the house on straw hill


Also known as Exposé, The House on Straw Hill (1976) is a slow moving erotic thriller starring Udo Kier and Linda Hayden. The pair are very watchable and the movie is generally well shot with a claustrophobic, lonely summertime atmosphere and some effectively trippy use of montage. It’s also rather dull and unpleasant and exploitation-y and wraps up in an unsatisfactory way. I blind bought this one because it was available at a nice discount, but if I had seen it first, I probably wouldn’t have pulled the trigger.

Bit of upside is that the Severin blu-ray release comes with an extra disc that contains a very thorough documentary called Ban The Sadist Videos!, which tells you everything you could possibly want to know about the controversial campaign in the UK to ban the so-called Video Nasties in the 80s. Tons of Vintage VHS art and in-depth interviews make it well worth a watch for genre history buffs.