the hug to end all hugs


That world, and the people inhabiting it, was a reflection of your own desires. What might have been if Komaeda Nagito lacked his good fortune and led a quiet, uneventful life.


To me, who was lowly born, she was the sun….” - Guren about Mahiru Maria -
Happy birthday to my sweetest Maria! ♥ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧

A love like that starts with a simple hello, it always does. You’ve never seen this person before, but before you’ve realized anything– you two are already a thing. Maybe she laughs too loud, maybe he’s got a potty mouth– but beneath the loud laughter, she’s a calm and gentle person, she loves to hug people, she loves to hug you. Under all of his vulgarities, he had the sweetest pair of lips, he knew the right words to say, he always made you feel safe. Maybe you’re into writing love letters, maybe you’re into love making– whatever it is, with whoever it is, it’s always sweet, there’s a hint of roughness, but it’s only ever to spice things up. Kissing means you’ve been at it for hours, you never want it to end at that point. Saying goodbye is the hardest, when’s the next time I’ll see you? I can’t get enough of you. You wanna know the saddest thing about a love like that? It always ends with a goodbye, I can only pray that the movies and books were right, this time… I will only have hello to say to you. I never want to say goodbye.
—  The hello
the brosten bromance
  • the eagles are super stoked that neil josten signed on with them 
  • but NOBODY is as stoked as Matt Boyd is, because this is his precious flower child and they are finally on the same team after a year of Neil post Fox. 
  • so the entire team is there at the court doing basic drills when this 5′3 human comes barrelling out the door and just charged straight at Matt 
  • and everyone is horrified because 1-neil is super small but super fast but nobody was prepared for exactly how fast he was, and everyone is already cringing cardio day because coach will be riding their asses to keep up with the midget. 
  • 2-at first they imagine that there has been a terrible argument because their real experience of Neil is savage clapbacks on twitter or some impressive fights on court and Neil is probably going to tear out Matt’s throat 
  • instead they matt whooping, basically picking neil up and giving him the bear hug to end all bear hugs. 
  • coach is yelling in the background but neil is explaining in great detail his experience with the nasty kale chips kevin sent him for the plane ride. 
  • matt is sympathetic. 
  • kevin had also sent him the same chips but he had wisely tossed them without sampling any. 
  • eventually because neil is living out of a sketchy motel room Matt basically forces him to pack up his belongings-belongings which have expanded past a single duffle bag, much to Neil’s dismay- and forces him to move in. 
  • like to be honest though matt has such a sketchy apartment. there is no fire alarm and if you turn on the light in the kitchen it turns off the light in the living room and it’s so fucking tiny they have bunk beds. 
  • they basically exist off of take out. why cook when you can dial a phone? 
  • they’re living above some chinese restaurant so they can usually hear the music playing from the kitchen which is why Matt posts a video on his instagram of Neil Josten dancing at 2 am, and the fans go mental. 
  • because his instagram has become the Neil Josten story. 
  • like to be honest his instagram prior to neil moving in consists of horribly blurry photos of weights and random converse pictures-matt has an obsession with converse shoes, Kevin is still mad about it.
  • his personal fav picture is one of Neil sitting in a grocery cart holding up a brand of kale flavoured protein bar with kevin’s face plastered across the box, unimpressed look on Neil’s face. 
  • neil’s twitter is just random out of context matt boyd quotes that are hella random and hard to explain? like nah the coconut flavour is bae, wtf is with limes? and nobody knows if it is ice cream or something weird?
  • eventually one of their teammates documents Matt using Neil as a weight, him across his shoulders and Matt doing squats. they’re count is up to 156 before Neil starts to get bored and starts making eagle noises. 
  • dan and the girls venture to the shared apartment, eyeing the stack of take out dinner boxes and unwashed dishes
  • “you used to have class, Boyd.” Allison informs him as she primly nudges one towering stack of styrofoam boxes from their Indian phase. It’s rivaling the stack of jenga they got going on in the center of the room, both boys sitting on the floor crosslegged, eyeing the rather crooked tower as it’s supported by like 3 tiles for a base now. 
  • “you have heard of wall art, right babe?” dan called from the kitchen where she’s inspecting the alcohol stash but only finding cheap beer.
  • “yo we don’t go into your home and disrespect your class and walls.” matt informed them as neil toppled the tower. 
  • “yeah, that’s because we have class”-allison’s home is a massive penthouse suit where the walls are white and the floors are marble and it’s basically an interior decorator’s orgasm. 
  • dan is simpler than that, but still quite lovely. renee is between places, having returned from backpacking across french countryside. 
  • neil comes home with a few boxes of fairy lights to compromise and sends a few snapchats to andrew of matt wrapped up in the tangled cords of lights. 
  • eventually the press is getting worried (read: excited as fuck) about what this means for neil and andrew, and if it really is neil and matt 
  • neil and matt are usually the ones doing press, because they’re both pretty known and the audience adores neil. 
  • especially when the reporter asks a silly question about what was it like working with an ex drug addict 
  • because holy hell our 5′3 child is savage when he asks the reporter what it is like working with your head so far up your own ass, like he’s a medical wonder. semi-functioning and everything. 
  • allison always retweets captions of him in interviews. 
  • but yeah 
  • so the reporters are anxious “any news regarding playing against Minyard?”
  • They shrug because the line up in still being laid out 
  • and Andrew has been swapped three teams again and again because of an attitude problem? 
  • so Matt just says ‘naw, but like we’re ready for his sorry ass’
  • neil mentions that it’s a lovely ass
  • Matt adds though that his is a far nicer one than Andrew’s. 
  • a few days later on twitter Andrew informs them to leave his ass out of it 
  • but someone takes a picture of andrew and neil on a date a few weekslater 
  • and the internet blows the fuck up BECAUSE IS NEIL CHEATING ON MATT???
  • Matt prints out copies of these reports and is like babe, why? the next time they have interviews 
  • the reports end up taped to the fridge
  • someone eventually asks dan’s opinion 
  • and she’s like yo, i may be matt’s girlfriend but apparently neil is his bro mate.
  • and maybe allison is being catty when she mentions on her way to her team practise (ironically she’s on the Vixens team, an all girls team that is fucking rising) and informs this one reporter that oh yeah, andrew and neil hated each other in school, they used to go at it all the time. she gives the camera man her most andrew like blank stare ever. 
  • it’s goals, man. 
  • and nicky adds of twitter that he has always tried to support them in whatever way possible, whether tying them to each other or locking them in a closet to work out their kinks. 
  • wymack simply says no comment when they begin pestering him. 
  • neil usually just mentions that questions about love triangles are really useless in exy sports panels recapping specific games, like guys, lets keep focus before i get bored and leave.
  • basically the whole OG squad are mindfucking the reporters but renee, but she always smiles serenely when fans ask and says that it’s nice to see Neil so happy with Matt.
  • andrew gives reporters blank looks whenever they try to get near him 
  • the media is so lit its roasting
  • the next time Andrew’s team the Falcon’s play against Matt and Neil it is absolutely ridiculous. 
  • the entire original fox lineup is in the audience and they are stoked (but kevin, because kevin is dreading everything because kevin is such a princess) 
  • Matt charges onto the court with Neil on his shoulders and Neil is waving exy rackets, basically the outcome of having chugged three power drinks. 
  • andrew is narrowing his eyes 
  • and is basically like done 
  • but the two aren’t done 
  • at one point matt just like drops to his knees in the middle of the game and neil leap frogs over him and Kevin is in the audience LOSING HIS SHIT 
  • Like he’s leaning over and screaming orders 
  • but it just never stops 
  • neil starts asking andrew questions about adopting cats in between score attempts 
  • and andrew is snarking back about gymnastics and that he knows very well how to hide a body
  • so basically matt and neil start performing aerials 
  • -leading to one of the most important changes in exy rulebook history where players are forbidden from doing aerials EVER on the court-
  • my boys are so extra I love it 
  • and the fans are going mental and the other eagles are just used to their boys acting up and causing mass destruction wherever they go 
  • the game ends with a tie 
  • basically matt and neil are extreme bromance goals and they will not stop fight them. 

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YOI EP 6: Chris

So after last night’s episode I finished it feeling a little… off. My fluff, heart-squeezing quota did not feel filled. I didn’t end it feeling like I’d been purified. That’s okay: that’s not what the show’s aim is to do. It never set out to be all rainbows and hugs (okay maybe some – a lot of hugs yes please). But the more I thought about it the more I kept thinking about Chris’ performance/presence.

A lot of comments were going around about the suit, and about the animation team’s budget going on one particular part of his anatomy (cough), but for some reason his performance left me feeling… strange.

I wondered, at first, if that was just me. If I was having an issue with it because it was overt (male) sexuality, and that it was my own kind of prejudice or aversion to a sexuality that wasn’t the ‘cutesy’ kind of thing we have seen so far from Viktor and Yuuri. But after a conversion with @mamamyshka I’m starting to think it might not be.

What first struck me as wrong was when Chris started touching Yuuri. You could see Yuuri was uncomfortable. At first I thought maybe they had a shared history, but I thought that was probably the case only in the way that Yuuri and Viktor had competed against him. This was different, though. This felt… I won’t say predatory because that’s too far. But it felt inappropriate. I felt uncomfortable for Yuuri. I wonder if partly it’s related to how Yuuri has been made almost androgynous in the way he thwarts binary gender constructions, and so it felt, somewhat, like the typical scenario of a man touching up a woman. 

I’m not going to get into that; what I will say is that Viktor touching Yuuri and Chris touching Yuuri was different. Viktor touches Yuuri because Yuuri touches him; their relationship is one of shared, mutual skin-ship, and the physicality of it is underlined by a deep emotional connection and relationship built on trust and care and concern, and, also, attraction. Chris’ touch did not feel like that: Yuuri was uncomfortable by it. He tensed up and reared away. He did not return it, and it was not a touch that was warranted. It was not the forehead press and the hand-holding and the back hugging. 

Chris touched Yuuri because he could; because Yuuri was there and he is small. It felt like every man who thought they were somehow entitled to touch someone because they were a man and/or confident with their sexuality. But there’s a difference between being comfortable with one’s sexuality and then actually acting towards people in an unwarranted sexual nature.

I get that Chris is a foil to Yuuri. He is some kind of embodiment of the extreme version Yuuri is trying to become comfortable with. But, again, a difference: Yuuri’s transformation and growth is about gaining an understanding of sexuality and gender and if he fits in or not, and understanding that if he does not belong to a regimented, binary sphere then that is okay. Chris is not so much about sexuality as much as it is about sex. And there is a deep, deep difference between those two.

Chris’ performance, and that line he said (we all know what he said) felt cheap to me. It was shoved in our faces – both in dialogue and literally by Chris’ physical presence. Maybe I’m a hypocrite, and that I only want this kind of thing when it is tempered and part of an emotional, connective sphere, not just carnality and slight perversion. Maybe this is the male version of ecchi, and we’re supposed to be grateful that we could literally see and hear everything. 

I didn’t… feel grateful. I didn’t find what happened sexy. I felt like the show, for a few frames, had been brought into a sphere that didn’t feel wholly safe. Did anyone else?

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. They do not reflect anyone else. If you have an opinion, I will gladly hear it in a constructive manner.

My kid reacts to Episode 5

Let me remind you all.  They are SEVEN.

“Minami is cute”

Kiddo: “Is Yurio in this episode?”

Me: “Only for like two seconds.”

Kiddo: “I will love him in those two seconds.”

1st hug- “Please pause!" 

*slowly leaves going ‘oh my god!’ comes back with toys for emotional support* 


*watches the hug again with a big grin while clutching a teddy bear*

Me: "Minami is all of us.”

Kiddo: “Especially me.”

Kiddo: “Hurry up and get to angry cute!”

Me: “Not 'til the end.”

Kiddo: “Oh come on!”

Yuri cheers for Minami- 

Minami’s routine- “I’m trying not to have a nosebleed”

2nd hug-

 "This time I need to do this for some time"

Yuri’s Routine finished- *Pauses and retires upstairs to their room*


*comes back*

Almost hug- “That won’t help”


Yuri’s speech- “OH MY GOSH SO GREAT!”

Conclusion- “My favourite two characters are Yurio and Victor/Yuri. Because Victor and Yuri count as one character.”

The White Queen 1940s AU: Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville

Happy Birthday, dear Andrea!

me and my little sister (she’s 12) were watching ouat and I said that I will murder the writers if the show will end without Emma/Regina hug. My sister said that maybe they haven’t hugged yet because they like like each other and are too afraid, and I was like

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Shit Bonding Sessions

DM: So as you continue through the sewer, you see this room that is completely covered in rat shit. Just piles of it everywhere, floor to ceiling. But, there’s a sort of empty path down the middle, and at the end of it is a small bag.
All 4 players at once: I go grab the bag.
DM: Alright, everybody, roll initiative.
(I get a nat 20, everyone else rolls really low)
DM: So you all start forward, but then you (me) push the others to the side and grab the bag while they fall into the rat shit.
Fighter: I hate you.
Paladin (ooc): I give you a congratulatory hug.
Me: Wait, don’t.
DM: Too late, she hugs you, now you’ve got rat shit all over you too.
Paladin (ooc): Can I roll to push her into the shit?
DM: Sure
(she succeeds, I fail the dex save and she body slams me into a pile of shit)
Me: Ugh, can we leave now?
DM: You exit the room, but all your clothes are still covered in rat shit and you smell awful.
Me (ooc): What’s in this bag anyway?
DM: A cheap amulet and three copper buttons.
Me: Worth it.

february 13th

luna lovegood spends her sixth birthday gleefully opening presents, baking beetroot cake with her mother, going beast-sighting with her father, and at the end of a long day, snuggling into bed, tucked in with loving hugs all around

luna lovegood spends her ninth birthday in a silent home, her father grim-faced and mute, wishing her mother were there to make funny faces and pretty pastries and give lots of kisses and hugs as luna struggles to reach the sugar 

luna lovegood spends her twelfth birthday searching hogwarts for the pendant she received from her mother on her eighth birthday, writing a forcedly cheerful letter to her father, and silently sitting alone in the ravenclaw common room watching the fire slowly die to embers

luna lovegood spends her seventeenth birthday huddled in the malfoy dungeon, thinking of her worried father alone at home, speaking in low voices with griphook and dean and mr. ollivander, her mind imagining the blinding february sunshine glinting off the snow outside at that very moment

luna lovegood spends her twenty-first birthday at the leaky cauldron surrounded by friends friends friends, giggling at ginny’s joke, her mother’s pendant nestled warm against her chest as a homemade beetroot cake is brought out to choruses of “happy birthday,” marveling at the love and wonder and care that fills her life and soul

Teen Wolf Preferences- When He Gets Jealous...


When Stiles gets jealous, you could spot it as easily as a speck of dirt on a white dress. He’d trudge around with glaring eyes and keep you glued to his side at all times. However, Stiles had a soft spot for resolving things with long hugs.


Scott turns into a hormonal 16-year old girl when he gets jealous. Punching his locker one minute and glaring at you the next. He gives into your puppy eyes and ends up peppering your face with kisses.


Isaac became Mr. Violent when he saw you talk to another guy. Lockers would become dented, and boys in the same lacrosse period as him would end up walking to the nurses office with a few broken bones here and there. His weakness revolved around your surprise back hugs.


It was no secret when Liam got jealous. Face red from scoring lacrosse goals, veins pulsing from his forehead, and growls coming from his throat. You discovered that the only way to soothe him was by hugging him tightly while pressing kisses to his forehead.


Brett loved giving you a taste of what it felt like to be jealous. He’d secretly ask Lydia to flirt with him while you stood across the hallway gawking in awe. After a couple of minutes, he ended up walking towards a fuming you, apologizing with kisses and carrying you to class.


Theo liked to pretend he wasn’t jealous. You loved watching him grit his teeth, trying not to punch a wall or someone. At the end of the day, he grabbed you by the arm, stood in the middle of the hallway, and kissed you smack dab on the lips, proving to everyone that you were his.

365 thank you’s aren’t enough!

Today, March 17th, marks my one year anniversary on Tumblr! (O   w O) i can scarcely believe it’s been that long! so much has happened and i’ve met so many wonderful people along the way! if i could make a giant cake and share it with all of you, i totally would!!!!

(can you believe i’ve drawn 265 of these selfie-doodles?! i told my sister and she said “that means you took 100 days off you f***ing slacker” lol)

when i first came here i was at a very, very low point; both in terms of my health and my creativity, and while there have been up’s and down’s along the way~ i can’t recall more than a few truly down days since then! <3 and they never lasted! once upon a time, i went for years at a time without drawing, and i felt the same kinds of worries and doubts as so many other creators do~ but i’ve felt incredibly liberated through my work here! and i’ve grown and changed in a lot of ways as both a person and an artist!

to date, i’ve created over fifty pieces for assorted fandoms~ mostly Yuri on Ice, Voltron, and Final Fantasy XV~ in terms of new favourites; but that pales in comparison to the almost two hundred (WHAT?!?) pieces i’ve drawn for The Force Awakens fandom! if you had told me a few years ago that i’d one day go beyond being a casual fan of anything Star Wars related i’d have seriously doubted it! hahahah!!! but not only is that true today, through the kylux fandom i’ve met more amazing, diverse, kind, and creative people that i’d have ever known was possible! some of whom i feel so blessed to still be able to call dear friends a year on! and because of them~ i was able to build my confidence, branch out, and meet all of you new members of my fandom family!!! <3

I’ve been able to take part in so many great community and charity project this year that i almost can’t believe it all happened in just one year! (O  AO) time sure files!!!! and now i have the kylux reverse big bang and anthology to look forward to this year! plus i hope to find others to take part in with my other favourite fandoms! (-^ ___^-) <3 also, i hope to meet even more great people and have even more fun experiences!!!

i was given lots of good suggestions for projects i could do to celebrate my anniversary (since i’ve already re-drawn the first thing i ever posted!) but nothing really seemed quite right. so i’m going to hold off and do something big in the near future since i have a follower milestone coming up! (^ ___^) and also because i like to get you all involved too! nothing makes me happier than trying to give back in some way, since you all do so much for me every day!

i thought about making a list of people who i want to thank… but… it’d just be a list of everybody i’ve ever followed or interacted with!!! (^   w ^) i’ve endured so very little cruelty or hate here that i’ve scarcely met anybody or followed anybody who didn’t have a positive effect on me! <3 And those big thank you’s i have in my heart… you already know who you are! (^   O ^) you’re those few people who would ACTUALLY read this whole post!!! and i love you! love you so, so much!!! i have a hundred thousand hugs in my heart today and their all for you!!!

but even then, there aren’t enough thank you’s i can say, or drawing’s i can produce, to express my gratitude to every single person who contributes to - not just my experience here - but the positive experiences of everybody on this platform. there will always be a harsh, dark, and ugly side to every place, and to all groups of people, so… to those who make places like this, inclusive, welcoming, nurturing, and fun ~ (-^ ____^-) an even more special thank you to you!

SO! (^   O ^) to all of you! may your fandoms be free of ugly discourse and your Ask boxes full of love! use every day you have to be kind to yourself and give yourself the same patience and respect you give to others! be kind. be creative. share what you love, and be tolerant of those who love different things. do your best, but forgive yourself for your weaknesses. you never know where you’ll be in another year!

Next chapter/Every chapter ever:
  • Ferid: *approaches Yuu*
  • Mika: *hisses*
  • Ferid: *approaches Mika*
  • Yuu: *hisses*
  • Ferid: *looks at Crowley*
  • Ferid: *approaches him*
  • Crowley: *hisses as well*
Credence and Newt

Just imagine this though, after some years that Credence has lived with Newt he has gotten more stable and their relationship progressed and Newt isn’t only his caretaker anymore instead they are lovers. One day Newt comes home utterly depressed and confused after not being able to convince a creature trader to trade him a very endangered and mistreated creature. He beats him self up over it and just can’t calm down, calling himself a useless person that can’t help their friends and breaking down over it. And then there comes Credence. Still his kind of reserved self he tries to comfort Newt. He tells him how much of an incredibly important person he is and how he himself was saved thanks to him. He tries his best to convey all the respect and love he has for Newt so that he doesn’t keep on putting himself down. In the end he pulls Newt into a hug and says “Please. Don’t talk  badly of the person I love so much.” Newt just silently hugs him back and calms down. After a while Credence gets up, makes some tea and together they make plans on how to  save the creature. 

boyfriends isak + even who love each other more than anything

  • even relinquishing one of his 300 layers of clothing to isak because isak will end up hugging him to keep the both of them warm anyhow 
    • or even unzipping his outermost jacket and holding out his arms and isak walking into them with his back pressed to isak’s chest
    • even pressing a kiss to his temple before hugging him close, the two of them sharing a jacket in the cold 
  • isak staying up with even when he can’t sleep, talking about anything, about everything, making strange tasting foods and watching strange movies and critiquing them together in funny voices
  • writing each other innuendo filled letters and sticking them in jackets and lockers 
  • at the end of a school day when they haven’t gotten to see each other, running across the hall really dramatically and hugging really tightly
    • everyone questions if this is a long awaited reunion but really they only haven’t seen each other since morning 
  • even writing incredibly sappy poetry about and for isak
    • if he actually tried he could probably write beautifully 
    • but he makes it sappy and cliche on purpose because the way that isak’s cheeks turns a shade of pink and the way he laughs softly and shakes his head at even before kissing him is worth more 
  • even and isak wearing matching costumes at a costume party 
  • even spending so many hours drawing that his hand cramps up and isak massages it 
  • isak making even a playlist. gabrielle is included (he won’t admit she’s grown on him but even knows), and so is NAS