the housekeeper to end all housekeepers

     Beatrice grew up in the castle, the daughter of a servant and a visiting Italian lord.  If the elder servant’s rumors were true, she was also named by her father.  Her mother died in childbirth, her father left, and the head housekeeper at the time raised Beatrice.  Her guardian was strict, keeping all the younger kitchen maids in line, but caring.  Beatrice worked her way to the top, starting out as a dish washer and ending up as the new head housekeeper.  She tried her best to gain the royal family’s favor, which earned her a position as governess.  Tasked to care for the young prince, Beatrice taught herself the basics of reading and writing so she could teach the prince in return.  She also met her future husband at the castle, a potter trying to sell his work, and they fell in love over time.  After getting married, Beatrice took his last name (becoming Mrs. Potts) and the two later had a son named Chip.

     During the curse, Beatrice transformed into a tea pot.  Mr. Potts was off selling pottery to a near-by village and the two became separated for years.  Chip remained by Beatrice’s side as a tea cup and Beatrice tried to be optimistic.  She encouraged the prince and the other cursed servants not to give up on breaking the curse.  She upheld her duties as governess and head housekeeper by caring for several castle children (transformed into tea cups) and overseeing meals.  When Belle broke the curse, Beatrice reunited with her husband and continues to live in the castle with her family.

Housekeeping Odds and Ends

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In Debt - Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2


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Anonymous: “Omg your blog is soo awesome! I dont know if your scenario requests are open but if they are i have a request for a series where Jungkook is really rich (like a drug lord or a gangster or something) and your dad owes him a lot of money and you and Jungkook fall in love?? thanks in advance!!! <3″

Genre: Drama

Characters: Jungkook x You

Word Count: 1.7K

Plot: All your life you’ve been taken care of by your rich father and his money, but when a someone named Jungkook barges into your home demanding for his money back, your life is turned upside down.

(Y/N) = Your Name

(Y/L/N) = Your Last Name

The rays of sunshine that crept through your window awoke you from your deep sleep. Every morning was like clockwork, you would always rise to the warming aroma of tea filling your room. Today was no different, the jasmine amidst in your room was pleasant and it surely got you up in no time.

 Just as you sat up leaning your drowsy frame against the headboard of your bed, you were greeted by your butler, Sebastian. You rubbed your eyes to adjust to the light illuminating from your window as well as to catch a glimpse of your butler who was speaking to you at the time.

 “Good morning Miss (Y/L/N). I hope you had a pleasant sleep,“ Sebastian said as he set your tea on the nightstand by your bed. "Your father would like to speak with you. He asked you join him at breakfast,” he cupped his hands together as you raised your eyebrows to him. “I will begin preparations to see that you will attend this meeting with your father.”

 “Yes Sebastian,” you nodded back in agreeance. The words that Sebastian spoke of further validated that your morning was a clockwork just like the majority of your day. With that, you began to begin your daily routine.

 You were escorted by one of your many housekeepers to your grand bathroom, where you carried out the beginning of your daily routine. Each day would consist of the same four of five activities which included homeschooling and various instrumental and art classes. To some, being taught by top professors on the globe, learning to play classical instruments and perfecting the art of art itself would seem lavish. However, if you could have it your own way, you wouldn’t be doing all these ‘lavish’ routines every day. You wanted more in life than to just learn and please. But your father wouldn’t allow it.

 Your father was quite a notable man in his profession; yes he made money and quite a lot enough to provide you with the 'lavish’ lifestyle he thought you needed. Along with your extravagant over the top home that had far too many rooms of which you haven’t even explored all of yet, you wondered if the 40+ housekeepers that he hired to tend to your needs were even necessary. Of course, you became used to all these riches considering that your father was a stubborn man–whatever he thought he needed, he got.

 After completing your morning routine you made your way downstairs to the dining room to join your father for breakfast.

 On your way down you were greeted by multiple housekeepers who kept reciting “Goodmorning Miss (Y/L/N)! Hope you slept well. Enjoy your day!” You knew that they were most likely paid to day this, but it always brought a smile to your face.

 You approached your father who was well into eating his breakfast– he was practically chowing down on the Belgium waffles. It was gross, but who could stop him? You took a seat across him, basically on the other end of the room because the dining table was that long. You sat so far away from him that your could barely see the man your housekeepers claimed your father to be.

 The dining table was filled with food ranging from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You basically had all three meals of the day in this one sitting. Your father would always insist to the housekeepers that the more food, the better. They took this quite literally.

 Just as you were about to reach for one of the many bagels that sat in a basket, you heard your father clear his throat.

 "Excuse me young lady, but good morning is the term most people use to greet others in the morning,“ he said in a loud, strict voice. Along with the fearsome tone coming out of his mouth, particles of blueberry muffins and black coffee could be seen flying out from even where you were seated.

 “Sorry,” you silently said not wanting to further anger him as you were unsure of what meal he would regurgitate up next if you did.“Good morning, father.” Your father rolled his eyes and nodded to you in acceptance. He then turned to look at one of the housemaids, signalling to bring him some more food.

 “I am throwing a party for a guest tonight. He is an important business partner of mine so I would like you to be on your best behaviour,” he spoke, barely getting enough breath trying to stuff his face with some French toast. You simply nodded and went about enjoying your breakfast. ’A party?’ you thought while pushing around some scrambled eggs on your plate. 'This is new’.

 After finishing up your breakfast, you went about your day. You had English literature till noon, piano practice till dusk and art till the wee hours of the night. You were just about drained when Sebastian arrived at your room door.

 “Miss (Y/L/N), I have placed two evening gowns for you wear on the night of the event. Please look them over and choose the one you admire,” he said smiling as he pointed towards the direction of your closet. You immediately thanked him and made your way over to your closet.

The first dress was red. It was floor length with the back entirely cut out, barely enough to cover your tailbone. You didn’t even bother looking at the second dress since you had already made up your mind that you would be wearing the red dress.

 Before actually getting ready for the party, you fell onto your bed wanting to take a five-minute nap. Even though you were too drained out to even function, you had to attend the party since you didn’t want to upset your very strict father.

 You got up from your bed, ready to finally get ready for the unwanted party, but everything was interrupted when you heard your father’s voice.

 "I will get back to you for sure! I have two million, it’s not like I’m running away!“ You heard your father shout. "I will get back to you for sure!”

 From what you could make out, your father’s words sounded like he needed to pay someone back. His words weren’t making sense to you and sounded unusual. How could it be possible that your father was in debt? It was quite shocking to you, but you brushed it off not thinking much as your mind was occupied with the party.

You put on the electric red dress that made you look damn good if you could say so yourself. You paired your dress with a pair of black stilettos and pearl earrings to pull the look together. Just as you were putting the finishing touches onto your look, you heard the arrival of people downstairs.

You were finally ready and stood on the top of the spiral staircase. Although you couldn’t see the party from your view, you could hear laughter and giggles, indicating that people were having fun.

 As you put a foot on the first step, you could hear everything quieting down. You thought it was the crowd being in awe of your outfit like in the movies, but you quickly realized that it couldn’t be the case since you weren’t visible from the bottom. As you made your way down the spiral staircase, you could see the shock on the guests face looking towards the foyer. You quickly picked up your pace to see what the shocking view could possibly be.

 Just as your heels hit the last step on the stairs the quiet atmosphere grew thick, you could practically hear your heartbeat– it was that quiet. Your heels made a 'click clack sound as you approached the foyer. Directly in your sight, you could see a pack of people who were clearly not invited. They wore white suits and stood like bodyguards, surrounding your father. That’s when you remembered the unusual words you overheard your father saying about him being in debt. Is that what this is about?

 You were thinking of all sorts of things in your head until you saw a young man appearing at the front of you foyer. He had an ominous aura and wore an all-black suit. His hair was slicked back and his outfit was right in all the places. You tried your best not to admire his frame as he was literally crashing your party and scaring your guests, but you couldn’t help it. He was in an odd way beautiful.

 He made his way over to your father who began yapping on about debts and such. He placed his fingers underneath your father’s chin in order to establish eye contact, which was particularly difficult with his lengthy frame. The man in black took a deep breath and looked up to the decorated ceiling in an annoyance.

 “Listen here, I don’t like coming to do my own dirty work, but it’s been some time since you’ve paid me back,“ the young man said with annoyance in his voice. "Old man, I’m not getting any younger and neither are you. I expect a payment soon or I will have to return.” His tone was rude and cocky, sounding like he could cause some danger.

 “Yes, Jungkook… I will immediately,” your father frantically repeated out of fear. You were in shock, was the image of your father incorrect? Was he not filthy rich? Who was this 'Jungkook’ character? And why was your father, who was usually scary himself, so afraid of this stranger? So many thoughts ran through your head and you were more than confused so you decided to approach your father and ask him what was going on.

 You made your way over to your father who kept repeating the embarrassing phrase, “don’t worry I will pay you!”

 “Father, what is going on?” you asked him while pulling his hands down, practically telling him to stop begging. You tried your best to speak to your father but he kept spitting out the same six words.

 Your short one-sided conversation must have caught the attention of Jungkook because he turned to you, smirking.

 “Ah, this must be your daughter, (Y/N),“ he walked towards you, slowing. "Why hello there. My name is Jungkook. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said to you as he placed a kiss on your hand. You immediately froze with his touch, not knowing what to think. With your hand still in his, Jungkook quickly turned to your father and raised his eyebrows.

 "I think I know how you can pay me back…“ Jungkook said before turning back to you with a suspicious smile.  

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[AU Series] L.H. Mr. Hemmings Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2

You stirred from your good sleep as the warm sun rays hit your skin. You opened your eyes slowly to adjust to the light and found yourself in an unfamiliar room. You can distinctively guess that you weren’t in a hotel as this room you’re currently in was ever so and well luxuriously furnished. As your eyes wander around you now realised too that you were, in fact, naked. You freaking’ slept with someone… someone who’s well damned inhumanly handsome and now MIA. Luke… just Luke when he introduced. You’re asking why would you even have a drink when you have an important meeting the next morning, well you were dragged by your best friend, apparently it was a ‘good luck’ thing.

You looked at the nightstand noticing it was already 9:37 in the morning. You had a job interview at half past 11 in a job position of P.A. and it’s also in the Hemmings Group a well prestigious and well-renowned chained business company.

You stood up gathering your scattered clothes around the massive room that could probably occupy hundreds of singlet bed like your bed. You can’t actually wear these clothes again, you bit your lips. You found Luke’s previous button up on the floor and wear it temporarily it laid upon your knees you were small… very small. On the table, you noticed there was a note.

Good morning Y/N, I had to go early to head to work. I hope you’re feeling well, Aspirin is by my nightstand if you need it. I had your clothes ready, they should be in the bathroom, breakfast will be served when you get up. Have a nice day. Call me if you need anything else 04×× ×××× ××.

You were delighted by the note though that was overshadowed by the thought of you and him not seeing each other again. Everything in here screamed that you were just probably one of his one-night stand fling. Judging by the thoughts of kindness and offerings, he probably had loads of this flings, probably even paid or whatnot.

You didn’t want to be nosy, but you ended up inspecting the whole room. Damn. It screamed a very bold description to your head, cynical and a control freak and also your cliche rich spoiled brat. How did you get to that conclusion? You took Psychology as a minor in college and majored in Business Administration. You sighed at the thought and made your way to find the bathroom. Though you ended up with a huge walk in closet that was occupied with suits probably a thousand pairs of them in different shades of black and grey, but you noticed another compartment that differs from the intellectual look-ish it was casual clothes. Very neat, though… You closed the door and found another door, hopefully, it was the bathroom but it, wasn’t it was a study room with a second floor? You don’t even know anymore. You just needed the damn bathroom and that door was your last resort.

Finally, you had found the sleek modern bathroom. Hello, talk about things that are 100 times bigger than normal. You undress from Luke’s shirt and put it on the dirty clothes rack and hopped into the shower. Damn. If you just don’t have that interview today, you’d stay in this sanctuary while it lasted, probably the first and the last time you’ll ever be in one.

After the short shower, you dried yourself and found the clothes Luke had mentioned. It was neatly stacked together, undies and a black and white lace panel dress and a pair of black stilettos. You noticed that it was a designer clothes and you gulped by the thought of how much might this cost, why the hell would he spent so much on this? You got no choice but to slip into it and it fitted perfectly… well…

You dried your hair quickly and neatly stacked your old clothes and put them in your bag that should be around somewhere. Eventually, you found it somewhere in the room. When you were all dressed you grabbed your bag and headed towards the door. You held the door knob and opened the door, you were greeted by a modern hallway which has to end and you don’t know which way you’d go.

“Ma'am?” You heard a voice from your left and found a lady in her late 20’s, you guessed it was the housekeeper the way she was dressed, the cliche housekeeper uniform in every movie or mabobs. “Um… hi… uh…” You couldn’t find the words to start with “Would you like your breakfast served?” She politely asked you looked at your phone who’s nearly dying, but it was already 10:17, “I’ll pass, thank you, do you mind showing me the way out?” You replied in a whisper. “Yes, ma'am, this way,” she ushered you the front door after probably 5 minutes of walking around, it was a huge house I swear, mansion?

“I will call the chauffeur, ma'am,” she smiled and headed to a portable phone. You opened the door and hello, it wasn’t a mansion, it was a friggin’ estate. That’s probably why she was calling a chauffeur. Soon enough an Audi halted into the entourage of the house. “Um, thank you for the hospitality,” you gave your gratitude to the housekeeper. “Ma'am,” the chauffeur opened the door for you, you’re like a princess, how awesome is this?

You hopped in and settled in the passenger seat “Where to ma'am?” You were thinking before you answered, “How long would it take to Crown St.?” You nervously asked, “20 minutes, ma'am,” you were relieved, “To Crown St. please and you can call me Y/N,” you politely told the older man.
After the 20 minutes, you arrived at Crown St. you had an extra half an hour, “Thank you, mister,” you said your gratitude and he left. You went to a café and had a croissant and a cup of green tea. You spent your time in the café relaxing a bit and look to your bag on the essentials, you ruffled through and got your makeup kit. You patted powder on your cheeks and just put a lip gloss on, you weren’t really prepared. How unorganised.

You stood up and left a tip before heading to the job interview. You walked 5 minutes to an immense building, you looked up at the building towering over most of the buildings you gulped and mentally prepared yourself. You took a deep breath and walk your way into the receptionist. “How can I help?” A very intelligent looking lady looked up to you, “I am here for P.A. Interview for Mr Hemmings, I am Y/N Y/L/N,” you answered her. “Miss Y/L/N, you’re due to have your meeting with Mr Hemmings at 11:30, yes?” She asked for confirmation “Yes.” “Take the third elevator from the left and it’s the 67th floor, I’ll inform the desk to usher you,” she smoothly spoke and you nodded.

You headed for the third elevator to leave and entered the expensive looking elevator, you pressed the 67th floor and waited patiently. You weren’t sure why you were quite nervous right now, you weren’t planning to be nervous. Maybe it was because of last night? You shook your head ‘Just focus Y/N, you can do this’ You cheered yourself and upon that you heard a ding indicating you had arrived. On queue there was already someone standing beside the elevator, “Miss Y/L/N,” the lady said, you guessed it was the person who will usher you. “This way,” she showed you to the comfy couch, “Mr Hemmings will be with you in 5 minutes,” she informed, her name was Gina, it was written on her name badge sitting on her left chest.

Well, you can’t fiddle with your phone because it just died. You had no choice but to sit down quietly until the due time. Men came out through probably Mr Hemmings’ room. You actually have no idea who he is or whatnot, all you know is that you just had to get this job. That was the goal.

“Mr Hemmings will see you now,” Gina announced and you just nodded, your throat seemed to not cooperate with you. You knocked on the door “Do come in, he’s expecting you” Gina said. You opened the door and entered, you quietly closed the door. You waited for further instructions, so you stood in your very place. He was sitting on his executive swivel chair facing the glassed window. “Mr Hemmings?” You called, your throat, running dry. He turned his chair around and stood up. Your eyes widened.

“L-Luke?” You muttered under your breath. “I mean… Mr Hemmings…” You corrected yourself, you couldn’t believe this. You’re having a job interview with the CEO of the company who happened to be your supposed one night stand that you’ll think of never meeting again. What a small world?

“You’re hired,” You scoffed at that, did you just hear that wrong? “Excuse me?” You narrowed your eyes at the man. “As of now, you’re my P.A., it’s good you fitted in the dress,” He diverted the talk. “Yes, thank you for the hospitality, but we’re supposed to have an interview?” You can’t just accept the job on a strike of him in no question hiring you. Well, it was cool, but no. You slept with him and he just said yes to you in the job that isn’t fair, someone might be better than you or whatnot. “I am the boss, I suggested we settle it down with no argument, yes?” He leant his chin on the back of his palm eyeing you sweetly. “Yes, Mr Hemmings,” you answered.

“Gina, cancel all the interviewees, Miss Y/L/N is hired and also cancel my schedule for today,” he didn’t even wait for a reply when he put the phone down. “Make yourself comfortable,” he voiced and you took stiff strides to the couch just in front of his mahogany desk. “So…” You awkwardly started, “What do I do now?” You asked him. “We’ll be heading out,” he flashed his killer smile.

Why do you have the feeling that this job will be extra harder than what it should be?

Luke. Luke Hemmings. Mr Hemmings is the answer.



Have you ever noticed that many stories have very similar themes? For starters, there is a large collection of vampire stories – from Dracula to Twilight to claimed encounters on reddit. Then there are your alien stories – entire documentaries on this subject can most likely be found on even your local TV stations. Of course, let’s not forget the collection of stories on witches and wizards. However, the stories that have always fascinated me the most have been the zombie stories. Perhaps it stems from the recent boom of zombie movies and TV shows. Everyone, it seems, is interested in zombies. This isn’t a unique fascination. However, I consider myself to be particularly enthusiastic about zombies. Unlike most people, though, I have no interest in your rotting, brain eating zombies. Rotting flesh has never been my thing, and I’d prefer for my brain to remain undigested. Nevertheless, I’ve always wanted a slave. I’m sure it’s something everyone has considered, probably most often after you’ve just settled down but realize the remote is just out of reach. Why not get a slave, right? And who would make a better slave than a dead, mindless zombie? But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Oliver Queen: Rockstar AU (cont.)

Remember like, when an age ago, I wrote that thing where Felicity was a lackey at the record company and Oliver was a rockstar who was coming back after a long hiatus?

Yeah. Sometimes AUs just won’t die. 


“I want to know what happened.”

They’ve been drinking for a while, just the two of them. Felicity knows it’s not the best idea, but after the fight Oliver had with the producer of his new record, and the day she spent trying to sooth things over, she’ll take any free booze he’ll give her. 

“What do you mean?” Oliver asks. “Lots of stuff happened.”

“No. Not today. I know all about today. I want to know what happened five years ago,” Felicity says. “Why’d you quit?" 

Oliver reaches for a cigarette and lights it with practiced ease. She can see he’s trying to decide how to answer the question – whether to be honest or not. He inhales deeply and throws back the rest of his whiskey. 

"My sister died." 

"Oh my God, Oliver – I didn’t know." 

Oliver shakes his head. "Nobody fucking knows. Cause I don’t want them to. All my life I wrote songs about how I felt. Thea always said she could listen to my records and write a biography about my life but… after she died there just wasn’t anything left." 

Felicity reaches for his hand, and then thinks better of it. "So – why come back now?" 

"Thea was the best part of my life. My mom and dad couldn’t stay faithful to each other. They weren’t ever around. We had this housekeeper that practically raised us, but we had to be each other’s everything, you know? Because at the end of the day the housekeeper may love you, but she’s there because she’s getting a paycheck. And Moira and Robert didn’t give a single flying fuck. So it was me and Thea against the world. And she wouldn’t want me to stay holed up in the mansion, ignoring the world. She wouldn’t think that was a good tribute. So. I came back." 

Oliver reaches for his guitar, and slides it against his body, and Felicity can see that it’s like reaching for his armor. He lightly coaxes a chord from the instrument, and then an aching, tender melody Felicity is familiar with. 

Wise men say – only fools rush in….

"But I can’t help, falling in love with you,” Felicity sings. Oliver nods, like he was expecting her to be competent, and gestures for her to finish the song. “Shall I stay? Would it be a sin? If I can’t help, falling in love with you…" 

Maybe it’s the whiskey. Maybe it’s the tears dancing in his eyes, or the words weaving a magic spell. But he reaches for her, and she meets him halfway and they kiss – whiskey on their tongues, music on their hearts. 

Felicity knows she’s in trouble now.