the house of fairy tales

The Big Bad Wolf is a Hufflepuff:

1. Hardworking + dedicated

2. Always looking for food and generally good at finding it

3. “And I’ll huff and I’ll puff” what other proof do you need

Astrology fun facts pt.3

- Having a planet in the 12th conjunct your as makes the energy of the planet shine through & noticeable, but in a way that’s more so felt than understood.

- Chiron in the 1st can indicate childhood trauma & self-worth issues.

- The archetypes are expressions, not people.

- Astrology used to be a legitimate science that was closely intertwined with astronomy in earlier days.

- Pisces & 12th house venusians dream of/want a fairy tale love.

- Where your sun is (house) that’s where you’ll shine (through).

- Sagittarians always want more more more - it’s the sign of excess.

- Gemini risings are often small with long limbs.

- Mars in the 1st is often seen as aggressive by others, while the individual doesn’t see it that way at all.

- Venus/Ascendent aspects can give you subtle but good leadership qualities.

- If you won a fixed sign over you’ve got it.

- Pisces’ co-ruler is Jupiter.

- Aquarius’ co-ruler is Saturn.

- The fire signs always have something flirtatious to them.

- Taurus is the most musically talented of the zodiac.

- Pisces mercury can make a good writer, director & visual artist.

- Capricorns always manage to somehow wing themselves through school like nobody else can.

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1.     Favorite monster

2.     Biggest Fear

3.     Biggest Irrational Fear

4.     Favorite Scary Short Story

5.     Favorite Horror Movie

6.     Favorite movie monster

7.     Favorite mythology monster

8.     Favorite urban legend monster

9.     Favorite Television monster

10. Scariest Witch

11. Scariest Alien

12. Scariest fictional psychopath/murderer

13. Scariest dragon

14. Scariest Vampire

15. Scariest Zombie

16. Scariest werebeast/wolf/shapeshifter

17. Scariest eldritch abomination

18. Scariest Ghost

19. Scariest childhood memory (ie getting lost, not being traumatized)

20. Favorite Creepypasta

21. Favorite creepy song

22. Scariest real-life mystery

23. What haunted houses I’ve visited

24. Favorite classic/Gothic Horror Movie

25. Scariest Fairy Tale

26. Favorite psychological Horror Movie

27. Favorite Sci-fi horror Movie

28. Favorite Monster Movie

29. Favorite Supernatural Movie

30. Favorite Slasher Movie

31. Favorite Horror comedy

32. Favorite Animated Horror film

33. Scariest non-horror movie

34. Coolest Movie Monster

35. Scariest gaming experience

36. Creepiest PSA

37. Creepy fan theory/fan fic

38. Favorite Horror Musical/play/theater production

39. Something I used to be scared of that I now love

40. Least favorite movie monster

41. Cruddy/B-movie that scared me as a kid

42. Disturbing Movie

43. Favorite Horror novel

44. Scariest Documentary

45. Creepy Actor

46. Scariest Theme experience

47. Favorite scary/horror themed Youtuber

48. Person/place/thing I wish people didn’t undermine with stupid horror/youtube countdowns

49. Scary tumblr experience

50.  Scariest movie ever


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Sherlock scenes left

-Sherlock running from a house at night holding a lantern and looking like a prince in a fairy-tale

-The same house burning 

-Sherlock laying face down on a table

-Someone holding Molly’s hand up to her face

-John in the well


-The dramatic boat scene at night 

-Sherlock crying into his hands while holding a gun in some kind of underground bunker

-Sherlock and John exchanging the same gun while still in the bunker

-Molly saying, “For Christ’s sake, Sherlock, it is not a game.” 

-Mycroft saying, “Our demons walk beneath our roads, and yours Sherlock, have been waiting for a very long time.” 

-Meaning and context of the chess promo pic

-What exactly the final problem is

-Will the elephant in the room be address?



-And oh, did I mention the “I LOVE YOU”?


Obergurgl, Austria (by Hans)