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Super Baby Talk

Talking about his private life was Henry’s least favorite thing to do. It wasn’t like he didn’t expect that. All the fame and the glory has a price: having a thousand people talking about your personal life it’s one of them. He used to be the most discrete man of all the men, but the things has changed a little bit some years back.

When you and Henry started dating you had all the eyes on you. Everyone seemed to need to know where did you live, what you did for living, who your parents were, how old were you, what was your blood type and so on… but then people got used to you and little by little everyone was finding out some details from your normal life. It wasn’t like you are famous now, but you’re not as anonymous as you once were. It was delightful to see and to listen all the greetings when you and Henry got married. Everyone seemed to be as happy as you two, even when Henry decided not to speak much of it in front of the cameras.

The pregnancy announcement though, was his ideia. An instagram post: a photograph of him dressed as superman, Kal wearing a red cape and your belly with a S on it. “Super Baby Coming June” written in a beautiful typography, just like a movie poster. The internet went crazy. The following months were all filled with love and sweet wishes for the boy who was about to come. Henry was over the moon with the new baby — and had no fear of talking about how gorgeous you were looking while carrying his beloved child, even when he was detailing how much you felt like a real hippopotamus.

Now 10 months after the delivering, Henry was sitting there in front of a interviewer, laughing at some joke about his mustache.

“But let’s talk about the major role you have in your life right now… the dad role. How old is your boy and how’s all that being for you and the wife?”

“Yeah, he’s 10 months old now. It’s quite an adventure!” he laughs tenderly “It’s very tiring… but also very energizing. He just learned how to walk, so now we have to keep an extra eye on him. He is the most amazing kid ever. I may be known as superman but Y/N that is actually a super woman. She has been the best since day 1… and I know how all this parenting thing can weight more to her side — since she’s the one who suffered all the hormones things and etc, but she is tough! Me and my boy we are very lucky to have such a wonderful woman taking care of us. She’s really a wonderful woman. A wonderful mom. She’s just amazing.”

“Oh, that’s sweet. And does the baby know how to speak any words?”

“Oh, he does. He’s a very talkative little guy, even though it doesn’t sound much like English yet. He can say "Kal”, that it’s our dog, “mama” and “Cavill.”

“No Dada? Daddy? Oh my goodness! How does it feel for you? He calls you Cavil?”

“It hurts me a little bit.” he jokes. “But he does not call me Cavill. Basically everyone who enters our house it’s Cavill to him, but he calls me "mama” as well.“ He laughs loudly, just like the interviewer.

"I asked to people to send me some questions for you and I gotta say… most of them want to know two things that I’m not so sure if you can answer.”

“Uh. I’ll try.” He sits straight on his chair.

“One: ‘how does Y/N got in shape so fast?’ and two: 'do you have plans to have more babies? Because your genetics combined with Y/N’s is the best thing ever.’” the interviewer laughs. “I’m just reading, but yes, I agree!”

“Oh, Y/N is a fruit girl. She eats a lot of fruits. And drinks a lot of water. And let’s just say… she’s naturally beautiful.” He says with a big smile on his face.

“Look at him! Oh, you’re so in love aren’t you?” they both laugh. “But what about baby 2?”

“OH… yeah! Her genetics does make me want to have at least more 3 babies. A Justice League, actually. But I’m not the one who have to carry the babies on my body, so it all depends on her.”

Yooo hey! This one is a request. It took me way more time than I expected to write this one AND it ended up short but I had fun! I absolutely love writing dad!henry, hits me right on the feelings. Here it is. Hope you all like it. :) XX T. 

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A historic love: Charles Brandon & Mary Tudor

She was a young princess from the House of Tudor, born on the 18th of March 1496 as youngest surviving daughter to Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. A great beauty with fair pale skin, grey eyes and reddish golden hair, she loved dancing, music, masquerade balls and was a beloved figure at both her father’s and her brother’s court.

He was a lowborn, orphaned boy, whose father died fighting side by side with her father in the Battle of Bosworth. To honour this loyal sacrifice, King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth took the young boy in when he was only 7 and he was raised along with the royal children.  

While she was her brother’s most beloved sister, he was one of his closest friends and certainly a charming, chivalry man. Throughout the years they grew closer and closer.

To their great misfortune, Henry VIII arranged for his sister to be married to King Louis XII of France, a man 34 years her senior. Mary begged her brother to reconsider and declared her love for Charles. But the King would not hear it, he needed his sister for political aspects and although Brandon was a Duke, he was lowborn and no fit for a royal princess.

At last, Mary gave in to her brother’s demand but only under one condition. If the old King Louis would come to pass, she would be allow to choose her second husband. Henry agreed though he may have not have intended to keep his promise.

On October 9th 1514, Mary married the French King and accepted her fate with the grace of a true Queen. Their union did not last long, for Louis XII died New year’s eve that same year. To ensure Mary was not carrying the King’s heir, she was locked in seclusion without any of her English ladies-in-waiting. This was a French custom every Reine Blache ( = Dowager Queen)  had to endure.

By the end of January, Henry had commanded Charles Brandon to bring Mary back to England but he had to promise not to marry her.

A few days later Charles arrived in France and found a deeply emotional Mary locked away in isolation. This month had been both lonesome and terrifying for her, and being reunited with her beloved Charles must have awoken many feelings in her.

To prevent herself from another loveless marriage that would most likely separate her from Charles yet again, Mary beseeched him to take her as his wife. Brandon was torn between his loyalty to his King and friend and his love and affection for his lovely Mary. With the promise he made to Henry in his mind, he knew he had to refuse her.

But Mary was determined so she proposed to him an ultimatum. Either marry me now, or I shall join a nunnery so that ‘never no man shall joy of me.’

Charles could no longer deny her nor his feelings and thus somewhere in February, in a small chapel near Palais de Cluny, they were married.

King Henry was furious when he heard the news, there was no way to reason with him. Fortunately Marry knew her brother well, and she send him some of the most beautiful jewels King Louis had given her. Eventually Henry forgave both of them although he did fine them to pay Mary’s dowry to

Some council-members disapproved for it was unimaginable for a princess to marry a for nothing else but love. But Charles was ever the charming man and Mary the beloved, gracious princess, so they were soon forgiven.

And who doesn’t enjoy a story about a love that conquered all? 

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What would you do if in t100 in the series finale everyone gets killed and the last scene is Clarke running into Lexa's arms and she finally tells Clarke that she loves her too and after they kiss and hold hands while they are walking away together?

I was just trying to have a good time, you know, by giffing henry cavill and then you came into my house and you attacked me WHY? WHY DO YOU HATE ME!!!?!?