the hour you have to see

Travis: I’m gonna look under the rug.

Griffin: You find a trap door to- no, there’s nothing under the rug.

Travis: Fuck.

Justin: Does it bite him ‘cause it’s alive?

Travis: Skeletons! Move! In this game! And sometimes you have to fight them! I’m not making this up, Justin! I don’t want to- [sighs] Suck my butt.

Justin: Uh, I grab the skeleton and shake it and say-

Taako: Give us your secrets!

Skeleton: Okay, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

Travis: See?! Suck my butt, Justin.

Griffin: Was that in universe?

Travis: Yeah-

Magnus: Suck my butt, Taako!

I recently participated in the #SUワンドロ Twitter event. The event is that there is a weekly theme, and on Saturday evening you make a one-hour drawing based on that theme. The theme this time was ‘Crystal Gems’! So I went for the very first Crystal Gems. It was fun! 

By the way, I realized I never talk about my twitter, but I have one! In case you want to see my art on TWO social media instead of one. 


Four stages of Lucas Salazar’s design

Lucas is my player character for the RPG (to experience the game) 

He’s a Moon Elf (with purple skin and glowing tattoos), used to be a hunter but now he works for the royal armies, his class (as you can see) is ranger/archer, on his final level, dude can shoot electric arrows! Oh, and most important of all, he has muteness so he doesn’t communicate much, though this guy’s still pretty hot-tempered and childish sometimes! 


Peter Parker x @spideyboys

“Okay, but why can’t you just do this?” You moved to show Peter what you meant, but he cut you off immediately, shaking his head.

“No, you won’t get the same product. Uh – you’ll get a positive number instead of a negative.”

You nodded, not quite understanding it but already feeling bad for Peter for having to stay here. He never said it directly, but it always seemed like he didn’t want to be here – with you – and he was always too eager to leave after the hour tutor session was over. You wanted to ask if there was something you did, or said, but you never had the courage to. You had taken a liking to him, but seeing him act like he wanted nothing to do with you was a little disheartening.

“Okay,” you said, gathering your things.

“Wait,” Peter said confused, reaching out to grab your wrist, “Izzy, we still have half an hour, where are you going?”

You shrugged, smiling softly. “I get it! I don’t need it. P-plus, I need to help my mom with something, so I should get home.” Your excuse came out lame, but you didn’t know how else to put Peter out of his pain. He looked at you skeptically but let go of your wrist anyway, nodding slowly. He looked at his watch and smiled, quickly picking up your things.

“Great! It’s always nice ending early,” ouch, “I’ll see you on Friday!” He exclaimed, not giving you much time to respond before he was already barreling out the door. You frowned, looking down at the Math book in your hands. Great, you thought, it was going to be a really nice night with you and Google.

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  • <p> <b>Cartoonz:</b> have you seen the fanart for Wildcat and Vanoss?<p/><b>Delirious, secretly in a relationship with Vanoss:</b> No, why?<p/><b>Cartoonz:</b> apparently people ship them, hardcore.<p/><b>Cartoonz:</b> Can't really blame them, Wildcat and Vanoss have good chemistry.<p/><b>Delirious:</b> Yeah...<p/><b></b> Few hours later-<p/><b>Delirious:</b> [curled up in the corner, doubts of his relationship with Vanoss, running through his head]<p/><b>Vanoss:</b> [walks in] Hey, Jon.<p/><b>Vanoss:</b> [Sees Delirious] What's wrong? [sits next to Delirious]<p/><b>Delirious, mumbles:</b> people ship you with Tyler.<p/><b>Vanoss:</b> [raises eyebrow] They do?<p/><b>Delirious:</b> yeah, even cartoonz. Apparently you two have good chemistry.<p/><b>Vanoss, smiles softly:</b> well, there is no better chemistry than what we have. [slings arm around Delirious.]<p/><b>Delirious,looks up:</b> [sniffles] Really? You don't want Tyler?<p/><b>Vanoss:</b> Nope! I got the cutest thing ever, why would I throw that away?<p/><b>Vanoss, smiles:</b> It also helps I have amazing chemistry with said cutest thing.<p/><b>Delirious:</b> [laughs and smiles.]<p/><b>Vanoss:</b> Now cheer up! I'm starting to miss your crazed smile! [kisses the tip of Delirious's nose]<p/><b>Delirious:</b> [giggles]<p/></p>
Killing Stalking’s Most(……)Scene Tag Game

I was tagged by @the-architect–analyzes thank you!

I’m tagging @natsumi82 @bunpunpun @noonamika @sangwoo-ohmygodstop @adaeve-a @sassybum @ikanaideu @bucky-is-autistic @m0chamilk @yoon-b (Sorry if any of you have been tagged already!)

Most shocking scene:

I chose this one mainly because I can remember holding my breath wondering if Sangwoo was gonna catch them!

Most WTF scene:

Most irritating/enraging scene:

I mean, I expected this to happen but that didn’t make it any easier to read

Most disturbing scene:

Most heart-breaking scene:

Cutest scene:

Hat Bum in general is adorable but also this: 

It was super cute to see Bum practically melt into the hug and relax like that after being so stressed out and dealing with the police for hours

Funniest scene:

This cracks me up every time :D

Most satisfying scene:

This is one of my favorite scenes in the entire comic. I just love how it’s completely obvious that Yoonjae is accustomed to looking down on Bum and making him feel like shit but then Sangwoo swoops in like “Try :) again :) bitch :)” 

And it was really satisfying to see Bum stand up to his uncle, even if it was a hallucination


Favorite Bum panel:

(I tried but I just can’t narrow these down to one!)

Favorite Sangwoo panel:

Favorite Seungbae panel:

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I don't know when I'll see the next episode. Family issues. Depression issues. Shit like that. So I just hope you'll have fun. Kiss Homura for me. It's useless to try to comfort me directly since you live in your universe and me in mine, so all you can do is smile so I smile back. Homura is lucky to had you, you know, if I did what I wanted with my window right this instant nobody will notice until several hours later... our world are not that different but I still think you guys are lucky.

Got it!!!! I’ll do my best to smile!!!!

And… Yeah, we’re lucky!! And yeah I’ll do my best to kiss her someday too =///////D

For the record though… Don’t do the thing with the window, okay? I smiled, so you can smile too now!! =D Please!!

palefluffyowl  asked:

Has the giveaway winner already told you, whether or not they want the books? 📚

Nope, not yet. I used to give people 48 hours only to respond to me, but I’m going to give her a little more time. The last thing I want to do is choose a new winner, have her log in after the fact, and then see what she missed out on. Her profile literally says she posts twice a week, so it sounds like she isn’t on Tumblr every day. If it goes beyond a week, I’ll have to consider selecting a new random winner. Until then, I’ll wait it out. :) 

(By the way, this is in reference to the Harper Perennial Olive Editions giveaway that ended on 18 November.)

And here’s our new giveaway of 50 (that’s not a typo) vintage paperback classics.

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Feeling Luke grinding his hips into your hips in the way early hours of the morning and you're trying to find out why he's gasping and groaning and whimpering in his sleep til it clicks that he's having a wet dream so you flip him onto his back and grind your core onto his clothed dick til he cums so hard in his boxers that he wakes up and sees you then blushes in embarrassment and hides his face with a pillow, whining about you're probably going to tease him later.

you’re on FIRE

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i promise we wont totally freak out over the photo of joj he'll upload in 3 hours:)))

what have you seen?? How do you know???
I’ll be sleeping if he does post something in 3 hours so I’ll have to see when I wake up

I couldn’t thank Ben Platt enough for showing me, personally, that everyone has worth. Everyone has value. He has helped me become a better person, and has taught me a lesson about love and how it is the most important part of life. Not only that, but millions of others have the same (or a different) story to tell. Being myself was always the most difficult part of my life, but now its a tad bit easier. All throughout his numerous shows, he showed all of us that being you, and only you, is amazing. That you are beautiful. And, honestly, I couldn’t thank him enough for that. He brought Evan to life, and taught so much by just being a shy, anxious teenager, that couldn’t balance everything on his shoulders. Seeing somebody teach so many lessons in a short-lived two hours and thirty minutes is phenomenal. Yes, it will be odd seing someone else portray Evan, but I am estatic to see what he brings in the future. Thank you, Ben.

Sincerely, Me.

skulmanandisayhi  asked:

I was just wondering, how many new words would it be wise to learn at a time? Is there only so much that the brain can take in at a time, or is it more of a case of finding what works for you?

Have you heard of memorization championships? Those people are trained to memorize random words in a certain period of time and they remember those words even if you ask them months later.

This is why i think your method plays an important role in your memorization process and i also think your limit varies. If someone can learn only 20 words per hour, that’s their problem, but if you have a better memory and a better technique you can memorize double.

I tend to ignore the “average” or words you can learn per hour because memory can be trained to be better, some words are easier than others, there are so many methods to memorize. Basically, a lot of unknown circumstances that influence your memorization progress.

Try and see how much you can learn and what technique is better! ^^

O dandelion, rich and haughty,
King of village flowers!
Each day is coronation time,
You have no humble hours.
I like to see you bring a troop
To beat the blue-grass spears,
To scorn the lawn-mower that would be
Like fate’s triumphant shears.
Your yellow heads are cut away,
It seems your reign is o’er.
By noon you raise a sea of stars
More golden than before.


The Dandelion

Vachel Lindsay


Graphic - Daria Petrilli

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How do you stay so motivated? I’m trying to make my own choicescript game myself but I can never seem to get anything done!!

Interacting with people excited about the story helps so much! :D Also, having those weekly progress reports helps push me forward, because I know I want to be able to see a good deal of achievement when I come to write that.

But mainly, it’s less about motivation and A LOT more about perseverance. Just pushing through all the time, no matter how you feel.

Having a set time for writing can help for some people, knowing you always have an hour or so dedicated to nothing but writing.

But yeah, it’s about finding what works for you. How to keep yourself pushing forwards and remain excited about such big projects!

I like to make playlists and do drawings, or small snippets from later books. Things that keep excited about the future of the project!

Wanting to turn this into a full-time career is also my biggest drive.

Sorry I can’t be much help on that! But good luck with your project- honestly, it really is worth it in the end :)

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This question popped in my mind cuz I was in Queen + Adam Lambert's concert yesterday in Helsinki. I happened to read from Curryfest, that Tim once went to see Queen with Paul Rodgers, do you have any knowledge of what year that might have been exactly? I know they collaborated with Paul in 2004-2009. Also, I know Tim was friends with Freddie once, so maybe he really enjoyed and still enjoys Queen's music? :)

I have the exact date, anon! 

‘On Sunday night (October 16th 2005), Queen + Paul Rodgers played their first-ever US show. A packed Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey, saw Queen and Rodgers pull from both their catalogues during a show that lasted over two hours, including Queen classics such as “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Will Rock You”, “We Are The Champions,” and “Fat Bottomed Girls,” along with Rodgers standards like Bad Company’s “Feel Like Makin’ Love” and “Rock And Roll Fantasy” and Free’s “All Right Now.” The band’s only other US show for this year is on Saturday (October 22nd) at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, after which they play a series of dates in Japan, though there are reports of a proper North American tour for next year.The show drew a cross-section of famous folks,including actor Tim Curry.’

I think he deffo went to show support of Freddie’s legacy and his band pals…especially because he traveled from NYC to NJ to do so! 

Free Companies - Looking for Input!

Hello everyone! I’m Illyriana and I run @thegardenofwordsffxiv​, a small Book & Coffee Shop FC on Balmung. We host events biweekly RP events for the community and love being around to help out and take part in the community.

Of late, we’ve had an extremely hard time finding members or keeping people interested since we have a very small FC with only a few members on at odd hours. We adore our current members and love them being with us and taking part in events but we find our FC lacking additional interactions to keep the FC healthy and engaging for all.

We’ve tried in the past to arrange small get togethers, rp events for members, and content but we just lack the time and active members to do so, so I’ve decided to reach out to the community to see if there is any advice that might help us get a more steady structure for our FC.

If you have any advice or input on how to recruit members and create more engagement during the Balmung Server Lockout while recruiting members, please feel free to chime in! Before the server lock we had a flourishing FC and since it’s hit we’ve been struggling to keep members. We love our FC and it’s not going anywhere (nor are our events!) But we’d love to hear some input from the community on recruitment practices and how to keep your members engaged! 

Thank you!


i was tagged in a cool thing by @metis12375 (Yay!)

rules: tag followers you’d like to get to know better

name: Alex

nickname(s): Zikau, Ghirahim

gender: male

sign: Gemini

height: 5'5"

sexuality: Gray asexual

hogwarts 🏠: Ravenclaw

average hours of 💤: Somewhere between 5 and 8

🐶 or 🐱 person: Por que no las dos? But cats are easier to take care of. I like dogs better when they are someone else’s dog.

blanket you 💤 with: I low-key like it when it’s colder because the weight of the blankets is soothing. I have a really hard time sleeping when it’s hot in part because I need something on top of me to sleep better.

dream trip: I want to see everywhere T.T

when I made my blog: I want to say 2011

followers: 1638 (Thank you all ♥)

why I made a Tumblr: Deviantart ran out of fresh Ghirahim content

reasons for my url:


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You. Have been sending asks like this every time I make a post for almost two months now.

I even told you to be patient in this ask last month:

I work a 40 hour job and have other WIPs older than him that I want to work on. If you’re really desperate to see Tom Phan get drawn, I do have commission info posted on my DA that is still sorta accurate and we can work something out. Otherwise, you’re going to have to wait, because these asks are actually doing the opposite of what you think they’re doing and actually make me want to draw him less and less…


Hey @happycloude-91!! I made a silly little thing based off of that Spy AU you created. I drew it as a way of saying thanks for your support and lovely messages, so I hope you like it!! ^^

Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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