the howling abyss

The fist clenched round my heart
loosens a little, and I gasp
brightness; but it tightens
again. When have I ever not loved
the pain of love? But this has moved

past love to mania. This has the strong
clench of the madman, this is
gripping the ledge of unreason, before
plunging howling into the abyss.

Hold hard then, heart. This way at least you live.

Derek Walcott, “The Fist,” Collected Poems, 1948-1984 (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1986)

Non-revealing crop of my piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s upcoming Boss Rush; a show about the video game bosses we hate & love.  Dark Souls fans will get a real howl out of this….(sorry :S)

see the way people look at you? that small flick of their eyes as they blink; eyes raising to meet yours for a millisecond of eternity. a thousand words exchanged in a split second, a communication of strangers. you don’t know them, they don’t know you. but in that moment there is an understanding, a common cry of every human.

what am I doing? what is my purpose? what does it mean?

you scream this with every fibre of your being. (scream) how has no one heard? they cannot see. you hide it behind pretty words that climb and vine they’re way around you as if their delicate flowers could ever protect you from the truth. the truth is only your lies sustain them. 

the stranger can see, they empathise, they acknowledge

a scream of humanity, a disease that is more deadly then that which plagues our bodies. the howling winds of the abyss. of the unknown. we have learn to ignore it, in ourselves and others. flowers are prettier in all their lie, preferable to the abyss. the only moment it’s seen is in a strangers eyes for that millisecond of acknowledgment. it’s all you can bare.

—  in a strangers eye 

“League’s more fun with friends, so starting next week, we’ll celebrate playing together (and earning rewards) in two distinct phases. First, Team Up Week runs from June 15-21. You’ll team up with friends and earn points by winning games in five-player premades or sending gifts to friends both new and old. These points pool together to unlock levels of rewards for the whole community to enjoy.

When patch 5.12 launches, phase two begins. Pool Party kicks offwith the splashdown of five new Pool Party skins and the rollout of all the rewards the community teamed up to earn the week before. Snorkel on down to see the rewards and learn the details!

How You Can Earn Points

June 15 - 21

  • 5 points (per team): Win a matchmade game (no bots) on Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss or Crystal Scar in a five-player premade party
  • 10 points: Give a gift to another player
  • 20 points: Give a gift to another player at the end-of-game screen”