the house is ruined

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Once Bruce finds out about Damian's paintings, he started to try hang them on the fridge, but Damian paints on friggin giant cotton canvases, but that doesn't stop Batdad, nope. So just a very professional looking painting nailed to the fridge. Alfred takes one look and is glaring at Bruce with both pride and exasperation, and demanding explanation. Is this not how I do it. Do parents not put their children's art on the fridge

this most likely happens when bruce has not slept in at least three days and is barely functioning thanks to copious amounts of caffeine and raw determination

alfred makes him go sleep for a few hours and when he wakes up a mysterious collection of very nice frames have appeared so that he can hang damian’s paintings up around the house without ruining the fridge 

I know Obama isn’t perfect. His foreign policy leaves a bit to be desired.

But, I’ll never forget 2005-2008, the dwindling era of Bush’s presidency. I’ll never forget my parents talking at night about how in the world they’d afford $5 a gallon gas and $6 a gallon milk. I’ll never forget them whispering to each other, thinking I won’t hear, about how the house has put too much economic pressure on them. They wanted to sell the house, yet they couldn’t, because under the Republicans the housing market had imploded. Wall Street was in ruins. The economy was in ruins. Tent cities were being erected.

And then Obama came. Obama (and the Democrats by extension) dug us out of the deepest pit since the Great Depression. Obama stabilized gas prices and is the reason why Americans are enjoying a stellar $2 a gallon instead of $5. He instituted healthcare for millions of children who were without it. Family income has grown by $2000 this year. The unemployment rate is at an average, healthy number (~6%). Michelle Obama transformed school lunches and worked her butt off to make sure it had fruit portions on it.

I feel honored to have grown up under the presidency of this man. He holds tremendous charisma and eloquence and represented the best side of America. I can not imagine having spent the last eight years of my life (from fourth grade to senior year) with any other president.

Thank you.


Foulksrath Castle, Ireland

Foulksrath Castle is a 14th-century Anglo-Norman tower house located in Jenkinstown in County Kilkenny, Ireland.

The castle is closely associated with both the De Frene and Purcell families. The estate and original fortified and moated dwelling were first built in 1349 and occupied by the De Frene family and it is thought that the castle derives its name from Fulco De Frene (d. 1349) who was in the military service of Edward III and fought at the Battle of Crecy and the Siege of Calais. In the early 15th century the current castle was built by the Purcell family, relatives to the De Frene’s, after the estate came into their possession.

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“I felt bad for Ramona so I came to her rescue. Setting off a dangerous explosion without any regard for my own safety or anyone else’s.”

don’t touch me, you’ll only awaken the ghosts that stir in the graveyard of my skin. once daffodils bloomed here, now their carcasses lay strewn across the echoing recess of my chest, left to furnish the tombstones of a thousand things that used to glow. i am carved, i am peeled inside-out, haunted house of want and ruin, raw papercut-throb, even the sun shies away from my skeletal touch.
—  unlovely | a.c.