the hug of all hugs tbh




LQ Persicope Footage of Sam Heughan & Catriona Balfe being adorable on the black carpet at the Outlander NYC Premiere/Tartan Affair.

Yuri on Ice: The Grand Hug Final!

The infection:

Yuuri: He’s just like… Victor. Something is missing.

What could it be.


No. Need. More.

This isn’t right either.


Brains Huuuuuuuuuuuuugs




Only appropriate response tbh.

And so the hug zombie continued it’s search for sustenance. 

And finally found what it needed all along.


This is all your fault, Vivi.

The bidders when they hug

a/n: There’s something about hugs that’s just so fluffy and nice (ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c) ! I hope you guys like this one!


               Though he’s very physical with his affections, he usually doesn’t give her hugs. To him, hugs have a special kind of intimacy that isn’t merely sexual, and he’s a bit reluctant to delve within anything beyond that. However when he does hug, it’s engulfing and unanticipated. All the things he can’t put into words, he puts into his embrace. When he’s comforting her, he rubs her back slowly to ease her suffering. When he’s remorseful over something he did to her, he squeezes her gently to let her know how sorry he is. When he’s in pain, he buries his head into the crook of her neck so he can hide his face while breathing in her scent.  If there’s one thing he always makes sure of when he hugs her, it’s that she must never see his expression; he doesn’t want her to see him in his vulnerable state.

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Felix Ackerman

@nights-watchman29 submitted: Felix sat with farlan on the floor. They both hiding under a tent they had made. Levi was busy cleaning. Levi poked his head in the tent after he heard Felix screaming. Farlan was tickling her. Levi smiled a bit. Farlan noticed all to quickly “Levi are you smiling?!”. Levi shook his head forcing to return to his usual expression. Felix walked up to Levi and hugged him tightly. Levi froze, he loved his sister but hugging was not Levi’s strong side. He picked Felix up and petting her head. (How close is this to what would really happen? Please be honest mama!)

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Mama says: PERFECT!

Among The Stars

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: All he sees is you and he can’t resist the urge to hug you, ignoring the fact that his action would be witnessed and photographed by thousands of fans.

Word Count: 3,273

Genre: Fluff

A/N: Inspired by that fancam of Jungkook and Yugyeom hugging after BTS won Artist of the Year (still not over it tbh).

His heart was beating sporadically while his clammy hands were still shaking, as he and the rest of the members joined the artists on stage. The initial stages of confusion were now replaced by disbelief and shock as Jungkook still can’t grasp the fact that Bangtan had just won the Artist of the Year award.

After receiving the award, the members had made their way to their waiting room backstage, stopping momentarily just beneath the stage to decipher what just happened. They gathered around each other, still in utter disbelief, as their gaze fixated on the golden trophy held by their leader. Their eyes flickered back and forth between the trophy and each other, as if they were watching a game of table tennis, trying to make sense of the situation and waiting for someone to reveal that it’s all a hidden camera. Which, would be the cruelest prank in history, topping the elevator prank back during their debut year.

As they returned to the main stage, they were bombarded with numerous amounts of congratulatory messages from their seniors, friends, and other idols. With each pat on the back and hug they received, it only solidified the fact that this was indeed reality and what just happened moments ago, when they were announced as the winners, was not a dream.

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what kind of parabatai scenes would you like to see in 2B? I think Dom recently said he filmed an emotional scene with Matt? ^-^

At this point I would be happy for any kind of parabatai interaction to be honest, Anon. But I dunno, I really would love to see them fighting side by side again as in 1x01 because I missed this in 2A. A lot. Although I mostly would love to see them talking about stuff. I mean they both went through so much and never really had a chance to process all this emotional mess they’ve both been through. Besides, so much had happened. So yeah, them both sitting down and having a long talk, I would enjoy this a lot.

It would also be great to actually see more of the fact how the parabatai bond both affects them in different situations. Or get to know more of the history of that parabatai bond. That would be really interested if you ask me.

friendly hugs of the inquisition
  • Iron Bull hugs you like you’re one of the crew, squeezing you hard, smushing you into his body.  He greets you loudly, and you have to snatch a quick breath before your face is full of grey skin and hard muscle and an elbow behind your neck, precisely placed just in case.  Old spy habits, he says later.  Sorry.
  • Sera hugs awkwardly, all angles and space and light, hesitant pats on the back.  Hugging is a new experience for her and she needs time to adjust to the fact that someone wants to hug her just because.
  • Blackwall’s hug is a brief squeeze, a side hug almost.  At one point in his life he was warm and open and larger than life; at one point in his life he hugged that way, too.  But that was then.
  • Cassandra almost looks embarrassed when you hug her, which you do because the opportunity to make her blush is too tempting to pass up.  When she finally returns the gesture, it’s surprising in its fierceness.  You feel the muscles of her arms and shoulders bunch, and she always manages to pop something in your back.
  • Cole is new to hugs but he likes them, likes to slide his arms around you like you are a precious, breakable thing, likes to fold you into himself and breathe you in.  In truth the way he hugs is a mirror of you, so he hugs you and you hug him for as long as you both want, and it never grows uncomfortable.
  • Varric always laughs before he hugs, or chuckles, or says something.  “Hey,” he’ll grunt, or “c’mere.”  He hugs with one thickly corded arm; you’re glad he doesn’t hug you with two, because if he did you’d be face to face with that magnificent chest hair and you don’t think you’d be able to survive the meeting.  Varric is so considerate.
  • Dorian flings his arms open for you; you have an urge to run into them and be spun around, like in the romance novels Cassandra reads.  You never do, but return his enthusiasm gladly, clothes rustling as bodies meet, arms thumping around each other.  Before he releases you, he presses his cheek to you briefly, just a touch.  His mustache tickles.
  • Vivienne doesn’t hug, darling, but she will air kiss, first right, then left.  If you try to go left first it’s all over, and the privilege will not be given back for a week.
  • Solas hugs quick and sudden, pulling you so fast into him that you’re left breathless.  It’s over before you can react, the space between you recreated in half a second.  He fills it with a quietly spoken, “My friend.  It is good to see you.”
  • Leliana hugs slowly, her arms tightening around your ribs bit by bit.  Affection is rare for her now, and she will savor it whenever she finds it. When you part her scent lingers on your skin, and for minutes afterwards you keep catching whiffs of it, over and over.
  • Cullen hugs you properly, one arm around your shoulders, the other arm around your chest, hugs you for the perfect amount of time, hugs you with the perfect amount of tightness, the point of his chin pressing lightly into your shoulder.  He hugs deliberately, and doesn’t pull away fast.
  • Josephine hugs so innocently, both arms under yours, elbows bent and at waist height, forearms flush against your back.  Her eyes always sparkle, and sometimes she will even lift one foot up just slightly, and point her toes.

in which kendra + carter are not quite at making out yet and carter almost forgot

Honestly give me all the malec touching and I don’t mean grabbing and groping and /holding/ if ya get what I mean *finger guns* (yeah no idk either sue me 🏃🏃)

I mean hugs and hand holding and gentle brushes of fingers against shoulders or cheeks. I want Alec making that same move again (from 2x01) with less urgency. I want him stood with Magnus and he just reached out and starts at his shoulder and just… slowly let’s his hand go down until he’s holding Magnus’ (ok look I don’t think anyone would be able to not touch Magnus’ arms once he was comfortable with it happening like let the boy live pls)
I also need forehead kisses okay. Okay, maybe Alec has the smallest advantage in that department (and I mean like tiny.. like barely anything because Harry and Matt are like… l L in height difference ok) but Magnus is totally the forehead kisses type of guy… just Alec sat there reading or something and Magnus has to go do a thing and he leans over and kisses Alec’s forehead and Alec gets all smiley and blushy bc Magnus Bane (The Magnus Bane) just kissed his forehead and it was so soft and gentle and careful and he’s just… melting bc he’s so so so in love that it’s starting to get a little painful and his heart can’t take much more
Aaaand pls I need hugs.. all of the hugs. Every single type of hug available. One arm around each other in a quick embrace before they separate to go do something. Something long and warm, arms wrapped tightly around each other as they just b r e a t h e and take a moment to appreciate each other and the space they’re sharing. Hugs after something terrible happened, (aay ok probably to Alec I see you writers 👀👀) and Alec’s all shaky and confused and there’s something really not right but Magnus is there and he’s holding him with so much care that he can’t focus on the bad bc Magnus won’t let anything else happen to him. I need cuddles in bed. Alec’s never slept this close to someone in such an intimate way before… sure he’s slept in the same bed as someone before he’s got three younger siblings.. but this is so obviously different and he doesn’t know what to do. Magnus finds it endearing. Despite what he says, he has patience with certain things. He moves closer and very carefully puts an arm around Alec’s waist asking if he’s okay with it and Alec let’s out this soft sigh bc ‘yeah… yeah.. this is fine.. this is good’. I need Alec hugging Magnus after something particularly taxing has happened. After something bad and Magnus, although strong and hundreds of years old, needs a few moments to just let his guard down and let someone take care of him for once

I just need malec fluff pls

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Actor AU- sometimes Shinichi photobombs a shoot dressed as an extra. When this happens, and when the director calls "CUT!", all the detective boys usually rush over and tackle-hug him. On one occasion, Heiji joined in, screaming "KUDOOOOO!!" and just launching himself at Shinichi, which resulted in a huge dog-pile on the floor. Ran was the one to help free the poor Shinichi from being crushed. (Haibara, of course, took pictures.)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS IS SO CUTE! Everyone would be so excited to see Shinichi tbh! 

The first time they did this they didn’t even wait for the director to shout “cut!”, as soon as they realized it was Shinichi they JUST RAN TO HIM YELLING HIS NAME AND HUGGED THE LIFE OUT OF HIM


~First lets talk about the picture above. Victor is such a cute boyfriend and those words he said to yuri kill me.

~ Mickey’s skating program after sala slammed him was so dramatically beautiful and it literally made me cry. Especially because of the song that was playing 😭

~Seung gil lee crying gave me feels. Anyone else felt the same?

~Sala slammed Mickey and it was actually a great idea. Please note that they were so dramatic.

~Yurio looked so happy when he his score was totaled up to 297.96
Im actually so proud of my sweet son and his amazing performance

~Yurio cheering to Yuuri had me SHOOK till JJ ruined it tbh

~JJ and his over confident self saying that victor wasn’t skating anymore because victor knew he was going to lose to JJ

~Forget about JJ and his awesome performance where he showed his love for skating and the people in his life including his fans. 💕

~Yuuri messing up his jumps and being distracted during his skate program

~Yuuri reminiscing his times with victor and Victor’s words to Yuuri

~Yurio’s grandpa being so supportive

~Yuuri’s zombie hugging state. He literally hugged all the skaters. Yurio ran away, Mickey died, Seung gil lee was SHOOK, JJ was also SHOOK, Emil was totally chill, Sala was SHOOK as well

~Yuuri and Yurio cute friendship moment. Yurio gave Yuuri the pork cutlet bowl pirozhki 😭

~Finally Yuuri and Victor’s reunion at the airport + Makkachin

Overall thoughts: This episode was great And I literally cried because the Music as always was great And there was just so many moments that made me cry. Especially that victuuri moment

Preference #004 ~ My Digital Escape Cuddles


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Jordan is a very caring person, we all know that. I know whenever someone he loves is upset, he’d comfort them. 


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I reckon Bryan’s a very kissy type of a person.


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There isn’t really an explaination needed for this one.


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Or this one.


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Alex is a very cute person, so little kisses and tight hugs is just two of the perks.


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I think Shannon would be very protective with the one she loves. (Hey, where have I seen these two before?)


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I think Johnnie would be more of the receiver rather than the giver tbh.

Awh, I really want them to hug me now.

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