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Seventeen Reaction: You Do Skinship with Guy Friends

Requested by anon:

“  LAST ONE! how would seventeen react when you have a lot of guys that are close to you and you do skinship with them?? like them piggybacking you, you leaning against them, hugging, etc.  “

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S. Coups/Seungcheol

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Seungcheol seems like the jealous type. He’d understand that you were close to those guys and he’d try to respect that, but he’d also ask you to tone it down. He’d get a little more serious and would loudly state that you were his girlfriend and would tell the guys about your relationship constantly. He’d talk to you afterwards and would voice his discomfort.


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Jeonghan would get only slightly jealous. He knew they were just your friends. Still, he’d act cuter and do aegyo just to show you and the boys that he was the cutest person on the planet. 


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The least jealous IMO. He was raised in America so he’d used to girls and guys being close and doing skinship in a platonic way. He’d simply smile and be happy that you were happy.


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Jun would be suspicious of your friends at first and wouldn’t ever be totally comfortable with you doing skinship with them, but he wouldn’t object or voice his jealousy. He’d try to act as normal as possible, but would wink at you a lot more and would seem to pose at any given opportunity.


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He wouldn’t be very jealous. He’d pout and make jokes if he felt like you weren’t paying enough attention to him. Hoshi would make himself best friends with your best friends so tbh I’d worry about him doing skinship with them more than he’d do skinship with you.


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Wonwoo would just get even quieter than he usually is. He’d get insecure, I think, and would get quietly clingy. He’d grab your hand and give you a back hug and would basically not let go. Like you hold your friend’s hand and all of a sudden he’s there leaning his head on your shoulder and running his hand through your hair.


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Jihoon would get jealous if the skinship went on for a long period of time, such as if you cuddled with your friend while watching a movie. He’d be sarcastic and snippy (”why don’t you kiss Joshua? You seemed to enjoy holding his hand earlier.”).


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DK would do the same things you do with your friends with Hoshi if he got uncomfortable with it. He’d jump on Hoshi’s back or hold his hand or whatever to make fun of you. He wouldn’t get jealous easily. As long as he knew you loved him, he’d be okay.


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Mingyu wouldn’t get very jealous. He’d probably just pose like Jun but way more obviously. He’d spam you with texts of his selfies and would say really obvious things like “oh wow my hands are so cold” in order to get you to pay attention to him.


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The8 would get jealous almost as much as Seungkwan. He’d get a little snippy and sarcastic and wouldn’t hide it. He’d make faces and would be passive aggressive. You’d get the silent treatment for a week. Don’t do it.


Oh god. Seungkwan would be the most vocal about being jealous and would be the most jealous. Deep down, he’s kinda insecure because maybe your friends are manlier than him or maybe he’s just worried that he’s not affectionate enough for you. He’d boast about how great he is and how great of a couple you two were. Basically, he’d be louder than he usually is.


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Vernon wouldn’t be jealous at all. He’d be a little uncomfortable if they kissed your cheek or held your hand, but he’d understand that you guys were just friends. He would talk to you if he thought things got too out of hand. He’d be really chill.


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Chan would try to talk more and be involved in the conversation and just remind you he was there. He’d do aegyo and be cute and entertaining. He’d somehow get your friends to ignore you and before you know it they’re in love with him too.

In defense of Jemma Simmons

You know one of my favorite characters right now is Leo Fitz. He is amazing. He is protective of Skye and it is easy to love him. However I have seen people taking sides and even going against Jemma and that is uncomfortable for me to watch.

Fitz says he is different, he is broken. And he has some trauma (physical and mental) to deal with and the way he is handling it is amazing imo. However sometimes he feels neglected when it comes to Jemma and a bit sad and that shows in his behavior. And that showed in the last episode.

Now the worst thing we could do in these situations (when people are having and argument and so on) is to take sides. Especially when we are talking about characters we love.

I am not going to lie. Originally Jemma irritated me with her aggressive behavior towards everything and anything alien and that is good because it is the first reaction and I needed to get it out of my system. But once I did that then came the time for the rational thoughts to arise.

Is Jemma really a racist? Or in the wrong? Or 100% in fault? No guys she is not. Why? Because those reactions are coming from a place full of pain inside her.

Because most of the people here are focusing on Fitz’s trauma and on Skye’s trauma and that is good because they are hurting but what about Jemma’s pain? What about her PTSD? What about her psychology?

Her reactions right now are showing a woman that is hurting. It is easy to take sides and to condemn Jemma’s reactions but can you really be sure that if you were in her place you would be reacting any differently?

Sure the perfect reactions are admirable but there are also the irrational human reactions that come from deep pain and show a person’s torment.

Jemma in season one had jumped from the plane and Ward had saved her. Ward had helped her climb that tree when she was afraid. She was the one that had done the autopsy and identified Ward as the traitor. The fact that Fitz had stronger reactions towards Ward’s actions does not make Ward’s betrayal towards Jemma any less painful for Jemma.

Jemma was into that box too. She was underwater too. She was afraid to die. She was trapped and it was her “friend” Ward that sent her to her death. She had trusted Ward too and she ended up into an underwater grave. It wasn’t only Fitz. She was the one that carried Fitz’s half dead body to the surface of the ocean. She had to stay inside a hypobaric chamber. She was the first one to learn the diagnosis of Fitz’s condition. She was the one that had to live with the guilt that her best friend sacrificed his health and his career and his future in order to save her.

Then she was the one that had to go undercover inside HYDRA. Can you imagine the fear and the anxiety she was under all that time? You think it was easy for her to do that? Jemma was a terrible liar and a scientist. She was not a hardcore double agent that was trained to do this and yet she had to live inside HYDRA and jeopardize her life constantly while leaving in fear of getting caught.

Then she returned and her whole life was changed. Fitz loves Jemma and he shows it but Jemma loves Fitz too and she doesn’t know how to act around him. She sees him as damaged (even Fitz sees himself like that) and she wants to help him but in the mean time she doesn’t know how (this happens to many people when they are in similar situations). She misses the old Fitz and the new one is different but so is she and everything is just awkwardly painful. She is not the girl she used to be either and she needs Fitz as much he needs her and every time she sees him struggling she blames herself because Fitz is now hurt because he put her life above his own and she knows it. You think that is easy? To live day in and day out blaming yourself over and over again and not knowing how to act around the person you love the most?

Jemma was the one that found Trip in fragments as she said. Think about it for a moment please. You have a great friend and he dies and you get to find his body in the state Jemma found Trip’s. It is horrifying. That alone could scar a person for life and that was just the last straw that broke Jemma’s resistance.

Of course she is negative right now. But if you are willing to forgive Fitz for the things he does and says when he is pain. If you are willing to give the same chance to Skye and to Coulson. If you are willing to show empathy to “broken” people (as you should) then you should show the same tolerance and sympathy towards Jemma Simmons. Because right now she is in pain and she is acting out. Her pain in comparison with everyone else’ is silent. And that is the worst kind. You can see her struggling, you can see that she is on edge but she doesn’t complain about what she has to deal with in personal level. She doesn’t talk about the things that happened in her. Physically she is okay but psychologically? She might not struggle with words like Fitz but at least even like that Fitz does the healthy thing and expresses his emotions. Jemma is holding everything in. She needs a friend right now to talk to and in the past she would talk to Fitz but now she won’t because she feels as if she would burden him more and as if showing her own pain would be selfish because other people have more problems than her.

Yes Fitz needs Jemma now more than ever. But in reality Jemma might be needing Fitz even more. She is lost. She needs help and she also needs a hug but right now no one is giving her that hug. In the time she needs it the most.

Both Fitz and Jemma are right and both are wrong. Taking sides doesn’t help in this. The only thing that can really help them is to reconnect and to find each other again.