the house at the end of the street


Samara is back in the trailer for Rings, which looks to reintroduce The Ring mythology to the digital generation. The film opens in theaters on October 28 via Paramount.

Rings is directed by F. Javier Gutierrez (Before the Fall) and written by David Loucka (House at the End of the Street), Jacob Estes (Mean Creek) and Akiva Goldsman (I Am Legend).

Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe (The 5th Wave), Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory), Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights), Bonnie Morgan (The Devil Inside), and Vincent D’Onofrio (Jurassic World) star.

A young woman becomes worried about her boyfriend when he explores a dark subculture surrounding a mysterious videotape said to kill the watcher seven days after he has viewed it. She sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend and in doing so makes a horrifying discovery: there is a “movie within the movie” that no one has ever seen before…

The beach, a time for relaxation and to get tan. There is nothing better than a nice beach day, and even better, a week at the shore. With school starting for those in it, what better time than now? 

All characters have been driven to Ocean City, New Jersey for a week’s stay at a gorgeous beach. All characters have been given a pamphlet to let them know that the coach busses come every fifteen minutes for pickup on AUGUST 24th outside of the Le Faux and letting them know that houses ( each with five bedrooms ) have been rented out on 26th street. The busses will be returning to pick characters up on Wednesday, August 31st for them to return to the apartments.



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My hometown keeps getting hit by tornadoes. Two today. First Starbucks was leveled and the neighborhood across the street got slammed - these people just had homes damaged by a tornado 3 years ago. Plus on the other end of town a low income apartment complex got hit hard.

Now there’s a new one that’s super big near my parents house. Thankfully it’s at least a mile east and it’s moving east but that’s too close for comfort.

These tornadoes need to stop.

Took the dog out for a walk after her dinner (it’s late and dark out) and for the past two days we’ve been seeing a white bunny rabbit at the other end of the street from our house. But tonight, we saw another white rabbit!

We think one of the people let them go because one of them has a little collar with a bell on it (couldn’t see if the other one did or not, he was too far away in someone’s yard.)

Hope they’ll be okay :(