the hug in the last one is the best hug ever imo

dating Chanyeol would include~

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  • he’s probably the person who convinces you that true love really exists 
  • actual softest bean
  • was rlly shy at first but warmed up to you
  • asked you to come over to the studio one day and that became your date
  • pretty cool to see the legend himself at work imo 
  • but realised that he kinda rlly rlly liked you when you were over one day and fell asleep on his shoulder
  • believes to this day you’re the cutest thing ever
  • asked you to be his girlfriend with a video of him holding up cards 
  • alongside a freshly composed song to go with it 😩😩😩😩😩
  • (dont ask why I used the adverb freshly?????)
  • will you be mine ft. chanyeol who can’t stop smiling bc you said yes
  • never quiet; a blessing or a curse
  • ‘chan pls it’s past four am can you sleep’
  • ‘babe the snow leopards are taking to each other how can I sleep’
  • probably the type to hang around the kitchen when you cooking
  • enjoys watching you do things and seeing how concentrated you get
  • also enjoys distracting you and making you pay attention to him
  • also keeps his arms around you and rests his head on your shoulder
  • 'can I try some?’
  • 'that’s raw chanyeol, you’ll get food poisoning’
  • 'I am not bound by mundane rules’
  • will not under any circumstances let you leave the bed you are sharing bc youre warm
  • big spoon 1000%, unless he’s sad and needs to be held
  • when he does eventually let you go he follows you around and whines about having to leave bed
  • 'babe, I have an idea. let’s hibernate’
  • will assist you in anyway he can if you can’t actually ski but will take you to the highest mountain on your first go
  • The type to fall if you fall so you don’t feel as embarrassed
  • Also kisses you in the snow bc omo cute~
  • weird dates with no theme, no set time and place 
  • one night you’ll be watching a movie in bed or watching Japanese Food on YouTube 
  • the next you’ll be watching stormzy and drake live because why not,,
  • and on the last day of the week you take a three am trip to the store and buy ramen and milk
  • (milk to keep the tol boy strong)
  • skypes you whilst on tour but also adds another member to the conversation to make them feel awkward
  • 'so like I was thinking about the leeks you put in that stew right—’
  • '—why am I in this chat Chanyeol?’
  • 'sh jongdae I must ask about the leeks’
  • offers to teach you guitar but forgets halfway through and makes out with you instead
  • something tells me he’s like number 4 in best kissers in the world
  • a touch clingy, will ask you if you like him still but only in his sleep
  • but likes to hold your hand a lot in public 
  • definitely won’t let you go if there’s fans around or like a big group of people or even one person
  • doesn’t like being away from you for too long
  • 'Just because I have your snapchat and instagram and Twitter and [other sns] doesn’t mean I can’t miss you!’
  • probably pretty vanilla if anything, not overly into weird stuff 
  • will try something but make it clear if he doesn’t like it
  • could have a submissive side if you wanted, or dominant he don’t mind 
  • just likes to please you and is very happy to show you just how much he loves you
  • BY HUGging you so tight at the airport and picking you up to kiss you when he sees you of course!!!
  • and also by pushing your hips down and telling you not to cum
  • or letting you tie him down and telling him not to cum 🤔🤔🤔
  • 'did you think min yoongi is the only rapper that can send you to Hong Kong?’
  • probably into sexting though and occasional snapchats to remind him what he’s coming home to!!
  • down to make a tumblr with you for some of the pics you’ve got of the two of you
  • because he thinks you’re both pretty hot and can survive the tumblr sex fandom
  • but still an actual sweetheart that would give you the world if you asked for it
  • slightly whipped but not really
  • will argue back sometimes esp if it’s something he believes in
  • therefore if there is a fight it will be pretty big and you won’t talk for days
  • and you keep giving each other dirty looks from across the room until one of you finally gives on
  • (usually chanyeol, he misses you)
  • and you wake up one morning to a neighbour knocking on your door to inform you that Chanyeol is in fact sleeping on your doorstep
  • Confesses to you in such an awkward moment but it’s also perfect too
  • like you’re in the middle of a crowd of people and he hugs you from behind and tells you that he loves you really quietly 
  • and squeezes you when he feels you freeze, repeating it again until he’s sure you heard him
  • probably the best boyfriend youll ever get tbh
  • 'i didn’t believe baek when he said soulmates exist but now I do’
  • 'why’s that chan?’
  • 'cause i met you’

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Seventeen Reaction: You Do Skinship with Guy Friends

Requested by anon:

“  LAST ONE! how would seventeen react when you have a lot of guys that are close to you and you do skinship with them?? like them piggybacking you, you leaning against them, hugging, etc.  “

Thank you for requesting! Sorry for the delay! Your other request is in the process of being written. Much love!

S. Coups/Seungcheol

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Seungcheol seems like the jealous type. He’d understand that you were close to those guys and he’d try to respect that, but he’d also ask you to tone it down. He’d get a little more serious and would loudly state that you were his girlfriend and would tell the guys about your relationship constantly. He’d talk to you afterwards and would voice his discomfort.


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Jeonghan would get only slightly jealous. He knew they were just your friends. Still, he’d act cuter and do aegyo just to show you and the boys that he was the cutest person on the planet. 


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The least jealous IMO. He was raised in America so he’d used to girls and guys being close and doing skinship in a platonic way. He’d simply smile and be happy that you were happy.


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Jun would be suspicious of your friends at first and wouldn’t ever be totally comfortable with you doing skinship with them, but he wouldn’t object or voice his jealousy. He’d try to act as normal as possible, but would wink at you a lot more and would seem to pose at any given opportunity.


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He wouldn’t be very jealous. He’d pout and make jokes if he felt like you weren’t paying enough attention to him. Hoshi would make himself best friends with your best friends so tbh I’d worry about him doing skinship with them more than he’d do skinship with you.


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Wonwoo would just get even quieter than he usually is. He’d get insecure, I think, and would get quietly clingy. He’d grab your hand and give you a back hug and would basically not let go. Like you hold your friend’s hand and all of a sudden he’s there leaning his head on your shoulder and running his hand through your hair.


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Jihoon would get jealous if the skinship went on for a long period of time, such as if you cuddled with your friend while watching a movie. He’d be sarcastic and snippy (”why don’t you kiss Joshua? You seemed to enjoy holding his hand earlier.”).


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DK would do the same things you do with your friends with Hoshi if he got uncomfortable with it. He’d jump on Hoshi’s back or hold his hand or whatever to make fun of you. He wouldn’t get jealous easily. As long as he knew you loved him, he’d be okay.


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Mingyu wouldn’t get very jealous. He’d probably just pose like Jun but way more obviously. He’d spam you with texts of his selfies and would say really obvious things like “oh wow my hands are so cold” in order to get you to pay attention to him.


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The8 would get jealous almost as much as Seungkwan. He’d get a little snippy and sarcastic and wouldn’t hide it. He’d make faces and would be passive aggressive. You’d get the silent treatment for a week. Don’t do it.


Oh god. Seungkwan would be the most vocal about being jealous and would be the most jealous. Deep down, he’s kinda insecure because maybe your friends are manlier than him or maybe he’s just worried that he’s not affectionate enough for you. He’d boast about how great he is and how great of a couple you two were. Basically, he’d be louder than he usually is.


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Vernon wouldn’t be jealous at all. He’d be a little uncomfortable if they kissed your cheek or held your hand, but he’d understand that you guys were just friends. He would talk to you if he thought things got too out of hand. He’d be really chill.


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Chan would try to talk more and be involved in the conversation and just remind you he was there. He’d do aegyo and be cute and entertaining. He’d somehow get your friends to ignore you and before you know it they’re in love with him too.

In defense of Jemma Simmons

You know one of my favorite characters right now is Leo Fitz. He is amazing. He is protective of Skye and it is easy to love him. However I have seen people taking sides and even going against Jemma and that is uncomfortable for me to watch.

Fitz says he is different, he is broken. And he has some trauma (physical and mental) to deal with and the way he is handling it is amazing imo. However sometimes he feels neglected when it comes to Jemma and a bit sad and that shows in his behavior. And that showed in the last episode.

Now the worst thing we could do in these situations (when people are having and argument and so on) is to take sides. Especially when we are talking about characters we love.

I am not going to lie. Originally Jemma irritated me with her aggressive behavior towards everything and anything alien and that is good because it is the first reaction and I needed to get it out of my system. But once I did that then came the time for the rational thoughts to arise.

Is Jemma really a racist? Or in the wrong? Or 100% in fault? No guys she is not. Why? Because those reactions are coming from a place full of pain inside her.

Because most of the people here are focusing on Fitz’s trauma and on Skye’s trauma and that is good because they are hurting but what about Jemma’s pain? What about her PTSD? What about her psychology?

Her reactions right now are showing a woman that is hurting. It is easy to take sides and to condemn Jemma’s reactions but can you really be sure that if you were in her place you would be reacting any differently?

Sure the perfect reactions are admirable but there are also the irrational human reactions that come from deep pain and show a person’s torment.

Jemma in season one had jumped from the plane and Ward had saved her. Ward had helped her climb that tree when she was afraid. She was the one that had done the autopsy and identified Ward as the traitor. The fact that Fitz had stronger reactions towards Ward’s actions does not make Ward’s betrayal towards Jemma any less painful for Jemma.

Jemma was into that box too. She was underwater too. She was afraid to die. She was trapped and it was her “friend” Ward that sent her to her death. She had trusted Ward too and she ended up into an underwater grave. It wasn’t only Fitz. She was the one that carried Fitz’s half dead body to the surface of the ocean. She had to stay inside a hypobaric chamber. She was the first one to learn the diagnosis of Fitz’s condition. She was the one that had to live with the guilt that her best friend sacrificed his health and his career and his future in order to save her.

Then she was the one that had to go undercover inside HYDRA. Can you imagine the fear and the anxiety she was under all that time? You think it was easy for her to do that? Jemma was a terrible liar and a scientist. She was not a hardcore double agent that was trained to do this and yet she had to live inside HYDRA and jeopardize her life constantly while leaving in fear of getting caught.

Then she returned and her whole life was changed. Fitz loves Jemma and he shows it but Jemma loves Fitz too and she doesn’t know how to act around him. She sees him as damaged (even Fitz sees himself like that) and she wants to help him but in the mean time she doesn’t know how (this happens to many people when they are in similar situations). She misses the old Fitz and the new one is different but so is she and everything is just awkwardly painful. She is not the girl she used to be either and she needs Fitz as much he needs her and every time she sees him struggling she blames herself because Fitz is now hurt because he put her life above his own and she knows it. You think that is easy? To live day in and day out blaming yourself over and over again and not knowing how to act around the person you love the most?

Jemma was the one that found Trip in fragments as she said. Think about it for a moment please. You have a great friend and he dies and you get to find his body in the state Jemma found Trip’s. It is horrifying. That alone could scar a person for life and that was just the last straw that broke Jemma’s resistance.

Of course she is negative right now. But if you are willing to forgive Fitz for the things he does and says when he is pain. If you are willing to give the same chance to Skye and to Coulson. If you are willing to show empathy to “broken” people (as you should) then you should show the same tolerance and sympathy towards Jemma Simmons. Because right now she is in pain and she is acting out. Her pain in comparison with everyone else’ is silent. And that is the worst kind. You can see her struggling, you can see that she is on edge but she doesn’t complain about what she has to deal with in personal level. She doesn’t talk about the things that happened in her. Physically she is okay but psychologically? She might not struggle with words like Fitz but at least even like that Fitz does the healthy thing and expresses his emotions. Jemma is holding everything in. She needs a friend right now to talk to and in the past she would talk to Fitz but now she won’t because she feels as if she would burden him more and as if showing her own pain would be selfish because other people have more problems than her.

Yes Fitz needs Jemma now more than ever. But in reality Jemma might be needing Fitz even more. She is lost. She needs help and she also needs a hug but right now no one is giving her that hug. In the time she needs it the most.

Both Fitz and Jemma are right and both are wrong. Taking sides doesn’t help in this. The only thing that can really help them is to reconnect and to find each other again.

"Mother and Son" hug

(I have been offline all day, so forgive me if I’m repeating what someone else has said. There’s no way i can catch up on almost 24 hour of posts from today. :D )

I’ve seen some talk that some people are seeing the epic Daryl and Carol reunion as a “mother and son” hug.

Now, of course, I disagree and think anyone can see how imbued the hug was with chemistry and depth of feeling beyond the platonic. (and apparently the hundreds of thousands of people on twitter who kept Daryl and Carol trending for an hour after the episode agreed)

That said, there is a DEGREE to which I can see their point of view - and that is because that ball of emotion we saw was an ENTIRELY submission hug from Daryl. And those are something we VERY rarely see from MEN to WOMEN.

Often in the kind of situation Daryl and Carol were in - Daryl thinking Carol was dead and he’d never see her again - the reunion hug features the man clasping the woman to his chest or shoulder, stroking her hair and holding her face. It is often an expression of his precious “one” being safe and how glad he is to have her save, and in his arms again.

This hug did NOT say that. This hug was Daryl laying himself utterly prostate in front of her. It wasn’t a “you are mine” hug it was an “I am yours”.

He is offering himself to her, giving himself and letting her know what he feels for her, and that he would do ANYTHING to keep him in HER arms for ever more. 

That is what some (those who genuinely see it, and not those just choosing an interpretation that makes them feel better) people see as a mother and son dynamic, and it’s what - IMO - make the Caryl relationship so so special. Because this isn’t the story of the big hero who saves the day, and saves his best girl, and she clings to him. This is the story of a strong man who thought he didn’t need anyone, didn’t want anyone to live his life and who has been brought to his (almost literal) knees with how much he NEEDS Carol.

We were told this last year, with Carol’s banishment weighing on his mind and it being a “twin tragedy” along with the loss of the prison, but the water was muddied by the other ship. Now we can see clearly it was the story of a man who had lost the one thing he suddenly realised he didn’t want to live without - oh, of course he CAN live without it, but that hug showed us that he certainly has no desire to even risk it.

This of course fits with Norman’s interpretation of the reunion, that Daryl would be over-joyed to see her and that Daryl would do ANYTHING to keep her alive and safe. That’s what that hug was expressing, I’ll do anything for you, anything, if it means I can stay in your arms and gaze. 

It’s something we rarely see, and which some may assume must be parental, but it’s not. It can be romantic or sexual or platonic, it’s simply a dynamic which is expressed in this moment, and is a facet of their relationship as it has evolved that Daryl feels he owes Carol so much, emotionally, and that he is beyond grateful to her for her love, and support. And he expresses it, saying “I am yours”.

In the words of Storybook Love from the Princess Bride:

And he said:
“Don’t you know I love you oh, so much,
and lay my heart at the foot of your dress.”
And she said:
“Don’t you know that storybook loves, 
Always have a happy ending.” 

(P.S. Speaking of things Norman says, isn’t it interesting that people who have been hanging their hats on Norma’s “neither” answer, when asked if Daryl sees Carol as a mother figure or a lover, are suddenly ignoring the second implication of that answer and saying he does see her as a mother? Well, if it’s neither, it’s neither people. You can’t decide one is true, and one isn’t.)

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you explain what you mean when you say Emma and Regina are not friends?

Yeah absolutely!

It’s important for me to point out, that this is my personal opinion based on what I see on the show. Others might see things differently, and their opinion is no less valid than mine.

I’m assuming this question comes from this convo I had with @frankie-blue-sq earlier today. If anyone else is interested.

Also, this by @orphanswanqueen is a fantastic explanation of the difference between friendship and queer coding/subtext

Now. I’m not saying Emma and Regina aren’t friendly, but I wouldn’t say they were friends. They aren’t shown to us as friends. They are friendly but they have the added romantic feelings that platonic friends don’t.

Regina and Snow are friends imo. Regina and Snow have the most history, and it is complicated and full of twists and turns. But it has been shown to us through out the show how they work on it, they talk about the past, the present, and worry about each other’s future. It’s all full of real care, jokes, affection, girl talk. Snow teases Regina about Robin. They share their stories about both having had an affair with a married man. They talk about the men in their lives.

Regina and Snow’s history, dynamic, past, and present is so deliciously complex and I love it.

I’ve spoken very often about how the show has shown us the shift very clearly go from Regina is the parental figure —> Regina and Snow are friends. Equal. —> Snow is the parental figure.

I think it’s amazing. They could have ignored Snow and Regina’s relationship in favor of many other stories, but they haven’t which means it’s important to the rest of the story still to come.

Friends care. Friends joke. Friends have fun. Friends tease each other. Friends are physically affectionate. Hugs. Friends help each other out.

People in love are willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. People in love care more about the other’s happiness than their own. People in love fight with passion because their feelings are so strong, they have the power to hurt the other more deeply than any other, because they feel more deeply for each other. People in love stand united as a team.


If there ever was a scene on OUaT that made me cry like a lil bitch, it’s the scene where Snow and Charming cast the curse in 3b. When Charming asked Snow to crush his heart to cast the curse. When Snow crushed his heart. That was ultimate sacrifice done out of love. He willingly gave his life so Snow and their kid had the best chance.

I don’t always like Snow and Charming. But I freaking love how they stand united and are a team in everything. When they do stupid things, they do them together. When they are full of annoying righteousness, they are so together. Last episode when they con’ed Arthur together, I might’ve ben squealing a lil bit.

We see them fight. We see them disagree. But we also see them work through it together.


Emma took the dark one curse on to save Regina. She sacrificed herself for Regina’s happiness. Regina was willing to take the curse. She screamed “No” at Emma when she first attempted to take it. It was an act of love.

If anyone still had doubts about that, Lancelot and Guenviere had the exact same experience, and theirs ended with a romantic kiss, and no one ever questioned that it was anything other than romantic love. 

Anyone who aknowledges Lancelot and Gueneviere’s love, but denies Swan Queen’s, need to challenge their heteronormative views. 

Regina and Emma have teamed up multiple times. They con’ed the town in 3b. 

Really. The parallels between SQ, Snowing, and Rumbelle are undeniable.

I hug my friends all the time. If they were meant to be seen as just friends, why not let them hug? Why not have them tease each other about their bfs? Why not double date? Have girl talk? Go shopping? Show us a regular friendship?

Instead they show them look longingly at each other. Romcom zooms. Promising happy endnings. Sacrificing themselves for the other. Regina makes fun of H00k all the time, Emma clearly doesn’t think highly of H00d, but glares, rolls eyes and scoffs. The flirt. They worry frantically for the other.

So. What I meant was. They don’t show us a friendship between them. They show us something much much deeper. 

Anyone who can maybe explain better than me are welcome to reblog and add their own comments. 

I’m convinced OUaT is writing a story with 3 True Love stories within. 

Snowing, Rumbelle, and SwanQueen. 

Weather they follow through with romantic SQ, or leave it platonic or ambiguous, remains to be seen.

But I have hope still

Sleepy Hollow Recap ~ “This is War” (2x01)

It’s back! And Season 2 started off with a bang! I adored this episode so much. Let’s recap, shall we?

  • “Leftenant. Leftenant, please.” - The first person he calls out to while being trapped in the box is Abbie. NOT Katrina, his “wife”. PRIORITIES.
  • Abbie celebrating Crane’s 251st birthday! “Well, I shall consider myself punk’d.” LOL Crane is getting into the groove and lingo of the 21st century.  Abbie is looking flawless already this season and Crane is looking even more handsome. But seriously, how cute are they together????? MY GOD.
  • Their banter <33333 Still A+
  • “Given everything WE’VE been through, we could using a little celebrating.” I love how it’s always WE, US, you and I. Together. Yes!
  • “We both lost someone we loved.” - See, I knew all along this was a dream sequence, but if Jenny had really died….LORD JESUS. Katrina could have really died tho and I wouldn’t have shed a tear. Also, let’s not even talk about the fact that they SHARED the same dream. I’M NOT OKAY.
  • “I just…I don’t think I would have made it without you, Crane.” Nor I you, Leftenant.“ - Said as they smile and eye sex each other. Good lord they are killing me already!!!
  • They got those guns. Bad-ass couple! And goodness gracious, their height difference slays them all. They disgust me.
  • “He had an insatiable need to prove he was the sharpest intellect in the room.” “I can see how that would be hard for you.” LOL! Their banter is EVERYTHING. Then the looks afterwards. The LOOKS. I can’t.
  • “Crane, down!” - I love how she protects him just as he does her. Equal partnership. <3
  • Abbie is such a bad-ass with guns and Crane is not too bad with the arrow.
  • “He killed my wife!” - Bruh, calm down. I know he THINKS he loves Katrina and he thinks she died so imma let that slide because they had just been attacked by Headless and emotions are heightened but he seriously needs to tone that down. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s yelling at her in a mean way as if he’s talking down to her or in an abusive way, but still. He needs to realize they both are trying grasp the situation and find out what the hell is going on. But I love how she doesn’t cower and back down from him. Abigail Mills is a strong ass woman.
  • Benjamin Franklin butt naked, boy put some clothes on!
  • Damn that Jeremy! I am really not here for him or his revenge! It’s not Crane or Abbie’s fault. Blame your mama, she’s the one who gave you away.
  • “I promise you. I will return for you!” - He’s really tryna get back to Abbie tho. <333333
  • “I’ve done a lot of sinning. I hope you choke on every one of ‘em.” Go Jenny!
  • Break time. Katrina is here. I honestly don’t know what her purpose is. She brings absolutely nothing to the storyline. You mean to tell me she’s supposedly a “witch”, yet she didn’t try some type of spell to escape?!
  • “I need to warn Crane.” - Warn ya man girl.
  • “And if I do not survive, I want you to know, leftenant, I never stopped fighting.” So let me get this straight. Crane decides to record ABBIE a personal video message in case he doesn’t survive, letting her know he tried and he kept fighting and he just wanted her to know that, not his wife, the supposed love of his life. I’M FINEEEE. And what’s also great in these two back to back scenes is they are BOTH thinking of each other! Abbie wants/needs to warn Crane and Crane wants/needs to let Abbie know he never stopped fighting for her. MY FEELS
  • Jenny continues to be a bad-ass. I love her.
  • Crane texting Jenny, his sister-in-law. He really tryna get Abbie. <33
  • “You remind me that I am human.” - Andy is still obsessed with Abbie. I *almost* feel sorry for him.
  • “Madam.” - Ever the gentleman.
  • “Must learn to drive.”-  lmao Poor Crane.
  • “Crane! You’re alive.” “We are survivors, you and I.” - God god that hug tho! I mean, look at how fierce and tight they were holding on to each other. Like it was their last breathe. *sigh*
  • “Maybe you don’t come back.” “And leave you here? No. Leftenant, I do not accept goodbye.” “No matter what I say, you’re coming back, aren’t you?” “I made a promise.” - The way says it, like it’s the most crazy thing in the world, him leaving her and not coming back. His mind can’t grasp that. That is something he just cannot do.
  • “The bible foretells two witnesses. You and I must remain together if there is any hope for victory. The only risk, Leftenant, is in leaving you behind.” YOU. AND. I. MUST REMAIN. TOGETHER. Best six words I’ve ever heard. He’s right. They need to stay together. And the way he bends down to her, eye level, staring intensely lets you know how serious he is about this. Abbie is too important to him to leave her in purgatory. There is absolutely no way. He left her one time, on account of her wishes, but that is something he WILL NOT do again. He can’t. MY BABIES.
  • “Hold fast, Abigail Mills, I’m on my way.” - The handhold. They didn’t want to let go. They held on until the last possible second. The FEELS I have right now!
  • Crane and Jenny working together to get their boo and sister back, respectively. LOVE.
  • Great. Katrina again. *sigh* I am really not here for Katrina or Abraham for that matter. The less Katrina onscreen, the better tbh. #LessIsMore
  • Sister-in-law/Brother-in-law hug - Awww. Now THIS is a platonic hug.
  • Then we have this. ANOTHER Ichabbie hug. See, this hug is a hug of lovers, of partners, of soul-mates. This is no ordinary, standard friendly hug. When I see Crane and Abbie hug, I see rainbows and unicorns. You don’t hug a friend like that. Ya girl was hanging on for dear life! And ya boy never wanted to let go.
  • “She doesn’t belong to you.” She belongs to me. Back the fuck up.Yes Crane! And then Abbie jumped on his back. They are a formidable team! I love them.
  • “How did you know that wasn’t me?” “Because he said LEFTenant.” - She knows her man! There was no hesitation. No thought. She cut off Fake!Ichabod’s head. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that it wasn’t Crane.
  • “Well I kept my promise.” - I love that about him. He always wants to keep his promise to her.
  • Ichabbie fist bump! Yes! I love it. Those fist bumps will turn into REAL bumps soon enough, if you know what I mean.
  • OMG! The Abbie and Jenny sister sister hug. I swear I teared up. I love how they are rebuilding their relationship.
  • “You and I have some catching up to do.” “Where to begin.” - Pillow talk?
  • GOOD LORD. What else does Moloch and Jeremy have planned?!! This season will be very interesting!

Overall I LOVED this episode! The only thing missing, imo, was Captain Irving. Other than that it was superb!

If anyone had any doubt about the chemistry between Crane and Abbie, that doubt should be gone with 2x01. Their chemistry is still electric and was so palpable, maybe even more so than in S1. There is NO WAY ichabbie won’t get together. It’ll be a slow burn and I’m here for all the angst they’ll give me. I’m excited to see where my babies go.

The TPTB should realize with this episode who the hearts of the show are. Abbie and Crane. Ichabbie. The pacing and the amount of time they spent together should be a staple from here on out. If Katrina HAS to be a part of the show, then I can tolerate her for 2.3 seconds in an episode like in this one. But no more!