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What do you expect for FP and Alice in S2? Both Madchen and Skeet seem to be pushing for the Falice ship to set sail.

I want to know their history. From that scene outside Jughead’s party when she confronted him then when FP was at the Cooper’s house for dinner it’s obvious there’s something more and to be, there’s what appears to be tension, sexual or otherwise. We now know Alice is from the Southside and when Hal mentioned she threw a brick through his window, he lowkey looked proud.

Obviously as a bughead shipper, I don’t want them canon but they are very cute together and have great chemistry. 

Plus Madchen and Skeet are hot as fuck so that helps


riverdale core four as hogwarts houses

Archibald “Archie” Andrews: ~gryffindor~

Elizabeth “Betty” Cooper

Forsythe Pendleton “Jughead” Jones III

Veronica “Ronnie” Lodge

requests are open

Riverdale Family Sigils (inspired by game of thrones)

House Andrews; strength and foundation
House Cooper; truth in all things 
House Lodge; family honor, unity
House Jones; wise as serpents 
House Keller; serve and protect
House Mantle; greatness or nothing
House Blossom; forever in bloom
House McCoy; by claw and courage

Dom just stay calling it like it is. This is why we all knew this season was going to be a problem with the cast was first revealed because representation and diversity matters. It helps when you’re in the house with other people who look like you and share your experiences as poc just like it’s important for us the viewers to see more people who look just like us. That’s why Da’Vonne and Zakiyah were surprised to see two chocolate drops in the same season. The same with Danielle and Neeley. This show needs to do better with diversity. Perhaps if we had better diversity this season Dom wouldn’t be going through what she’s going through right now. Perhaps. But we won’t ever know for sure if we just get a season like the one we have right now with simply one black woman in the house. They need to do better. 

You want / seek

Venus/Mars in Aries: an exciting, energetic, courageous partner
Venus/Mars in Taurus: a patient, reliable, sensual partner
Venus/Mars in Gemini: a witty, intellectual, sociable partner
Venus/Mars in Cancer: a sensitive, caring, homemaking partner
Venus/Mars in Leo: a loyal, generous, extravagant partner
Venus/Mars in Virgo: a modest, clever, organized partner
Venus/Mars in Libra: a charming, graceful, peaceful partner
Venus/Mars in Scorpio: an intense, mysterious, protective partner
Venus/Mars in Sagittarius: an adventurous, philosophical, wild partner
Venus/Mars in Capricorn: an ambitious, composed, aloof partner
Venus/Mars in Aquarius: an inventive, edgy, unique partner
Venus/Mars in Pisces: a dreamy, gentle, spiritual partner

Venus/Mars in the 1st house: who will compete with you
Venus/Mars in the 2nd house: who will spoil you
Venus/Mars in the 3rd house: who will keep you busy
Venus/Mars in the 4th house: who will keep you safe
Venus/Mars in the 5th house: who will entertain you
Venus/Mars in the 6th house: who will take care of you
Venus/Mars in the 7th house: who will devote themselves to you
Venus/Mars in the 8th house: who will understand you deeply
Venus/Mars in the 9th house: who will show you the world
Venus/Mars in the 10th house: who will push you to succeed
Venus/Mars in the 11th house: who will see the genius in you
Venus/Mars in the 12th house: who will escape with you

Be sure to check both. If you’re attracted to females, Venus may make more sense, and if you’re attracted to males, Mars may make more sense. For the house positions, you can also switch the roles (for example, if you have Mars in the ninth house, you could seek someone who you can show the world to rather than the other way around).

You need

Moon in Aries: an encouraging partner
Moon in Taurus: a supporting partner
Moon in Gemini: a listening partner
Moon in Cancer: a nurturing partner
Moon in Leo: an adoring partner
Moon in Virgo: a reassuring partner
Moon in Libra: a compromising partner
Moon in Scorpio: an understanding partner
Moon in Sagittarius: a decelerating partner
Moon in Capricorn: an energizing partner
Moon in Aquarius: a humbling partner
Moon in Pisces: a soothing partner

Moon in the 1st house: who acknowledges you
Moon in the 2nd house: who fortifies you
Moon in the 3rd house: who poises you
Moon in the 4th house: who emboldens you
Moon in the 5th house: who inspires you
Moon in the 6th house: who cooperates with you
Moon in the 7th house: who differentiates from you
Moon in the 8th house: who opens you up
Moon in the 9th house: who sets you free
Moon in the 10th house: who supports you
Moon in the 11th house: who accepts you
Moon in the 12th house: who realizes you

Anybody notice where Jess is standing in this picture?

I’ve commented tangentially on this before, but I want to point it out very directly. First, think about the home in which Jess grew up…the one in which he “[didn’t] like any of the guys” his mom dated, but, as he put it, “She r e a l l y doesn’t care what I think. I’ve got 19 years of proof to back me up.” Want a glimpse of those years?

He watches her in his peripheral vision. She’s on the telephone, anxiety mounting. He knows before asking who was on the phone, and even if she doesn’t say so, he can tell that HE is on his way, and she’s scared, even though she doesn’t want to show it.


But there’s no way he’s leaving her to face him alone. When h e gets there, keep things light and casual. …Nope… H E ’ S MAD. Change of tactic. Just keep talking–keep h i s eyes on YOU–draw h i s fire while you casually step in front of her…between them– …That’s right, buddy, I’m your target, over here, if you’re gonna hit somebody it’s me, if you’re going to yell and scream at somebody, I’m right here, I caused all of this trouble, anything you don’t like about this situation? ALL ME.