the howling abyss

People take ARAM too seriously. I got matched with one player for 2 games in a row; in the first one he was extremely toxic and flamed everyone, calling us “noob” when he had missed every single skill in the 20 minutes of the game. The second game he was the same, went in 1 vs 5 then said “report my team no help, idiot noobs”. Let’s not forget the fact that he also took every heal on the map when he had full hp and mana and we were at 100 health with no mana! Guys like him need to be banned ASAP… Rito, please!

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Choose Your Mistakes #36

Part thirty-six of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you have questions, and be sure to make your choice below.

You wanted to fight back

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You were conflicted, more than you’d thought you would be, but one thought rose to the front of your mind.

I want to fight back.

All you could see was the light of the heart that surrounded you. All you could hear was its beating rhythm. 

And so it shall be.

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So I was searching up Poros, and reading stuff on the wiki and just… this information: 

A group of Poros is called a fluft.

Poros are equal parts truth, valor, and innocence.

Poros have a heart-shaped underbelly because they’re made of love.

A poro’s horns perk up when it’s excited and droop down when it’s scared.

Poros paddle through deep snow with their front paws.

Poros stick their tongue out because they are incredibly warm (hot, in fact). This is why they can survive the harsh cold environment of the Howling Abyss.

Vel'Koz has noted that the intelligence of people drops in the presence of these creatures.

Also there’s this story of how the poros came to be creatively: 

“While wrapping up the Howling Abyss, the entire team was on the lookout for something to balance out the Abyss’ cold, serious atmosphere. Unlike our other maps, the Howling Abyss had a very structural, linear cadence–it was literally a bridge without any fantasy elements, which didn’t feel very League. To counter this, the whole team brainstormed about cute and fun things we could add that would remain true to League and not take away from the map’s epicness. It was sort of tricky because whatever we added had to be noticeable without being too distracting–we didn’t want players confusing our little critter for a minion or monster they should kill! We wanted to create something furry that looked like it could survive through harsh weather, so RiotEarp looked to mountain goats, reindeer, and polar bears for inspiration. He sketched the initial poro concept art based on a cuter version of all of those things and we ran with it! Howling Abyss is the coldest and harshest place in all of Runeterra, so you can think of poros as the manifestation of whatever warmth, happiness, and love that still exists.

After RiotOtown modeled and textured the very first poro, he and RiotCaptainLx decided to add a super huge tongue because the little guy reminded them of a puppy. Then, during the animation phase, RiotCaptainLx took it a step further and had the poro lick its whole face in one shot! With the tongue mechanic in place, he also animated the poro to run around panting with its tongue hanging out. We totally agreed that poros should pant just like that–they radiate with love, so they’re extremely hot despite the Abyss’ bone-chilling temperatures”!

In conclusion, poros radiate love, they’re equal parts truth, valor, and innocence…

And a gathering of poros is called a fluft. A. Fluft. A FLUFT. 

I want ten flufts of poros please. 


Some highlights from the Riot Pax party! They got Glitch Mob in to play, got to meet some professional cosplayers, tons of Rioters including cheifwizardking riots official party boy who doted on us all night, gave us some extra pax sivir codes and was a general adorable sweetheart!!! He apparently looooves cosplayers and we def got the vip treatment.

We saw Scarra who waved but didnt manage to snag a pic. Lilypichu was there along side a handful of pros.

Got a pic with the official pax sivir cosplayer, as well as got to play Demacia Vice which was hilarious and funny af.

They had a “1v1 me bro” booth lineup where you could 1v1 people on the howling abyss map.

Riot knows how to throw a fucking party.

Honestly now that I think about it, I’m a little confused by the Trials of the Poro video. Its my favorite LoL cinematic but what was Braum saving the Poro from if Poros are indestructible? They regularly walk through the Howling Abyss and ignore skillshots. They’re only a little scared of base lasers. Whatever, Braum is amazing anyways.

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tryndamere: i don’t understand how people can shower in 5 minutes. i mean, i can go as fast as i can i still have to shampoo my hair and condition my hair and scrub myself and shave and cut myself shaving and use the blood in my summoning of the frozen watchers then travel to the howling abyss to ward off my enemies then come back and dry off. how do you do that in five minutes?

ashe: 2 in 1 conditioner/shampoo.

tryndamere: FUCK! OF COURSE!


Talk Mystic to Me (F!Corrin x Odin) 

For a brief time after the fall of Anankos, Odin Dark was compelled to return to his homeland. He and Corrin knew that Valla needed their new queen, so she reluctantly agreed to stay behind. After a month’s time, Odin would return, thus Corrin waited. She would need to guide this new age for the new Valla, in the meanwhile. Corrin would receive aid from her servants and Azura, as well as both her families. Yet none could fill the place in her heart Odin had left.

“What are you reading?” asked Azura during a moment of rest. She had walked into Corrin’s chamber and found her reading.

Corrin squinted at her book. “It’s a very old fantasy novel.” She squinted harder. “I’m getting a feel for how all the characters speak.”

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“I find conspiracy theories fascinating, ‘cause I think what they actually represent is a desire to impose order on the universe. That’s what intrigues me about it, 'cause in fact it’s secretly rather pleasing to think there is a dark government out there in charge of everything, because there fucking isn’t. The world is a howling abyss of chaos.”

- Mark Gatiss (Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast [x])

purficklyclean  asked:

Hey! So I was just contemplating today how much I miss my college linguistics classes and thinking how I wanted to read some more linguistics books, and I know you are a big fan of all things language (AREN'T WE ALL?) and thus I was wondering if you had any linguistics-related book recs? I've already added The Last Speakers to my list after creeping through your tags, but any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated when/if you have the chance!

HELLO FRIEND!! in fact i DO have recommendations:

  1. Russian Talk: Culture and Conversation during Perestroika
    External image
     : MEN ARE SCAMPS AND OLD LADIES RULES THE WORLD! is the sum of this book. the question this book asks is, “how do we talk about a culture we belong to? how do we talk about ourselves as part of that culture? what do the things we say about ourselves say about our culture, and vice versa?”
  2. When Languages Die: The Extinction of the World’s Languages and the Erosion of Human Knowledge
    External image
    : i cried when i read this book. CRIED. at the BEACH. my parents were like “please stop, we really just want to enjoy these strawberry daiquiris,” and but i was too busy howling into the abyss about what has already been lost.
  3. Don’t Sleep, There Are Snakes: Life and Language in the Amazonian Jungle (Vintage Departures)
    External image
    : man goes to brazil to convert native populations to christianity. man realizes that the natives are doing just fine as they are, and white people should probably stop being so White People about everything.
  4. Language: The Cultural Tool
    External image
    : do you have any prescriptivist friends that are like UM, THAT’S NOT HOW YOU USE THE WORD “LITERALLY”??????? and UM, ACTUALLY “NAUSEOUS” MEANS “TO MAKE SOMEONE ELSE EXPERIENCE NAUSEA,” NOT “I FEEL SICK,” DESPITE THE FACT THAT LITERALLY EVERYONE USES IT TO MEAN “I FEEL SICK”??? UM—those people are the worst. read this book and then make them read this book. LANGUAGE EVOLVES, PEOPLE.
  5. Language Shock: Understanding The Culture Of Conversation
    External image
    : have you ever said or done something and then been like, “….it’s kind of weird that i just said those words to indicate that thing??” this book is like, YEAH IT IS KIND OF WEIRD LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.
  6. Telling Stories in the Face of Danger: Language Renewal in Native American Communities
    External image
    : here’s a fun fact, if by “fun” you mean “the opposite of fun”: native americans have been and continue to be subjugated by the american government since, like, day 1 of there being an american government! this book talks about how language and storytelling is a tool that marginalized peoples (in this case, native americans) use to help heal, to strengthen cultural heritage, and to survive.

FULL DISCLOSURE: if you buy through one of these links, i do get an affiliate thing. but by all means, if you can get these free from a library or cheaper somewhere else, you should do that. the struggle for book money is very real, and your girl appreciates that.

see the way people look at you? that small flick of their eyes as they blink; eyes raising to meet yours for a millisecond of eternity. a thousand words exchanged in a split second, a communication of strangers. you don’t know them, they don’t know you. but in that moment there is an understanding, a common cry of every human.

what am I doing? what is my purpose? what does it mean?

you scream this with every fibre of your being. (scream) how has no one heard? they cannot see. you hide it behind pretty words that climb and vine they’re way around you as if their delicate flowers could ever protect you from the truth. the truth is only your lies sustain them. 

the stranger can see, they empathise, they acknowledge

a scream of humanity, a disease that is more deadly then that which plagues our bodies. the howling winds of the abyss. of the unknown. we have learn to ignore it, in ourselves and others. flowers are prettier in all their lie, preferable to the abyss. the only moment it’s seen is in a strangers eyes for that millisecond of acknowledgment. it’s all you can bare.

—  in a strangers eye