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I went to an “Art of” Book singing for AoU and they had two of the story artists who worked on the film and they shared some of the scenes they worked on!!

I’m gonna do a big post of all the stuff that was cut/changed tomorrow when I get my notes together but.





EDIT: 5/10/2015

Hey everyone! I’m currently writing out the notes I took on those scenes. I’ll probably have to split it into two parts. But i’m almost done with the first.

Betty Ross’s TIH Ending

postcards–from–faraway​ has a really great meta up that mentions Betty Ross and laments that she’s just left hanging at the end of The Incredible Hulk.

But! Fun fact about The Incredible Hulk — the deleted scenes are the best parts. Not only does everything make way more sense and General Ross’s righthand man is a fully developed, kickass lady, Betty gets hers in the end.

(Skip to 27:31 for the scene)

Here, Betty gets a call from her boyfriend, whom she calmly confronts about selling Bruce out earlier in the film. She then forgives him, because she’s too moral and understanding and awesome to hold a grudge. 

Betty: I forgive you. But I’m not coming home yet.

Leonard: Where are you going?

Betty: I have no idea. But I’ll let you know when I do, I promise. Goodbye, Leonard.

Betty, who is a well-balanced individual who does not have issues with self-loathing, is brave enough to say goodbye and considerate enough to keep the people who love her informed of her whereabouts. 

As much as I love Bruce Banner, he does not at this juncture deserve Betty Ross.

And Betty Ross is not going to sit around and wait for him. She’s going to take some time to find herself, and she’s going to move on with her life, probably with Leonard, who will wait for her, something in another deleted scene she asks Bruce why he didn’t do.

So, yeah, The Incredible Hulk is definitely flawed but could have been a much better story and had a much better conclusion for Betty Ross had they left in the really compelling character moments shown in the deleted scenes. 

Now let’s all imagine Betty Ross getting wine drunk with Natasha Romanoff and serenely talking shit about Bruce Banner’s runaway tendencies. 


Bruce’s suicide attempt (The Incredible Hulk)

What happens? As an alternate opening, Bruce Banner is up in some snowy mountains. Having given up hope of curing his condition, he gets a gun out and begins trying to kill himself. The Hulk has different ideas, though. Meanwhile, Captain America is frozen far below.

Why didn’t it make the cut? At a guess, it was deemed too dark for the opening sequence of a family film. The scene remains in the ‘head canon’ of many though, especially after Bruce recalled putting a bullet in his mouth during The Avengers.

Deleted scenes from The Avengers script #109
  • Thor: Gods. My hips are huge!
  • Hawkeye: Oh, please. I hate my bird-like calves.
  • Tony: At least you guys can wear capes. I've got Corgi legs.
  • Bruce: My hairline is so weird.
  • Tony: My pout is too small.
  • Hawkeye: My nail beds suck.
  • All:
  • All: *(look at Steve)*
  • Steve:
  • Steve:
  • Steve: I have really bad breath in the morning.
  • Thor: Ew.

Bruce Banner mysterious appearence: Behind the Scenes.  

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Deleted scenes from The Avengers script #107
  • Loki: *This* is my bargain, you mewling quim!
  • Natasha: ...You're a monster.
  • Loki: Oh, no... *(grins)* You brought the monster!
  • Banner: *(mumbles)* Hey, I have feelings too, you know.
  • Tony: Yeah, lay off him, Severus Malfoy! We're all on vacation. Can't we just enjoy it?
  • Steve: *(to Tony)* Why don't *you* lay off of *him*?
  • Barton: Stop talking about laying. You all sound like chickens. Caw-caw!
  • Fury: *(sighs)*...Motherfuckers...
  • Thor: *(laughs)* It is indeed a good bargain, though. Look at the embroidery on these drapes!

Bruce Banner mysterious appearence.

P.S.: Hey nice people, I don’t just upload Ruffalo pics, I also draw ;)
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Deleted scenes from The Avengers script #106
  • Banner: *(languid; holding a spoon)* I don't think I can eat any more...
  • Loki: *(giddy)* What if we opened our *own* piano bar...?
  • Banner: Are you sure this'll help with the hangover?
  • Loki: Yes, of course - vitamins, protein, calcium, soothing temperature...ideal medicine.
  • Banner: Yeah, but...does it have to be mint chocolate chip?
  • Loki: Why, what kind do you like? We can serve any flavour at our new bar!
  • Banner: I like pistachio.
  • Loki: Ugh. So does Thor. No, no, we shan't be serving that.
  • Banner: But you said you'd serve any flavour!
  • Loki: NOT *THAT* FLAVOUR!!
  • Hulk: *(roars)* PISTACHIO!!!
  • Loki: *(cowering)* Fine...!
  • Loki: You know, you can't always Hulk-out each time we have a disagreement.
  • Hulk: *(grunts apologetically)*
  • Loki: *(smiles)*
  • Hulk: *(sucker-punches Loki off-screen)*
Deleted scenes from The Avengers script #104
  • Thor: *(slurring)* Brother, drink some mead! Celebrate with me! What are your revolutions for the new year?
  • Loki: *(eye-rolls)*
  • Loki: "Resolutions". They're called "resolutions".
  • Steve: I am going to do more for my community.
  • Tony: Like community service?
  • Natasha: *(elbows Tony)*
  • Natasha: I'm going to relax, mellow out more...
  • Barton: I'm gonna smile more.
  • Banner: I'm going to take up Pilates.
  • Thor: And *I* am going to immerse myself in Midgardian traditions! Look, I've got these celebratory tube things, this smoky things, these flute things and these small round things. Watch me deploy them at once!
  • Loki: No, wai—!!
  • *(Loud cacophony of noisemakers, crackers, party poppers and fireworks)*
  • *(Sound of Hulk turning)*
  • *(Sound of Loki screaming)*