the howling abyss

People take ARAM too seriously. I got matched with one player for 2 games in a row; in the first one he was extremely toxic and flamed everyone, calling us “noob” when he had missed every single skill in the 20 minutes of the game. The second game he was the same, went in 1 vs 5 then said “report my team no help, idiot noobs”. Let’s not forget the fact that he also took every heal on the map when he had full hp and mana and we were at 100 health with no mana! Guys like him need to be banned ASAP… Rito, please!

Art by @ysurio

Mentions of the Void

“And now, now the howling grows louder, and I sense something evil stirring in the abyss, my hand reaches for my war horn. This place will soon see a battle again. One that will shape the Freljord for all time. And if the Freljord falls, so too will the rest of the world.” - Gregor, the Watchman

“In the seas to the west of Mount Targon dwells a tribe of vastaya known as the Marai. Long ago, these mermadic creatures discovered a rift in the depths. The rift bore a horrible, creeping darkness which sought to exterminate all forms of life.” - Excerpt from Nami’s Bio.

“I turn my attention toward the source of the breach, nestled in the basin of the once-verdant valley, now strangled with creeping, purple miasma. I sense the Voidborn perversions of life tunneling through reality’s firmament, sending tides of unseen energy coursing through the aether.” - Twin Dawns; Aurelion Sol

“[Setaka, foremost Warrior Queen of the Ascended Host] was brought down by monsters on the eve of Icathia’s doom.” - Bloodlines IX; Nasus

“Jax sighed; to see a realm at peace made him homesick for a land that no longer existed. He shook off the chill of memory, knowing thoughts of Icathia would only distract him…  a warrior worthy of fighting at his side in the battles against the monsters from beyond would need to be adaptable.” - None Shall Pass; Jax

“[Taric] found himself commanding a small squad of lowly recruits assigned to guard an inconsequential ruined fortress out in the borderland wilds. After weeks… with no threat evident, Taric decided to let his men sleep while he wandered to a nearby temple to take in its cyclopean architecture. As morning [arrived]… Taric finally decided to head back [to his] men. He was greeted by a scene of carnage. His troops had been butchered in their sleep, their corpses bearing the jagged hallmarks of the Void’s monstrous predators.” - Excerpt from Taric’s Bio.

“As the Protector’s whispers faded, Taric received a final warning: He would stand as the Shield of Valoran, but crashing against him would be a wave of howling madness, an ocean of gnashing teeth intent on consuming all, a squalid horror born of the Void.”- Excerpt from Taric’s Bio.

Fic: The Howling Abyss

So recent discussions of crack shipping, writing your ships, and generally the idea that I ought to put my money where my mouth is and damn well WRITE THE THING led me to this: Simon Fairchild / Nathaniel Lukas slash in the 1960s.  It’s my favorite crack pairing for this fandom, and I’m very pleased by how this turned out.

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tryndamere: i don’t understand how people can shower in 5 minutes. i mean, i can go as fast as i can i still have to shampoo my hair and condition my hair and scrub myself and shave and cut myself shaving and use the blood in my summoning of the frozen watchers then travel to the howling abyss to ward off my enemies then come back and dry off. how do you do that in five minutes?

ashe: 2 in 1 conditioner/shampoo.

tryndamere: FUCK! OF COURSE!

Honestly now that I think about it, I’m a little confused by the Trials of the Poro video. Its my favorite LoL cinematic but what was Braum saving the Poro from if Poros are indestructible? They regularly walk through the Howling Abyss and ignore skillshots. They’re only a little scared of base lasers. Whatever, Braum is amazing anyways.

Submitted by @poroquagganbob

Crackpot Theories about why the Poro King is the king of the Poros

1. He is the first Poro

2. He is the only Poro able to reproduce by getting fat and not exploding

3. He was given a mustache by Braum and that makes you King apparently

4. He decided he was king one day and the Poros just went for it

5. He’s the oldest Poro

6. He’s the biggest Poro

7. He discovered the Howling Abyss had people with food and settled his species there

8. He’s the wisest Poro and not distracted only by the search for food

9. He’s the most powerful Poro (magically speaking)

10. His people voted for him.


Talk Mystic to Me (F!Corrin x Odin) 

For a brief time after the fall of Anankos, Odin Dark was compelled to return to his homeland. He and Corrin knew that Valla needed their new queen, so she reluctantly agreed to stay behind. After a month’s time, Odin would return, thus Corrin waited. She would need to guide this new age for the new Valla, in the meanwhile. Corrin would receive aid from her servants and Azura, as well as both her families. Yet none could fill the place in her heart Odin had left.

“What are you reading?” asked Azura during a moment of rest. She had walked into Corrin’s chamber and found her reading.

Corrin squinted at her book. “It’s a very old fantasy novel.” She squinted harder. “I’m getting a feel for how all the characters speak.”

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“Markon and Doran are still in the current lore; Markon, a legendary…”

I need more item lore. I think the only really special ones are Dead Man’s Plate and Lightbringer. Hopefully Doran means more of that stuff

While not all the items have lore, all are within lore, and some even though they will never be significant in lore.

To name a few shop items that have appeared in lore:

  • The Nomad’s Medallion - Appears in Bloodlines; Nasus gives this to Sivir to mask her from Xerath and use as a waypoint.

  • Face of the Mountain - Targonian Shield; Perhaps a concept that eventually find its way to one of its champion.

  • Edge of Night - Talon’s Cloak.

  • Gargoyle Stoneplate - Galio’s stone frame.

  • Adaptive Helm - Shen’s cowl.

  • The Guardian Set - Owned by the Ghostly Shopkeeper/Watchman of the Howling Abyss.

  • Mortal Reminder - Kindred’s Bow.

And there’s a lot more items where you can infer where they’re from - Randuin’s Omen being a Demacian Greatshield, Black Cleaver being a Noxian War Axe, Sunfire Cape being an ancient Shurima artifact - It goes on for quite a bit.

I agree, I’d totally love to have more lore items in-game and more weapons in-lore!


The Poros hang out in the Howling Abyss not because they love the champions who feed them but because they are the envoys of Kindred, and they’re there to lead people to the next life because the Murder Bridge actually leads to the gates of the underworld.

Braum is ancient and allowed to live on because the Poros love him too much to lead him away.

see the way people look at you? that small flick of their eyes as they blink; eyes raising to meet yours for a millisecond of eternity. a thousand words exchanged in a split second, a communication of strangers. you don’t know them, they don’t know you. but in that moment there is an understanding, a common cry of every human.

what am I doing? what is my purpose? what does it mean?

you scream this with every fibre of your being. (scream) how has no one heard? they cannot see. you hide it behind pretty words that climb and vine they’re way around you as if their delicate flowers could ever protect you from the truth. the truth is only your lies sustain them. 

the stranger can see, they empathise, they acknowledge

a scream of humanity, a disease that is more deadly then that which plagues our bodies. the howling winds of the abyss. of the unknown. we have learn to ignore it, in ourselves and others. flowers are prettier in all their lie, preferable to the abyss. the only moment it’s seen is in a strangers eyes for that millisecond of acknowledgment. it’s all you can bare.

—  in a strangers eye 
A Love Poem About Everything

I’m gonna put this here in hopes you find it.
If anyone else reads this, listen closely.

Look up at the sky and really think about what you’re looking at.
You’re looking at every possibility that hasn’t manifested itself into you.
You’re looking at event after uncontrollable event, all of them, somehow involving you.
You’re not human, you’re not a person, your very existence stems from things that happened billions upon billions of years ago.
You’re a collection of space stuff that came together one day to form the The thing your mind calls home.
This is all general.

But you.
When I look up, I see every possible thing that hides behind your smile.
When I look up, I can hear the howl of every distant abyss and I can feel the empty space surrounding me.
I can feel the universe moving like wind around my skin.
I can feel every meteor shower as if it were simply just a drizzle.
The universe crackles like a fire that keeps me warm on distant summer nights.
When I look at you, I can recognize the universes sitting in the sand left over in my sweater pocket.
I want to whisper stars into existence and hang them up around your room like simple decorations.
I want to fill entire skies with them.
Treat them like brush strokes in a masterpiece seen by all but only ever meant to be interpreted by your mind.
But you.
You’re something I couldn’t even fathom into existence.
You’re a physical interpretation of the chaotic universe.
You are universes dying and being reborn a million times in one second.
You are existence, you are every unimaginable thing that we tuck under our beds as kids.
You’re like light flowing through empty air.
You’re beauty.
“Beauty that can not be contained into the single interpretation of words.”
You’re the muse that sparked a flame that could one day consume clouds.
How dark that statement may sound, you’re immaculate possibility and you walk amongst use without knowing it.
You’re everlasting open skies with nothing but destinations and time at our disposal.
You’re something good.
Believe me.
You’re something Good.

purficklyclean  asked:

Hey! So I was just contemplating today how much I miss my college linguistics classes and thinking how I wanted to read some more linguistics books, and I know you are a big fan of all things language (AREN'T WE ALL?) and thus I was wondering if you had any linguistics-related book recs? I've already added The Last Speakers to my list after creeping through your tags, but any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated when/if you have the chance!

HELLO FRIEND!! in fact i DO have recommendations:

  1. Russian Talk: Culture and Conversation during Perestroika
    External image
     : MEN ARE SCAMPS AND OLD LADIES RULES THE WORLD! is the sum of this book. the question this book asks is, “how do we talk about a culture we belong to? how do we talk about ourselves as part of that culture? what do the things we say about ourselves say about our culture, and vice versa?”
  2. When Languages Die: The Extinction of the World’s Languages and the Erosion of Human Knowledge
    External image
    : i cried when i read this book. CRIED. at the BEACH. my parents were like “please stop, we really just want to enjoy these strawberry daiquiris,” and but i was too busy howling into the abyss about what has already been lost.
  3. Don’t Sleep, There Are Snakes: Life and Language in the Amazonian Jungle (Vintage Departures)
    External image
    : man goes to brazil to convert native populations to christianity. man realizes that the natives are doing just fine as they are, and white people should probably stop being so White People about everything.
  4. Language: The Cultural Tool
    External image
    : do you have any prescriptivist friends that are like UM, THAT’S NOT HOW YOU USE THE WORD “LITERALLY”??????? and UM, ACTUALLY “NAUSEOUS” MEANS “TO MAKE SOMEONE ELSE EXPERIENCE NAUSEA,” NOT “I FEEL SICK,” DESPITE THE FACT THAT LITERALLY EVERYONE USES IT TO MEAN “I FEEL SICK”??? UM—those people are the worst. read this book and then make them read this book. LANGUAGE EVOLVES, PEOPLE.
  5. Language Shock: Understanding The Culture Of Conversation
    External image
    : have you ever said or done something and then been like, “….it’s kind of weird that i just said those words to indicate that thing??” this book is like, YEAH IT IS KIND OF WEIRD LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.
  6. Telling Stories in the Face of Danger: Language Renewal in Native American Communities
    External image
    : here’s a fun fact, if by “fun” you mean “the opposite of fun”: native americans have been and continue to be subjugated by the american government since, like, day 1 of there being an american government! this book talks about how language and storytelling is a tool that marginalized peoples (in this case, native americans) use to help heal, to strengthen cultural heritage, and to survive.

FULL DISCLOSURE: if you buy through one of these links, i do get an affiliate thing. but by all means, if you can get these free from a library or cheaper somewhere else, you should do that. the struggle for book money is very real, and your girl appreciates that.

Lore Tidbits from the PBE
  • “Gateways of dark stone known as Noxtoraa are raised over roads in territories conquered by Noxus.”
  • “Hextech is the fusion of magic and technology, harnessing the power contained within extremely rare crystals.”
  • “Piltover is the center of mercantile trade in Valoran.”
  • “Zaun’s powerful Chem-Barons keep a loose alliance that prevents the city from descending into chaos.”
  • “The Zaun Gray is the thick, chemical atmosphere of Zaun that can be fatal to breathe where densely settled.”
  • “Ionian architecture is known for its harmonious fluidity with nature.”
  • “The Black Mist can manifest anywhere in Valoran during the Harrowing, though it strikes Bilgewater most.”
  • “Many structures in Bilgewater are made from remnants of ships gutted upon its rocky shores.”
  • “In Bilgewater, the dead are not buried - they are given back to the ocean in submerged caskets below bobbing tombstones.”
  • “True Ice never melts. Dark Ice is True Ice that has been corrupted.”
  • “The Frozen Watchers are believed to be trapped in the Howling Abyss.”
  • “Sivir’s crossblade, the Chalicar, once belonged to Setaka, an Ascended Warrior Queen of Shurima.”
  • “Illaoi was Gangplank’s first love.”
  • “Fantastical occurrences may indicate where the veil separating Runeterra and the Void has worn thin.”
  • “Some say Yordles know secret ways through Runeterra others cannot perceive.”
  • “The Bearded Lady, Mother Below, and Nagakabouros are all names Bilgewater natives call their deity.”
  • “Located far from civilization, Mount Targon is utterly remote, reachable only by the most determined seeker.”
  • “Those Ascended by the Sun Disc of Shurima can live for thousands of years.”
  • “Demacia’s army is often outnumbered, but is arguable the most elite, well-trained army in Runeterra.”