the house you pass on the way


Republicans attacked Democrats for passing Obamacare in “secret.” Now they’re doing the same.

  • Republicans are planning to vote Thursday evening on an amended version of the American Health Care Act.
  • But with conservatives and the Tea Party’s Freedom Caucus in revolt, the GOP didn’t have the votes to get the House Republican bill through. So they started changing it.
  • Now, mere hours before the vote, it’s unclear what changes Republicans are actually making to the bill, giving Americans almost no time to understand what it is the House is actually going to vote on, and how those changes would impact Americans.
  • In 2009, however, the same Republican Party bashed the way the Affordable Care Act was passed because — you guessed it — the American people supposedly couldn’t get all the necessary information about the the Affordable Care Act before Congress voted. Read more (3/23/17 8:45 AM)

The Koch brothers plan to bankroll any Republicans opposing Trump’s health care bill

  • The conservative billionaire Koch Brothers are ready to go to war with Paul Ryan and Donald Trump over the Republican health care bill working its way through Congress.
  • On Wednesday, Politico reported that Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners, two big Koch-backed conservative grassroots groups, are joining together and creating a seven-figure fund to support any conservative member of Congress who votes against the American Health Care Act. Read more (3/22/17 10:40 PM)
Ravenclaw headcanon

each student has carved something into some part of the tower. and I’m talking every single student, going all the way back to the first class ever taught by the founders. Rumor has it that rowena herself carved a tiny eagle symbol made out of her initials somewhere in the common room and if you can find it during your seven years at hogwarts you’ll have good luck in passing your exams (hint: it’s in the bottom left corner of the third stone in the center above the fireplace, right above the elaborate signature of one Filius Flitwick). the stone walls of the tower look weathered but if you look closer they’re covered in initials and signatures, little symbols and drawings. Some of the more artistically inclined students have added more elaborate designs, while others simply initial. The unspoken rule is that you should wait till your seventh year to add your mark on the tower. Even though countless students have passed through Ravenclaw house, there always seems to be just enough room for everyone. One student, through a good amount of diligence, observed that a handful of pristine stones appear each year in various locations to keep the tradition going.

remember when ed found a nearly dead oswald in the woods bc ed probably had to carry him out of there and into his car bridal style

Ideas for the Use of Thorns/Prickles

- Use them as components in spell jars or charm satchels for protection and prosperity.

- Hang a blackberry bramble over a door way (or multiple) in your house to prevent all manners of afflictions*

- Use in banishing spells to prevent the return of the person or entity you’re banishing

- Use rose thorns in your counter love spells, or your banishing spells for past lovers

- Enchant with protection/peace/prosperity/growth charms and bury them at the borders of your garden or property

- Incorporate thorns in your workings against liars, gossipers, or disguises. 

*This is a modified form of old English lore that states that passing under a bramble archway will accomplish these results. 

Feel free to add your own! After all, each path is different :)

Houses as things I've Said

Gryffindor: *listens to news report on how our phones give off the same chemicals as marijuana in the brain* Ha! Yo Chris, pass the phone.

Hufflepuff: If I’m not up by 11:40 make sure the fishes have a balanced breakfast.

Ravenclaw: Got water?
Yeah I’m 65% water.
Okay, but how do I drink you?

Slytherin: *Me buying 3 packs of 72 ego waffles* Shut up Alan! I have needs that you’ll never understand! You could never understand.


“I was a hell of a success. My son was better than me. He was better than me in every way,” Biden said of his son Beau — who passed away in May at age 43 — as he held back tears. Biden was open about his struggle with grief over his son’s death and his ambivalence about running for president. Biden has traveled the U.S. for public appearances in recent weeks and is polling well against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden Will Make You Cry: “My Son Was Better Than Me”


Among The Beasts: Cursed

Reader x Kol Mikaelson



warnings: smut, violence, swearing. that’s pretty much it. also, it may contain some physical descriptions that might not fit yours. :)

Imagine: Five years has passed; now it’s time to face yours biggest fears and try to save the people you love.

Word Count: 3217

Y/N, in the past five years, had learnt a few tricks on sneaking out of her house to meet up with Kol Mikaelson, her best friend and, as it was bound to happen, caring boyfriend too. It had to be a hidden relationship, though, for his parents could never know she still remained so close to him.

A couple of months ago, his mother, Esther, decided to forbid their friendship. According to the brown haired boy, she said it was way too dangerous to be close to such a wicked family as the Hales; he could get hurt and the great matriarch could not bear losing another child. Although Henrik’s death was not your fault, it was horrible to be accused like that.

Taking a deep breath, Y/N decided to shake those thoughts out of her head. They brought up a dark side of her: it got her wishing to make the blonde woman pay for all of that; through torture or maybe even put an end to her life. Again, this was the vicious wolf speaking; craving revenge. Urgh.

“Kol?” Y/N/N queried, in a whisper. “Are you in here?”

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anonymous asked:

prompt: future married sanvers run into maggie's parents while walking down the street

“I know you want to live close to work, but there’s no way you’re going to find a house with a yard in that neighborhood,” Maggie swung hers and Alex’s intertwined hands together.

Alex took a sip of her coffee and passed it to Maggie who took a sip as well. “I know, but…I just want something with some green space you know?”

“We could find an apartment across the street from a park.” Maggie offered. She finished off the coffee and tossed the empty cup into a nearby trash bin. “And there is always that open unit in Kara’s building. It’s two bedrooms so we can have that home office we’ll fight over.”

“Are you sure you want to live in Kara’s building?” Alex opened the door of the small diner, holding it for Maggie.

Maggie let go of her hand and walked in past her. “I’m sure. She’s over all the time anyway and she’s my sister-in-law now.” Maggie dropped a kiss on Alex’s cheek as she walked past. “Plus, I need a charades partner now that you have taken Winn as yours.”

“You’re good at a lot of things, babe,” Alex smiled, walking in after Maggie. “Charades is not one of them.”

“Sawyer, party of two,” the hostess spoke before they could even get to her.

“Wow you called ahead,” Alex put her hand on Maggie’s back. “You used her maiden name, but you still called ahead.”

“I didn’t call ahead,” Maggie looked to the metal chairs sitting against the window that served as the waiting area. Even as she did, her heart pounded in her ears. Getting up from the chairs were the two last people she every wanted to see, especially on her honeymoon.


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Maybe if you're still doing requests, a drawing of superman and batman younger about 8 meeting for the first time?

This was in my inbox for a while but I finally thought of one. I set it not too long after Bruce lost his parents and he’s passing through Smallville on his way to a relative’s house. 

Hazel Levesque Appreciation Post

(okay so I accidentally deleted this so reposting it whoops)

because this sweet angel needs more appreciation

  • she raised Alcyoneus with her powers at like the age of 12 or 13????
  • and then she proceeds to stop raising him, so she caUSES AN ERUPTION THAT BLOWS UP AN EFFING ISLAND??
  • an  I S L A N D
  • then might i remind you that she knew that she’d be risking her own life + she’d get an angry primordial after her
  • Hazel saves the world b4 Percy Jackson (pass the dam message)
  • she gives up Elysium, ETERNAL PEACE AND HAPPINESS to save her mother – who basically used her as a money making machine – from ETERNAL DAMNATION (which she should deserve)
  • she survives the hellish roman wolf training thing with a bunch of wolves which might I add is fucking TERRIFYING because you are being trained by WOLVES who will E A T you if they decide that you’d be a lousy soldier
  • and then she somehow travels all the way to Camp Jupiter from Wolf House. This itself should be some major accomplishment
    • and she is a big 3 kid aware of her powers and stuff how many monsters do you think she had to fight to get there????
  • Hazel tames ARION who is said to be tamed by the STRONGEST FEMALE WARRIOR
    • and friendly reminder that the Amazons are savage female warriors that worship Ares ( the god of war ), Bellona ( goddess of war ) and Athena ( goddess of war strategy)
  • In Alaska, Hazel defeats the giant that she almost raised a few decades back ( with the help of the amazing panda bear Zhang ) 
  • Now this is a theory which is totally possible bec i have hard evidence with me, So remember that time she picked up a bunch of battle gear from the water in SoN?? And that time she stole Narcissus’ shield from him with her powers in MoA?? 
    • Now imagine her doing that but to people actually fighting her like she can pull out swords from the enemies hands 
  • She uses Scirion’s own trick against him with the help of the mist, and it was the FIRST TIME SHE EVER USED THE MIST 
  • She beats Pasiphaë WITH THE MIST, and might i remind you that Pasiphaë is supposed to be AMA-ZHANG at using the mist??
    • bitch you thought

okay there that’s it, I probably missed something but that’s okay because it’s sort of 2 in the morning and i have homework bye

Robin Who? - Damian Wayne x Reader

Requested by Anon -  a request with the readers name is Robin and she meet older Damian on Christmas and he introduces himself and she’s like “Robin. Nice to meet you” and Damian is shocked thinking she discovered his identity? But like the next Christmas they are a couple and he introduces her to his family and the batboys shocked that after Damian introduced them she again answer “Robin. Nice to meet you”.

Damian walked alone on the street, lit by thousands of Christmas decorations. He pulled up the collar of his trench coat before burying his hands into his pockets as he marched down the street. Passing several groups of people, Damian scowled at the various Merry Christmases thrown his way.

Normally, Damian would be at the manor for Christmas dinner, but an argument between him and his father drove him out of the house before the dinner could take place. 

His stomach growled with hunger, but Damian pushed it aside. He knew he was still too angry to go back yet. However, the cold seeped into his bones, drawing him to find some place to warm up before he continued his walk around the city. 

Damian passed a coffee shop that was still open. He thought it was unusual considering the holiday, but he didn’t question it. 

Suddenly, Damian bumped into a warm mass before jumping back as a hot liquid spilled on the ground. He looked up to find himself staring at the prettiest woman he had ever seen. 

You gasped as your drink spilled and splashed on the ground. Gazing up at who you bumped into, you were embarrassed to see a very handsome man.  

“I’m sorry,” you replied quickly, glancing down to see if you got any on him. “Did I get any on you?”

“No,” Damian answered, finding himself unable to look away from your face. “I don’t believe so.”

You sighed in relief, taking in Damian’s appearance with a shy gaze. “I’m sorry, I’m just so clumsy sometimes.”

 “You do not need to apologize. It was my error,” Damian admitted. He found the anger from the argument with his father fading away as a warm feeling grew in his chest. “I will buy you a new drink if you allow me?”

Blinking at him in surprise, a smile grew on your face. “I’ll take you up on that, Mr…”

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Being in a relationship with Sebastian Stan would include:

puns,,,,, lots of puns

that’s what she said jokes

yo mama jokes

staring contests

hugs from behind

every time you bend over to grab sth seb comes behind you and thrusts, making you fall on your face

kissing a LOT

having ‘dangerous’ sex, meaning when you call someone over and you know they should be half way there, you guys have sex because the thrill of getting caught is too exciting to pass by

straddling his lap a lot

hickies on your/his neck and always on top of your boobs or just above your ass

experimenting sex

teasing in public

you guys love having public sex

sex in his car

sex everywhere on your house obvi

taking baths together when he’s sad/upset

arguments leading to rough sex

daddy kink

hair pulling kink

calling him ‘sergeant’ or ‘dr. beck’ while having sex

him calling you queen and/or baby girl

using his winter soldier voice in bed cause dAmN

speaking romanian to turn you on

giving him amazing gifts on his birthday

buying tickets to visit his family in romania

joining the mile high club

loving the beach and always going there, swimming for hours

his fans loving you

both of you not liking romantic stuff

cooking his favorite foods

him always willing to cook for you

doing the housework together

going out to clubs with him, evans and mackie

being best friends with evans and mackie

playing video games together

having lazy days a lot when he comes back from presses

working out together

having sex in the gym’s bathroom

him loving your hair and always running his hands through it

you doing the same thing

lots of sarcasm

lots of pranks

“seb why is it pink?” you say through gritted teeth while pointing to your hair

“that’s what she said”

having deep conversations

always holding you close to his chest whenever you cry

so many ‘I love you’s because you deserve to hear it from each other

him always being the one to paint your nails

seb asking you to marry him in the worst but also the best/random way possible

“y/n will you marry me?” sebastian said casually, a ring on his hand while he slams the bathroom door open to see you peeing “seb what the fuck are you- omg yes I’ll marry you” you said quickly with the hugest grin on your face. he knelt and kissed you passionately until you pulled away saying “now go, I think number 2 is coming”


playing board games

trying to reenact scenes from fifty shades

seb walking around naked sometimes

“stop making my vagina cry and get dressed for my sake”

overall best relationship everrrr bc that romanian walking sex/puppy is just too good for this world

I Can't Remember
5 Seconds Of Summer
I Can't Remember


but i did write down the lyrics and i had a less clear version of it so it made it harder to decipher, but here thye are! enjoy :) 


hey pretty girl whats your name whats your number

ive got the keys to my dads yerllow hummer

theres a party 

you can come if you wanna

girl tonight alright 

see you later

wrapped up late took minute but i found my mates

she was there acting cool

so i made her wait

wasn’T long couple songs

till i headed her way to say 

damn you look amazing

last night what a blurr

woke up lying next to her

last night made a mess

doesn’t get better than this 

phone rings from the..?

twenty five texts

and a call from mum  

must have been good, cause i can’t remember

retrace my steps took my phone tryina figure out

posting pictures of the street from passing neighbors house 

nick my boss sees my status

he’ll freaking out but i dont care

oh well, deal with it later

last night what a blurr

woke up lying next to her

last night made a mess

doesn’t better than this? 

phone rings from…?

twenty five texts

and a call from mum  

must have been good, cause i can’t remember

“bro.. wheres your shirt?”

“oh shit..what the hell happened last night?”

“urgh got the biggest headache”

“…yeah i need asprine my heads killin’ me…?”

“wheres that girl from last night anyway?”

pretty girl i’ve got your name and your number

i’Ve lost the keys to my dads yellow hummer

can’T remember how i did it

but i got her now shes mine

damn shes so amazing

last night a blurr

woke up lying next to her

last night made a mess 

dosnt get better than this 

phone rings from the..?

twenty five texts

and a call from mum  

must have been good, cause i can’t remember

last night what a blurr

woke up lying next to her

last night made a mess 

doesn’t get better than this

phone rings from the…?

twenty five texts

and they’re all from mum 

must have been good, cause i can’t remember

can’t remember

can’t remember

can’t remember

can’t remember

can’t remember

can’T rememeber

must have been good cause i can’t remember


This takes place around season 2, episode 5 when Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side, but you aren’t able to see Daryl in this shape. Not until he calls for you, begging you to stay by his side.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 881 Words
  • No warnings, just lots of fluffy cuteness.

You sat in the dining room, chewing on your thumbnail and glancing up at the clock every five minutes. For a while, it seemed like time had stopped. The little hand barely moving as each passing second goes on and fear enters your body.

At first, you were so sure Daryl Dixon was a goner. The way he slumped over Rick’s and Shane’s shoulders as they brought him up to the farm, his cries for help when he woke up on that bed. Hershel promised he would fix Daryl up, but you still had your doubts.

Now, Daryl’s cries of pain could be heard throughout the house. You try to cover your ears, try to focus on your thoughts—it didn’t help. He was too loud, too much in pain.

“Y/N.” Maggie came flying out of the room, a little bit of blood staining the front of her shirt. You couldn’t be sure, but you thought it was Daryl’s. Your stomach tightens at the thought and you had to swallow hard. “Daryl’s asking for you.” She said in her thick country drawl.

Any other time you would have questioned why Daryl was asking for you, even though you two were always just a little bit closer than he was with anyone else. You knew that and everybody else knew that, it was just never so obvious.

You got to your feet and made your way into the room. Rick was standing over Daryl, holding him down with his police officer strength, Hershel, who was trying his best to work with a fidgeting redneck, and a pacing Shane. None of them could have prepared you for Daryl, though.

“I need a needle.” Hershel commands as he begins cleaning a wound on Daryl’s side. You freeze in place as Maggie rushes around and gathers her father a needle to ready the stitches.

Daryl lifts his head and spots you, his eyes focusing on yours for a second before he reaches out a bloody hand and calls your name. “Please.” He begs. It’s very unlike the man, it causes you to hesitate before you dash over and take Rick’s place at the head of the bed.

“Keep him calm.” Hershel told you as he dug a strange looking knife into Daryl’s side. You couldn’t look, not at this. Looking would mean it was as bad as you thought and Daryl was too strong to get hurt, at least that’s what you’ve been telling yourself for weeks.

“Y/N.” Daryl whimpers and tosses his head into your lap, pressing down as he tries to hold in more cries.

“I’m here.” You reach around, placing your left hand on the side of his head and your right hand soothing his shoulder with a gentle massage.


“Dinner was good, thank you.” You rose from the table and went to check on Daryl. He was seemingly fast asleep when you brought him a tray in to nibble on, but you hoped he woke up long enough to get a bite or two in. The man was out in the woods all day without a single bite.

Inside the room, Daryl was still asleep, his body heaving under the blankets as he clutches them to his chest. It’s a nice, familiar sight you like to watch. Daryl sleeping always calms you down, no matter what was happening in the outside world. He was so peaceful, so innocent as he slept the hours away.

You make your way to the other side of his bed and notice he hasn’t taken a bite yet. You sigh, clearing away the tray so you could take a seat on the chair beside the bed, wanting to make sure he has someone with him when he wakes up.

“No,” Daryl grunts and makes you jump. You turn to face him. His eyes are still closed but he could tell what you were doing so easily. He always can. “Please?” There it was again, that word you swore was never taught to him. Twice in one day? You feel lucky.

“If you want.” You say gently and pull his sheets back. His chest is bare, covered in scars from the day’s events and a little bit of dried up blood you wish you could have cleaned when you had the chance—not that Daryl would care in the slightest.

He nods and extends his arms, showing you what he wants, something very unusual for him. But Daryl was always a man of few words, unless provoked. He never understood how feelings work, how conversations worked, unless it had to do with killing something.

You slip under the covers and allow him to wrap his muscular arms around your torso. He rests his head against your breasts warily, wanting nothing more than to be held and feel comfort that he hasn’t felt in a long time—if ever. You read that much off him as he tries to relax, shifting some of his weight here and there until he found the correct spot and settles.

With a gentle kiss to his forehead, you realize that this wasn’t just Daryl needing a little bit of comfort. This was Daryl claiming you, telling you that he was willing to put aside his lonely boy attitude and try something…more.

The Secret Truths About Dating a Skeleton

If you’ve ever wondered what sort of love is had with Sans The Skeleton, it’s quiet. 

It’s lounging around on lazy days way passed noon, still clad in pajama’s, until life forces its hand in getting you both dressed and out of the house. 

It’s having hours at a time where you two aren’t actively speaking to one another or interact in anyway, but he still sticks close by with a book or tv show, enjoying his own mental solitude while remaining physically near you.

Its having a lot of laughs over stupid things that probably aren’t actually as funny as you two think it is, but that hardly matters; you still make inside jokes from it and think it’s hilarious.

It’s having his brother, Papyrus, almost constantly in your lives, with little done on Sans part to discourage it (save for the occasional time when he has to shoo the larger skeleton away for your more intimate moments together). 

It’s knowing that Sans will always, almost inevitably, forget little couple things like Valentines Day or anniversaries, but will spend the entirety of his only day off fixing your car or your laptop or whatever it is you might need without a hint of complaint. 

It’s accepting that his idea of going “all out” for a date is picking up some take-away and a couple of drinks, grabbing a blanket, and having a chill little picnic under a decent view of stars. 

It’s not a burning passion or shouting in the rain for you to stay or him punching someone who calls you “baby doll”

It’s a simmering sort of love that grows slow, but grows strong, and lasts far longer. 

It’s him accepting the pain of watching you go with a heavy metaphorical heart, and perhaps a quiet confession that he’d rather you stay, but won’t stop you from leaving.

It’s him quirking a bony brow at the poor sap who just got on your bad side, because he knows how you get when you’re pissed, and he ain’t about to hold you back. Ready to intervene as soon as it’s needed, though. 

He is not, will never be, could never be, your savior, or your knight, or your red-rosed champion. 

But he will gladly, always, be your friend, your supporter, and the one who will stay through every thick and thin scenario. 

He will sit quietly while you yell at him during an argument, sometimes because he genuinely doesn’t want to fight, and sometimes because he knows it infuriates you more. 

He will passive aggressively poke at your pet peeves while maintaining feigned innocence because he’s upset with you but isn’t about to bring anything up. 

There will be moments, even days, where he shuts you out. 

Where he doesn’t chat much with you aside from some superficial conversation or lame jokes, where he doesn’t even pay attention when the two of you watch TV together. 

Where, on some nights, he crawls out of bed and goes to sleep on his own. 

These moments may leave you to wonder if you’ve done something wrong, but it’s never you. He’s just sorting through things the only way he’s learned how. 

And when he’s ready, he’ll shift back to normal and act as if nothing had ever happened, but you might notice a “mysterious cup of coffee at your bedside the next morning, or he may just “happento order your favorite food that night. Purely coincidence. 

He might not always say that he loves you back. Sometimes he’ll just silently curl into you in response, nuzzle his forehead against your own, and trust that you already know. 

You will see his grin fall and his cool demeanor slip into something a bit less confident. You’ll see his eye lights soften and gaze turn a little dopey. You’ll see tiny flashes of his cracked bits and pieces, and at that point, you’ll know that you are irreplaceable to him.

And once you’ve reached that point, it never goes away. 

Even if things don’t work out and you two part ways for years. Even if you haven’t said a single word to each other during that time. Those emotions are still attached for him, and in almost all cases, that will always be a weak spot that he has to put some feeble attempt of fighting against.

Fact remains though, you could show up on his doorstep in the middle of the night, and he would just grin his typical grin, step aside, and casually welcome you back. 

Saving Mr. J

This is my first Joker imagine, I hope you all like it!!! Send me your requests if you have any or if you want there to be a part 2 to this imagine.

Summary: reader sees Mr. J in an alleyway injured and alone so she helps him.

Joker x reader

Word count: 949 words

Warnings: mention of blood and mild language


Your POV

The air of Gotham City was silent except for the light sound of your sneakers hitting the pavement. A sigh of exhaustion escaped your lips after a long, tiresome day at the hospital. Although you admired your job, since you’ve dreamed of being a doctor for as long as you can remember, the work can be draining and quite emotional. 

Sadly, you couldn’t find a cab once you left work. So you decided to walk your way home since you didn’t live far from the hospital. You quietly prayed to yourself hoping you would reach your house without any distractions. 

As you passed a dark alleyway, a low groan came from within it. While your mind told you to keep walking, your body followed the noise of pain. 

“Hello? Is anyone here?” You squeaked out in fear but also concern. 

“Fuck off” A man growled followed by the sound of a gun cocking. A cold shiver of fear ran down your spine but you didn’t give up. Once you saw a glimmer of the gold firearm you slowly made your way closer to the unidentified man.

“Please. I heard you in pain and came to see if you were all right. I’m a doctor, I can help you.” A growl of dissatisfaction emitted from his throat but he tossed the gun on the ground adjacent from him, allowing you to turn on the flashlight on your phone, and get close enough to inspect the wound of the man laying on the grimy ground of an alleyway with his head against a brick wall. It seemed like a nasty stab wound that cut pretty deep into his skin. After inspecting, you promptly took a glance at the man and sucked in a breath. Green hair, pale skin, tattooed skin, blood red lips… The Joker. Hastily, you try to remain calm and stay focused on the task at hand. 

“I need to take off your jacket and unbutton your shirt, sir.” You state. Luckily, he was wearing a button up shirt instead of a regular tee. Not even giving him time to answer, you gingerly take his arms out of his shimmery gray suit jacket and unbutton his clean, luxurious, white shirt that was now soaked in blood in the abdomen areas, revealing his pale, toned chest and abdomen.

Quickly, you pull out all the items you have in your purse that can help you attend to the injury; hand sanitizer, gauze, bottled water, and Neosporin. Trying to do the job as quickly but carefully as possible, you sanitize your hands, rip out a pack of square gauze pads, and apply pressure on his wound causing him to let out a noise of discomfort. After you manage to soak up as much blood as you can, you pour the little amount of water left at the bottom of your water bottle on a new gauze pad and clean the wound. 

“This next part will sting a bit.” You warned before spraying Neosporin on his injury. The second the antiseptic spray hit his opened gash, a string of cuss words flew out of his red painted mouth. Along with an attempt to move away from the pain but you steadied him in his place by placing a strong hand on his incredibly well-defined chest. A deep blush crept its way upon your cheeks as this was the closest you’ve ever been to a man. 

For the second time during the procedure, your head was lost but yet again you carried on with your job. Lastly, you covered the wound with a dressing gauze. Once you stated you were all done, you listed a set of instructions for him to follow to keep the wound from getting infected which he rolled his eyes at and helped him sit up against the brick wall which he also didn’t take too kindly saying, “I don’t need any fucking help getting up.” 

“Now,” He immediately reached for his gun and pointed it directly at your temple, “Give me your damn phone.” Fumbling through your purse, you found your phone and handed it to him with shaky hands. Of course, he would do this. How could you help a criminal, Y/N? Suddenly, realization hit you. You saved a murderer’s life. He’s going to kill you and many more after because you saved him.

“Frost, bring the car.” Joker ordered then hung up the phone and managed to stand up on his own with the help of the wall behind him.

“Tsk tsk, what am I gonna do with you.” He spat, looking as if he was thinking about what he was going to do to you. He looked far more intimidating when towering over you.

“P-please, Mr. Joker… sir, let me go. I promise I won’t breathe a word about what just happened to anyone.” You pleaded with tears starting to cloud your vision. You didn’t have a desire to end your life currently. You’re still pretty young. You aspired to do great things and save people’s lives. Now, all your dreams will be crushed by the hands of a murderous criminal. 

“Shhh doctor. As far as anyone knows, you’re already dead.” 

Everything went pitch black and the last thing you heard was the sound of tires screeching from a distance.

100 Kinks Challenge - Namjoon

anonymous said: For the 100 Kink Challenge: Namjoon + No Speaking, please. Thank you very much, I admire you a lot! Love, CL 💋 from @smutfictionaddicted 

Sorry y’all - this turned out way longer that expected. Feels good to write something again though. 

Warning: Contains oral sex. NSFW and you gotta be old to read it, okay?

It had began as joke, but quickly turned into something more. The sentence had passed your lips without thought, a simple comment on the volume of Namjoon’s voice as you’d stalked the aisles of your local bookshop together. The cozy one on the corner from his house, where you’d often pick books to take back to his room and spend hours reading together. His laugh had echoed, bouncing off the tall shelves holding volumes of adventures waiting to be read.

‘I’m the loud one?,’ He’d chuckled, eyebrow arching as he watched you attempt to reach a book that had caught your attention several shelves above your stretched arm spans length. ‘You’re the one that doesn’t shut up. You’d be dead if you couldn’t talk.’

‘I’d last far longer than you would, Joonie. No doubt in my mind about that.’ You’d said, self assured in the most arrogant of ways. His body had encased yours as he stretched over you, his frame shadowing yours to reach the novel with ease. He’d been gifted with natural height which was often the cause of envy to you. Now was one of those moments.

‘Prove it.,’ He’d whispered lightly in your ear, his humid breath ghosting against the shell. ‘The first to talk loses.’

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I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 19

Summary: You’re back in Alexandria with Negan.


“It gives me strength to have someone to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.” - Emilie Autumn -

You walked down the empty streets of Alexandria by Negan’s side.
The rest of Saviors that had followed spread out around the town.
You and Arat gave nods to eachother as you passed

Negan ocassionally glanced over to you with his trademark smirk, making you melt a little more each time he did.
Carl looked less that happy that the both of you were both back in town.

“Where is everyone, kid?” Negan asked as you made your way over to Rick’s house.

“I don’t know.” Carl answered back, brushing his hair over his eyesocket to keep it out of sight.

You approached Rick’s house and hoped that Michonne wasn’t here.
You weren’t in a mood to deal with any of her shit right now.
Negan banged hard on the door with Lucille.

The door opened as Olivia stood there, she had a grave expression as she saw Negan standing in front of her.
Negan smiled big, opening his arms as she moved out of the way.
As you walked inside, you could hear Olivia whispering to Carl as you passed by them.

“Where’s Enid?” She said in a panicked tone.

“She’s fine.” Carl answered back, following behind you.

Olivia turned to you and Negan as she shut the door.

“Great. Great. Fuckin’ great look at this fuckin’ place.” Negan said, setting Lucille down on the kitchen table as he fiddled around with some plastic fruit in a bowl.

Sometimes he did simple things like this that made you see the adorable side of him.

“Where’s Rick? I need to have a little fuckin’ talk with him.” Negan asked, tossing a fake apple onto the floor.

“Uhh, he’s out scavenging for you.” She said nervously.

Negan smiled and leaned back a little, “Cool. We’ll fuckin’ wait right here for him.”

“He went out pretty far. They might not be back, we’re running low on everything and we’re practically starving here.”

“You.. Starving? By ‘practically’ you mean not fuckin’ really, right?” He said using air quotes.

Olivia stood there looking to him as her lip quivered, you could see the hurt on her face at what he said to her.
She dropped her head, placing her hands over her eyes as she began to cry, turning away from both of you.

Negan turned around and shook his head in your direction, “These people do not know how to take a fuckin’ joke, do they? Seriously, no sense of goddamn humor.”

Negan ran a hand over his beard and sighed as he walked back over to Olivia.

“Excuse me.. What’s your fuckin’ name again?” He said, trying to be apologetic.

“Olivia.” She said letting out an exhausted breathe as she turned back to him.

“Right, Olivia, I am fuckin’ sorry about being rude to you just then. And it looks like we are going to be here for a good fuckin’ minute, awaiting your fearless leader’s return. So until then, I’m thinking it would be enjoyable to screw you.. Or if you’re into some kinky shit, maybe you’d like to watch me fuck (Y/N)’s brains out.” He said, placing a hand on your shoulder, keeping his eyes on her.

You placed a hand over your face, “Jesus.” You whispered.

She scrunched her face at him and narrowed her eyes.
You heard the hard SMACK as her hand landed across Negan’s face.
He was taken aback by it and kept his head to the side for a moment before looking back to her.
You suddenly took a big step closer as you were face to face with her, as you pushed her back and she gasped as you did.

“That’s okay, darlin’.” Negan said chuckling as he pulled you back behind him.

Olivia looked frightened as Negan leaned down with his face inches from hers.

“Just so you know, I’m about 50 percent more into this kinky fuckin’ scenario now.” He said giving her a wicked smirk.

“Why dont you leave her alone.” Carl said, beginning to get annoyed.

“Kid, pipe the fuck down.” Negan smiled as he grabbed onto your arm, making you walk away from Olivia.
She looked at you, wiping the tears from her eyes.
You shook your head and looked up to Negan.

“What makes you think I’d be agreeable to it?” You said in a low tone.

Negan rolled his eyes, “Then it won’t happen, darlin’. Jesus, you girls are fuckin’ sensitive.”

He let go of your arm and turned back to Carl, “We’ll just put our damn feet up and wait for my shit to arrive. It’s your turn to give us the grand fuckin’ tour kid.”

“A tour of what?” Carl threw his arms to the side.

“You’re fuckin’ house. I showed you mine, now I wanna see yours.”

Carl stared at the both of you and nodded reluctantly.

“Olivia, would you be a doll and make us some lemonade? I know that I left you some of that good powdered shit. And when you get back maybe you could make us some fuckin’ food too.” Negan said looking back to her.

Olivia stammered for a moment. “But I’m supp-”

“Make it!” Negan cut in an intimidating voice, “Take your time and make it fuckin’ good.”

She nodded and quickly left the house, slamming the door behind her.

“Well kid, show us what you’ve got.” Negan said, smiling at Carl as he picked Lucille back up.

“Okay.” Carl said as he began to walk into another room of the house.
He brought you both into a small room, the sun was shinning in through the window and it had a book self in the corner with hardly any books on it.
There was a palet on the floor with pillows.
It was obviously a bedroom before the mattresses were removed.

“Very nice. Who’s room is this?” Negan said as he walked over to the bookshelf.
He grabbed a book and looked over it.

“Dad’s.” Carl said softly.

Negan chuckled and held the book out, “Makes sense. If he’s fuckin’ reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, no wonder he’s such a pussy.”

Carl’s cheeks flared out as he gritted his teeth hearing Negan talk about Rick.

“The book was already here.” Carl snapped at him.

Negan dropped the book to the floor and turned to Carl.
“Fuckin’ relax, kid. I’m busting your balls. Remember, we had that talk about how fuckin’ men like to joke around?”

Negan rolled his eyes and walked to the next room, not waiting for Carl to show him around
You entered a room which looked like it was another bedroom, it had carpet and a couple posters on the wall and a dart board.

“Now, I already fuckin’ know this is your room.” Negan said to Carl as he kicked his boots off.
He ran his feet over the carpet and held Lucille out like she was a cane and drug her along the carpet too.

“This is some nice fuckin’ carpet. And I think Lucille is enjoying it too. You know, I should have you cut it up and take it back with me.” He said, biting his lip.
He looked over to you, “Come on, darlin’. Run your toes through this shit.”

You kicked off your boots as well and ran your foot over the carpet along with him.

“Isn’t that fuckin’ nice?” Negan chuckled.

You nodded and glanced over to Carl who was grimaced as he watched.

“It is pretty nice.” You said looking back over to Negan.

“It’s like we’re a real fuckin’ couple. Here we are trying out goddamn carpet. It feels comfortable enough to fuck on, right?” He said seriously as he looked towards you. You blushed and shook your head playfully, “I guess it would be one of those try before you buy things, Negan.”

He smiled at you with a wink and slipped his feet back into his boots.
You bit your lip as you both locked onto eachother’s eyes for a moment.

He walked over to the dart board and grabbed the dart that was stuck into it and backed up and handed Lucille to you. You took her from his hands and watched as he carefully looked at the board to line up his shot and threw the dart as in landed into he middle of the board.
He let out a grunt and brought his hand up at his victory, looking back to Carl in a ‘I dare you to do better’ way.
But Carl didn’t say anything, of course.

“Well kid, what’s next?”

Carl sighed and motioned you both to follow him again and he led you both back into the kitchen.

Negan looked around and whistled, “Your dad must have got the fuckin’ fancy house because he’s the leader, huh?”

Carl shrugged to him.

Negan smiled and bent down over the sink, turning on the water on, “Must be nice to have a fuckin’ house again. No more living like goddamn cavemen.”

He ran his hand under the water before he turned it off.
Negan turned to you, flicking the excess water on you.
You rolled your eyes playfully at him and gave him a small push.
He cut his eyes to you and biting his lip as he grabbed you by the abdomen and pulled you to him.
That sexual tension was rising up in the both of you again.
It never left, but got stronger as time progressed.
You placed your hands on his chest as you looked up at him.
But you remembered Carl in the room and snapped out of it, backing up from his embrace.

Negan bit his tongue, realizing it too, “Yeah, not in front of the fuckin’ kid.”

Negan looked around until his eye caught another door to the house, he pointed to it.

“What’s in there?” Negan walked towards it.

Carl’s good eye widened and he tried to steer Negan from the door.

“Nothing. It’s just a laundry-”

But before Carl could do anything, Negan had already opened the door to reveal a crib where a toddler was standing in it.
You knew that it was Rick’s other child; Judith.

Negan’s eyes widened and he grinned big at her, “Oh my, who is this little fuckin’ angel?”

He reached out and picked up the little girl and she whined in protest at being taken out of her crib.
Negan held her in his arms, rocking her as he looked back over to Carl.
It was as if the blood had drained out of Carl’s face completely.
He was now a pale white and you could see the sweat dripping down his face as Negan held his sister.

But you looked at Negan in awe as he was holding her in his arms, and if you hadn’t already known you were in love with him before, there was no denying that you loved him now.
Seeing him hold her tugged at your heart strings in a such a way that it was undeniable.
It made your mind wonder and you thought what it would be like if you and he had a kid together.
You bit your lip at the thought as you continued to watch him hold her and make cute faces at her.
She began to giggle as he held her.

Negan exited the house with Carl following closely behind him.
You walked up beside him and he handed Judith to you, “Hold her for a moment, darlin’.”

Carl looked over to you, but seemed to be just a bit relieved that you were the one holding her instead.
You gave him a small nod letting him know that Judith would be okay as he sat down in a rocking chair.
You knew he hated you along with the rest of them and you didn’t care, but they needed to know you nor Negan would hurt a child.

Negan slipped his jacket off and threw it onto the back of one of he chairs, he reached back out and took Judith again as he sat down.

You leaned against the banister of the porch, just watching Negan be so kind to Judith.
He sat her on his knees she smiled up at him reaching out to his face with her hands.

“She is just fuckin’ precious.” Negan said looking at Judith.

Carl gripped the arms of the chair, watching Negan nervously.

“I like it here. Shit, I might just have to stay here. And I thought about what you said earlier Carl.” Negan said while he bounced Judith on his knee.

“Thinking about what?” Carl asked.

“That it’s fuckin’ stupid to keep you and your dad alive. Why the fuck should I try so hard, I mean, maybe I should just bury you both and move into these suburbs myself.” He said in a cooing voice as he kept looking at Judith, giving her a kiss on the forhead.

Carl grimaced and stood up, “Then do it. Just leave my sister alone.”

“Do you really fuckin’ think I would hurt this little lamb?” Negan said, shooting his eyes angrily toward Carl.

“I don’t know. I’ve seen what you’ve done before.”

“Yeah, you have, kid. But I wouldn’t lay a fuckin’ hand on a child.” Negan growled back.

Negan stood up and handed Judith back to you.
She began to get fussy at the voices rising and you rocked her in your arms to calm her down and she clung to your neck.

Olivia came walking up, carrying the lemonade, she looked shocked when she saw you holding Judith.
You smirked and thought if only she had been her a few minutes earlier, then she’d really be surprised.

Negan clapped his hands together, “Olivia, my dear. You are just in goddamn time. I thought I was gonna have to go fuckin’ looking for you.”

“Why is Judith out here?” She asked Carl nervously.

Carl shook his head and walked back into the house.
Oliva set the tray on the table, Negan took his glass and pulled out a chair in the dining room and sat down, propping his feet onto it.

Olivia approached you cautiously, “I can take her now.”

You nodded and handed Judith to her.

“(Y/N) is fuckin’ excellent with her. I didn’t hear the kid cry fuckin’ once when she was holding her.” Negan said taking a sip of his lemonade.

You smiled and could feel yourself blushing at that compliment.

Olivia ended up making food as Negan stood over her closely making sure she didn’t try to poison it. When it was all done, everyone sat down and there was silence at the table for a while as everyone ate, Olivia and Carl mainly picking over the spaghetti.
Carl just stared off into space and Olivia held Judith, facing away from all of you.
Negan ran his hand over his bearded face again and looked to Carl.

Negan sighed, “Does your dad have a fuckin’ razor? Since we’re gonna be fuckin’ waiting I’d like to shave this shit.”

Carl nodded silently, “In the cabinet in the bathroom.”

Negan turned his head to you as he stood up and motioned you to follow him as he walked to the bathroom down the hall.
You could see Carl staring at Lucille from across the table, she was propped onto the chair in front of him.
You quickly made a grab for her.

“Don’t even go there.” You said to Carl.

He looked surprised and narrowed his good eye at you, “Go ahead, take his side.. He’ll probably kill you once he’s done with you too.”

“I am, and he wants me around for the time being, so that’s good enough. Besides, we’re all living on borrowed fucking time anyway. I’ll live it how I want.” You said in a seriosuly tone.

You went into the bathroom where Negan was, he was filling the sink with hot water and had a straight razor on his hand.

“You left Lucille in there. He was eyeing her pretty fucking hard.” You said laying her on the back of the toilet tank.
Negan smirked as he dipped the razor into the water.

“Yeah, I kinda figured. That’s half the reason that I left her in there.”

“You wanted him to take her?” You said, giving him a confused look.

“Darlin’, I wanted to see if he was badass enough to actually try to fuckin’ come at me with her.”

You squinted your eyes at him, “I don’t want that to happen.”

He chuckled and brought the razor up to his face, you could hear the scraping noise it made against his skin.

“You’ve got the fuckin’ gun here, babydoll. Would have been pretty goddamn easy to stop him.”

“I know. But, I don’t want it to have to come to that.”

“You’ve gotta get over this shit, (Y/N).”

You sighed, “Yeah, I know. It’s easy to shoot someone when you or I are being threatened.. Or when you offer other women the chance to be a wife.” You crossed your arms.

Negan smiled as he ran the razor down his face, “I should probably fuckin’ offer everyone that. Then you’d knock them off faster that I could fuckin’ ask.”

When Negan was done he wiped his face off with a towel and threw it back down onto the sink.
You stared at him for a moment, you hadn’t seen him with a clean shaven face before.

“Whoa. It’s different seeing you shaved.” You said still staring at him.

He raised an eyebrow and looked back at you, “What? Don’t fuckin’ like it?”

You shook your head, “No. That’s not what I mean, I do like it.”

“Really now?” He said in a seductive tone as he backed you up into the wall, placing his hands on either side of you, blocking you in.

“Yes, sir.” You smirked back.

“Sir? I fuckin’ like that.”

He leaned down and grabbed your face, placing a kiss on your lips.
You raised your hands up to run them over his shaven face.
His skin was smooth and you could feel it under your fingertips, but you also missed the way his beard felt against your skin.
As you were beginning to get deeper into the kiss you could hear voices in the house other than Carl or Olivia’s.
You both pulled back, looking at eachother curiously.

“Sounds like we have some fuckin’ company.” He said, smacking the wall in annoyance as he turned quickly to grab Lucille.

Rosita standing in the kitchen, talking to Olivia and Carl, neither of you needed to hear what she was saying though.
You knew she was grilling them about why the saviors were here again.
Sheglared at you and Negan as she saw you both entering the room.

“Well thanks for fuckin’ coming by neighbor. Here to give me a fuckin’ house warming party.. Or a goddamn lap dance maybe?” He said, looking at Rosita’s attire a little too hard.

You looked away as to not have to see the way he was staring at her.
You were under the impression that you’d never get used to his lustful eye for other women.

“What are you doing here?” Rosita growled to him, crossing her arms.

“I came to have a fuckin’ talk with Rick.”

“A talk about what? You were just here, we don’t have enough shit to give you right now, you took everything last time.”

Negan smiled as he licked his bottom lip and walked a little closer to her.

“I’m sorry. I don’t think I ever learned your fuckin’ name.” He asked pointing to her with Lucille.

She looked at Lucille with a grimace and looked back at Negan, “It’s Rosita.”

“Rosita.. Sweetheart, it isn’t any of your fuckin’ business why I’m here. I’ll take whatever the fuck I want.” Negan said as his tone rose.

Rosita gritted her teeth, “Rick isn’t here.”

Negan nodded, “And that’s exactly why the fuck I’m waiting for him, darlin’. Now, why don’t you fuck off and go find some shit for me.”

Rosita gave him one last look before she left the house.

“Where the fuck is your dad, Carl? Because I’m pretty goddamn tired of waiting.” Negan said as he sat back down at the table.

“I don’t know when he’s gonna be back.” Carl shook his head.

You glanced out the window to see Arat standing outside, you walked over to the door to go outside with her.

“Where are you fuckin’ going, darlin’?” Negan asked, looking over to you.

You opened the door and turned back, “Going out to get some air.”

“Whatever the fuck makes you happy darlin’.” He said, taking another drink of the lemonade.

You walked out onto the porch where Arat was.

“Hey.” She said as she turned back to you.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Just guarding the area, you never know when these fucks might plan to ambush us.” She had a cigarette in her hand and took a drag out off of it.

You pursed your lips, “Yeah, that’s not far from the truth.”

“So, I heard we’re here because Randy got guns from this place.”

You shook your head, “It’s fucking crazy.”

“Their inventory showed we had all of their guns after we got the hidden ones back.” Arat said, taking another drag.

You crossed your arms, “Well, shit can always be taken out of inventories.”

She nodded, with the cigarette poking out of her lips, “You’ve got a point there.”

Minutes later a man came walking up to the house with a bottle of liquor in his hand, dressed like he was going to a job interview.
You raised an eyebrow as he approached the porch.
It was Spencer, you had never really talked to him much when you were here, because you never really liked him.

“Can I help you?” Arat said, raising an eyebrow at him.

“I’d like to speak to Negan.” The man said with a soft smile.

“Well, that’s not gonna happen.” Arat snapped back.

You stood firmly beside her, “What the fuck do you want, Spencer?”

“I just wanna talk to him.” He protested.

“Well, it’s not gonna fuc-”

“Ladies, don’t be assholes now. Let him come up.” Negan cut in.

He was standing in the doorway, holding Lucille in his hand.

You both moved to the side of the stairs, not really wanting to, but obeying Negan’s word.

Spencer climbed the steps slowly towards him, while Negan eyed the bottle in his hand.

“Shit, is that for me?”

Spencer chuckled, holding it out, “Hi, we haven’t officially met yet. My name is Spencer Monroe.”

Negan smiled and took the bottle from him, “Well Spencer. You are the first neighbor to bring me a goddamn gift. Why don’t we have a fuckin’ seat?”

They both sat on the porch, drinking the burbon that Spencer had brought over as some sort of peace offering, but you weren’t buying it.
you were sitting on the railing of the porch in front of them, just listening to them talk.
But you and Negan kept your eyes on eachother most of the time.
He must have known that you didn’t trust Spencer, because after Spencer said anything, Negan looked at you to see your reaction.

“You know what would make this better? Some fuckin’ eight ball.” Negan breathed as he leaned into the chair.

“There’s a pool table in the garage across the street.” Spencer said smiling as he pointed to an adjacent house.

“Shit, Spencer. You might be my new bestfriend.” Negan chuckled.

You rolled your eyes as Spencer smiled and ate up what Negan was saying to him.

Negan saw that too, but it wasn’t you rolling your eyes at him, so he didn’t mind. He found your eye rolling sexy, even when you were doing other towards him.

“But it’s too nice of a fuckin’ day to be inside.” Negan said, taking a drink, then he stood up and grabbed his jacket, “I have a fuckin’ idea though.”

Spencer looked at him curiously as Negan motioned him to follow. He got up from the chair and followed Negan out into the street.
You walked out with them and Negan was ordering some of his men to drag out the pool table and they did.
When everything was done there was a pool table now out in the middle of the street.

The Saviors and some of the residents began to gather around Negan and Spencer watching them play the game.

“I could never do this kinda shit with Rick. He would just stand there and give me that fuckin’ side eye like he always does.” Negan shook his head as he leaned on his pool stick.

“I actually wanted to talk to you about him.”

Negan leaned over the table, lining up his shot, “Go ahead then. Talk to me about Rick.”

“I get what you’re trying to do. I won’t say that I completely agree with everything, but I know that you’re trying to rebuild and make people contribute for the greater good. But Rick Grimes does not have a good history of working well with others.” Spencer said in a seriosuly tone as he spoke to Negan.

Negan hit the ball, making a loud CLACK and you could see Spencer flinch just a little at the sudden noise.

“Is that so?” Negan said in an uninterested tone as he took another shot.

Spencer walked around the table, “He wasn’t the original leader here. My mother was, but she died not long after he showed up. Same with my brother and father.”

Negan leaned against the pool table and looked at Spencer, “So, you’re saying everything was fuckin’ peachy until Rick showed up and made you an orphan? That’s the saddest shit I’ve heard, but lucky for you, he’s not in charge.”

Spencer breathed, “It doesn’t matter. He has a terrible ego and he will find a way to screw all of it up. That’s what he did to my mom.”

You could see the familiar dangerous look begin to spread on Negan’s face as he took a drink from his glass and walked closer to Spencer. It was the look any kind of predator makes when it’s getting ready to bite into the throat of its prey.

“And what exactly do you think should be done about it?” Negan said, shifting his eyes to Spencer.

“I’m like my mother. I know I could be the leader that she wanted, that’s what this place, and you, need to make things work smoothly.”

“So, you’re saying that I should fuckin’ put you in charge?” Negan smiled.

“We would be much better off.” Spencer said, smiling back at him.

Negan set his glass down, “I’m thinking Spencer.. I’m thinking about how Rick threatened me and he clearly fuckin’ hates me. But the fact is, he’s out there right now gathering up shit for me, that way I don’t hurt anyone that lives here. He’s swallowing his goddamn hate and getting shit done. It takes guts. But then there’s you.” He said as he leaned back over the table to take another shot.

Spencer swallowed and you could see he looked confused, “I’m not sure I understand.”

“How could you fuckin’ not? You’re the guy that waited for Rick to be gone, so you could fuckin’ sneak up here and get me to do you’re fuckin’ dirty work for you, because you wanna take Rick’s place. So, I have to ask, Spencer. Why not just fuckin’ kill Rick yourself and just take over?”

“Wha- No- I-” Spencer stammered in nervousness as Negan got closer to him.

“Do you know what I’m thinking, because I have a pretty goddamn good guess. It’s because..” Negan gave an evil smile to him, “You don’t have the fuckin’ guts.” He whispered.

And before anyone could react or move, Negan brandished a large hunting knife and stabbed Spencer in the abdomen and cut him deeply from one side to the other.
Everyone including you gasped as the blood squirted onto Negan and the ground and as Negan backed up, Spencer’s intestines spilled to the ground.

Negan smiled and looked at Spencer as he fell to the ground bleeding out.

You covered your mouth and looked away briefly.

“How goddamn embarrassing is that? Looks like you had the goddamn guts after all. I’ve never been so fuckin’ wrong in my life.” Negan yelled to everyone as they looked at him, terrified that he would do that to the rest of them.

Negan held out Lucille, “Someone clean this shit up, it’s fuckin’ up my shot, it’s laying in the goddamn way here. Does anyone wanna finish this fuckin’ game?” Negan glanced to you, “You wanna play babydoll?”

You were still in a bit of shock, but you shook it off and nodded as you walked over to him. As you were making your way towards him there was a loud gunshot.
For a moment you thought you had been shot, because of how close it sounded, for a moment you thought Randy had made his way back and shot you.
Everything seemed to be in slow motion as you saw Negan’s face twist into the extreme anger you had rarely seen.
There was a bullet hole in Lucille.
Negan’s voice sounded far away, but you could still hear it as he screamed, “What the fuck!? What the fuckin’ fuck! You tried to goddamn kill me!?”
As you saw it, the rage grew inside you as you suddenly understood.
You turned around to see Rosita behind you holding out a gun, and you instinctually lunged for her and grabbed the gun and pried it from her hand as you kicked her hard in the shin, making her go down to the ground.

Arat came up behind you, holding out a knife.

“No!” You screeched to her, pulling out your gun, holding it to Rosita’s head.

She backed up from you and your rage was growing as your eyes burned into hers, you pressed the barrel into her temple wanting desperately to pulling the trigger.

Negan paced back and forth before he stopped to look down at Rosita, “You fuckin’ shot Lucille!”

“She got in the way.” Rosita said with a straight face.

Negan leaned down to pick up the bullet casing from the ground, “Look at this. This motherfucker is homemade. I wanna know who fuckin’ made this little baby.”

You continued to press the gun into her head, your anger only growing. You were shaking with rage at the thought of Negan actually being shot.

Negan breathed angrily, “(Y/N), babydoll, take that gun away from her face.”

You didn’t move thought, it was almost as if you didn’t hear him, you were still firm in your position and you didn’t want her getting away from you.

“Fuckin’ do it now, darlin’!” Negan said, his voice growing louder again.

You shook even more now and slowly lifted the gun from her head, you leaned up a little, but still had the gun pointed to her.

Negan leaned down to Rosita, “Lucille’s beautiful motherfuckin’ goddamn fuckin’ smooth surface is never gonna be the goddamn same again, so why should yours!?” He bellowed. He leaned back and took a deep breathe and held up the bullet, “Unless you tell me who fuckin’ made this shit.”

“It was me.” Rosita said calmly, looking back up to him.

“You see.” Negan said as he leaned back again, “Now I just think that you’re lying. You’re really gonna fuckin’ lie to me right now?! It’s a shame that (Y/N)’s gonna have to blow off your pretty head.”

“It was me.” Rosita said again as she leaned up and pressed her head hard into the barrel of the gun.

Your trigger finger itched more violently now, just wanting to pull it.

“Oh, look- at- you! You’re such a goddamn badass!” Negan said in a mocking tone.

He breathed and waited for her to say something else, but she didnt.

He smiled, “Have it your way. (Y/N), do your fuckin’ thing, baby.”

You smirked back to him and turned back to her.
She looked at you without even flinching, you had to give her credit for that. You cocked you head at her and she glared back. “Do it.” You pulled the trigger quickly and the blood went flying as most of it landed back onto you. You closed your eyes hard to protect your eye from the shattered pieces of skull that went flying.
You let out a hard breathe and you slumped back into the pavement.
Your breathe was still heavy and you were shaking more than ever, the adrenaline had completely overtaken your body and it felt like it would never stop.

All of the residents went wide eyed again and gasped as they saw what had just happened.
You could hear the sobs from Olivia as she stood on the porch with Carl, but she didn’t know how lucky she was, because it was almost her.
You could hear Rick’s screams as you all turned to see him running up the street carrying an injured man by his side, he passed him off to one of the other residents and ran up to you.

“We had a deal!” Rick shouted in his raspy tone.

“Rick! Look everybody it’s Rick, he finally fuckin’ made it back!” Negan said cheerfully as he looked at Rick.

Rick breathed shaking as he looked at the two dead bodies on the ground and saw you covered in blood next to Rosita’s body.

“Rick, how about a thank you? I know we started this relationship with me beating the fuck out of two of your friends. And we’ve never fuckin’ sat around and braided eachother’s hair and told stories, but how about some goddamn credit? Because I bent over backwards to show you how reasonable I am. Your kid snuck to my place on one of my trucks and proceeded to kill some of my men and I brought him the fuck back home without one goddamn scratch.” Negan said as he threw his arms out.

Rick suddenly looked back to Carl on the porch and narrowed his eyes at him.
Carl cowered back somewhat at the glare Rick was giving him.

“Oh!” Negan still looking at Rick, “And I fed the little fucker some spaghetti! ..And I also took out someone in your community who wanted me to kill you and put him in fuckin’ charge and the one (Y/N) just shot tried to kill me just a minute ago, but only ended up hurting poor Lucille here, so she fuckin’ deserved that shit.”

Rick turned back to Negan and didn’t say anything, he blinked at looked at Negan almost as if he was confused. He dropped his head momentarily and nodded before he looked back up.

“Your shit’s waiting for you at the gate. Just go.” Rick growled to him.

Negan smiled, “Of course, I’d fuckin’ love to take my shit and go, but I need to have a goddamn talk with you first and now I also need to know who the maker of this bullet is.”

Rick hesitated for a moment.

Negan rolled his eyes, “(Y/N), I think another needs to be taken out, babydoll.”

You held out your gun to a random man and he flinched and begged you not to.

“It was me!” A man called out.

Eugene began walking up from the back of the crowd, “I made it.”

Negan walked up to him, “You?”

“It required a casing and some powder-”

“Shut- the- fuck- up.” Negan said as he emphasized every word, “I believe you.”

Negan walked back into the middle of the crowd and you dropped your gun from the man you were holding it on.
You wiped some of the stray blood off of your face.

Negan held Lucille up to his face and took in a deep breathe, “Lucille, give me the goddamn strength.” He dropped her back to his side and turned back to Rick, “I will be relieving you of your bullet maker. So, now that that’s one fuckin’ problem solved, maybe we can figure out this goddamn gun issue.”

“What gun issue, you have the guns.” Rick said back, approaching Negan.

“Apparently not, Ricky. You see, the guy that attacked (Y/N) is still out there and it’s come to my fuckin’ attention that he was here. And he got some of your fuckin’ guns too.” Negan growled back to him.

“There are times when people are passing by and they stay here. If someone got some-” Rick protested.

“I don’t give a shit. He was here and he got guns, now that’s a very big fuckin’ problem for me, Rick. His name is Randy. Now, do you fuckin’ know him?“ Negan cut him off suddenly.

Rick looked at the ground for a moment again before he slowly nodded his head.

“Yeah, I fuckin’ figured that you did.” Negan said, sucking his teeth.

“But we didn’t give him guns. If anyone did it must have been Spencer. He was the one that hid the guns last time. He must have taken them from the inventory” Rick said slowly, brushing his hair back in distress.

You had called it about the inventory deal. Spencer had erased the guns Randy got from the inventory and gave them to him. So, Spencer must have been in deal with Randy about taking out The Saviors

Negan chuckled, “Well fuck, look at that. I took care of two fuckin’ problem children, didn’t I? Where the fuck is Randy now?”

Rick shook his head, “I- I don’t know. He was here for a day, then he just disappered.”

Negan took in a breathe and propped Lucille on his shoulder, “You know what, Rick? I’m gonna take your fuckin’ word for it, because I’m a reasonable fuckin’ man. But I’ve got the feeling that this is far from over. Now, you all have yourselves a good goddamn evening, because who knows when I’ll have to come back and kill more of you.”

He turned and walked away from Rick, ordering everyone to pack up and move out.
Everyone began leaving and Arat drug Eugene off.
Negan came over to you as you stood still, waiting for him.
The both of you were bloody.

“C'mon, darlin’. Let’s go get cleaned up.” He said to you softly.

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Passionate Hate - Ten (M)

A/N: I’m sorry, ft. fiance Ten


Word Count: 858

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“Fuck off!”

You slammed the door in rage, unable to gaze upon his face any longer.
You heard something shatter outside of the door, irritated stomps echoing through the dark house.

Ten slammed the door, shoving his hands into his pockets gruffly as he made his way down the street, the cold wind howling in dismay.

You sunk to the floor, a broken sob escaping your trembling lips.

You hated him, yet you loved him.

Hours passed, your tears dried, your mind growing dreary as the dim clock mocked you.
You wondered about him.

Where is he?
What’s he doing?
Will he come back?

Your thoughts were interrupted as you heard the door, quick steps making their way toward your room.
You scrambled from the floor, bewildered.

Ten swung the door open, his chest heaving as if he had sprinted.

“I’m sorry-”

Tugging him by the collar of his shirt, you melded your lips together desperately. His bewilderment soon vanished, his desperate hands wandering across your body, greedily pulling you closer as he deepened the kiss.
Tears flowed down your cheeks, their saline taste mingling with his sweet essence.
You broke away, peppering kisses over his skin messily. Your hearts swirled with guilt, the unhealthy nature of your relationship obvious.

“Kiss me,” you begged, drawing Ten from his dark thoughts.

He held your gaze. He noticed the despair and desperation hidden beneath the adoration your gaze held, a mirror of his very own.
He leant down slowly, capturing your lips in an apologetic manner.
Suddenly, he drew back, his rough hands turning you around suddenly, pushing you onto the mattress. His hands moved to your bottoms, thrusting them down swiftly. His bulge pressed to your panties as he leant over you.

“I hate you,” he murmured, his hot breath caressing the shell of your ear sensually.

“I need you,” you whined.

He stood, his jeans falling to his ankles similarly to your own. He cursed, his blunt nails digging into your soft skin lustfully, his frustration replaced with adoration. He hated himself for loving you so much. Unable to wander through the depths of his mind any longer, he shoved his briefs down, his member aching at the sight of you. Your cheek pressed to the cool sheets, your fists fisting the soft sheets. A hand fell to your back, two fingers brushing your panties aside before prodding at your entrance. Your back bowed as he easily sheathed his two fingers, your warm essence smearing along his knuckles. Slowly, he thrust his fingers into you, his lips parted as your tight walls constricted around his lithe fingers. His slow pumps soon grew aggressive, your frame rocking with each thrust.
A high, wanton moan left you, your thighs trembling in anticipation as the coil within you bound tightly.

“I’m close-” you croaked, gasping sporadically as the coil within you burst, wave after wave of ecstasy rendering you speechless.

Removing his fingers swiftly, he guided his member’s swollen tip to your entrance, sheathing himself. His breathing grew ragged, his frame falling over your own. His barbaric nature was replaced by a sweet and loving one. His breaths sounded by your ear, his hand ghosting under your shirt, his hips shallowly rocking against your own slowly. He moaned lowly, his forehead pressing to your shoulder, his soft hair tickling your neck gently.
A whimper escaped you as he groped your breast beneath your shirt, his calloused fingers brushing over your sensitive bud brashly.
You called out to him quietly.

“I’m sorry,” he repeated, his hips drew back before thrusting shallowly.

His fervent pace displayed his desperation, the dark room echoed with pants and low moans, a sensual symphony.
He groaned your name loudly before chanting quietly, his hips stuttering, roughly snapping to meet your own. His hand abandoned your breast, instead slithering down the front of your panties, his fingers massaging your swollen clit sloppily.
He came, his hand stilling temporarily as he grimaced.

“Shit-” he murmured, slouching against you.

His warm breaths once again caressed your ear, his wary gaze watching you carefully. He studied the way your lips parted as he applied more pressure.

“More,” you panted.

He obeyed, rubbing quick circles into you rapidly. Your voice rose as your frame tensed, your high once again approaching.
He quietly encouraged you through your release, whispering in your ear sultrily.

You awoke to an empty bed; the vast bed making your heart drown in sorrow.

[Insert Spring Day – BTS]

Lounging in the chair, Ten sighed gently. He looked from the rooftop, the sun rising over the bustling city slowly. Running a hand through his hair lazily, he pursed his lips.

His phone rang loudly, tearing him from his thoughts.

“Where are you?” you inquired quietly.

He sighed once again.

“Let’s break it off.”

Time seemed to stop, the ring on your finger glistening mockingly.

“Last night-”

Ten interrupted you,

“-there was love, I could feel it,” you finished.

Ten shook his head, his forlorn gaze sweeping over the skyline slowly.

The line went dead, your words cut off.

- Admin Finn

The light in his cold, dark world | Sirius Black

It was Christmas eve, the air was cold and the snow fell like a blizzard. Sirius walked through the empty streets, the sounds of laughter pouring out of nearly every house he passed, the smell of cooking and the sights of happy families huddled together through their living room windows. His legs were becoming tired and the sleet and snow had soaked him to the bone. He hadn’t the time to grab a coat on his way out so he shivered terribly in the thin black jacket he was wearing.

Tears spilling from his eyes he stopped in front of your door, lifting a shaky hand to press the bell. He was so thankful that it was you who had answered.
It broke your heart, as soon as you saw his red eyes and the tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Sirius?” You speak, feeling your heart beat against your chest.

“I can’t go back (Y/N), I can’t” He cries and you pull him to you, his wet and cold clothes made you shiver but you didn’t let go.

“It’s okay, I’m here, I’ve got you” You hush, pulling him into your warm home.

“Go up to my room, I’ll let my parents know you’re here, they’ll be so pleased” you kiss his cheek before leaving to make some tea.

A mere 15 minutes later you returned with two hot mugs.

“I’m sorry if it’s too much I can-”

“Stay as long as you want, my mum said so herself, and you know not to disobey anything she says” you Smirk.

“It’s too kind” He pulls you close, so so close.

In the next 20 minutes, he pours his entire heart out to you, and you make him promise he will never go back to the place he is deemed to call “home”.

“I don’t think I have a choice” He sighs wiping his eyes as he changes out of his wet clothes.

“We’ll run away then, we’ll get somewhere and we’ll live together, look after each other” You kneel down beside him.

“You would really do that?”

Sirius was relaxed when in your arms he felt as though no one could hurt him, nothing bad could ever happen because you were the light in his cold dark world.

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