the hound has spoken

PSA all of these blogs are the new wave of trolls don’t bother with them and don’t feed into their bullshit please. Report/block them.

Also, PSA to anyone browsing the otherkin tag, these people are NOT actually otherkin. They’re trolls. Don’t take anything they say as the opinions of actual otherkin. They’re just trying to spread misinformation on otherkin. We’re not like them.

IMPORTANT: I’m going to link all of these blogs because most of them keep changing their urls. So make sure to hover over/go to each link and see if they’ve changed their urls since I made this post!!

Please get rid of these fucking assholes I’m tired of seeing their bullshit

You know what’s bullshit?
People policing other’s identities that have absolutely no affect on them whatsoever by going into their safe-spaces and harassing them and spewing vile, unnecessary hate because they are incredibly misinformed, but too lazy to take the time to actually look into something before running their mouth about how ‘bullshit’ it is.

You know what’s not bullshit?