the house is the feminine body


This little shit is Pudgington.He’s a one legged toad who wants to promote body positivity and racial equality. Pudge is a pro feminist and resides in Florida, home of the gators, sun, and serial killers.

Expect more Pudge from this blog and his instagram (run by my little sister).

His instagram is SirPudgingtonToad

1st House And Appearance

Sun in the 1st House: Masculine looking, thick hair, usually bright and bigger looking eyes, nice eyebrows, joyful smile, warm presence, athletic body, tall or average height

Moon in the 1st House: Round and dreamy eyes, feminine features, soft hair, often have light eyes, strong jawbone, skinny figure, big hands

Mercury in the 1st House: Expressive and almond shaped eyes, youthful looking, oval shaped face, long nose, sweet smile, narrow shoulders, slim build 

Venus in the 1st House: Feminine and especially attractive features, frequently has dimples, heart shaped lips, button nose, short neck, soft curves, charming and elegant looks

Mars in the 1st House: Very prominent eyebrows, piercing eyes, high cheekbones, strong/fit body, reddish hair, wide forehead, broad shoulders

Jupiter in the 1st House: Physical features tend to be bigger, large forehead and eyes, slight eyebrows, soft cheeks, thick/curvy body, big breasts 

Saturn in the 1st House: Looks older than they actually are, serious look in the eyes, intimidating presence, darker features, face lights up when smiling, high cheekbones, strong jawline

Uranus in the 1st House: Generally quite tall, unique features, long face, strong cheekbones, thin nose, slender body, nice legs, small breasts

Neptune in the 1st House: Chameleon like appearance, deep mystical eyes, full lips, bigger feet, delicate skin, healthy hair

Pluto in the 1st House: Often have curly and/or dark hair, pointed nose, dark piercing eyes, arched eyebrows, well-shaped lips, lean body 

Planets, Houses and Physical Appearance
  • 1st House: Head, forehead,
  • 2nd House: Entire self/body, throat, neck
  • 3rd House: Arms, hands, shoulders
  • 4th House: Chest, breasts
  • 5th House: Heart, back,
  • 6th House: Stomach
  • 7th House: Hips, butt
  • 8th House: Genitals
  • 9th House: Thighs
  • 10th House: Knees, skeletal system (entire body, like 2nd)
  • 11th House: Calves, ankles
  • 12th House: Feet
  • The house that a planet is in will change its appearance in the way described below. If there are planets in the same house, they will harmonize and will still affect each planet the same, although if both are in Jupiter and Saturn they will cancel out. (Ex: Jupiter in 8th and Saturn in 8th)
  • Sun: Increases masculinity
  • Moon: Increases femininity
  • Mercury: Makes it more angular, thin or easily affected
  • Venus: Makes it more aesthetically pleasing
  • Mars: Makes it more muscular/defined or rough
  • Jupiter: Increases size
  • Saturn: Decreases size
  • Uranus: Makes it look unconventional or complete opposite of described
  • Neptune: Makes it look better than it really is
  • Pluto: Makes it more square or subtly defined/prominent
  • To find out more info on the planets in the houses go here:
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Home Decoration, Crafts, Books, DVD’s, Cell Phone Chargers/ Cases,Gift Ideas and much more.


Dollar Tree should be your VERY Best Friend if you are on a small monthly budget… or just like getting good deals.

11 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence

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Your body is the most natural and beautiful thing you can own. I’m attempting to be more brave in sharing my opinions, and I welcome any and all comments/discussion. I never post uncensored photos on social media, but I am always very vocal about my feelings regarding nudity in general. Nudity is often misconstrued as being synonymous with vulgarity. The physical form in it’s natural state is typically censored because society has been conditioned to believe that it needs to be. But I believe that women should feel entitled to feel ownership over their bodies in any way they choose! This means that not only do I support and respect women who are comfortable with a more open depiction of nudity, but I respect the women who do not feel that way as well. The point being to strive for understanding and respect toward all women and to refrain from passing judgement or ridiculing anyone for feeling happy in the houses they were born into or for making any choice regarding their own bodies. For me nudity is art and my body is my own. 

Astrology Keywords & Compatibility

Aries ~ Self, Intuition, Direct

Leo ~ Act, Passion, Express

Sagittarius ~ Perceive, Wisdom, Receive

Libra ~ Beauty, Scale, Balance

Aquarius ~ Unique, Logic, Hollow

Gemini ~ Thought, Exchange, Quick

Capricorn ~ Skeleton, Observe, React

Taurus ~ Heart, Judgement, Solid

Virgo ~ Brain, Critique, Analytical

Cancer ~ Spirit, Sensitivity, Mystic

Scorpio ~ Core, Intensity, Pressure

Pisces ~ Psyche, Fluidity, Transcendent

Sun ~ Ego, Personality, Masculine
(Sign Ruler: Leo)

Moon ~ Mood, Emotion, Feminine
(Sign Ruler: Cancer)

Mercury ~ Mind, Communication, Both
(Sign Ruler: Gemini & Virgo)

Venus ~ Love, Attraction, Feminine
(Sign Ruler: Libra & Taurus)

Mars ~ Energy, Drive, Masculine
(Sign Ruler: Aries)

Jupiter ~ Expansion, Luck, Masculine
(Sign Ruler: Sagittarius)

Saturn ~ Restrictions, Fears, Masculine
(Sign Ruler: Capricorn)

Uranus ~ Change, Originality, Masculine
(Sign Ruler: Aquarius)

Neptune ~ Dreams, Healing, Feminine
(Sign Ruler: Pieces)

Pluto ~ Power, Transformation, Masculine
(Sign Ruler: Scorpio)

1st ~ Self-Image, Ascendant, Rising, Identity
(Aries & Mars House)

2nd ~ Body, Possessions, Self-Worth, Money
(Taurus & Venus House)

3rd ~ Speaking, Communication, Environment, Writing
(Gemini & Mercury House)

4th ~ Family, Home, Roots, Security
(Cancer & Moon House)

5th ~ Self-Expression, Creativity, Romance, Entertainment
(Leo & Sun House)

6th ~ Work, Health, Routine, Service
(Virgo & Mercury House)

7th ~ Partnership, Marriage, Descendant, Competitors
(Libra & Venus House)

8th ~ Sexuality, Transformation, Inheritance, Death
(Scorpio & Pluto House)

9th ~ Belief System, Higher Learning, Adventure, Travel
(Sagittarius & Jupiter House)

10th ~ Career, Midheaven, Reputation, Responsibility
(Capricorn & Saturn House)

11th ~ Aspirations, Wishes, Groups, Organizations
(Aquarius & Uranus House)

12th ~ Karma, Undoing, Secrets, Talents
(Pisces & Neptune House)

Fire ~ Vital, Extrovert, Positive, Independent, Reactive, Masculine
(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Air ~ Mental, Extrovert, Positive, Bias, Rational, Masculine
(Libra, Aquarius, Gemini)

Earth ~ Physical, Introvert, Negative, Independent, Rational, Feminine
(Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)

Water ~ Emotional, Introvert, Negative, Bias, Reactive, Feminine
(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Cardinal ~ Leader, Initiator
(Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer)

Fixed ~ Static, Strength
(Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio)

Mutable ~ Follower, Adapter
(Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces)

Compatible Signs:
Fire + Fire

Fire + Air

Air + Air

Earth + Earth

Earth + Water

Water + Water

Cardinal + Fixed

Fixed + Mutable

Mutable + Cardinal

Cardinal + Fixed + Mutable

Incompatible Signs:
Fire + Water or Earth

Air + Earth or Water

Earth + Fire or Air

Water + Air or Fire

Cardinal + Cardinal

Fixed + Fixed

Mutable + Mutable

Opposite/Match Signs:
Aries + Libra

Leo + Aquarius

Sagittarius + Gemini

Capricorn + Cancer

Taurus + Scorpio

Virgo + Pisces

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New Toy II pt. 3

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, like 100 words of angst, sub!jungkook

word count: 14.1k

Jungkook spread across his own bed, a blindfold covering his dark eyes was all you wished for, but a nagging thought wouldn’t let the boy go while you played with him.

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Living As A Crossdresser

As I’m sure many of you are aware, I moved into my own house at the start of the year. Obviously I was excited for a whole multitude of reasons (like having my own mortgage… yay… adulting) but one of the biggest was having the freedom to crossdress whenever I like.

Originally, I thought this would simply mean that I wouldn’t have to worry about when I would have a free house and I wouldn’t need to plan my crossdressing photoshoots around whether someone else would be home or not (a lot of photoshoots had to be cancelled because of family members not leaving when they were supposed to…). It wasn’t that I would crossdress more often, just that I wouldn’t need to hide when doing it.

However, over the last week, I’ve been breaking one of my cardinal rules. 

I’ve been crossdressing without makeup.

Fuck me, I didn’t even wear a wig.

I’m very much a go hard or go home kind of girl; I’ve always said that I wouldn’t see a point in crossdressing without doing the makeup and the hair. For me it’s all part of the same package. I wouldn’t apply that rule to anyone else of course, but for me I’ve always either done everything or nothing at all.

So what was the point then? Is it really such a big deal that I wore a dress around the house without bothering with the rest?

For me? Yes. Yes it is.

It might sound a bit backwards, going from looking like a woman (or at least a close enough approximation…) to being a bloke in a dress, but it’s certainly something I needed. 

This wasn’t about being convincing. This was about being comfortable.

I guess that’s the real point of this post; being comfortable. I’ve spent years upon years telling others and myself so many different rules. Wear concealer to hide beard shadow… get a wig the same colour as your natural hair… dress for your body type… All of these different things without remembering the key rule:

Do what makes you feel comfortable and happy.

You want to wear a dress and keep your beard? Do it.

Wearing a bra under your work clothes? Do it.

Wanna walk around your house naked in platform heels? Do it.

We all should do what we’re comfortable with and what makes us happy. For me, that’s about looking as feminine as possible, but sometimes I might just want to wear a skirt because fuck it why not.

DISCLAIMER: Ok so this post got kind of sidetracked… It was actually meant to be about how you can live your regular life as a crossdresser, but you’re all sensible enough to know how to do that anyway.

I did also have the photoshoot just over a week ago (thank you again to everyone who tuned into the Q & A on Instagram!) and I’m going to be posting photos from it on a weekly basis, starting…. NOW

I’m going to post more about this outfit later on in the week, so just consider this a teaser for now!

Until then…

- Jessica Blaise x x

Split - Kai Scenario. Part 2

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family. 

Word Count: 2574

A/N: the “strong women aren’t feminine” defenders probably won’t like this chapter either, just saying.


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

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Parking in his usual space - well, what used to be usual - Jongin gets out of the car and tightly wraps his coat around his body. It has gotten so cold lately and he can’t wait until he’s let inside the house.

Quickly running up a few steps leading to the front door, he knocks on it three times and jumps around trying to get warm. No one answers him so he tries knocking a little louder, but no sound comes from the other side of the door.

An uneasy feeling grows in his stomach and Jongin decides to do something he had decided not to do again. He punches in the code of the house and quickly opens the door to get in.

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Astrology Physiology

Every planet, sign and house have physiological correspondences which would explain a lot as we don’t always look like our ascendant. The Houses each rule a different part of our bodies, the planets affect how they appear and the signs give them a certain vibe, note that the houses and signs correspond with each other so they usually rule the same things (E.g Jupiter in the 9th House which is in Libra, Big (Jupiter) hips/thighs (9th House) that may be very feminine (Libra).)

*This is strictly appearance wise, if people would like a full, medical astrology post, let me know*


1st House/Aries: Head, Face, Physicality, Brain, Blood Vessels to the Brain and Facial bones

2nd House/Taurus: Voice Teeth, Throat, Neck and Bones

3rd House/Gemini: Shoulders, Collar bones and Hands

4th House/Cancer: Chest, Breasts, Ribs and Stomach

5th House/Leo: Spinal Chord and Back

6th House/Virgo: Abdomen and Stomach

7th House/Libra: Waist and skin

8th House/Scorpio:  Anus, Buttocks, Sexual Organs and pelvic bones

9th House/Sagittarius: Hips and Thighs

10th House/Capricorn: Knees and Joints

11th House/Aquarius: Ankles and Legs

12th House/Pisces: Feet and Toes


Sun: Provides health and vitality, generally is a bright, positive attribute

Moon: Fluctuation and instability in appearance is common here, warm and comforting features

Mercury: Sharp and clean-cut type of appearance

Venus: Feminine, aesthetically pleasing attributes

Mars: Rough, prominent, masculine attributes

Jupiter: Expansion, growth and largeness in the appearance

Saturn: Restriction, bony appearance

Uranus: Radical, uneven attributes

Neptune: Subtle, enchanting attributes

Pluto: Sexy, empowering attributes

maxwell5123  asked:

Why is Hildegarde more of a slender eastern esque dragon and Ferragus is more of a western easque dragon with a larger body?

I didn’t mean to draw her as particularly Eastern. That was sort of an accident. I just wanted to make her looked more streamlined, dangerous and athletic. Sort of like Ferragus the house cat vs. Hildegard the jungle cat. She’s leaner because she stays true to her malevolent nature. She ‘works out’ a lot more. Also I wanted her look vaguely feminine without buying into the anthropomorphic tropes of giving her a curvy body, or long eye lashes or Minnie Mouse shit like that.


Q: Who do you consider great fashion icons? 
Tina Turner is someone that I admire, because she made her strength feminine and sexy. Marilyn Monroe, because she was a curvy woman. I’m drawn to things that have the same kind of silhouettes as what she wore because our bodies are similar. Jackie Onassis, because she was so classic and chic. I collect vintage photos, and I actually have a wall in my house of so many of these women. Nowadays – GaGa. But I admire her for everything she does. She is just amazing, as well as a really genuine person. −Beyoncé for GQ (2013)

Astrological Terms (A Short Dictionary)
  • Active: fire and air; inharmonious and extroverted energies
  • Afflicted: poorly aspected; unharmonious energy towards a planet
  • Ascendant: An Angular (Cardinal) House appearing on the Eastern horizon at the time of birth; 1st House
  • Aspect: relations between planets depending on degrees; planets may have multiple or no aspects
  • Astrology: Astronomy + Mythology; the science/religion of the stars' influence on humanity and individuals
  • Cardinal: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn; 1st House, 4th House, 7th House, 10th House; East, North, West, South
  • Chart: a circular sheet of information, showing the positions of the celestial bodies and signs at the time of birth
  • Cusp: the separation of one sign or House from another; the "slice" of a House or sign which planets may inhabit
  • Descendant: opposite of the Ascendant; 7th House, appearing on the Western horizon
  • Detriment: a sign opposite of the planet's ruler; weakness
  • Epheremis: a calendar which keeps track of the positions of the celestial bodies annually
  • Exaltation: a sign similar to a planet's ruler; strength
  • Feminine: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces; introverted and passive
  • Fruitful: Water signs, considered very likely to bare children; the moon, and the 5th House
  • Geocentric: the earth as the center
  • Grand Trine: three planets trining one another, creating a triangle in the chart
  • Heliocentric: the sun as the center
  • Horoscope: "the hour"; map of the signs' and planets' location for a specific time
  • Houses: 12 imaginary cusps based off of the positions of the zodiac; unlike the zodiac, Houses move based on the hour
  • House Ruler: a planet occupying the House; a sign on the cusp of one Houses' ruling planet which may occupy another House (ex. Scorpio in an empty 3rd Houses' ruler is still Pluto, even if it is in another House.)
  • Lunar: in relation to the moon
  • Masculine: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius; active, extroverted
  • Medical Astrology: a subject of astrology, dealing with the planetary subject of disease prediction
  • Midheaven: Medium Coeli; 10th House
  • Nativity: the second that the native is born
  • Passive: introversion, described by lack of active energies; gentle; water and earth
  • Retrograde: backwards motion of a planet; occurs when the earth passes a slower-moving planet
  • Rising: Ascendant; 1st House
  • Ruler: association between a planet and a sign when they share similar energies
  • Transits: the position of the planets currently and how they influence one's natal chart
Getting What You Want (TG/AP)

              Tim and Drake were hanging out after school at Drake’s house. Drake’s mother was away on a business trip and his father had yet to return from work, so the boys were home alone. They had spent the afternoon reading reviews for a new video game that they both wanted, but it was unfortunately too violent for boys as young as them. Drake’s parents were quite strict with their son and, refusing to let him watch any R-rated movies or buy him violent video games. Tim felt bad for Drake, because Tim’s parents bought him whatever video games he wanted, but since he was at Drake’s house there was nothing fun to play. The two sat at the living room table, talking about how fun the new video game looked and contemplating ways for Drake to get the game. Out of the corner of his eye, Tim noticed a new decoration in Drake’s house. It was an odd looking statue sitting next to the family portrait on the shelf.

              “What’s that?” Tim asked, pointing to the statue.

              “Oh, that’s some weird trinket my dad bought at a flea market. The old lady selling it says it brings good luck, but I don’t believe it.”

              “Wow. Your parents will spend money on stuff like that, but they won’t buy you a video game?”

              “Yeah. They’re stupid.” Drake said.

              “Man, I wish there was some way I could just buy you that game without your parents getting mad.” Tim said. As he uttered those words, the statue suddenly began to glow brightly before vanishing into thin air. Both boys saw it before looking at each other in confusion. Drake stood up and walked to the shelf where the statue had been. There was no trace of it left, but he noticed something weird with his family portrait. His mother and father were standing behind him in the picture with their hands on Drake’s shoulders, but now he saw Tim standing where his mother should be. He examined the picture in confusion before the picture of Tim quickly morphed into a picture of his mother, returning the picture to its original form.

              “Whoa, I think I’m seeing things…” Drake said, rubbing his eyes and staring at the picture again. “For a second, it looked like you were in my family port- WHOA!” he yelled as he turned around, hearing a series of cracks and pops come from behind him. He saw Tim sitting at the table, but he looked way bigger. He was at least a foot taller and his limbs were as long as an adult’s. Tim turned and looked at Drake with fear in his eyes.

              “Drake, what just happened?!” he yelled. His clothes were straining against his rapidly maturing body, tearing at the seams. Before he could speak again, he felt his bones shifting again as his fingers elongated. The popping of his joints made him feel sick. With another loud crack, he felt his hips shoot outwards to child-bearing proportions, ripping his pants. The boys stared at Tim’s exposed skin, noticing how smooth it had become. Tim looked at his hands again as his nails grew long and manicured. “What’s happening to meeeEEEEEE!” Tim screamed, his voice changing as his vocal chords tightened. Drake recoiled at Tim’s new voice, realizing that it sounded exactly like his mother’s.

              “Tim, that wish…” Drake said in shock. The boys locked eyes in horror as they both realized what was happening. Tim opened his mouth as he was about to speak, but all that came out was a sensual moan against his will as he felt a tingling coming from his chest. His nipples were growing sensitive as they were tickled by his tattered clothes. Soon they began to grow larger as they hardened against his shirt, sending alien pleasures coursing through his body. He pushed his chest out in pleasure as two mounds of flesh began to grow out of his chest, eventually leaving him with two sizeable breasts that burst clean through his tattered shirt. Drake blushed at the sight of his friend’s new breasts hanging out of his shirt and heaving up and down as Tim moaned in pleasure. Tim’s feminine moans echoed through the house as he began to scream in pleasure. He felt another tingling coming from his groin and watched in horror as his prepubescent member was swallowed up into his abdomen. The changes were all happening so fast that it was hard for Tim to focus, but the pleasure of his transforming sex demanded his attention. He felt an alien wetness between his legs as his internal organs slid around in his mature new abdomen. He reached down and touched his new sex, unable to resist the new urges coming from between his legs. He cooed as the pleasure from his fingers sliding between his legs sent shivers up his spine. He moaned and continued to finger himself, relishing in the new pleasures coursing through his body as his friend watched in horror. He felt his thighs thicken as the pleasure continued to build.

              “Tim! Please! You have to stop!” Drake yelled at his transforming friend. “You’re making it worse!”

              “I…*huff*…can’t…” Tim said between sensual moans. With a sudden rush of pleasure, Tim climaxed for the first time and let out a screech of pleasure. Lost in ecstasy, Tim didn’t even feel himself rise in his chair as his ass inflated into a sizeable peach shape. Drake wanted to cry, hearing Tim act like this with voice of his mother. “Drake, I’m sorry…” Tim began to say before trailing off. Still breathing heavily, Tim felt his clothes beginning to change. His old boy clothes vanished into dust, leaving him naked in front of Drake for a moment before new clothes materialized onto his body. As a white shirt, jeans, and a red apron hugged Tim’s new form, Drake realized that his mother had worn that exact outfit in the past. Tim moaned again as his new clothes tightened around his new body, showing off just how big his breasts were. He leaned back against the chair, exhausted from his first orgasm, as his hair began to tumble down past his shoulders. He felt his face crack and shift as it grew mature and feminine. Drake continued to watch is terror as his Tim’s face completed his transformation, becoming an exact replica of his own mother’s.

              “Drake, honey, what happened to me?” Tim said between breaths.

              “That wish you made. That statue. I saw you replace my mom in the picture. I don’t know why any of this is happening, but I want my friend back!” Drake said on the verge of tears. Tim began to come back to his senses, realizing that he was now a woman in her mid-thirties. Tim looked at Drake and suddenly wanted to change back, but a fog began to creep into his mind.

              “Drake, I want to take the wish back!” he screamed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want this!” However, the longer he stared at Drake, the more his feelings towards him began to change. Memories of nursing the young boy in front of his forced their way into Tim’s head. “Oh. Oh no. I have memories of…you…of us…” Tim said, trying to fight the new memories. Tim suddenly remembered the time he spent in the hospital while giving birth to Drake. “Nooo!” he screamed as more memories burrowed into his mind. He remembered dropping Drake off at school for the first time. He remembered the night that Drake was conceived. He remembered falling in love with Drake’s father…her husband. “I’m…not…” Tim said, struggling to remember himself as Drake’s best friend. Suddenly, he remembered Drake speaking his first word: Mama. This memory opened the floodgates as Tim’s mind transformed completely. Motherly instincts took over as Tim gave in to his new life.

              Nancy looked at her son as he stared back at her. He had a terrified look in his face, but she knew how to calm him down.

              “Oh, baby, what’s wrong? Why do you look so scared? Hey, I tell you what. Will that new video game you keep asking me and your father for make you feel better? If you do well on the test you have this week, I’ll buy it for you…and I won’t tell your father,” she said with a wink. Just as she said that, her husband walked through the door. As she saw him, she suddenly felt aroused like she never had before. The wetness in her crotch was almost embarrassing in front of her son. Her pupils suddenly dilated as she slipped a shoulder out of her shirt.

              “Tim, what are you doing?” Drake asked, worried about the look she was giving his dad.

              “Tim? Who’s Tim? It’s ‘Mom’ or ‘Mother’ to you, young man,” she said as the lust began to grow in her voice. “Now go to your room. Your father and I need to have a talk…” she said. She waved her son off as Drake walked to his room, defeated. She licked her lips and gave her husband a sensual look before spreading her legs beneath the table. Drake listened from his room as his once-best-friend moaned over and over while screaming his father’s name. He didn’t want this, and he knew Tim didn’t want this, but the sounds Tim was making made it seem like he was pretty happy being Drake’s new mom. At least he would get that new video game now.  

The 77 Adorations to Aphrodite -

I adore you, goddess of Love,

I adore you, ever persuasive and charming,

I adore you, born of seafoam and pearls,

I adore you, cherub faced, and the one who smooths of the lines of age,

I adore you, heavenly goddess

I adore you, who walks brides down the aisle,

I adore you, the reminder that hearts are not just a valentine, but rather a gory pulsing muscle,

I adore you, laughter-loving, sounding of bells,

I adore you, the one holding the hand of birthing mothers,

I adore you, bringer of victory,

I adore you, the dewy eyes at the altar during I Do,

I adore you, who entices flesh upon flesh,

I adore you, providing the strength and motivation for the frail teenager to re-learn to love themself and their body,

I adore you, who chose her own lover,

I adore you, goddess most celestial and ethereal,

I adore you, who protects against unwanted advances,

I adore you, rolling curves and dimples,

I adore you, whispering both breathless I love you’s and sweet nothings,

I adore you, the deceptive inspiration of lovers to elope

I adore you, the one who wipes away mascara tears and deletes their numbers from the phone,

I adore you, divine and shining,

I adore you, our ally in love,

I adore you, the high-crowned and regal,

I adore you, who brings the warmth of sleeping beside your lover,

I adore you, who rhymes off ballads and spits out insults most cruel,

I adore you, making a grave out of a ditch, and filling it with bodies without a second glance,

I adore you, the friend of flowers whose beauty is only rivalled by you,

I adore you, lace and matte lipstick,

I adore you, weaponized femininity, rose gold brass knuckles,

I adore you, goddess of the flocks,

I adore you, who holds the dove close to your beautiful heart,

I adore you, she who rests along the harbour,

I adore you, mother of desire,

I adore you, protector and one who stands alongside sex workers,

I adore you, the sound of house and taxi doors slamming when learns they need to love themself instead of the partner that hurts them,

I adore you, she who embraces us all,

I adore you, mother of the mountain,

I adore you, who rises strong from both the ocean and equally salty tears,

I adore you, starry and glittery and golden,

I adore you, who walks among the gardens,

I adore you, O protector of marriage,

I adore you, cloaked in sheer fabric and perfumed most,

I adore you, who celebrates with couples at pride, and leaves bloody lips and black eyes for those who arrive to preach harm,

I adore you, courtesan,

I adore you, whose mouth pours with pretty lies and milky pearls,

I adore you, killer of unworthy men,

I adore you, conniving and unholy,

I adore you, gentle and sweet,

I adore you, goddess of the heights,

I adore you, she upon the tombs,

I adore you, who was born of Cyprus,

I adore you, the bather in the well,

I adore you, who knocks on the wood of initials and hearts carved in trees,

I adore you, the silent comfort to the one who lost their married partner of forty nine years,

I adore you, the dark divine behind crimes of passion,

I adore you, she who turns herself away,

I adore you, mistress of animals,

I adore you, who ruled over love and war, and both at once,

I adore you, in hushed whispers and bubbly giggles,

I adore you, squeezing the hand of the teenager experiencing their first heartbreak,

I adore you, who is fiery in both hair and temper,

I adore you, figure of beauty in her soft rolls and warm smile,

I adore you, skilled inventor,

I adore you, who bids us fair voyage,

I adore you, bearing physical and verbal weapons,

I adore you, she of the foreigner,

I adore you, of quick glances and words left unsaid,

I adore you, who digs graves in both earth and hearts,

I adore you, merciful goddess,

I adore you, fairest of all,

I adore you, provider of pleasure and flushed cheeks,

I adore you, the watchful eye of unions,

I adore you, who ignites passion and extinguishes old flames,

I adore you, lipstick on collars and lovers quarrels,

I adore you, protector and healer of those domestically abused,

I adore you, the unknown guest of honour at every beach wedding,

I adore you, Aphrodite, goddess of love, lust, and that for blood!

anonymous asked:

so i'm going on a date with my boyfriend next week to a haunted house and wanted to know what kinds of clothing could help me pass better in fall weather? it'll be at night so it'll be around 60 degrees! i'm a bit curvier too if that helps..!

Lee says:

You didn’t specify if you were trying to pass as a girl or as a boy, but hopefully the below things should help:

Passing as male:

  • Men’s winter coat or bulky/puffy vest because it’s cold and should hide your chest
  • Wear a sports bra under
  • Hat to hide your hair if it’s long
  • Cargo pants/anything but women’s skinny jeans
  • Binding FAQ
  • Clothing
  • Passing as male

Passing as female:

Make it Alone part 7

He woke up to sunshine, bright and warm shining through his curtainless windows, with a dramatic stretch Jughead lay flat on his back taking up the entire bed, his long limbs dangling off the sides. In prison he had to be careful not to move too quickly, the man in the bunk above him hated to be woken up. Harley Matthews, doing 25 to life for double homicide, Jughead was not about to shake a finger while he was laying above him. The loud grumble of his stomach had him rolling out of bed and into the kitchen.

Buried deep in the fridge Jughead couldn’t keep the goofy smile off of his face as he pulled out a Tupperware labeled “JUGHEADS FRUIT SALAD” in swirly letters, that Betty Cooper really was something else. Speaking of the beautiful blonde, Jughead moved slowly to the window, a chunk of apple in his hand as he peered through the glass, his eyes landing on Betty’s home. Sure enough her curtains were drawn and her front door was open, he figured she was an early bird.

After the fastest shower of his life, the dark haired boy threw on jeans and a plain white t shirt, it was slightly ripped but something told him Betty wouldn’t mind.

He made his way across the grassy fields, knocking on Betty’s open door, in seconds flat the distinctly feminine voice rang through the house
“I’m coming! Hold on… just…oof!” The leggy girl stumbled down the hallway, her eyes lighting up when they caught Jugheads

“Good morning! You’re awake! I didn’t want to bother you, I’m sure you like your sleep!” She rambled

Jughead took a moment to take her in, long silky hair pulled into a perfectly messy bun, extra large white Tshirt nearly covering the tiny denim shorts she was wearing, her feet were bare and her toes were painted a light pink, her entire body, legs and all was covered in various shades of acrylic paint, there was a smudge of deep forest green eerily matching her eyes right across her cheek.
In her hands she was gripping a paintbrush.

“Betts.” He cut her off, she quirked a perfectly manicured eyebrow “why are you covered in paint?”

Betty’s cheeks blushed rose petal pink as she glanced down at herself finally.

“Oh! I was working I didn’t realize how much of a mess I looked! Let me just go change!”

As soon as she moved to scurry away, Jughead gripped her wrist gently “working?” He questioned.

Betty was silent for a minute, staring at his hand on hers

“Well yeah.. how do you think I support myself?” She giggled.

Jughead stepped away for a moment, she was right. Thinking about it, he looked around her home. Her house was huge and beautiful, and he knew how much houses like this cost, he was living in one. The only reason he could afford it was because of the small fortune he made on his unfinished novel. She made that kind of money painting?

“Come on I’ll show you.” It was Betty’s turn to grab Jugheads wrist, she pulled him along her hallway before stopping in front of a large white door. Swinging it open she stepped inside

“Ta dah.” She whispered lazily.

Jughead was shocked speechless. The room was covered In astonishing paintings, the space was completely open and surrounded bu glass windows, sun shining through and giving off incredible light. The paintings were impeccable, abstract and beautiful, so much passion on the canvases Jughead couldn’t tear his eyes away as he ran his finger tips over each one slowly.

“ I sell to some pretty influential buyers, that’s how I make my money. In fact princess Kate has one of my originals hung over the mantle in the palace.” Jughead turned to Betty who leaned against the door, a shy smile of pride written on her lips.

“These are amazing, I can’t believe… you’re… these are just.. god..” he trailed off, still mesmerized.

Betty laughed
“I try. I love painting, it’s gotten me through some pretty rough times, and it pays the bills.” She winked, slowly guiding Jughead out of the room maybe one day you’ll let me paint you.“ She asked.

With one final glance at the museum of art behind him Jughead snorted
“Not much of a masterpiece Betts.”

Betty turned to him with the most serious expression he had ever seen grace her features

“You ARE a work of art. There’s something behind those eyes Jughead Jones and I want to paint it.” Her hands were clutching his and he nodded slowly

“Okay.” As if he could ever deny her anything.

About halfway down the hallway Jughead turned to Betty

Betty giggled
“Light blue door, downstairs.”

Jughead followed her instructions coming to two light blue doors
“Thanks a lot Betts” he rolled his eyes, a playful smile on his lips. He chose the first door and what he saw knocked the wind out of him.

It was a nursery, clear as day, Painted a light blue small animals scattered the walls and a mural of the moon was front and center, the nursery was in impeccable shape, anything a baby could ever need. It was warm and soft and Jughead could practically picture a little boy or girl with Betty’s soft green eyes sitting in the hand crafted crib.

“I wanted to be a mother more than anything in the world.”

Betty’s soft voice had him whipping around to face her, she had a sad smile on her face as she glanced in the room.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know which door.. I just came in.. I should have..”

Betty cut Jughead off
“It’s okay, I should have been more specific. It’s a beautiful room isn’t it?” She was staring dreamily at the mobile hanging over the crib.

Jughead felt the familiar ache in his chest when he caught Betty’s sad blue eyes.
“It’s perfect.” He whispered, lacing his fingers through hers.

Betty smiled again
“He promised me the world, But I didn’t want it. This was all I wanted. A family.” She sighed deeply “it was just a dream, I’m older now, Veronica always wins, that’s how life is.” Pulling her hand away from Jugheads Betty exited the room
“The bathroom is the door over, I’ll see you upstairs.” She flew up the stairs leaving Jughead standing in the empty nursery.

He wanted to kill Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge. Picking up the tiny stuffed elephant he held it against his chest. Betty’s cooper was going to get her dream, he was going to make sure of it.

If Percy Jackson Was Genderfluid

Can we please talk about Percy Jackson being genderfluid and how amazing that would be?

Can we talk about about little Percy having no idea why he sometimes doesn’t like being called a boy, and sometimes doesn’t feel like he could be a girl either. He wouldn’t talk about it at all of course, but he would constantly staring at himself in the mirror and thinking ‘what am I?’ How much more trouble he’d have with Gabe until he finally realised that he couldn’t tell Gabe that he didn’t feel like a boy that day, and hw much more he would loathe Gabe?

And can we talk about Percy coming to camp, and everyone having no idea what his gender is? Like he looks quite androgynous (and even more so when he hits puberty) and no one wants to come straight out and ask him, so they just wait for him to be claimed so Chiron will finally tell them? But when Percy is claimed it’s as the “child of Poseidon”, which makes everyone even more confused and annoyed and Annabeth would probably be even more cold towards him, because he’s a mystery she can’t figure out and it’d be killing her (and don’t think bout Mr D, who somewhat knew what was going on with Percy, and would call him more feminine names ie Peggy or Penny on days that he’s a girl and yeah… just imagine Mr D being somewhat nice)

And can we talk about this would only make things worse for him? He already felt somewhat rejected by the camp once he was claimed, and now he’s got people staring him down and trying to figure him out, even though he doesn’t even have any idea what he is (and he probably wouldn’t even know that they were all doing this, he probably just thought it was about the whole Poseidon thing). Can can we talk about him being closer with the Aphrodite cabin, as they’re the only ones who don’t judge him or question him? Silena would just become his mum (and Drew his slightly bitter aunt) and he’d be so happy because it’d be like having family? And he’d be close with the other non-cis campers too, even if they weren’t out yet (like trans!Will, and can we please just imagine Will bringing along his supportive mum-friend Drew when he meets up with Percy, and the three of them getting on like wildfire, and sassing the hell out of each other?)

And just much more heartbreaking would that scene at Circe island be? Just imagine him freaking out because he isn’t a guy that day, and he has bad dysphoria, and oh my god does she know? And seeing in the mirror the body he’s always wanted, but it keeps shifting from being more masculine to more feminine because he doesn’t know what he wants or who he is. Or imagine that he’d actually been a girl that day, and had been brought along and pampered with Annabeth, even though Reyna was sure that something about him was off (and again, Annabeth would be even more confused) and him being like… well. This is new.

And what about Calypso? Think about how confused she would be, seeing this person on her island who sometimes looks more like a female model (to her) than a hero. But she still falls in love with him, and once she leaves, she can’t help but second guess herself (which is why she’s more bitter when Leo comes along because she’s so confused about it all still)

And then jump ahead to the heroes of olympus series, and imagine how confused Jason, Piper and Leo would be because the stories about the great hero who defeated Kronos changes depending on who’s telling the story. In Annabeth’s, Percy is always a boy, but in Rachel’s he’s ‘whatever he is’ and in other stories he’s a girl and ect, and they’re just so confused. And when they finally meet him they think 'as soon as we see him everything will be cleared up’ but it’s not. They’re just even more confused. He looks even more androgynous then they thought he would (and it makes Jason uneasy because he doesn’t quite know whether he’s fighting with a girl or a boy) and he gives no hints to his gender. He’s got enough to worry about without thinking about his gender (or sexuality).

And imagine Percy going through the events of Neptune son, feeling angry and confused because he thinks that he knew who he was before he lost his memory and is even more determined to find that blonde girl he remembers because she must know what and who he is, right? And when he meets Frank they get on like a house on fire because they both suffer from body dysphoria and yet need to present themselves as leaders, and although Hazel doesn’t quite understand, she tells everyone off who calls Percy an 'it’ or 'that’. And imagine Reyna seeing him again and being like 'I still don’t know your gender, but you look very feminine and pretty and wait, do I like you?’ (and hence begins Reyna discovery of her sexuality).

And imagine him meeting Nico (again)! And Percy (my sweet bi child) finding him really attractive being jealous of how masculine Nico looks, and how feminine and curvy Hazel looks. And how awkward Percy would be around this attractive guy who seems to know him, and Nico being floored by how sweet and shy Percy is around him (and don’t think about how Will would be so angry at Nico for not telling him that Percy was okay and how Nico had to spends weeks making it up to him again).

And after the war, Annabeth introduces Percy to Magnus and Alex and no one quite understands why Alex and Percy get on so well. And then Alex introduces Percy to the label gendefluid (and bisexual) and Percy would be in tears because there’s a name, there’s nothing wrong with him, and he finally knows who he is. And imagine Alex and Percy staying good friends after that, and teasing each other about the Chase’s in their lives, and talking about their genders and sexualities and going to pride together.

Can you imagine Percy taking weeks to decide who to come out to? Obviously he tells his parents first and they accept him (and look it up on the internet so they understand it better) and become the best parents ever. And his sister making bracelets to correspond with his pronouns (green for them/they, pink for she/her and blue for he/him) and calling Percy her older sibling instead of brother or sister.

Then he’d come out to Grover (who’d probably already have an idea because of the empathy link) and Rachel 'Screw The Cis-tem’ Elizabeth Dare (she’s my agender child), and finally Will and Nico. And Will would be so excited and happy for him, while Nico would be like so confused because the guy he likes, Percy 'Make You Question Your Sexuality’ Jackson, is sometimes a girl? But eventually he’d get over it and be so accepting and protective of his genderfluid (and bi) friend (and the three of them would go to pride together, and bring along their other friends because everyone in the pjo universe is LGBTQIA to me). And together they’d start building up awareness of LGBTIA issues in the camp etc

I think he’d wait a long while until telling Annabeth though, because he’s worried it’ll ruin their relationship or she won’t accept him but of course she does. And she researches the hell out that and does her best to understand him and be supportive (and perhaps she stays with him, but maybe she doesn’t, it’s up to you) and he’d spend hours trying to explain his feeling to her so she could write it all down for the other campers to get a better idea of it

And please imagine Percy wearing makeup and shorts, and dresses and pretty tops, and crop tops and- yeah, you get the gist. And imagine him changing his hairstyle constantly, sometimes growing his hair out to long, curly locks, or getting a undercut, and tying it up in bun and paits and dying it all different colours. Think of how amazing he’d look, and how many people would flirt with him because of that.

So yeah, please imagine a happy, beautiful genderfluid bisexual Percy Jackson being happy and accepted by his friends and family and for the first time in his life, feeling right.

Wednesday HeadCanons

Ok so Wednesday is now my day to share headcanons- I might to ships, individual characters, or y'all can send in hc asks and I’ll

Answer them on Wednesdays :3


-tol and slim

-constantly has a snack or junk food in his hand, but he’s so jittery and energetic that he just cant seem to gain ANY weight

-loves it to be cold in the house so he can snuggle in a ton of blankets, but complains when it’s cold outside cause it makes his hair frizzy

- he is actually competent, intelligent even, but settles for blissful ignorance

-has major confidence issues, so he’s constantly petting his own ego

-bites his lip when he’s frustrated


-smells like sugar

-leaves sticky notes with cat doodles all over the house

-likes to hang out with Tord cause it makes him feel safe and kinda important cause the Norski like leads an army and such.

- not really interested in relationships cause he’s scared it’ll ruin his friendships


-shortest of everyone, and kinda a feminine body. H I P S

-has a notebook full of randomly thought up song lyrics and doodles

-give up art pieces halfway through drawing cause he feels like he won’t ever be good enough

-runs a spicy ass meme page


-only a bit shorter than Matt, extremely toned and is a strong nugget

-will probabky overdose on sleeping pills one day.. this boy can’t sleep

-has gotten himself used to not getting close to people in the army because… you know

-hes really trying anyways ;0;

-masochistic as fuck


-A bit shorter than Tord, chubby but extremely strong

-has an oral fixation.. cigarette, toothpick, or a sucker, he needs to chew it

-pretty gruff and scruffy but hot damn this boyo is huggable af


-lithe and pretty damn close to being 7 feet tall

-dont touch him. Just. Dont.


-Pau is about the only person Pat will willingly make contact with, which make scruffy boi feel super fucking special


-both are constantky cooing over one another cause they both insecure


-norweigan boi is always sayin shit in his native language and TOM CAN’T UNDERSTAND IT

- Tom won’t ever admit it but he’s snuggly af

-both are prone to anxiety attacks and mental breakdowns so they’re both kinda crutches for each other

- Tom: “what are you, fucking gay?”

-Tord: “why are you like this”