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We hear some weird stories in the custom scene, most of them unprintable. But this is one of the strangest yet — a custom BMW inspired by a popular brand of chocolate bar.
It’s from master metalworker @queen_houng of Taipei’s Onehandmade, a regular Rough Crafts collaborator. We’re especially digging that tank, which reminds us of the mighty Hoske tanks on vintage and racing BMWs.
Hit the link in our bio for the full story — and hi-res images by @996long.
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the-one-and-only-obrien  asked:

Hi there, I'm currently in the Marine Corps and I'm not allowed to burn incense in my room, is there another way for me to honor the element air on my altar? Candles are also frowned upon. Thank you and blessed be!

Alternatives for Air:

  • feathers are the most common substitutes
  • crystals (I often use citrine or aquamarine for Sky)
  • a folding fan
  • a small electric fan (seriously!)
  • your own breath

You could also simply smell the incense without lighting it, still allowing it to work its effect on you.

Alternatives for Fire:

  • an unlit candle or match
  • small electric votives
  • spices like cinnamon or cayenne
  • anything electronic or which somehow uses electricity, dude, how cool would a Van der Graaff generator be
  • anything that produces heat or has the potential for heat

- mountain hound