the house of black heads

Halloween things for the signs

Aries: fangs, misty graveyards, spooky stories, music boxes, demons, sweets.

Taurus: orange, hot chocolate with marshmallows, black cats, crypts, midnight.

Gemini: skull heads, haunted houses, ghouls, huge scarves, moon light, potions.

Cancer: cinnamon donuts, pretty leaves, oversized sweaters, crows, shadows.

Leo: carving jack-o’-lanterns, magic spells, full moons, pumpkin spice latte, bats.

Virgo: creepy headstones, broomsticks, spider webs, m&m, werewolves, masks.

Libra: tiny pumpkins, mummies, brownies, candelabras, skeletons, leaf rubbings.

Scorpio: candy apples, abandoned asylums, black lipstick, witches, candy corns.

Sagittarius: scary movies, scented candles, RIP tombstones, trick or treat, owls.

Capricorn: cauldrons, nightmares, witches brew, ghost cupcakes, vampires, boo!

Aquarius: death scythes, cloaks, knee socks, pumpkin picking, costume parties.

Pisces: apple cider, smell of dead leaves, witch’s hat, faeries, corn mazes, mist.


Jimin is sleepy, he’s tired and he’s struggling to keep his eyes open. He refuses to fall asleep because he thinks that would be “bad boyfriend behavior”. He came to your house in sweatpants and a black hoodie over his head ready for your date at home. Jimin zones out every once in while, while you’re telling a story. You’d wave your hand in front of him until he snaps back and now he’s muttering apologies. You suggest you guys cuddle and take a nap together. Jimin refuses and gestures for you to continue your story. You let out a long sigh and twist your body to face him. He’s already looking at you, you take his face in your hands and study it for all the signs that he needs sleep. Your hands are warm and comforting to jimin. He relaxes and leans into your touch closing his eyes. You run your thumbs across his cheek and before you can even open your mouth to lecture him he’s falling into you. His head is resting on your chest and arms lazily wrapped around you. Your warmth, scent, and heartbeat lulls him to sleep.


Lucky student
Martial arts
Baseball player
FanFic writer
Fortune teller
Gang leader
Writer prodigy
Hall monitor
Serial killer
PE Period
Social studies
Arts and crafts
Performing arts
Form period
Traditional dancer
Male escort
Female escort
Little sister
DR Zero
Multiple birth siblings
Secret agent
Student council president
Aikidou master
Nursery school teacher
Tennis player
DR: Togami
Karate master
Weather forecasters
Dual personality
Brother complex
DR: Kirigiri
Rock climber
Make up artist
House keeper
Student council president
Black smith
Head council
Affluent Progeny
Discus Thrower
Street Performe
Shougi player
Yo yoer
Judo master
Council secretary
Vice President

Chris Fleming/Gayle Waters Waters Inspired Sentence Starters
  • “It’s [year]. Could we stop throwing girls in the pool? Every time a guy flirtatiously pushes a girl in the pool, the Devil cries a joyous tear of axe body spray.”
  • “____, this is a dish towel! We need a HAND towel! What are we, barbarians?”
  • “Are you trying to get punched with my legs?”
  • “It’s like putting out a dip at a party and calling it a baked Gouda Asiago dip when everybody knows it’s just microwaved Velveeta.”
  • “You’re not some Victorian piece of string cheese holding in her period until she’s whisked off her size 4 glass slippers by her prince.”
  • “Quiche is just pizza that went to private school.”
  • “And _____’s/you’re jazzing around all proud of [pronoun]/yourself like a seagull that just pulled off a Dorito heist at the beach.”    
  • “I want this place looking like Disney on Ice in one minute!”
  • “You’re far too confident for an adult in the backseat right now!”
  • “Get rid of the couches! We can’t let people know we sit!”
  • “Well, I got news for you, asshole. I rigged that thing with C-4 so that when I go, it goes.”
  • “I’ve never felt more out of place and more uncomfortable.”
  • “So I stole a pig, blamed _____ for it, and he/she/they spent a night in the big house.”
  • “So I black out from the rage and I come to, covered head to toe in Hollandaise sauce.”
  • “If _____ rescued a pitbull, then I’m rescuing a shark!”
  • “I’m gonna go put myself on Craigslist.”
  • “You can’t handle the pressure of a Latin American dish.”
  • “The coward’s way out? I’d rather take a bullet.”
  • “When _____ asks ‘How was Taco Tuesday?’ I don’t want to say IT WAS A GODDAMN MESS!”
  • “I call the Coast Guard and ask them to airlift me out, but they won’t.”
  • “He looked at my grocery load and said, ‘Looks like someone’s makin’ quesadillas tonight’. You don’t know me, asshole.”
  • “I’ll admit, exposing myself in front of the entire town while provoking local wildlife was not my finest moment.”
  • “Okay, Cinderella, get in your butternut squash and get to third with the prince, because you got to go to the ball!”
  • “Panera is just McDonald’s that studied abroad in France.”
  • “I love to get post-traumatic stress during my lunch.”
  • “People say that if you play Mozart while you’re sleeping, it makes you smarter. I think conversely, if you play Smash Mouth, it’s gonna make you a little bit dumber.”
  • “I would like to have unveiled them to the world for my own financial gain but alas. At the same time, nobody needs or wants to see this shit.”
  • “Look at me, I’m a monster. I destroyed something beautiful.”
  • “You faked your own death to have Edible Arrangements sent to your home.”
  • “_____ went to art school so she’s a functional illiterate.”
  • “I had to stay home and guard the couscous chest. I’m understaffed.”
  • “I will roast you like a pepper!”
  • “Not to worry, ____. I can’t afford another manslaughter count. Not after what happened at Cinnabon.”
“Under The Spell of Moonlight”

The Olicity Valentine’s Day Smut-A-Thon @olicityvalentinesdaysmut-a-thon

Prompt: Morning Sex.  

A/N:M-Rated. I decided to write an alternate ending to 2x23.  There’s angst with a splash of love finally declared and sexy times.

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Through the languor of bone deep exhaustion, Felicity could feel the vehicle ease to a complete stop. She was both physically and emotionally drained.  The trip back from Lian Yu and the horrifying events of the last few days were catching up with her.  She lay heavily against the door of the passenger seat in Oliver’s car, with her head against the window, seeking relief in the coolness of the glass.

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Some Pepper for @weaboojon-san   :3

cake box, cat pancake, cowboy hat and snow dome

We also have heaps of Pepper in our Cat Tag Book:

colorful sock, stump house, royal chair, tiramisu cube, silk crepe pillow, honey pot, glass vase, black head space, pot on bureau, scratching board, treasure box, goldfish bowl, navy blue cube, fluffy sock, yellow bucket, multiple poses, twisty rail, dice cube, hot water bottle, choo choo, burger, small heating mat, nature tent, scratching log, 4-way tunnel.

- mod Marshmallow

“House of Cards” is the type of song that raises the daddy kink side in everyone.
The Blonde & The Detective

Title: The Blonde & The Detective

Word Count: 5,580

Fandom: Danganronpa, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

Pairing: Kaede/Saihara

Rating: T

Summary:  He felt an arm hook around his waist, and the girl beside him scanned the girls in front of him, blonde hair shining under the nightclub’s light. “Babe, who are they?” Confusion swamped over him but he was careful not to let it show on his face, lest he give himself away. He hadn’t an inkling as to who she was.  Written for Saiede Week (@saiedeweek) Day 6: AU

A/N: Aaaaah!
I’m in love with this honestly?
Does that sound arrogant? I hope not…
But it’s just the longest one shot I’ve ever written so I’m vv proud
I really hope you guys like this one! <3
Saihara and Kaede are so pure
I love my nerds

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Thank you for reading!!

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House Words Wednesdays: House Thenn

Welcome to House Words Wednesdays! Each week, I’ll take a House without known canon/semi-canon words and present what I think could make sense as that House’s motto. You’re free to suggest more as well; take a look at this link to see what has already been suggested, and shoot me a tweet or ask through Tumblr if you have another House you’d like to see. 

House Thenn is the second of the wildling “Houses” I am doing for House Words Wednesdays. Not that you would ever catch a wildling adopting words of his or her own: house words, like sigils and chivalry, are “southron” concepts utterly alien to the free folk culture. However, I thought the newly created House Thenn fitting to do because of its entry into this more “southron” world in ADWD. The Thenns are perhaps the most organized of the free folk inhabitants beyond the Wall: they have lords and laws, mine copper and tin, are equipped with simple shields, bronze helms, and bronze weapons, forge their own arms, and follow a supreme leader called the Magnar (which itself means “lord” in the Old Tongue). Still, lest it be thought the Thenns are mere transplants of noblemen south of the Wall, the Thenns deal more frequently with the giants than other wildlings do and consider their Magnar closer to a god than a mere liege lord.

In ADWD, the new Magnar of Thenn is young Sigorn, a fierce warrior at first reluctant to join his forces to those of the Night’s Watch, as his father was slain at the Battle of Castle Black. To win his support (and to save Alys Karstark from a forced marriage to her deplorable cousin Cregan), Jon arranges that Sigorn and Alys wed at Castle Black, in a R'hllor-ite ceremony conducted by Melisandre. To mark the creation of the new House Thenn, Jon has made for Sigorn a sigil: a bronze disk surrounded by red flames on a white field. The sigil recalls that of House Karstark - a white sunburst on a black field - as Alys is now head of the House (or at least while her brother Harrion’s fate remains unknown). At the same time, the sigil reflects the Thenn culture (the bronze disk) as well as the R'hllor-ite manner of the House’s creation (Melisandre being always associated with the color red and with fire).

In keeping with this “southron-ization” of the Thenns, I decided to make the words for the newly created House Thenn No Longer in Shadow. I wanted words that were related to the Karstark words (The Sun of Winter) but were at the same time their own motto. So, I thought, as the rising sun casts its light upon winter, so those who were once in shadow would find themselves bathed in its glow. Similarly, House Thenn has emerged from the obscurity of life beyond the Wall (living, so to speak, in the massive Wall’s shadow) to prominence in the North, ruling (at least in name) the important seat of Karhold. Moreover, I like these words for how they reflect the unity of humanity embodied in Alys and Sigorn. The misunderstood, shadowy enemy the “southron” people have to accept is not the Others, it’s the wildlings; only by standing together as a single human entity can humanity be preserved.

Let me know what you think of these words for the Thenns. Next week’s House for HWW goes to the complete opposite end of the Westerosi continent, familiar friends of the Princess Presumptive of Dorne.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

My Favorite Hetalia RPs

-Everyone is a succubus (Or half incubus, or one person isn’t. Usually the FACE family is a mixed incubus family.) 

-Most of them are cat people and like two of them aren’t. (Specifically those people that aren’t rescue the cat people from the black market and have like a cat people half-way home) 

-I love giving America disadvantages and seeing how he can deal with them.  (Loss of strength, blindness, missing limbs– this one especially if he’s a veteran [war veteran Alfred is my fave]– wheelchair, ect. He’s such a strong character) Bonus if he has to end up with Russia, and Russia has to learn to be a little sweeter if they aren’t physical equals.) 

-I also love making Prussia a literal fairy? He just seems perfect to be fey. (Isn’t demon a little obvious? That iron weakness drives him crazy.)

-Any AU in which France owns a restaurant/bakery/is a chef.

-America is in trouble and Canada is a protective older brother. 

-England in positions of power (King/head of house/powerful black mage. I like making him the bad guy sometimes :3)

-Medieval settings. (America and Canada as princes. England as a pirate or a king. Prussia as a knight, usually, but he could be a prince. France as castle chef or adviser or lord. Magical creatures if not court politics. Fantasy medieval AUs. Russia as royalty or a saucy peasant, or the black hand of the king.) 


anonymous asked:

Why do the others respect Sans enough for them to put him as the head of the house? I would have thought that Black or Indigo (before he got kicked out) would fight for the spot.

He kinda just fell into that position accidentally, he didn’t even want to be the head but he was the best fit to be so he was. You see, despite the fact that not everyone in the household may like Sans, they all do respect him to a certain degree. It’s like a democracy, so if Indigo wanted to be the leader, Sans would for sure have at least 3-5 (Papyrus, US bros because they don’t care for the position, and UF bros MAYBE because they don’t respect Indigo at all) skeletons backing him up, while Indigo would only have Purple. 

It’s more of a silent vote tho, nobody actually says Sans is the head or anything he just kind of is. All of the decisions he makes are reasonable, so most of the skeletons agree with him anyway. Sometimes he makes dumb decisions though, like locking Y/n up in a tower, so the others do their own thing, like going to see Y/n anyway. Really, it’s not like he has a bunch of power, he just makes decisions and sees if the others agree.