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Season 2 hc: Everyone grows attached to Yuuri in Russia and Victor has some Regrets ™

Or: my excuse to draw domestic Russian family + Yuuri

A shrine to my household guardian spirit, Slutty Cat (she’s the green sculpture in the center).
Slutty Cat is the old girlfriend of Musty Cat, a house guardian from my old home in Michigan. When I left, I wanted to take a piece of Musty Cat with me, but he was a location-based spirit, and couldn’t come along. That’s when Slutty Cat introduced herself, and I knew she’d go anywhere and bless any home that treated her right.
Pictured here with one of her favorite offerings, catnip, Slutty Cat is also partial to cream (regular or Bailey’s) and pictures of cute boy cats.

This is my cat, Bacon. She used to watch kpop vids with my sister around the time this was taken. I remember scolding my sister because I didn’t want Bacon to like kpop. Hahahaha

Fast forward to this year where I have fallen into the sinkhole that is BTS, my sister asked if I can still remember the time Bacon loved to watch kpop vids & I said YES. It turns out that her favorite one to watch was DOPE. :(

My cat was an army before I even cared about bts. Shame on me.

Highlights of things I’ve done to sims over the years:

  • (sims 1) made an entire family but I was very young and didn’t know how to play so they all burned alive except for Aunt Vivian who lived out the rest of her life traumatized and miserable. Her pet cat later walked directly into the fireplace and she got so upset she was completely unplayable.
  • (sims 1) Made a cat lady sim who died from being scared by a ghost. The cats kept the household alive and there was a maid who fed them so they continuously bred and made it through several generations, effectively giving me an all cat household.
  • (sims 1) the game glitched and my sim refused to put clothes on and was the complete naked model without the censoring. She went to work like this and there wasn’t a problem. She lived the rest of her days as a nudist.
  • (sims 2) made me and my friend on the sims and made us sisters. Our father was a satyr and our brother was named Tybalt. Forced Tybalt to do all our homework. Made our own boyfriends, mine was a dark elf named Benvolio. Flunked high school because Tybalt stopped doing our homework and we didn’t notice. Tybalt graduated fine and went on to have a family while my friend’s boyfriend dumped her and Benvolio died from a meteorite. Dad drowned.
  • (sims 2) modded the game so heavily that glitches happened constantly. Made a sim get engaged to a robber, but on their wedding day her fiance got glitched trying to throw something away. Deleted the trashcan. Guy was still glitched so I had to delete him. Bride was hysterical on her wedding day because her party was going terribly and her fiance wasn’t around. The party guests left but one dropped their baby on the sidewalk and left it, I couldn’t interact with the baby cause it wasn’t my sims’ baby. Sim gave birth to her fiance’s child. Trash began piling up in the house because I deleted the trashcan. Sim lost her mind trying to throw things away and refused to eat until she died from starvation. Nanny was over at the time she died so she was taking care of the baby and could now never leave because the mom wasn’t coming home. Nanny stripped down to her underwear for some reason and was having the same problems as the mom. Baby grew into a child raised by the nanny and had all sorts of personality problems because of how he was raised. Nanny died, child laughed. Child got taken away. 
  • (sims 3) made a lot into an island and put Lord of the Flies characters on it. All of them were having a good time but Simon kept trying to catch fish and crying. Their parental supervision was a businessman mummy who was pretty cool but Simon kept fighting him so I had to separate them.
  • (sims 3) Tried to kill literally everyone in town. Got about 80% done and the game broke because it was running out of npcs to run the stores and stuff
  • (sims 3) made a sim have babies with the clown ghost. There were triplets, 2 were human and 1 was a ghost. Ghost father and daughter constantly gave family heart attacks and eventually one of the human daughters died from being scared of her own sister’s existence.
  • (sims 3) built a murder lot that I used to play sadistic game show games with my sims. Whoever lived got consolation prizes like food or baths, whoever died had to spend eternity on the lot.
  • (sims 3) One of my sims randomly stole a fairy baby. He just picked it up at the park, ran, dropped it off at the public pool, and then drove home.

beesenji  asked:

Do you have any advice on keeping cats in doors that just... don't seem interested in any enrichment you give them indoors? Sorry if that sounds really confusing, I'm having trouble putting it into words. But my childhood cat (may she rest peacefully), was an outdoor indoor cat, she was adopted to be a mouser and we lived on farm land sort of. And she would not play with ANYTHING except for like, twist ties. And she had no interest in anything else besides sleeping and love. (cont)

I actually consider us very lucky that she loved being pet, lol. But she was always wanting to go outside, except for when she got too old and sick. And there didn’t seem to be anything I could do to make being inside as interesting? Is there anything you’d suggest for I guess more uh, difficult to amuse cats? I fully agree cats should be inside unless under supervision. This cat disappeared for long periods of time, TWICE. But because when she stopped eating mice, she got very sick. (cont)  So with our new cat that adopted us, my folks won’t keep her inside, because they want her outside hunting mice and staying healthy from what they provide for her. Except we could do that fine with wet food because we know that now, and didn’t with Diamond. It’s quite frustrating! Any advice you’d have for more “difficult” kitties would be much appreciated!

So, I am by no means an expert on cat behavior, and I’ve been lucky in that my cats have adjusted well and don’t seem to struggle with the enrichment we provide to them (they don’t try to dart outside or anything). The main thing I can think to recommend, and I think this is what works for our household, is actually another cat. The cats honestly keep each other entertained and stimulated more than anything we provide to them. They thrive on the companionship first and foremost. Cats are social creatures, it’s why they form colonies when feral, except for the occasional solitary cat (as with dogs, some just won’t dig others, and that’s fine).

I also think enrichment toys where the cat has to work for their food might help; they make a lot of toys and items like that now where the cat has to use natural play and hunting instincts to get their food out of the toy; it helps them to slow down if a cat is a fast eater, but it also just generally helps them get that hunting instinct out, makes them work for their food like a cat might if it was hunting mice. Puzzle feeding toys and whatnot are great for mental stimulation!

Keep towers and trees and platforms high up, for kitties who love to be up and express their climbing instincts. Cats seem to prefer to sleep and rest up off of the ground. And our cats love having hidey-holes and tunnels and dark places they can go and chase each other into and such. They also make moving toys, like we have this little battery-powered mouse that will skitter across the floor and our cats seem to LOVE that; a mouser might be interested in a toy like that, that is constantly moving around and they can experience the “chase” as it were? Trick it into thinking it’s getting actual prey, haha.

And one big part of transitioning a cat indoors that prefers being outside is honestly just ignoring their pleas to go outside and eventually they’ll give it up and find ways to entertain themselves indoors. Like a dog, though, you can make the experience positive for them with treats and nice things, little constantly-moving fountains are lovely for cats to get their water from and maybe things like cat grass would appease them some? My followers may have better advice, because again, I haven’t dealt with this myself, mainly because I think in our multi-cat household, they keep each other stimulated and content. I also don’t know how reputable this source is but it hits on some good key points, too, it looks like:

Hopefully that helps sooooome and if my followers have anything to add, please do!

Like when we transitioned Caspian into being indoor-only, I thought it was going to be such a hassle because he LOVED to hunt and kill outside and never was very people-affectionate. And even now he sticks to himself most of the time, but he seems to have adjusted well enough to indoor life, and he loves interacting with the other cats and the dogs when he’s feeling playful. Oddly enough, that little loser loves to play with, hunt, and bunny-kick tennis balls??? Maybe it’s the texture, maybe it’s that they roll and he gets to “chase” them, but he just adores playing with the dogs’ tennis balls. Little weirdo! XD