the house that herring built

Lupita Nyong’o in a Missoni dress photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, October 2016.

Angela Missoni grew up in the pages of Vogue:

“Two decades have passed since Missoni took the helm of her family’s company, and the house that the zigzag built has retained its importance as a reference for countless designers and companies across the world since its founding—a fact that’s not lost on the house’s current creative director.”

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Pre game while party was trying to figure out how my character a Dwarf would have a good way to start the game an hour late due to scheduling:

DM: We could have you be a Narcoleptic so you’re just sleeping till you get here.

Ranger: But how do we take her with us if we’re in dungeons, we can’t just bring the horse and cart inside.

Paladin (whom is built like a brick house): I could carry her.

DM: But you can’t hold her while you fight, you could strap her on your back.

Me: A baby carrier, just put me in a baby carrier and tote me around like your sleeping child.

DM: … OK… So we have a Narcoleptic mini anger tank strapped to the nicest and most polite character that towers over the whole party in a baby carrier… I approve.

Me: But what do we do if I wake up while we’re fighting?

Paladin: You just hang on while daddy takes care of these scary bad men. *Winks*

All of us looking at the DM now.

DM: … I still approve.


This is the house that Elizabeth and Ruben will be living in for the rest of Generation 5. (Ignore the people outside, they were just living there until I was ready to move in Elizabeth and her future husband, this house has been built for a while, just unfurnished.)

I have now furnished it as well. I’ve included screenshots of the rooms I’ve furnished so far, I’ll do more later as required. Pics are below the cut for those who are interested.

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Horned Serpent Common Room

A home away from home, Horned Serpent’s common room combines the coziness of Isolt’s cottage back in Ireland, Ilvermorny, with an the grand feeling of imagination and wonder that comes from the thirst grow and learn. The greens of Ireland’s fields and the forests of the American Northeast flow together with the blues of Ravenclaw and the deep pool of the Horned Serpent itself from whom the house draws its name. Beautiful swirls, Celtic knots and flourishes decorate halls of open white walls, river rock, like that found in the serpent’s home, its shape both well-rounded and changed by time, yet strong like Isolt against the many obstacles that stood in her way, and birch, known in Isolt’s homeland for growth, and in the new world, new beginnings, both places Isolt learned the magic needed to found the school.

Much of the original house was built in collaboration with James, his skill combined with her ideas bringing so much more than one mind alone could accomplish. Jame’s woodwork and masonry crafted cozy bedrooms and study nooks for Horned Serpent’s students, as well as the larger halls born of Isolt’s imagination, offering plenty of open space for open minds. From those beginnings, the house continues to grow and evolve, ensuring students are always able to draw on more influences and resources to expand their views and minds. As a result, Horned Serpent’s common room is in places the most up-to-date space in the castle, and holds both magical and no-maj resources alike for students to study, ancient books of knowledge found side by side with modern robotics, lab supplies, and even computers.

Horned serpents are not simply scholars of books, they are scholars of the world. Isolt traveled far and spoke to many, always open to learn from whoever she met, their culture, their knowledge, their magic. With this in mind, the Horned Serpent common room holds numerous opportunities to push the boundaries of knowledge and forge new paths, perhaps the most impressive of which is a giant map room, which functions much like a magical data center. From here students can use the enchanted maps to see current and past events, and even contact wizards from around the world to exchange experiences and ask questions. Other study spaces range from the tranquil pond outside, the sound and smell of water helping to clear the mind and focus, its waters often drawing magical creatures which students might observe and speak with, to large rooms with plenty of space for discussion with other house members to work collaboratively, share ideas, and push the boundaries of knowledge and the mind.

You ever have one of those places you feel super connected to for no reason? Mine is the Winchester House and for years I was intrigued by it, and had some weird dreams involving it but I never really read all that much about it, because everything at the time was mostly hauntings and ghost sightings (which I wasn’t super into due to over saturation at a young age).

I visited it once, and my weird connection didn’t go away, it was stronger because Sarah Winchester was 4'11" and had the house built to make her feel comfortable. As in, it’s a fucking mansion built for someone my size. And there’s so much yellow in it, which is my favorite color… Not to mention the tiffany glass I’ve loved since the visit I made to the Boston UU church (I got to ring the bells and the tour guide had the best Hawaiian shirt I’ve ever seen).

It’s an awesome place, and I’m saying you should visit if you have the chance.


The Winchester Mystery House, located in San Jose, California, is said to be one of the most mysterious, and haunted, houses in the whole world. This beautiful seven story mansion was the home of Sarah Winchester, the widow of the man who invented the Winchester rifle. She built this bizarre house when her husband passed away to house not only herself but also the spirits of the many men and women that were killed by her husband’s invention. The house consists of secret passageways, staircases that lead to nowhere, and windows overlooking other rooms. It’s speculated that these oddities were created to accommodate the ghostly characters that apparently still haunt the mansion.


For many years, Rita Woetamani I was sought after for her herbs and potions that could mend any ailment and problem. Her husband Klaas de Haven was a botanist and scholar from Europe eager on discovering the flora of the East Indies, and for the love of his life, he built her the Glass House to house her collection of plants.

It was nearly a century and a half ago that she planted the first tree at Taman Gagak. It was a majestic wonder of nature, and she said it was sacred. The day her granddaughter hung herself from the tree, the tree shed its leaves and never grew a single leaf since.

Headcanon: Tracer actually has chronal accelerators built in to the walls of her house/flat/other living space, so she doesn’t have to wear the harness 24/7. All Overwatch HQ’s were also built similarily. There was also an idea to adapt a couple mobile carriers in this way for long-term missions far from civilization, but it was shut down beacause of budget issues and the fact that she wanted them to look like old Police Phone Boxes and noone in Overwatch understood the reference.

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spencer’s legit had it tough, caleb kissed hanna, spaleb broke up, she ended up heartbroken, also heartbroken over toby, because she still loves him and had a semblance of hope he was going to say he loved her, but instead said he was leaving town with yvonne to start a family. the house he built was for her but he couldn’t be hers. she kissed marco, whom later turned out to be a cop. she lost her job. she had to bury rollins even though she didn’t harm him and then continue to try and cover it up. emily yelled at her for losing it, when she was already going through a load of shit to begin with. she tried her best to keep toby from being involved, so he didn’t end up hurt. she set her feelings aside so she could get her friendship back with hanna. she watched her own torture back, more than once. she got shot and then found out the mother she loves to death isn’t really her mother. then she’ll find out soon that toby has been in a car accident. SPENCER NEEDS A BREAK. 

dinosaurana  asked:

So, with Gorgolisk's strange temple site, might it be alright if I asked for dorm more detail? Is it an ancient human civilization, or something else?

It was made by lizard people.

Well, technically, it was made by a subterranean race of sapient retrosaurs (dubbed Reptodites) who survived the KT Extinction event thanks to some friendly intervention and aid by the Sapient Martians, and live alongside the Yamaneon Tunnel system.  Reptodites respect kaiju - like Martians, they view kaiju as a supernatural force of balance, the avatars of nature and the ecosystem, though they aren’t quite as religious about it as the Martians are. 

Gorgolisk is one of the few kaiju Reptodites have interacted with in a significant manner - she took a shine to one Reptodite population and protected them from harm, and in return they built her a house.  Gorgolisk’s house is pushed to the surface by the big cataclysmic Yamaneon chain reaction that kicks off ATOM’s plot, though the serpent doesn’t wake up until Mothmanud starts wreaking havoc.

The temple’s architecture - a product of Reptodite technology and culture - is unlike anything humanity has constructed.  Reptodite technology is weird - in some respects it’s much more “primitive,” and in others it’s far more advanced.  I’m going to elaborate on it in a kaiju bonus file sometime soon.  Suffice to say, Gorgolisk’s temple is going to be really fucking weird looking.

Mrs. Hamilton Twombley (( Florence )) was one of the many children of William H Vanderbilt. Vinland was her house in Newport. Her brothers built The Breakers, Marble House, and Rough Point all in Newport. Another brother built Biltmore in North Carolina, while a sister built Shelburne Farms in Vermont, and I think another sister built Elm Court in the Berkshires. She was photographed in Newport and lived to be 98.


The Temple of Sacred Ashes

According to legend, the Sacred Ashes of Andraste were carried out of the Imperium by Havard, disciple of Our Lady. Wounded by Tevinter soldiers when he tried to stop Andraste’s capture, Havard was too late in coming to Minrathous to stop the execution. All he found was her ashes, left out in the elements. As soon as Havard touched them, Andraste appeared in a vision.

“Rise,” she said, “Aegis of the Faith. The Maker shall never forget you as long as I remember.”

The Aegis of the Faith, so named by our Prophet herself, stood at her word and found his wounds healed and his spirit renewed. He gathered the ashes of Andraste and returned to the lands of the Alamarri tribes, which are now Ferelden. It’s said that Andraste’s song led him to a holy site, where Havard and his followers built a temple to house her remains.

There the legend ends. For centuries, men searched for the Temple of Sacred Ashes, finding only rumours and tall tales. Chantry scholars concluded that there was no temple. There were no Sacred Ashes. It was all a myth, allegory intended to inspire and feed the fire of faith.

Then the Hero of Ferelden came. Seeking to cure a dying arl with the miraculous powers of the ashes, the Hero, with the help of renowned scholar Brother Ferdinand Genitivi, traced the steps of the ancients and came to a remote ruin, high in the Frostback Mountains. There, the Urn of Sacred Ashes waited, as the legend said it would.

After the triumph of the righteous over the Fifth Blight, the temple’s discovery was shared with the world. Much to our dismay, however, by the time our soldiers arrived at the temple, the urn had disappeared. To this day, we do not know who took them or why. All that is certain is that it was the Maker’s will.

The Hero of Ferelden did not share the discovery with the world, and Brother Genitivi, whose research made it possible, had disappeared without a trace. Truth, however, will always out and rumours circulated about the cause of Arl Eamon Guerrin’s miraculous recovery. Agents of the Chantry investigated claims about the Urn of Sacred Ashes and were eventually led, as the Hero had been led, to the temple. By the time our soldiers reached it, however, the urn was nowhere to be found.

Though the ashes were gone, the temple itself stood, and it has since become a source of hope to the faithful. If the Grand Cathedral is the beating heart of our Chantry, then the Temple of Sacred Ashes is her soul. Here, we honor the Chantry’s past even as we forge bravely into our future.

—From a lecture delivered by Chantry scholar Mother Clothilde at the University of Orlais in 9:38 Dragon


Never in a million years did she think that she would wake up in her room one last time. The clouds surrounding her gave a sense of security. She was back, but-

 Quickly, she emerged from her room into the house built sometime after her departure. How did she even end up back here? 

“Oh my stars.”

 Rose’s pace quickened towards the screen door, not before she was stopped in her tracks. A child seated on the bed on what seemed to be the second floor was peering down at her.

That could only be.