the hugh

While all these douche bros tweet about how Hugh Hefner was badass for getting so much “pussy” and having young “bitches” around him just remember what he was really like:

• Wrote about female sexuality and how women should enjoy themselves in the 60’s and 70’s

• Hired female photographers when magazines like Vogue still didn’t

• Openly accepted gay sexuality even when he was young

• Helped Bettie Page get the rights to her image in the 90’s when she was poor and elderly and people were making money off of her without her knowledge

• Had his ex wife and kids live next door so he could still see them and help raise them

• All playboy playmates were allowed to use the facilities at the Playboy Mansion for the rest of their lives, it wasn’t just a place for the newest young girls

• Didn’t use his fame and image to force girls to be with him or assault them. He would formally ask girls to live with him and be his girlfriend, and they were all over 18.

If you don’t like him that’s fine, but he wasn’t some sexual predator-he did what wanted openly and was honest about it.

RIP Hugh