the hot desk interview


Photo montage, screen name that’s just like jimcarreyfan42— that was my screen name. I think my mom tried to get me his shirt that he wore in Bruce Almighty. It was the weirdest! But I loved him, and I still love him, I love him a lot! [interviewer comments that it’s a slight obsession] Yeah yeah, oh for sure! -Ariana about Jim Carrey

“The voices had been explaining all these things to me, and by the time I was seven I was seeing these photographs of Jimi Hendrix and Ace Frehley in magazines. Then it all came together. I realised I was supposed to be in a rock band. At the age of 11, I finally picked up the guitar and wrote 25 punk songs in a row.” (John Frusciante)

This Day in 1D History - September 11


  • One Direction music goes on sale for the first time as WMYB is released digitally!!
  • Hot Desk interview! (feat. “I feel like you’re the naughty one” “…you have no idea”)
  • Manchester CD signing



  • Where We Are Tour concert – Pasadena, USA


  • the “Perfect” music video is filmed in New York!!

Ed Sheeran Hot Desk UK Interview