the hour of the doom


William Shakespeare- the Bard of Avon, Legendary Wordsmith, was, in all probability, super queer. We’re going to look at the evidence, read some lovely poems, read some raunchy poems, and generally just talk Shakespeare.

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More Than Four

It’s the mornings after Dean gets at least seven hours of sleep that Cas loves the most. It isn’t because he’s better rested, though Cas doesn’t have a complaint about that.

It’s the fact that Dean can allow himself the extra hours, instead of his all too customary four, that makes those mornings special.

Those hours mean that there was no pending doom to keep Dean up. They mean that no nightmares made his sleep spotty, at best. They mean that no imminent danger needs taking care of at an ungodly hour.

Those are the mornings that Dean hums while he butters their toast.

Those mornings, Dean doesn’t get mad that Sam left the blender unwashed in the sink.

Those mornings, Dean’s laugh comes a little easier, it’s a little louder, it’s a little less afraid of being the last of its kind.

And if Dean is more generous with his touch when it comes to Cas, if his kisses last just that much longer, if he tends to suggest they return to bed- no, Cas, I’m not tired still- then yeah, Cas will go ahead and call those mornings his favourites.

Maybe Cas tries harder to orchestrate them, too. Tries to make it so the circumstances are just right. Tries to string two, four, six of those mornings together. It ends up benefiting the world and there’s the whole greater good thing, but to Cas, mostly, there’s Dean.

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Hi! Do you have any tips for studying for a subject you absolutely despise? ((looking at you Social Science -.-)) anyway, if you would have any tips that would be a great help! Thanks <3

Hey! Omg yes, my little demon was maths + corporations law fml. I’m sure everyone has a subject they absolutely hate with a fervent passion but have to get through. 

Here’s a few tips for studying a subject that you absolutely despise: 

1. Do the bare minimum 

Lol, let’s be honest here. There’s going to be subjects that you love and there’s going to be subjects that you hate. You don’t have to love every subject that you study - all you have to do is pass. 

So, canvass your syllabus/ course outline and see what you’re going to be examined on. Tab the relevant sections of your textbook and ignore the rest. Look at the broad areas of your course and how much weighting they’re given (e.g. the number of weeks dedicated to studying that portion, the assessment %, the type of questions in practice exams). 

Often you’ll find you’ve just condensed the course to about… well ¾ of your textbook/ reading materials. And out of those chapters, its not like you need to memorise all of it - just the key concepts (see: the intro, the conclusion and probably one body paragraph outlining the key example). 

All those extra readings? Fuck it. That set of extra essays or ‘areas of academic interest’? Screw that. If its not going to make up a huge portion of your examinable content, leave it to one side. 

Condense the course to the bare minimum you need to study so that you can pass. Sure, it’ll be an ugly, barely scraped through pass, but hell that’s all you need.

Use that time for a subject you enjoy. 


2. Leech off someone who enjoys the subject (this includes your teacher)  

Sometimes, its a matter of finding what other people love about it. Finding a friend or another student who is passionate about the subject you hate, asking them what the enjoy about it or heck, just seeing their enthusiasm may help you appreciate the subject. Sure, you’re not going to love it but heck, at least you understand the appeal.

+ people who are passionate about a subject tend to love sharing their knowledge. Engage in casual conversation, ask them questions about areas you’re struggling with etc. 

And they may even point to an area or a niche area of the subject that may pique your interest. This leads me to my next tip…. 

3. Putting it into context 

Sometimes we hate a subject when we can’t put it into context - e.g. “what the fuck is the point of learning how to transform a fucking graph!” 

Ask someone what they love about a subject. Maybe they know an advanced application of what you’re learning that leads to an area of interest. 

Google shit. Youtube shit. Maybe you’ll find a small aspect that may help you appreciate the subject. Because the mere study of the subject doesn’t necessarily reflect its practical application. For example, I found contract law extremely boring and dry – it wasn’t until I started working in the area and realised how these contracts affected the buildings/ events/ my general day to day life that I really began to enjoy contract law. 

4. Be strict with your time

When you have a subject you hate, its easy to put it off to one side. Be strict with your time. Allocate a set time period to do your required homework/ reading etc. Clear your desk of any other subject, books etc phone. Anything not related to that subject goes out the fucking door. 

Start small - maybe 30 mins. After your allotted time is up - MOVE ON. The pomodoro method may help in this regard (see an intro post to the method by @etudiance

When you start out, it may be that you spend those 30 mins staring blankly at a book. But by day 6, with routine and time, you’ll eventually start slowly chipping away at what you need to do. 

As to the sequence…. I liked sticking it in between studying two subjects I enjoyed. So I could start my study session with something I liked, then do my allocated hour of doom and have something to look forward to later. 

5. Find a different way to study the same shit 

This depends on your study method tbh. But perhaps find a new way to study what you don’t enjoy - whether that be swapping out those flashcards for a mindmap, dictating as opposed to writing shitones of notes, youtubing videos on the concept etc. 

However, this doesn’t mean procrastinating. Don’t kid yourself - spending ‘3 hours to tidy up your desk before you start work so you can be productive later’ isn’t going to achieve your goal. You’re just putting off your work. Same with re writing the heading of your notes 10 times so you can get the right colours and fonts. 

Rather, space that ‘productive procrastination’ out between your study. Have a 30 min ‘preparation session’ before you study where you clean your desk, get all your supplies, draw up your headings. If you don’t finish, tough - relegate the rest of that prep in your breaks. Move on and get cracking with studying. 

6. Reward yourself! 

After you’ve finished that chapter? DO SOMETHING YOU LIKE. NON STUDY RELATED. Preferably healthy. 

+ heck, sometimes the motivation that comes with nailing 3 exam questions in a row is enough to keep your confidence and momentum up. 

Here’s a few more pointers from some other studyblrs! 

If you want specific resources re: social science give me another shout and I can dig some up (wasn’t sure what level you’re studying at), or check out some studyblr community lists etc (e.g. @studyblrindex) and I’m sure there’s someone who will be happy to help out (OR SCREAM INTO THE ABYSS TOGETHER W. YOU) 

All the best!  

BatB 2017: my post-curse headcanons/possible fanfic prompts

• Maurice arrives several hours after the curse is broken, both worried about Belle and curious how everything turned out. He realized that something good has happened about half-way through his journey when he had no trouble finding his way to the castle and no unexpected weather changes await him.

• Adam apologizes sincerely to Maurice for imprisoning him and calling him a thief. Maurice says shortly “Apology accepted” and immediately continues “So, where is that gentleman who was a clock? I need to ask him some things!” (Maurice and Cogsworth become friends. Sometimes they go fishing together. They rarely talk, just enjoy comfortable silence.)

• That first night after the curse is broken, the formerly enchanted people make sure there is light in most of the rooms and at least one of them is awake at all time. They don’t talk about it, but the fear that they might never wake up and become lifeless objects is still very strong. The only two creatures who have no trouble sleeping anytime and anywhere are Froufrou (the dog) and Chip.

• Most of the previously enchanted people have nightmares occasionally but Adam’s are worst of all. His mind keeps replaying him the long hours after Belle left. The feeling of despair when he was certain he doomed both himself and people he cared about. And heartbreak that he is never going to see the woman he loves again.

• He doesn’t mention anything to Belle at first but she notices that something is amiss when most mornings he greets her with obvious relief he sees her and she notices dark circles under his eyes. After he tells her, she begins to sneak into the West Wing in the night, so everytime Adam wakes up, she is right there next to him.

• Belle has her share of nightmares as well, though they don’t occur that often. She dreams she is locked up either by Gaston or the villagers, knowing that Adam is out there somewhere fighting for his life or dying. In her nightmares, she can never reach him on time.

• This sleeping arrangement is actually pretty hard to maintain because their rooms are not exactly close. And while Adam and Belle might be technically engaged, they don’t want the whole castle to know that Belle spends most of the nights in the West Wing (even if not much occurs between them physically). *imagine the fanfiction possibilities here :D*

• Belle is mostly worried her father might find out. She explains to Adam that while Maurice is a kind, understanding father, she doesn’t want to have a conversation “I sleep in my fiancé’s room because we have bad dreams” with him. When Adam chuckles at it, she says with a deadpan face “He knows how to use that screwdriver”. Adam can’t tell if she’s kidding or seriously suggesting that her kindly looking father might physically hurt him.

Feel free to add your own BatB 2017 headcanons.


In an hour unlooked for by Men this doom befell, on the nine and thirtieth day since the passing of the fleets. Then suddenly fire burst from the Meneltarma, and there came a mighty wind and a tumult of the earth, and the sky reeled, and the hills slid, and Númenor went down into the sea, with all its children and its wives and its maidens and its ladies proud; and all its gardens and its halls and its towers, its tombs and its riches, and its jewels and its webs and its things painted and carven, and its lore: they vanished for ever.

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Top 10 Liszt works?

In other words…A Top 10 Liszt List?

10. Various Hungarian Rhapsodies

The Hungarian Rhapsodies are a lot of fun, though they are more nationalistic showpieces than anything, so they can feel shallow at times. But the music is so lyrical, a great use of folksy melodies [of course they were accidentally assumed to be “gypsy” melodies when really they were popular music by Hungarian composers played by traveling Romani bands], fun toe-tapping rhythms, and have the fluidity of any improvisation. My favorites of the set of 19 are nos. 3, 5, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17

9. Orpheus

Published as his fourth symphonic poem, Orpheus is a beautiful poetic statement, an impressionist painting of the tragic figure. Also, has such a noble theme, very classy.

8. Piano Concerto no. 2

Modeled after contemporary composer Henri Litolff’s “Concerto-Symphoniques”, the work is a single movement synthesis of piano and orchestra, almost like a symphonic poem without a subject, a set of variations on a simple theme. Great stuff. Was by jam back in high school.

7. Dante Sonata

From his second year of pilgrimage. Also my jam in high school. I came for the high concept “Dante’s Inferno” dark imagery and heavy-metal atmosphere, stayed for the high brow thematic transformation. 

6. Funerailles 

Bleak and grim, but with a touch of hope. The use of harsh harmonies was a shock to my younger self, who was just getting used to the less “pretty” side of classical music. The drama in this work and the background political origins makes me wonder why it wasn’t used in war films. For some reason I can’t help but think of Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front.

5. La Lugubre Gondola

In both existing forms, though “La Lugubre Gondola 2″ is more developed, and the heightened anxiety and harmonic flow remind us that this was essentially a tombeau for Richard Wagner.

4. Vallee d’Obermann

From his first year of pilgrimage. Also has one of the more lovely, underrated melodies in the Romantic piano repertoire. And I still can’t help but be caught up in the Romanticism of it’s subject matter: a forgotten novel about a man living in the countryside alone and finding spiritual fulfillment. Something I would love to have.

3. Fantasy and Fugue on Ad Nos, Ad Salutarem Undam 

A magnificent organ piece, like the Sonata in b minor, the entire work develops out of one theme from a Meyerbeer opera based on the Münster Uprising [which resulted in one of the more gruesome executions in history, if you have four and a half hours, listen to Dan Carlton’s Hardcore History: Prophets of Doom]. The fugue part is so wild, I have it memorized.

2. Ballade no. 2

Few composers wrote ballades that are as great as Chopin’s four that started the genre. But this Liszt ballade does reach that transcendence, a great concentrated movement from darkness to light, redemption through love, a lot of extra-musical ideas caught up in the murky depths that I love.

1. Sonata in b minor

His masterpiece, and I think the greatest 19th century piano sonata after Beethoven. It’s so generously written, the main themes interwoven and reused in meaningful ways, no note is superfluous, and the ending is otherworldly. The first time I listened to the work was at a piano recital by Garrick Ohlsson, and I didn’t want the music to end.

Noble Reign

Ch.1 Mytic Messenger Middle Ages AU

|Ch. 2| |Ch. 3|

Author’s Note: It finally happened. I’m so sorry it took me such a long time to finish it, but I’m so proud to present you the Mystic Messenger Middle Ages AU! ^^ I have absolutely no idea if anyone will read this but I had so much fun writing it and I will definitely continue updating it. Keep in mind that English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes. Nevertheless, I hope y’all enjoy it. Please feel free to leave any sort of comments or message me; I would love to write some headcanons for this AU and I like to integrate your ideas as well.

I also want to give special thanks to @promiscuous-jalapeno for giving me advice and encouraging me in my writing. If you should ever read this, I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. <3

Wordcount: 3,247

“A long time ago, there existed a great kingdom that was ruled by two brothers. Their names were Jaehyun and Jaekwang.

The brothers were loved by their people and everyone lived together in harmony. But one day, Jaekwang desired the sole control over the kingdom and rebelled against his brother.

With soldiers at his command, he imprisoned his brother and spread misery across the kingdom. For a long time the kingdom was ruled by bitterness and people were living in fear.

But then, when all hope had died and the hour of doom seemed at hand, a girl appeared as if from nowhere. With fire burning in her soul and magic running through her veins, she defeated Jaekwang and freed his brother.

In anger, she divided the kingdom in half by forcing water and earth between the villages. A grand river and high mountains were now separating Jaekwang and Jaehyun.

Pleased with her work, the girl vanished and was never seen again. Over time, the two brothers created different kingdoms, one ruled by fear and one ruled by strength.

Generations passed and so did the girl’s tale. The kingdoms became enemies and the tale became legend. They say that someday, the girl will come back to reunite the kingdoms in peace and harmony again but until then the kingdoms remain in discord.”

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Summary: When Lucy agreed to go on a blind date she hadn’t been expecting, well, this. A valentine dedicated to my followers.

Rating: T

AN: This wasn’t what I planned on giving you for a valentine but the other one started to turn a tad angsty and you all deserve some fluff from me for once. ;D Hope everyone had a wonderful day full of love (whether it be romantic, platonic, or even self). 

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Lucy evaluated her reflection in the store window thoughtfully. Not a single blonde hair was out of place, but she found herself lightly running her hands over the loosely curled strands just in case there was any frizz she missed. Her make up was impeccable (as it should be considering she spent over forty–five minutes agonizing over it), and the little black halter dress she had finally decided on (another hour long process) clung to her curvy body in all the right places.

She looked good. Damn good. 

She smiled at the thought, but immediately sobered back into a fit of nerves when she recalled exactly why she was dressed up in the first place. Down the street, sitting innocently on the corner, was a busy restaurant with a single man sitting at a table, waiting for her. A man who she was apparently suppose to find from a white scarf.

Lucy had half a mind to just turn around and go back to her apartment. This whole thing was completely ridiculous and she didn’t know why she had ever listened to those twins Gem and Mini when it came to her love life. Blind dates never turned out well for anyone. It was like the unwritten rule in the dating world. So exactly why she had spent hours on her appearance for a night that was ultimately doomed to be a complete disaster was completely beyond her, but she had a feeling that the twins insistence that the person they were setting her up with was ‘perfect for her’ probably had something to do with it. 

A sigh passed her glossed lips, fogging up the glass of the lovely shoe display. Maybe she should just go shopping – those pink stilettos in the corner there were incredibly cute. She could totally rock them. 

Of course, then Gem and Mini would never let her hear the end of it.

The thought of their echoed words of infinite frustration immediately had her stepping away from the (oh so tempting) display and towards the restaurant at the corner. One night of disaster would be better than a lifetime of nagging from those two. Being that they were both actors, they had the annoying habit of impersonating close friends, especially when said friend had done something silly or stupid. It was hilarious most of the time, their impersonations were always spot on which made it even funnier, but the joke wasn’t quite so amusing when it was her lack of dating prowess on front and center stage.

Checking her phone before she stepped through the restaurant doors, she reread the message Gem had sent her. 'He will be at Rainbow Sakura Restaurant at 6pm wearing a white scarf and sitting at a table for two. Have fuuuuuun!’ It was five after now (was fashionably late still fashionable?) so if this mystery man had any kind of manners he should be in there. Waiting for her. 

God, tonight was going to be awful. She just knew it. 

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#7 // Eric x reader

warnings: NSFW contentttttttttt
an: I’m sorry the format of this is awful, I’m currently on a flight to Germany so can’t edit the layout on my phone!! Read mores etc will be added later 😊 All the love
Also, please don’t read if you don’t agree 👏🏻


It’s Friday evening, and you’re at Eric’s. It’s the first time in months your Mom has allowed you to stay over - ever since Eric pulled that van robbery stunt she’s been skeptical about the two of you spending time together. You’d only managed to convince her because Kathy had spoken to her on the phone.

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The Tongariro national park is a large mountainous region about 6hrs south of Auckland (as the bus drives) and contains what is advertised as the best one day walk in New Zealand, if not one of the best in the world. For the majority of the year the top of it is covered in snow, as it goes over the saddle between two fairly famous mountains. Mountain one is the Tongariro mountain, of which the whole park is named after. Mountain two is mount Ngauruhoe which is best known for being the location filming area for mount doom in Lord of the rings! It is an active volcano and one does not simply walk up to it, you have to catch an earlier bus and then scramble to the top.

I have wanted to do it for a while! Pretty much since the start of summer when the best walking season started, and then as the days ticked by it got more urgent because I really wanted to do it before the snow came back. I managed to talk some coworkers into it and we were going to go after I got back from the South Island, but since I was away nothing got organised and it got pushed back again to… *drumroll* the 4th March! The big risk with these dates was that we only had 3 days off because of the way the rosters worked out, so since it was a day’s travel to the national park on each side that gave us one day in which to attempt the hike. If the weather is terrible, the buses don’t run. If the weather is kind of crappy, the walk is wet and unpleasant.

So we crossed our fingers, booked a hostel and went for it!

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Get to know me meme: [4/5] male characters - Link (Legend of Zelda)

“But then, when all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand… a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding the blade of evil’s bane, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light.”