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Requested: Please do some daddy Shawn.

A/N: I don’t know why I try writing fluffy things, because they’re awful most times. I also changed the lyrics of LOFP a little, sorry.

Word count: 2,066

A faint noise rang in my ears, but not nearly loud enough to pulled me out of my heavy sleep. Only seconds later, I felt the faint squeezes on my arms. When I finally managed to open them, the room was too dark for me to see anything properly.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes, feeling just how sore they were. I blinked a few times, before finally being able to see shadows in the dark bedroom.

“Daddy, daddy” she cried again, forcing down my gaze.

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Zelda’s Log #6: Haunted

A/N: Sorry for the delay! I changed the ending at the last moment, because it didn’t feel right. Enjoy!


I am in the Castle, surrounded by fog.

I can barely see anything beyond me.

The reek of malice surrounds me.

It smells of death, cinders and smoke.





Thousands of people.

My father.

All I’ve ever known and loved.

Yes. I took everything from you.

And I will keep doing so…  But most of these things you just brought them on yourself, for being a failure; a powerless child.

I never thought you would be so useful to me this time. Your prior incarnations were tougher. You shall fall in no time.

Soon,  your precious knight will fall too, whether now or in a hundred years.

I shall crush him, mind, body, and soul.

And then…

I shall obliterate you.

For my hatred of you knows no boundaries…


And then, I fall into a dark void.

I can’t scream.

I cannot breathe!

I can’t fail, I can’t fail him!

Link awoke to Zelda screaming, panting, and desperately crying, thrashing in the bed.

‘Zelda!’, Link shouted her name, shaking her up a little, ‘Wake up! Open your eyes!’

Her green eyes shot wide open, still gasping for air, and realized it was a nightmare.

‘I’m home’, she sobbed, trembling.

‘Yes, you are’, Link soothed her, wrapping his arms around her to calm Zelda. ‘You are safe with me, we’re home, you are not alone anymore’.

She clung to him, still shaken by the half memory, half nightmare.

Once she regained her calm, both sat on the bed and she spoke of the reasons of her sudden awakening, bathed in the dim candlelight.

‘I dreamt of…’, she took a deep sigh, ‘the things Ganon said to break me down’ - Zelda wiped a stray tear rolling down her cheek - ‘Fortunately, I never caved in’.

‘What things would he say?’, Link asked, stroking softly her hair.

‘He said he would crush you, and me’.

Link nodded, understanding those words were just a minuscule part of the torture she endured.

‘I thought everything would be fine after we won’, she said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, ‘and my head would be clear…’ - she sighed  - 'I guess I was wrong’.

'I think it was the opposite’, Link scratched his messy head, 'You haven’t stopped ever since we got here. You need to unwind, take things slowly just for a couple of days, we just got back from Gerudo Town, you see’.


'No buts, my Princess’, he retorted, 'Hebra and the Rito can wait’. He got up from bed. 'I’ll make you something to help you sleep better’.

He went downstairs, mixed something in the stove, and returned with two steaming mugs and slices of nutcake on a small tray.

'Warm milk with honey and cinnamon to ease the mind’, Link handed her the cup. 'and have sweeter dreams than before’.

'And the nutcake?’

'I’m just hungry’, he laughed a little, 'I brought for the two of us, just in case’.

The sweet, warm milk did its magic fast: the couple fell fast asleep, Zelda waking up after sunrise from a dreamless sleep.

To her surprise, Link wasn’t there. A note on her desk informed her he had gone hunting and gathering items for lunch.

8.14 a.m. I had a terrible nightmare regarding my captivity. I had never had such a dream ever since I arrived here. It makes me wonder if we are really free from the chains of our fate.

I guess I should be more optimistic since we prevailed after all, shouldn’t I?

Zelda put on a dress she had commissioned to the clothes shop before leaving to Zora’s Domain - months ago - and wore it for the first time today. It was cream colored, with green and rose ribbon trim on the hem, very light and fresh.

She ate some of the remaining nutcake for breakfast, tended the horses and plants, cleaned up the house, and harvested some apples from the orchard.

When she finished her chores it was past noon, and still no signs of Link’s return. He had left with no horse or weapons.

She looked at the horizon from the boundary of the house’s terrain. Nothing. Her eyes wandered over the landscape.

You can’t see Hyrule Castle from here… , she noticed. Only Mount Lanayru, and Vah Medoh on the distance.

A blue flash behind her caught her eye, and as she turned her eyes to the shrine, she caught a glimpse of Link running towards her, carrying a canvas bag on his shoulder.

‘What took you so long?’, she asked a little grumpy, ‘I was worried about you’.

‘I went to the castle ruins for this’.

He handed her old diary, and research notes, to her absolute surprise.

‘You shouldn’t have risked yourself for these!’, she scolded him, pinching his forearm a little.

‘The castle is barren, there are no monsters anymore’, he reassured her, still not convinced. ‘Even the guardians are inactive’.

‘Thank you for bringing these, anyway’ - she kissed him - ‘they mean a lot to me, even if you already read them’.

‘I also gave a quick visit for advice to a friend in common we have… who is unable to deliver his message in person, because he lives in the forest’.

'The Great Deku Tree!’, she guessed with a smile.

'Yup!’, he nodded merrily, ‘He says you have come a long way. Don’t let a bad dream drag you down. I agree with him’.

‘I’ll have to visit him’, she affirmed, knowing how much the ancient tree cared for her, 'I owe him one’.

'That’s my girl!’, he held her, twirling her around, making her laugh delighted.

'But Link’, she regained her more grave tone, still enveloped in his embrace, 'In all seriousness, what if we just can’t break away from the cycle? There will be another Zelda fighting against this curse.’

‘But there’s always a dork like me willing to go to the ends of the land and beyond for you!’, he put her on the ground to surprise her with a kiss on the lips.

'We’re stronger together’, he finished the idea after breaking the kiss.

'I guess so’, Zelda stroked his face lovingly.

'Now, let’s have lunch!’, he took her hand, and strode towards the house, 'I’m so hungry!’

3:25 p.m. I am a little more optimistic, thanks to a certain wild knight. He reminded me of the strength of our combined forces - which I guess it is more important than ever, considering our relationship status. If I falter, or feel haunted, I know I can always rely on him.

Link brought my old diary and research notes, and after checking both, it makes more sense.

We are better together.

P.S.: After this break, we leave to Rito Village. Link told me he has lots of people to introduce me to, in particular to a bard. Interesting! 

1k followers prompts

So I’ve compiled a list of 50 one word prompts-some I found on Tumblr, some I made up. Send me the number of a prompt and a character/pairing. Any GOT/ASOIAF character is open; I can do Jonerys, Gendrya, and Sansaery (my personal faves) for pairings or any kind of platonic friendship or sibling relationship. 

I also have a list of 50 dialogue prompts-same rules apply. 

I should be free for most of this month until September so I should be able to get to all of the prompts fairly quickly. However I try not to set deadlines for myself while free writing-but I will write everything. I’ll be out of town for a couple of weeks towards the end of the month but I certainly won’t be taking a vacation from writing.

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Pink
  6. Brown
  7. Black
  8. White
  9. Something old
  10. Something new
  11. Something borrowed
  12. Something blue
  13. Something lost
  14. Something found
  15. Name day
  16. Nightmare
  17. Handprint
  18. Baby
  19. Memory
  20. Hello
  21. Goodbye
  22. Surprise
  23. Longing
  24. Fear
  25. Whisper
  26. Leave
  27. Return
  28. Pain
  29. Pleasure
  30. Dark
  31. Light
  32. Regret
  33. Bend
  34. Break
  35. Shiver
  36. Fall
  37. Water
  38. Alone
  39. Together
  40. Win
  41. Surrender
  42. Secret
  43. Truth
  44. Flight
  45. Stars
  46. Rain
  47. Love
  48. Hate
  49. Kill
  50. Wonder

Dialogue Prompts:

  1. “Kiss me.”
  2. “You didn’t ask me to stay.”
  3. “How long do we have?”
  4. “It’s not what it looks like.”
  5. “Remind me how we got here.”
  6. “Can I ever be enough for you?”
  7. “I can’t lose you.”
  8. “Jump. I’ll catch you. I promise.”
  9. “It’s 2 in the morning on my 21st birthday and we have to fix this before I’m grounded until I’m 30.”
  10. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  11. “It’s family game night, not fight club.”
  12. “Your cat hates me.”
  13. “I think your house is haunted.”
  14. “How much of that did you see/hear?”
  15. “It seemed like a good idea at the time…”
  16. “You already have too many pets. We’re absolutely not adopting another one. 
  17. “Where have you been? You were supposed to be back three hours ago!”
  18. “By the way, I can’t swim.”
  19. “I’m scared of planes. And we’re on a plane.”
  20. “Did you take your meds?”
  21. “What are you hiding?”
  22. “I can’t believe you did that.”
  23. “What else can go wrong tonight?”
  24. “I think you took the wrong suitcase.”
  25. “I’m not the person you’re looking for.”
  26. “It wasn’t your fault.”
  27. “We’re not done yet.”
  28. “So I guess this is goodbye.”
  29. “I didn’t know there’d be so much blood.”
  30. “Yes I know it’s two in the morning but I need to hide a body in your basement.”
  31. “What will you do for a Hamilton ticket?”
  32. “We’re already wasted, let’s do something really crazy.”
  33. “I don’t know what that is but it’s not a dog.”
  34. “I’m kind of stranded and my wallet’s empty and I know you’re not exactly nearby but I don’t have another way to get home.”
  35. “I bet I know more Harry Potter trivia than you do.”
  36. “This is going to hurt, I’m sorry.”
  37. “Your kids are insane. I’m never babysitting again.”
  38. “Are you sure you didn’t go overboard on this?”
  39. “I don’t want to sleep alone tonight. Will you stay?”
  40. “In what universe do you think I’m letting you sleep on the floor?”
  41. “Fuck me.” “If that’s what you wanted, why didn’t you say so in the first place?”
  42. “I need to borrow three hundred dollars. Trust me. I may or may not pay it back.”
  43. “Your logic is extremely flawed.”
  44. “Remind me again why we’re doing this?”
  45. “You’re stronger than this. You’ve gotten through everything life’s thrown at you and you can get through this too.”
  46. “For the love of God, where is our child?”
  47. “That stuff kills you, you know.”
  48. “That sounded better in my head.”
  49. “I promise.”
  50. “Let me help you.”

UPDATE 8/5: For people who request 2 numbers: & (for example, 6 & 8) will tell me that you want two separate oneshots, + (for example 6+8) will tell me you want both prompts in a oneshot.

Ideally, I’m accepting these prompts between now and September 6th, when I go back to school, in addition to outside prompts, NTD, and a multi chapter to be announced after the season finale :) Enjoy! It’s a busy time! 

Again thank you to everyone who follows me-it’s a pleasure to write for all of you!

ziam fics you should bless your eyes with

(Remember to always leave kudos and comments when you read a work. It means loads to the authors)

Not My Type by deniallisstrong

When a group of five teenage girls go out to eat, all the girls have their eye on waiter Zayn, making a competition of who can get Zayn to fall for them–but it doesn’t seem that Zayn has any interest in the girls at all… but rather the crinkly-eyed boy at the table, Liam.

Also check out Work In Progress 

Liam doesn’t expect to receive a pickup line on his laptop—and he certainly doesn’t expect it to come from a mysterious Dj MaLiK either. But it seems anything can happen in a coffee shop

False Start by craziamlove 

We made a start, be it a false one, I know…

Or, where Zayn has a fake boyfriend, Liam loves football, and the other three are along for the ride.

All is Fair in Love and War by bad1ands 

Up-and-coming journalist Zayn Malik, in hopes of later being allowed to cover more substantial stories, takes on an assignment by which he must pull a guy and then push him away in ten days.
Advertising executive Liam Payne, in order to take over a major campaign for his company, must prove to his associates that he’s able to woo a man in less that two weeks.

They walk into a bar.

(An AU based off of the 2003 film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.)

Not Haunted by jomouse 

Liam moves into a house he’s convinced is haunted, despite the reassuring words of his new housemates.

And Whose Wish, also by jomouse!!

Niall hires Liam to cater his flatmate Zayn’s surprise birthday party.

Fever Pitch by liamsfreckles

“How do you feel? When you come back to a place like Bradford?”

“I think it’s massively important, like, for me that I come back here. ‘Cause it grounds me, as a person. Just reminds me of why I started doing what I did.


A grin. “Yeah. Football.”

A Football AU where Zayn Malik is at the tail end of his illustrious career and going back to where it all began, Liam Payne is the one he never saw coming, and how one injury could change Zayn’s life forever.

You’re the flame behind my eyes by sunnysideup

‘I said I know now why you never asked why I said yes, and that’s fine Liam, I get it now, you never cared’

Liam is Zayn’s boss. He asks Zayn to pretend he’s engaged to him for a weekend at his parents’ - This is what comes next.

Or another fake engagement AU - Inspired just a little bit by the film 'The Proposal’.

hello kisses sweet as wine by xxcaribbean

not everyone is brave enough to go after the things they want. too much judgment and little respect creates nothing but fear; yet zayn’s always pursued what he’s felt regardless of those hang ups, and there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t regret any of his choices.

now, though, his decisions go a little beyond the spectrum of what people might consider normal, but zayn swears he did it out of love for himself and for his family. but mostly, it’s for his insatiable need to feel steadiness for once in his life.

zayn doesn’t expect mr. payne to have all the answers, and he certainly hadn’t meant to leave an impression.

so, this isn’t really a love story. well, it shouldn’t be.

The Way We Do by CupcakeCait 

Zayn and Liam play on rival football teams, and it’s hate at first sight, in Zayn’s case at least.

We Do What We Have To by iwanttowriteyouafic. 

“He watched the tape later, though, when Zayn had gone for a midnight shower and the apartment was silent. He skimmed through, desperately wanting to watch how they fit together before the clip is edited, but knowing that’s not what he’s looking for. No, he’s looking for the ending, where Zayn swaggers out of bed: plump lower caught between pearly white teeth, face eclipsing into a cheeky grin when he examines himself in the live feed. He looked directly into the camera, a tiny eyebrow raise accompanying his smirk giving hint that he’s enjoying the attention for a little more than what he’s being paid.”

(Or the one where Liam finds himself needing money quickly, and Zayn has a surprising suggestion of how to help.)

It’s Always Been You by livingforamiracle 

An AU where Liam consistently goes on bad dates only to realize that his favorite dates are the ones where he’s holed up in his flat with his best friend Zayn.


New Orleans’ Garden District and Why You Need it in Your Life-

     My first time visiting New Orleans was when I was 20 years old in the middle of a national tour with only one day to experience and enjoy it as much as I could, and I did. I immediately immersed myself in the culture and fell madly in love, as if I just discovered who I was and what I truly loved. Typically when people think of New Orleans they think barbaric college kids, mardi gras beads, or a rundown urban ghetto… which in a sense is dead on if you have tunnel vision, but there is SO much more to this city.

     The Garden District/Uptown area is my absolute favorite neighborhood of anywhere I have ever been. The area was originally developed between 1832 and 1900 and is considered one of the best-preserved collections of historic Southern mansions in the United States. What initially took my breath away was the architecture. I have always had a profound love for opulent, mid-1800′s architecture including Greek Revival, Colonial, and Victorian styles such as Italianate, and Queen Anne, but had never seen them so vast in person. The second showstopper was how the foliage abounds far and wide; from the tree lined streets, to the lush gardens nearly every home possessed. It is positively one of the most visually appealing places in the United States.

     Below I have comprised a list of 10 places you MUST enjoy during your next visit to New Orleans in order of how they appear above. Enjoy:

1. The Wedding Cake House
This ostentatious Victorian, Georgian revival mansion is one of the most prominent and recognizable historical residences along St. Charles Ave. Can you imagine an entire neighborhood of these?
Built in 1896-Located at 5809 St. Charles Ave.

2. The Carroll-Crawford House
The elegant, but dark Italianate design with the fine cast-iron double galleries will always remind me of the first time I saw this type of architecture… Disneyland’s Haunted House; it was surreal.
Built in 1869-Located at 1315 First Street.

3. St. Charles Street Car
You can hop on at several locations along St Charles and Carrollton and jump off at the French Quarter On Carondelet/Canal St. or vice versa AND it’s only $3 for a day pass.

4. Lafayette Cemetery
Known for its old, often crumbling, and occasionally open, above ground tombs, Lafayette is easily one of the most fascinating cemeteries you will ever visit. Although St. Louis Cemetery is generally the first sought after by tourists due to it’s location in the French Quarter and the graves of more celebrities, Lafayette is much more serene and picturesque cemetery that you could probably spend hours in.
Established in 1833-Located at: 2010 Washington Ave.

Tips: There are gates on each of the roads around the cemetery, but only the Washington and Sixth St are unlocked. Also, there is an awesome coffee shop across the street called Still Perkin’.

5. Blue Phoenix
This is a wonderful place to acquire metaphysical and new age supplies including: herbs, oils, incense, amulets, cool candles, crystals, voodoo dolls and other spiritual supplies.
Located at: 4304 Magazine St.

6. Sucre
An Uptown sweet boutique that features an assortment of handcrafted, luscious chocolates, fresh gelato, one-of-a-kind pastry masterpieces and super-premium coffees.                       
Located at: 3025 Magazine St.

7. Audubon Park
This is a beautiful Uptown park that borders both the Mississippi River and St. Charles Ave. with a great set of walking/bike paths and plenty of benches near the lake, under the overgrown, live oak trees, also adjacent to the Audubon Zoo.
Located at: 6500 Magazine St.

8. Commander’s Palace
You will find this place at the top of every “Where to Eat in New Orleans” list. Located just across the street from the Lafayette Cemetery, this large, but intimate Victorian house is the perfect place to get some of the best Southern food New Orleans has to offer.
Located at: 1403 Washington Ave. Established in 1880

9. Dos Jefes Cigar Bar
If you’re interested in a more relaxed, but entertaining place to enjoy your evening, Dos Jefes features live jazz with great top shelf liquor and there is never a cover charge.
Located at: 5535 Tchoupitoulas St.

10. Hubbard Mansion B&B
This is an exquisite family owned business located in the heart of the Garden District that offers five exquisitely furnished suites in the Main House, and two executive apartments. The beautiful rooms recall the grandeur of 19th century New Orleans. The St Charles Street Car stops right out front for a convenient, quick ride to the French Quarter.
Located at: 3535 St. Charles Ave.


Fujiyoshida :3

These are photos that I took on various strolls through the city of
Fujiyoshida (^-^)

Fujiyoshida has many shrines and temples that are less famous than Fuji-Sengen-Jinja but quite nice too look at and visit :3
Since there are few tourists around these it feels very calm and relaxing to visit them and on my way to this particular temple I passed a weaving mill and enjoy listening to the rhythmic rattling of the loom :)
Also a guy repairing a motorbike had a nice short “chat” about motorbikes with me that mostly consisted of pointing at parts of the motorbike saying manufacturers names and me demonstrating the kick-starter of my motorbike and by him starting his motorbike to demonstrate its sound :D
I guess motorbike guys kind of understand each other at some level (^-^;)

I enjoy this particular part (second photo ;) of Fujiyoshida every time I look at it :3
The lush green along the water rushing by and the houses that seem to grow from it like mushrooms make me feel more grounded and calm (^-^)
The tubes projecting from the walls remind me of roots while the roofs remind me of the top of mushrooms :)

Next you can see a little overview of the city with Fuji-Q Highland in the background :)
I didn’t go there but it seems to be quite famous and is supposed to sport the most haunted house in Japan :D
I’m just not the amusement park kind of guy (^-^;)
If I want to get a certain thrill I give the throttle of my motorbike a jolt or step a little harder on my bicycles pedals (^-^;)
I certainly enjoyed seeing its lights from my hotel rooms window though :3
I enjoyed seeing this quaint little shrine too :)

Most of the time I didn’t see Fuji-san as it was hidden by clouds.
On my first visit I didn’t see it at all until I was on it… Fuji-san is very shy indeed :)

What I long for while being in Germany is to see those dense green mountains again :3
It is nice to see how there is nature right next door to human dwellings so that you can escape whenever you need to :3
Hiking on those mountains is quite nice :3

And finally a cat family :D
Or maybe cat delinquents (猫ぼうそうぞく :) at least they look a little like they are wanting to say: “Are ye looking for trouble hoomin?” <=sorry for using internet cat talk (^-^;)
I wanted to cuddle them all but I was afraid they’d run away or that they’d take my camera ( ミΦﻌΦ)ฅ
The second photo shows one of them drinking from a sharpening stone pond :D I assume that there is a woodworker living in this place :)

This week and the next one I’ll be quite busy as the first exam will be this Thursday and the next one on Saturday of the following week (^-^;)
So I will accomplish very little in my workshop/living room…
Also I fell sick last weekend and lost a lot of time because I fell asleep quite often while reading my textbooks (>_<;)

I don’t feel like universities care about students or about teaching or indeed about anything besides making money and kicking people out.

So bear with me and the dying that is part of the very word studying (^-^;)

I feel sorry to keep postponing making a post about workshop related things but it is the way it is :D

So I wish everyone a great time and sweet dreams for the time being (^-^)/

Beyond a locked gate there’s a private road that leads a short way to a haunted house. The private road is my heart and the haunted house is my mind. I don’t know who locked the gate.
The road appears to be well maintained because there is no traffic now. The grounds appear to be well kept because time has stopped and nothing grows or changes.
The house is immaculate because I ceaselessly roam the corridors, going room to room cleaning and arranging as though that might make terms with the many ghosts and spirits who linger.

I can’t say if I am fleeing or pursuing all that dwells here, but some rooms remain fully lit around the clock; the very notion of offering a welcoming, black space in this haunted house is more than I can bear.
On the darkest nights I draw up plans to sell this property, yet in the early morning hours a certain sound or smell reminds me that I am this house and I am these grounds.

Even if I did manage to retrace my heart—that private road which leads away from here—who would open the gate? It’s locked from the outside.

from I Am This House, Green Vincentine  image: John Atkinson Grimshaw