the house is the feminine body

The Dollar Tree

Is YOUR best friend if you have a small budget.

They carry Most of your Basic needs and other stuff too.

Soap/ Body wash (Men, Women and Kids)

Deodorant (Men and Women)

Lotion  (Men, Women and Kids)

Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Floss,  Mouth Wash 

Razors (Men and Women)

Face Wash, Acne Wash and Acne products

Feminine Hygiene products( Pads, Tampons, Feminine wash, wipes, spray and douche.) 

Condoms, warming jelly, tests.

Medicine/ Vitamins/ Cough Drops

Socks, pantyhose, tights, t shirts, scarves, house shoes, baby clothing. 

Wash Cloths, bath rugs, bath sponges

Other bath products and organizers.

Kids Toys

School supplies

Makeup, combs, brushes, shampoo, conditioner, hair color, hair oils and gels.

Perfume, Cologne, Body Sprays (Men and Women)

Frozen Food, Canned Food, Snacks, Juice, Milk, Eggs, Cheese, Soda

Food organizing, food spices, food utensils 

Room Spray

Toilet paper, Paper Towels, plunges. 

Laundry Detergent, Dryer Sheets, dirty laundry containers, hangers, moth balls. 

Trash Bags

Cleaners (Room, Floor and Kitchen)

Pet Food, Pet Supplies, Pet Toys

Home Decoration, Crafts, Books, DVD’s, Cell Phone Chargers/ Cases,Gift Ideas and much more.


Dollar Tree should be your VERY Best Friend if you are on a small monthly budget… or just like getting good deals.

Planets, Houses and Physical Appearance
  • 1st House: Head, forehead,
  • 2nd House: Entire self/body, throat, neck
  • 3rd House: Arms, hands, shoulders
  • 4th House: Chest, breasts
  • 5th House: Heart, back,
  • 6th House: Stomach
  • 7th House: Hips, butt
  • 8th House: Genitals
  • 9th House: Thighs
  • 10th House: Knees, skeletal system (entire body, like 2nd)
  • 11th House: Calves, ankles
  • 12th House: Feet
  • The house that a planet is in will change its appearance in the way described below. If there are planets in the same house, they will harmonize and will still affect each planet the same, although if both are in Jupiter and Saturn they will cancel out. (Ex: Jupiter in 8th and Saturn in 8th)
  • Sun: Increases masculinity
  • Moon: Increases femininity
  • Mercury: Makes it more angular, thin or easily affected
  • Venus: Makes it more aesthetically pleasing
  • Mars: Makes it more muscular/defined or rough
  • Jupiter: Increases size
  • Saturn: Decreases size
  • Uranus: Makes it look unconventional or complete opposite of described
  • Neptune: Makes it look better than it really is
  • Pluto: Makes it more square or subtly defined/prominent
  • To find out more info on the planets in the houses go here:
Split - Kai Scenario. Part 2

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family. 

Word Count: 2574

A/N: the “strong women aren’t feminine” defenders probably won’t like this chapter either, just saying.


Part 1

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Parking in his usual space - well, what used to be usual - Jongin gets out of the car and tightly wraps his coat around his body. It has gotten so cold lately and he can’t wait until he’s let inside the house.

Quickly running up a few steps leading to the front door, he knocks on it three times and jumps around trying to get warm. No one answers him so he tries knocking a little louder, but no sound comes from the other side of the door.

An uneasy feeling grows in his stomach and Jongin decides to do something he had decided not to do again. He punches in the code of the house and quickly opens the door to get in.

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Astrology Physiology

Every planet, sign and house have physiological correspondences which would explain a lot as we don’t always look like our ascendant. The Houses each rule a different part of our bodies, the planets affect how they appear and the signs give them a certain vibe, note that the houses and signs correspond with each other so they usually rule the same things (E.g Jupiter in the 9th House which is in Libra, Big (Jupiter) hips/thighs (9th House) that may be very feminine (Libra).)

*This is strictly appearance wise, if people would like a full, medical astrology post, let me know*


1st House/Aries: Head, Face, Physicality, Brain, Blood Vessels to the Brain and Facial bones

2nd House/Taurus: Voice Teeth, Throat, Neck and Bones

3rd House/Gemini: Shoulders, Collar bones and Hands

4th House/Cancer: Chest, Breasts, Ribs and Stomach

5th House/Leo: Spinal Chord and Back

6th House/Virgo: Abdomen and Stomach

7th House/Libra: Waist and skin

8th House/Scorpio:  Anus, Buttocks, Sexual Organs and pelvic bones

9th House/Sagittarius: Hips and Thighs

10th House/Capricorn: Knees and Joints

11th House/Aquarius: Ankles and Legs

12th House/Pisces: Feet and Toes


Sun: Provides health and vitality, generally is a bright, positive attribute

Moon: Fluctuation and instability in appearance is common here, warm and comforting features

Mercury: Sharp and clean-cut type of appearance

Venus: Feminine, aesthetically pleasing attributes

Mars: Rough, prominent, masculine attributes

Jupiter: Expansion, growth and largeness in the appearance

Saturn: Restriction, bony appearance

Uranus: Radical, uneven attributes

Neptune: Subtle, enchanting attributes

Pluto: Sexy, empowering attributes

gender nonconforming women give me life

As a fairly gnc women myself, I know that leaving your house is fucking hard sometimes. To reject femininity, to embrace the life of a biological female and to be as free as possible in this patriarchy, is to have your self-confidence constantly put to proof.

We all know there aren’t women like ourselves on the media, but let’s not even go there: I was nineteen before I saw the unshaven leg of an adult female, and that was my own leg. It is absolutely terrifying that girls going through puberty will hate their bodies before they’re even fully developed because they do not know what a woman is supposed to look like, because they do not know that they are not disgusting. 

Sometimes I feel disgusting. Sometimes I think that these people who stare at me must be right, and I’m automatically uncomfortable in my (ironically) comfortable masculine-branded clothes for the rest of the day. On these days, I have to remind myself that I am not alone. I am not the first woman to live like this, and I will not be the last.

So the point of this post is to thank and praise every woman who is resisting her gender roles right now, who refuses to adapt, who refuses to sacrifice herself. I see you. I relate to you, and I love you. Just seeing you existing, walking down the street and minding your business makes my struggles easier, makes me feel community.

It’s for every twelve years old girl out there that might see me and realize that she can resist femininity too, that I will keep on resisting. It is for every girl, and it is for every other woman like you, who also might have hopeless days like I do.

I see you. I feel represented by you. I am so incredibly grateful, and I am honored to be a part of this sisterhood. 


in addition to this being an outfit post, I wanted to talk about something a little more personal today, too.  this is to the people who are new to body positivity or who are just struggling right now.  for those who look at others and think they’ll never get to where that person is.  I’m here to tell you that even the most positive, confident people still have bad body days.  which isn’t at all to say our bodies ARE bad, but just because we have learned to question how we look at ourselves - it doesn’t mean we also don’t fall into old familiar patterns of doubt and insecurities.

today I wanted to dress a bit more androgynous.  I figured a cute feminine button down with suspenders and high waisted shorts would do the trick.  I got ready, felt like a total babe when leaving the house, and then came taking the ootd pictures.  I always check the first few that foxy takes to check the lighting and when I did this time, I found myself instinctively cringing.  

what was I focusing so hard on?  my legs.  you see - despite being in the body positive/fat posi world for many years now..I still rarely see legs like mine.  my limbs are obviously very large.  so large that I’ve even had people ask if I have lymphedema.  nope - just fat, like they’ve always been.  as I’ve gained weight they’ve just gotten would be expected.  my legs are not smooth, they are lumpy and have rolls all their own.  like I said, I don’t see legs like mine a lot despite spending a fair amount of time looking at fat babes.  a lot of fat people seem to have slimmer calves/ankles which is definitely not the case for me.  trying to fit into thigh high socks or ankle boots is laughable, really.  so I haven’t gotten a lot of representation for my legs and I feel a tad guilty saying that when I first saw them today via picture - I didn’t feel so confident anymore.

I’m mostly just telling this so you can know that the ‘popular’ body posi people still have days like these.  days where we feel totally confident leaving the house and catch a glimpse of ourselves in different lighting or angles and that confidence dissipates.  you know what though? despite the insecurities and feeling a bit more bare than I was comfortable with, I still went into the bookstore and had a good time.  I still let myself exist openly because no matter what my legs, or myself, look like..I still deserve to take up space like anyone else.  despite not feeling 100% confident with them, I know that my legs and my body in general are not offensive for existing.  my body is not offensive.

I’m posting these photos and this story because it scares me a little bit to do so.  I know these pictures are more likely to be targeted and posted on fat hate boards, but you know what..I’m not ashamed of how I look in them or for existing as I am.  nobody’s bodies are shameful - and that includes mine and it includes yours.  so just know even when you’re feeling those unsettling feelings about your body, that it’s okay and you’re okay.  despite it being hard - we’re all okay.

and now - ootd details :p
top ~ modcloth (4x)
shorts ~ newlook (US 26)
suspenders ~ ebay
shoes ~ journeys


Since the most productive of heat and warmth are Cancer and Leo, they assigned these to the greatest and most powerful heavenly bodies, the luminaries, as houses. Leo, which is masculine, to the Sun and Cancer, which is feminine, to the Moon.
—  Ptolemy 

A Gryffindor girl proudly growing out her body hair and anyone who dares to challenge her femininity instantly regrets it

A Ravenclaw boy starting a feminist discussion group which opens so many people’s eyes to how sexism is damaging to us all

A Slytherin girl doing work experience at the ministry then writing a brilliant piece of journalism exposing the gender pay gap and misogyny that witches suffer there

A Hufflepuff boy being supportive AF to all the girls he knows and never flinching away from conversations about periods but learning how to help out when they feel hormonal or are in pain

UPDATED reasons for lesbianing

-sharing clothes/products/accessories
-no gender roles (or less)
-sex lasts more than 11 minutes 😒
-clitoris. they KNOW where it is
-similar understanding of body and soul
-/most/ are feminist
-feminine energy is wonderful and as soft as it is powerful
-women birthed the entire population that has ever existed
-women create and house life
-women are basically mini Gods
-we support each other when the world is against us
-we love hard no matter what

Support your local lesbians.
Whether they have vaginas or not :)

anonymous asked:

you're so so gorgeous and in such great shape! do you watch what you eat in any way? do you have any tips for someone wanting to look less feminine?

aaa idk i actually have a really feminie body so fjdkf i just wear clothes and stand in ways that make me less feminine aaa

also idk most of the time the only food i have in the house is honey butter chips so my diet isn’t the best either ;;;;;

i do exercise everyday tho!!

To all the men.

To you, told your whole life you have to be a gentleman and hold the door for the ladies.

To you, told you always have to pay for the meal.

To you, told you have to be strong and never cry.

To you, forced to sign up for the armed forces unless you have a debilitating condition.

To you, held accountable for crimes committed by your girlfriends and wives and sisters and mothers.

To you, expected to be manly, but also sensitive, but not wussy, but not brutish.

To you, told to ‘embrace your feminine side,’ but kicked out of things that women claim are 'safe spaces for women, no boys allowed.’

To you, who have no shelters to care for you when chased out of house and home through abuse.

To you, who watch as people clutch their bags a little tighter as they walk by you while you’re heading home from the grocer.

To you, whose voices and changing bodies are ridiculed for the years you struggle through puberty, while pads and comfort and soft words are offered to others.

To you, handling the jobs you can’t bring up in polite company and told you’re earning comparatively too much for that work.

To you, never allowed to complain, never allowed to grieve or be angry, for fear of somebody seeing you as a threat.

To you, blamed for the horrors you have to suffer through as much as any other.

I am here for you. I stand with you.

I have gained so much over the last 1.5 year. I have gained hope and dreams for the future. I have gained confidence and femininity. I have gained back the ability to feel; both sadness and happiness. I have gained body fat, muscles, bone mass and organs. I have gained knowledge and experience. I have gained back my personality. I have gained life. No wonder there had to be more of me to house all of this!

nonbinary louis headcanons

  • “are you a boy or a girl?” “i’m a STAR”
  • agender louis who goes shopping with harry and starts screaming in a store because everything is gendered and they have had enough
  • genderfluid louis who texts zayn before they meet up like “btw i’m using she/her pronouns today” and zayn texts back an ok and a blue heart emoji
  • demigirl louis who wears jeans and t-shirts and no makeup and flips people off with a sarcastic smile when they act confused about her “lack of femininity”
  • demiboy louis who is proud of his curves and wears short shorts and thigh highs to show off
  • nonbinary louis who has no patience for cis people except the ones in one direction. when liam asks what things mean they explain as well as they can (and liam listens intently)
  • genderfluid louis going to niall’s house on a bad gender day to get a hug and a beer. after a few they both agree that louis’ gender is beer and also awesome. louis falls asleep on niall’s chest, feeling ok in their body again
  • nonbinary louis being supported by 1d, getting understanding looks and soothing touches when interviewers assume their gender

Imma shoot the next time somebody tells me to draw a feminine girl.

If your definition of female is a skinny fucking body with a visible boobs, you got another thing comin pal.



Mrs Chilton

Frederick pulled the dress out of the closet that Hannibal had bought him and examined it, he loved the color and the cool silky texture. He stepped into the bathroom and let his suit fall down to the floor and slipped the dress on over him, he watched himself in the mirror as he slowly felt the outline of his body, watching his hands over the dress. Chilton picked up a hairbrush and brushed his hair, curling it back, making it look a bit softer and more feminine. Hannibal was still at his office, so he spent the time cleaning the house and making a light lunch to present Hannibal with once he got home

Egyptian mystery ||closed rp||


The king and the queen of Egypt had five kids. At least that what every one thought. They had another one, the smallest, yet he was 16. He was burn albino and with a feminine figure, and his parents were ashamed about him.

Unlike his parents and siblings, that had a dark kind of skin, the boy was wight as the sun in the brightest day. His hair was yellow as the sand and his eyes looked like bright mud. He was living in the end of the city, in a hidded house with a few servants. His parents visited him once a year, on his birthday.

This day the boy was walking around, a white cloth tied to his feminine hips, a bright gold necklaces and bracelets on his body, his hair long and adorned with golden beads.

Help a trans boy get a binder

Hey y’all, So, Ive identified as a boy for the past year, and I have really bad dysphoria caused by my breasts, my feminine face shape, and voice. Now, in my house, there are a lot of rescue animals to feed, and a lot of essentials that are needed. In my house, what I would consider essentials are not. Due to my dysphoria, I am uncomfortable with my body and how I look in public. To be more comfortable with my body, I will need a binder and possibly other resources like makeup to make myself look more masculine. I have started an Etsy with my best friend, selling crafts and just cute handmade stuff. Everything that says it was made by me (Levi) will go towards my transition. Ill be selling all sorts of stuff on there, so please check it out!!

the approximate-weight-of-character-with-these-dimensions tool making its way around is having me think, not for the first time, about what the diversity of eorzea does to regional beauty ideals, since while areas are dominated by one or two races they are never exclusively that race

imagine being a hellsguard woman in ul'dah, where the celebrated icon of femininity is the lalafell sultana, and the lalafell royal women who came before her. how would you measure up–or rather, down? imagine yellow moons being common–being hyperfeminine to compensate for living in a body that will never qualify as ‘good enough’ on a scale set by dunesfolk.

what about keeper or duskwight women trying to buy cosmetics in gridania?

ishgardian midlander men (commoners usually, rarely knights, never in the high houses) feeling inadequate in so many ways, comparing themselves to the elezen men of the ruling houses?

or a fashion for shoes with heels or platforms in limsa, to try and measure up to sea wolves?