boss rush of Miitopia

1.) Beat the final boss and unlock the post game stuff
2.) Beat three out of the eight bosses in New Lumos
3.) In order to unlock it, you MUST have choose to forgive the curse and give him his face back (He’ll be waiting out in the outskirts of the map for you and open the tower up). If you don’t, repeat step 1.

To be prepared

1.) Have your Miis be at Level 50! (No exceptions!!!)
2.) Have them wear and wield the Legendary gear into battle (Again, unlocks at Level 50 and their a pain to get. Each cost you 32,000 gold)
3.) Have the HP Bananas and MP candies heal up to 400 HP and 200 MP (To upgrade them you need to eat them (oh joy))
4.) As a heads up, the bosses are the same as the ones in New Lumos. In order (Bottom to Top): King Cow, Calc King, Frog King and Queen, Dragon Lord, King of Hounds, Dark King and Queen, Evil Sage and Dark Sun (Who is the super boss of the game)
5.) Don’t you sprinkles all Willy Nilly! They don’t replenish! So you have limited uses of them, so use them wisely!
6.) Have a team with super high friendship (Preferably close to 99 at best)
7.) Say it once, say it again: You defiantly need a healer!

Classes based on usefulness

Warrior- Having Proud Protector, Snap out of it, Super Snap out of It (the class revive ability), high damaging moves base on their strength. I would bring this class to the tower over the Tank class

Mage- High magic means more firepower to their spells and have a barrier move as well to boost their defenses, again like the Warrior, I would take this along as well

Cleric- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED OVER ANY OTHER HEALING BASED CLASS!!! Heals everyone and one character. Has a revive spell that won’t miss. Also having Aura doesn’t help as well

Thief- This is questionable Class. High speed yes, but more of it’s skills requires them to hide or trap a single attack. Most of these bosses are going to attack twice with magic and attacks that ignores the trap’s effect. So this is a give or take…

Pop Star- The most useless…sadly. Their skills are heavily based off the friendship mechanics. And what happens if your Friendship is 99 across the board? Nothing. Strongly don’t bring this class to the tower…

Chef- Somewhat an replacement to the Cleric but with more physical power and better defenses. It can’t hurt to bring him along for the ride

Cat- This is a weaker version of the Warrior class with more speed. Sharpen requires a turn to power up it’s attack. But can replenish their own HP and restores an ally’s MP with Playful Antics. Bring one if your looking for a challenge

Imp- Has an ability to restore MP but makes them Hype. Have a skill to lower an enemy’s guard. Can attack a single or multiple targets. This and the Mage class goes very well together

Scientist- A mix bag class that can find ways to fight their opponents. If you don’t want to use the Imp, take this one instead as they can heal HP and MP with Cure.exe

Tank- This might be a middle of the road class. High strength and defense but doesn’t have a guard move like the Warrior does. Their standard attacks consume MP and most of the time they might be using Human Cannonball, which can break connections!!!

Flower- Next to the Pop Star, they’re the worst. Low magic meaning that their healing aren’t even worth it. Would rather bring a Cleric along instead…

Princess- A class that is again, middle of the road. Have abilities that can help dodge attacks and protects them (or ally) from status aliments. Can restore MP and deal magic damage. I would try, but don’t count on it

Vampire- If you don’t want to bring a Mage, this class can easily replace it due to high magic. A counter ability that can wither down their foes HP and an auto revive (along to pass it down to an ally) along with skills that deals damage

Elf- Another bag of tricks that is good for support. Can give out barriers like candy and can heal both HP and MP. Have a counter ability to allies and can attack all enemies. This goes well with the Vampire class

These are my opinions and how I see these Class works for the gauntlet. If you guys have any suggestions of a party, don’t be shy and shout it out.


Magic Balls

Last month Yorkshire’s mighty Magic Rock Brewing graced us with the limited annual release of the celebrated double and triple IPA versions of their core range US hopped IPA, Cannonball. And it was all a bit crazy. Their tap and the few bars and bottle shops lucky enough to get their hands on this duo were descended on by all manner of motley creatures eager to sup of the mystical juice bombs. Unable to reach the Magic Rock Tap due to work and stuff I searched for other options, and after defeating all comers (well, a 92 year old with chronic arthritis and an excitable Flat Coated Retriever) in an Armed Police Batrider arcade showdown for PRIZES! I wandered into the light of the day better off by the sum of as many magic balls as I could carry.

Human Cannonball Double IPA (9.2% abv) was up first, and once again the mad-hype was entirely justified. So damn hazy it looks like you could take a bite out of it, it’s semi-sweet up front with bold and zesty grapefruit led citrus, overripe mango, pineapple jam, hints of caramelised biscuits, and an eruption of evergreen that leads into a dry and hella bitter finish. The carbonation is medium soft, the body full. A triumphant brew.

Un-Human Cannonball Triple IPA (11% abv) is every bit as big and juicy as you could want and much more. A positive eruption of citrus and tropical fruit juice, all pineapple and gwaaaarva and mango and clementine, there’s candied zest, lurking caramel malts, and a nicely bitter sting in the tail. Again it’s full bodied and flawlessly carbonated, a mouth wateringly delicious creation and absurdly drinkable for such a potent brew. Well, ‘til you reach for the glass and fall over…

So Magic Rock deliver the goods again, a duo that match the best new fangled craft brewed DIPA’s and TIPA’s I’ve ever had from these Isles. Human Cannonball delivers a wonderful combination of sweet tropical juice and pine flavours with a potent bitter finish, Un-Human Cannonball takes this tropical juiciness to the extreme with an even more complex fruitiness while easing off on the pine and the packing less bitterness. If you were lucky enough to try these then whichever you prefer doesn’t matter in the slightest, they’re both absolutely stonking. If you missed out I feel for ya, and y’d better practice those STG skilz y’hear?

Okay but can you just imagine how the Batfamily would react to the whole “Killer Clown” nonsense plaguing America? Like immediately after it aired on the news Bruce would be hanging out in the lounge with the family when suddenly Jason crashes through the window like a human cannonball with every single gun he could find attached to him. All he would do is give each of his siblings a look and say “Let’s roll” before walking out, each of them following him while Bruce just goes back to sipping his tea. He’d been expecting this, of course.

So they all suit up, Dick grabbing his escrima sticks, Tim his bo staff, Steph a bat, Damian a katana, and Cass a shovel. And they all strut out of the Batcave like in an action movie to meet up with Roy, Kori, Wally, Kon, Colin, Harper, Selina, and Helena outside. And Jay just goes “We’re going clown hunting” and they take off.

They break off into pairs, Red Hood and Arsenal, Spoiler and Batgirl, Robin and Abuse, Red Robin and Superboy, Starfire and Huntress, Bluebird and Catwoman, and Nightwing and Kid Flash. They take off in all parts of the country, focused only on bringing in every clown they find. And it’s glorious.

Barbara would be in the Batcave tracking each and every clown, giving the team coordinates to where they are. And man, was it a bloodbath. Clowns were running in fear as they were being chased down by a bunch of rage-driven vigilantes with very bad histories with clowns and no problem with beating them into a coma. This time there is no playful commentary, no conversations over the comms, just victorious cheers whenever one is brought down. And Bruce is just so proud of his babies destroying people all together. Alfred actually sheds a tear at the beautiful sense of unity.

In the morning there is an announcement on the news that the killer clowns have been brought in to police stations all over the country. Nobody knows who did it, but the clowns have learned their lessons and citizens are grateful. Cut to Wayne Manor, where their entire clown-fighting squad is chilling in the living room, draped over couches and spread out on the floor with pure exhaustion, reminiscing on the good deed they’ve done. Cue Alfred waltzing in with a giant platter of maybe 500 waffles, and they all do a collective fist bump complete with an explosion like cool people, because they are freaking awesome.

Days later the Joker is still hiding in his basement, too terrified to go outside and face the wrath of a bunch of awesome teenagers.

Seriously, I could make a Reylo playlist of only Toadies songs.

I was listening to their new album but not really paying attention until I heard “I rise and fall/a human cannonball, I wreck it all/a human cannonball” and thought “That’s our boy Kylo, ain’t it?”

I was half joking to myself, but looked up the lyrics and

Atari Flashback 8 gold black Activision edition. Game List:

3D Tic-Tac-Toe
Adventure II
Air Raiders ™
Air·Sea Battle
Armor Ambush ™
Astroblast ™
Atari Climber
Black Jack
Canyon Bomber
Championship Soccer
Chopper Command
Circus Atari
Combat Two
Cosmic Commuter
Crystal Castles
Dark Cavern ™
Demon Attack
Demons to Diamonds
Desert Falcon
Dodge ‘Em
Double Dunk
Fatal Run
Fishing Derby
Flag Capture
Frog Pond
Frogs and Flies
Fun with Numbers
Grand Prix
Haunted House
Home Run
Human Cannonball
Ice Hockey
Indy 500
International Soccer ™
Keystone Kapers
Laser Blast
Maze Craze
Miniature Golf
Missile Command
Night Driver
Plaque Attack
Pong (Video Olympics)
Pressure Cooker
Private Eye
Radar Lock
Realsports Baseball
Realsports Basketball
Realsports Soccer
Realsports Volleyball
Return to Haunted House
River Raid
River Raid II
Save Mary
Sea Battle ™
Secret Quest
Sky Diver
Sky Jinks
Slot Machine
Slot Racers
Space Attack ™
Space Shuttle
Space War
Spider Fighter
Star Ship
Star Strike ™
Stellar Track
Street Racer
Submarine Commander
Super Baseball
Super Breakout
Super Challenge ™ Baseball
Super Challenge ™ Football
Super Football
Sword Fight ™
Swordquest: Earthworld
Swordquest: Fireworld
Swordquest: Waterworld
Video Checkers
Video Chess
Video Pinball
Yars’ Return
Yars’ Revenge


I’m Coming Baby!

“Babe? Where are you? I’m starving! What are we having for dinner?” Wally zooms into the apartment he shares with you eager to spend some of the free time he has with his best girl. He speeds around the apartment trying to find you, the door was open so you must be home. The question is where?

“That’s weird,” Wally says to himself in confusion, scratching his head. “Y/n?” He then stands still calling out your name. This is out of the norm, you’re always home at this time of day. Wally tells himself that you must have popped out for something, for dinner perhaps. But nonetheless, he decides to call you to be sure. 

Wally taps his foot, waiting for you to pick up your cell. Eventually, he gets through. “Y/n, where are you? I just got home and you left the door open.” He is first to speak.

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