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Badass Ladies

I am stealing the idea from @fangirlingtodeath513 because it’s just too good to pass up and I hope they don’t mind. 

The rules are to list 10 of your favorite female characters from 10 different fandoms, and then tag 10 different people.

1. Rose Tyler (DOCTOR WHO): because when I got into Doctor Who she was the companion and I fell madly in love with the character and now I am a whovian.

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2. Anya Kom Trikru (The 100) because Dichen Lachman is perfect and Anya left us far too soon

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3. Jessica Jones: (Jessica Jones) I wanted to be a private detective for a time when I was a kid, and she is the most badass one there is. 

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4. Morgana (Merlin) first because it’s frigging Morgana and also because I would die for Katie McGrath’s jaw. Look how perfectly cutting it is.

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5. Sidney Bristow (ALIAS) if she isn’t badass I dunno who is. Also one of my biggest gay crushes of all time. 

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6. Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest) I loved POI from season one, but her appearance turned the love dial up to 11. I wish I could kick ass half as well.

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7. Rosita Bustillos (Wynonna Earp) I want Rosita back, I want her to come back and save the day when it looks like the rest of the gang is doomed and I’d love for EA to show us that a bad choice made in fear doesn’t define a person. If she could possible come back in the midst of some chemical related shenanigan even better.

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8. Lin Beifong (Legend of Korra) let’s face it, she’s as grumpy as me without coffee and I adore her.

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9. Olivia Benson (Law & Order SVU) Hands down my favorite police detective in the history of tv. Some of SVU’s episodes have questionable writing, but I love Olivia and her drive. 

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10. Naevia (Spartacus) not only because she manages to survive the intrigue of the House of Batiatus, but also because she picks up arms herself. She isn’t the token lover for Crixus but his equal. (Can’t find a gif unfortunately)

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At Your Service 2

Genre: Fan Fiction (Spartacus)
Pairing: Varro/OFC-Cassia
Warnings: Angst, Jealousy, Comfort, Sexual Content
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: This a strict work of fiction, I own nothing except the original characters and the plot line.  

*I know it was a bit of await, after the poll but I think it will be worth it. If you remember, Varro won by popular vote. This is an extension of a previous request for Varro from @oddsnendsfanfics. Part one can be found here. We pick back up with Varro and Cassia a few days after their encounter. This is NSFW and I will not be held responsible for your physical state of being after reading. Consider yourself warned. I hope you lovelies enjoy and remember feedback is always appreciated.*

The footsteps behind Cassia startle her, but she refuses to turn around to meet her fate. Instead, she opts for a few more moments of bliss as she continues to stare at the night sky.

“So, it is you that sneaks out and gazes upon the sky.” Cassia briefly closes her eyes at Varro’s unmistakable voice.

She knew things weren’t going to change after their encounter. It was purely a woeful fantasy that was fortunate enough to play out. Varro was married and someone she was never meant to have. Clementia had simply shown her mercy and allowed her a few moments of happiness. Albeit unobtainable, the break from her seemingly eternal loneliness was a welcome distraction. 

Varro’s eyes scan the horizon before they turn back to her.

“You healed well.” Cassia blurted out.

A crooked smile spreads across his face, and she swallows the butterflies threatening to escape. Taking her hand, Varro’s blue eyes bore into hers. “Every bit of thanks goes to you.“ 

She offers Varro a small smile before turning back to the sky. She instantly feels heat from the proximity of his body. “I should go.” She whispered over her shoulder, attempting to turn away. But Varro swiftly closes the distance, pressing his chest to her back and catching her chin. He gently rubs his thumb over her bottom lip, angling her face to search her eyes.

"I want to kiss you." 

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Naevia felt a flutter in her chest as she was ordered to collect more wine from the cellar. A dull job that she had done routinely all her life in the house of Batiatus but now, now there was a new appeal to it. 

An unbidden smile found it’s way to her lips as her thoughts turned to the reason why the journey had new appeal to it. 

It wasn’t as though she’d never noticed the man in the years he’d been the Champion of the household and city, more it was that Melitta had always taught her to keep as separate from that part of life in the ludus as possible. Most the men died suddenly and often quickly, there was little use in learning names or getting attached. Though, of course, Melitta herself had married one so perhaps she hadn’t followed that advice all that strictly herself. 

Heading down the steps, she found herself hoping for more stolen moments with Crixus despite the danger she knew it would bring. He was no ordinary gladiator after all, he was the Domina’s favourite.