the household cat

Look, I found some Eruris hiding in my Christmas-tree!

Merry Christmas to all of you ♡

happy international cat day~ human anatomy was kicking my ass so why not

Confusion in the proposal
  • Darcy: Do you hear that?
  • Loki: *discreetly tucks kitten in a box* What's that?
  • Darcy: Never mind... Hey, what's in the box?
  • Loki: A present for my lady fair.
  • Darcy: *warily opens the box* ...AW! *huggles kitten* he's so cute.
  • Loki: *waits*
  • Darcy: *cuddles*
  • Loki: Darcy, I believe you're missing something.
  • Darcy: Huh?
  • Loki: My proposal, I take it that your answer means yes?
  • Darcy: *eyes bug*

Ons eigen tijdschrift nov 1933, adv Mansion Polish by janwillemsen

Three years ago today I brought Dolly home from PetCo so that she could be my emotional support dog. I needed someone to help me finish the semester at Pace University. Without Dolly, I would have had to drop out and lose all the credits and money spent on the semester. Even though she’s terrible to other animals, which splits up the household of cats, which is really awful, we do love her. You’d think that after living with my family for three years she’d get better at being with other dogs and cats. Nope. 

Moving back home also wasn’t part of the plan. She is supposed to be an only child dog. She really cannot handle other pets. She is vicious. 

My yapping, growling foofoo.

This is an old photo.

charlotte-just-charlotte  asked:

Sleepover thingy I have 4 pets atm. 2 live with me and 2 don't. 2 Bunnies who harass me for food but never stay still enough to cuddle 2 puppies: 1. My darling Princess who lives with my uncle's ex bc dogs not allowed in my apartment😢😢😢 2. Princess' son Ace whom I named and raised from a tiny puppy, but also can't keep bc no dogs allowed in my apartment😡😡😡 So I'm stuck with bunnies who won't even cuddle and just harass me for food😓

That sucks, I don’t know what I would do if I had to live in a household without dogs or cats ngl. Prince and Ace sound lovely :D I get that bunnies can be kind of boring but think about how adorable and fluffy and cute they are. Bunnies are lovely and if  you ever get fed up of them just think about Doyoung aka Bunny Boi Supreme. 

Thank you for messaging me about your animals, this was sweet.

theconfusedbiracialbisexual replied to your post “I know this probably wasn’t an ask you wanted, but you embroider? What…”

So, I’m the one that sent you that anonymous ask. I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE YOUR KLINGON SEAL!!!! Star Trek is my JAM! And you’re doing a tarot deck set? Cool! I wouldn’t even know how to use a tarot deck. What other cat eyes are you doing? Could you do a tiger? Or like, is it household cats? As for what you could embroider, I couldn’t help you with that, it would depend on what you’re into. What are you into? Sorry, I love you blog and I’m curious.

Thank you!!!! 

The eye was just for the cat’s eye deck actually aha. But I do have other bags I need to make and plan to embroider things on eventually. But you know, spoons and time…

I’m into star trek and norse stuff obviously aha er… plants and animals are also what I love making artistically. but I can always draw those things so why bother embroidering is how my brain reasons things

Father's Day Present
  • The Mini Toasters have a special present for their beloved Sensei to honor him as their patriarch.;D
  • Genos: Sensei, the kids each have something they want to give you for this holiday.
  • -Each eagerly holding up a box-
  • Saitama: Eh? Really? Well that's sure nice of you guys...
  • -opens each of them-
  • Saitama: ....;;
  • Genos: They each did their best in searching for what they thought would make proper substitutes for hair for you.
  • -they beam proudly and look hopeful-
  • Saitama: ...I...Is that so...Th..Thanks....(One of them is a live cat...;;; )

anonymous asked:

"The entirely uneventful adventures of the intergalactic tuna fish can time machine" with any/all of the ATLA cast for the fic you'll never write meme


In which the Gaang lives in a house together somewhere and has a cat and that cat likes to steal their tuna, which Katara and Aang worry is bad for the cat and which Sokka is offended about because he just wants a tuna salad sandwich, okay, and no matter what surveillance the whole household makes on cat and tuna both, it always goes missing and the cat always looks smug and even video-taping the shelf in the cabinet where they keep it doesn’t work.

Invisibility or time travel. Those are the only answers.

Please Tell Us, Mochizuki-sensei! Q and A Section from 24 + 1 Last Dance (Part Two - English Translation) - SPOILERS!

This section contains Questions 8 to 14. For Part One (Q1-7), click here. Enjoy! :D

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jhongg  asked:

lemon 🍋 and kiwi 🥝? :)

  • lemon: do you have any pets? what are their names?

I live in a chaotic household with 6 cats. We have Blackie, Cheeky, Shy, Gizmo, Misty and Zelda!

  • kiwi: what’s something that fascinates you?

…Murder Mysteries rlyyy fascinate me, or like “True Crimes” shows.