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oh man so when kakashi was on guard duty for 9 months (not 10, kishimoto, there’s…. literally no way a baby will stay in for 10 months literally just ask any sane doctor) (but they totally did it on the hokage desk and kurama grumbled about it, and thats how they found out kushina was pregnant. built in pregnancy test kurama)

….. when kakashi was on anbu guard duty for 9 months while kushina was pregnant, u know kushina dragged him inside to teach him abt sealing techniques. she’s a high-energy ninja on near-house arrest, all because she’s growin a lil squirt inside her belly, and yeah she gets the pregnancy tired but she’s still cooped up and bored out of her head with no missions. so she takes on a new mission: minato’s depressed last-of-his-team kiddo.

she makes up weird cravings that turn out to be really good– pickles and eggs, pickles and ice cream, ramen with saury, idk sry. when he brings her the right food from the right vendor (she sends him back 3x lol) she drags him inside and makes him eat w her while she “"pretends”“ to study her sealing notes. it’s pretty obvious what she’s doing, but kakashi’s like, super duper depressed so it takes him a lil bit to catch on that she just wants to teach him something so she’s not bored. (he never catches on that he’s her mission lol.)

so kushina passes on down what’s left of the uzumaki & uzushio sealing techniques she can, over pickles and ramen and saury and eggs, and varying combinations of the food.

how else did y'all think minato became so good with sealing? sure he’s a quick study– but kushina gave him that extra insight, and kakashi used her knowledge during anbu to help keep himself alive. (sealing scrolls for various weather on mission, plus the insight about pocket dimensions helped him later on when he was training with kamui.)

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headcanons about the *blessed ot4* please? (Mari/Adrien/Nino/Alya)

  • nino and mari are like the deadpanned fatalistic members of the group
    • nino: dudes we’ve been studying for this test for like fifty years death is staring me in the face
    • mari: if we die like right now tho, we won’t have to take the test
    • nino: omg tru 
    • adrien: …….so can you two like, i dunno, love yourselves please?
  • nino makes a group snapchat for the four of them because he thought it’d be cute, but adrien and alya started spamming it when they turned it into a continuous ugly selfie contest that’s been going 27 days strong. mari and nino just leave it alone and snap each other directly. 
  • not only are mari and alya synced up, but adrien and nino become those mom friends that bring junk food, pain killers, and extra tampons to school in case the girls need it
  • adrien somehow has the numbers of nino’s, alya’s, and marinette’s parents and vice versa and adrien won’t tell how he got them
    • whenever one of them is out past curfew, they’ll always get a call from adrien being like “hey so your mom called me and she wants you home right away.”
    • adrien casually texts marinette’s mom often bc she’s always asking him how he is and if he’s eating. adrien doesn’t mind bc it’s nice to have a mom worry over him. 
  • marinette has sketched out schematics for how to sneak past the agreste mansion’s security, scale the side of adrien’s home, and break him out of his room for “friend time.” she’s dead serious about it too. 
  • there was one time adrien invited everyone over to his house so they could “work on a class project.” but he hid them in his closet until his father and nathalie went to sleep so that they could sleep over at his house without anyone knowing
    • they had to keep the noise down and ninja into the kitchen whenever they wanted snacks, but adrien was the only one with a bed big enough for all four of them and alya wanted to have a go on his rock climbing wall 
  • adrien and marinette are notorious for physically crying over cute animal photos/videos, so sometimes, to screw with them, alya and nino will spam them with links during class and laugh at them these two start sobbing into their notes in the middle of a geography lesson

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whenever i can’t draw i always default to these losers in a shoujo-manga au.

I’ve been rereading a bunch of comments on Obito-heavy chapters of reverse, and there are a couple of points that people always bring up that just…bug me. And keep in mind that while he is totally my favorite character I do not excuse anything he did, nor do I feel his actions were justified. But sometimes, the hypocrisy of the statements gets to me. Cue rant:

1) “He killed so many people! And innocents!”

Yes, absolutely. But they’re shinobi - so has everyone else. Like, Minato canonically killed over a thousand Iwa shinobi in a single day. Kakashi also has an incredibly high kill-count from taking missions. Itachi killed hundreds in one night. Assassination contracts are also a thing, and there is no way that everyone the various shinobi in the villages kill is innocent. Killing people is kind of a thing with ninjas. If you don’t like Obito because he killed your faves, that’s cool, but say that

2) “There was no reason for him to do what he did!”

Well, the overarching goal behind everything was changing the shinobi world because it’s the kind of place that makes child soldiers fight and die in wars, and changing the world is kind of a recurring theme in the series. Obito gets the “cool motive, still murder” sticker, but Naruto and Hashirama had the same goal, honestly. Even Kakashi admits that Madara and Obito have a point about things needing to change. 

3) “He should have known better!”

As a traumatized child soldier being manipulated/brainwashed by two master manipulators right after he saw his only friend killed? And with a seal on his heart to keep him from betraying them? I mean, it would have been reasonable if he had come to realize that everything he was doing was wrong, but I also tend to think it’s understandable that he didn’t. Rin was his main tie to Konoha and he’d just seen Kakashi murder her. He had no family that accepted him and a strained relationship at best with Kakashi. He grew up practically an outcast, being told he was useless and had no worth, and then Madara shows up and tells him he’s strong and capable and can save the world from itself. He didn’t look too deeply, and I can understand why. Again, ‘cool motive, still murder’, but a reasonable progression from the child we see in the beginning. 

4) “He was too easily forgiven!”

This one I’ll give you, but it was out of character for Naruto, Obito, and Rin, and just. Such sloppy writing. Especially when Naruto had previously said (to which Obito agreed) that Obito would have to face justice in the villages after the war. Naruto turning around to instantly call him the ‘coolest guy’ when he died was just ridiculous, but I feel like it’s akin to blaming Sakura for the character assassination in 699. Bad writing, inconsistent characterization. Before that, it was a lot more of a believable situation, imo. 

More Madara as Team 7 Sensei AU by Delicate Memento, translated by me with permission.

I thought this was so funny that it deserved to be its own post hahahaha.

Gloss of artist’s note: In the Chuunin Exam, when Uncle Snake was being naughty [translator’s note: lmao], Madara cleans house with the Sound ninja. He’s so cute in Kakashi’s pose.

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Find it on Netflix, Youtube, and beyond, but this film is a one of kind.  It shows an aspect of gay culture that is very much alive today.  While it may seem underground, there is most definitely a surge of continuously rising attention and involvement in the ball culture.  Check out this video discussing the uprising of ball culture since the 20′s:

And a recent clip of a ball below from Taiwan: