the hudson river project

Louise Lawler, Portrait, 1982 — initially intended as the album cover for an LP of her sound piece Birdcalls, which, as Rosalyn Deutsche wrote, “originated in an act of self-defense.” Deutsche quotes Lawler: “In the early 1970s my friend Martha Kite and I were helping some artists on one of the Hudson River pier projects. The women involved were doing tons of work, but the work being shown was only by male artists. Walking home at night in New York, one way to feel safe is to pretend you’re crazy or at least be really loud. Martha and I called ourselves the “due chanteusies,” and we’d sing off-key and make other noises. Willoughby Sharp was the impresario of the project, so we’d make a “Willoughby Willoughby” sound, trying to sound like birds. This developed into a series of bird calls based on artists’ names. So, in fact, it was antagonistic…”

A Night to Remember Chapter 7

Sorry it’s been so long. Life, work, other fics, a disobedient muse, and other things all kept me away from this story. But here is a brand new, oh so pretty chapter. This should be the last chapter with flashbacks to the Titanic as I’m pretty much out of time in that regard (Hey the ship was only afloat for 5 days, can’t avoid that, LOL). I still hope you enjoy this chapter and all the stuff it is building up to.

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