the house in nagoya

Rough translation of Owari no Seraph Chapter 62 PART 3

Page 23

Asuramaru: [Manipulation of memories] [Then what are beyond those erased memories?]

[Who is Yu?] [Who was he born to?] [Why was he born?]

Page 24


…Huh, what did you just do

Asuramaru: I hardly did anything

I was just interested in you for the first time

Yu: So?

Asuramaru: But I can’t see your past, likely your memories were erased

Page 24

Yu : …What?

Asuramaru: Then do you remember?

Yu: Eh-? Ah-

Asuramaru: You were called a devil by your parents

But why were they calling you that?

Ha, did your father swing around with that kitchen knife and did your mother set herself on fire only for that reason?

Page 25

Asuramaru: Locked up in a cell, they called you a subject

Yu: Ah thinking about that, that guy, Kureto Hiiragi said that the “orphanage” was a testing ground-

Asuramaru: No, but I can see all the memories of your meeting with Mika in the orphanage

What about the memories in the cell?

Page 26

Yu: …No, such memories…

Asuramaru: That means that you were already experimented on before you got to the orphanage

I don’t know what kind of guy you are, since the most important memories are gone

Yu: Then we’re the same

Asuramaru: What

Yu: We’re a combi without memories

Page 27

Asuramaru: I don’t like that, it sounds like an idotic combi

Yu: Ha ha but about that, isn’t it enough remembering the happy memories?  Asuramaru: But it’s annoying when a host is controlled by someone else

[JIDA] [the Hyakuya sect] Guren Ichinose, Ferid Bathory, we don’t know who is controlling you, so just act according to your desires as much as possible

Yu: …My desire

Page 28

Asuramaru: So just use your head a little more

If not, no one will be saved

I’m sure that your partner would say the same thing

Yu: Partner?

Page 29

Asuramaru: See, he’s calling your name

He’ll be angry if you don’t open your eyes soon

Mika: …-chan


Page 30

Mika: Are you alright, Yu-chan?

Yu: Aah sorry, it’s this again…

Mika: It is

Page 31

Yu: Where are we?

Mika: In Nagoya, in the Ichinose residence ((literally “Ichinose’s parent’s house))

At their laboratory for human experiments


Churi’s Sousenkyo Speech

I’ve managed to get back into the senbatsu! Thank you very much! [Sees an image of fans at the SKE theatre] Thanks to the fans who are watching from the theatre. That’s right, I was let into the senbatsu the year before last and I unfortunately slipped out of it last year, but this year I’ve been able to come back smoothly by ranking fifteenth. I’ve gotten the opportunity to participate in every sousenkyo since the first one and I’ve been able to stand on the stage like this ever since the second sousenkyo, and if we’re being honest you could probably buy a rather big house in Nagoya if you took all the money everyone’s spent on me over the years. That alone shows me that everyone shares a strong love for me. While I wasn’t able to build a home for those people, I really think that it’d nice if I can become a house for my fans, a place where I always want everyone to come back to.

It’s almost as if those who love and support me are living in my home! I spend way more time with my fans than I do with my own family. I’m very grateful to establish a new bond with my fans resembling that of a family. The house I’ve built houses my fans and family, as well as everyone who supports me, everyone who comes to see me, and those who can’t come to see me. I strongly believe that I’m here because of the support of each and every person.

It’s already been nine years since I’ve joined SKE48, and while I’ve had my share of fears regarding SKE48′s struggles, I think that the present is an opportunity for SKE48 to display its strength, so we’ll show our own strength and tell everyone that SKE48, the group centered in my hometown of Nagoya, is not done yet.

That’s right… I spoke so much about my mom during the year before last’s sousenkyo that she got mad at me, so today I’ll thank my father, my grandfather, my grandmother, and a lot of others! I’m also really happy that I’m able to express my gratitude to a lot of different people due to Noguchi Goro-san’s support, I’ve been working with him for around one year and he came to my help when I was ranked 56th during the preliminaries! I’ll stick my chest out tomorrow and walk forward as Takayanagi Akane. Thank you very much for today!

Sekihan: 昨日行ったお化け屋敷が面白かったから
赤飯 くーらー みーちゃん Souくん そらるさんの5人。
終始叫びながら倒れてたので 一緒に倒れておきました👹
Sekihan: Yesterday everyone was interested in going to a haunted house.
Everyone invited came  👻  
There were five of us it’s Sekihan, Kura (Kradness), Mi-chan, Sou-kun and Soraru.
By the way sou-kun clung on to my arm.
At first we were screaming and tripping then at the end we ended up falling down together .  👹

Kradness: そしてライブの後にみんなでお化け屋敷行ってきたwwww めっっちゃ叫んでもたwwwwwwww楽しいwww
Kradness: After the event I went with everyone to the haunted house. I screamed a lot wwwwwwwwww It was fun www

Soraru: こそっと抜け出してみんなでお化け屋敷行った!souくん転げ回ってた
Soraru: After leaving this place we went to the haunted house!  Sou-kun was falling around everywhere

Mi-chan:  お化け屋敷いった!!!
Mi-chan:  Went to a haunted house!!!

Sou: そらるさんがずっと後ろから脅かしてきた💢!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sou: Soraru-san was scaring me too much from behind  💢!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sou: 呪いの子守唄
Sou: The curse of the lullaby
Note: The curse of the lullaby is the name of the Haunted House ww.

T/N: They all tweeted with photos but I just posted one! This is the haunted house they went to after XYZ tour in Nagoya.


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