the hot chocolatier

Your Fave is Problematic: Gabriel Reyes

-Didn’t credit Blackwatch for his mask
-Has perfectly good shotgun shells but throws away his guns instead
-Asks Amelie if she wants hot chocolaty milk, dissipates when she shoots him.
-Doesn’t call Jack on their anniversary.
-Also doesn’t call on Jacks birthday, or deathday.
-Had the audacity to say Ana’s Shrike outfit was “try too hard Edgy” despite his own Hot Topic loving ass.

Hot Chocolaty Milk

Fandom: Neko Atsume

Summary: After crushing on Marshmallow for a month, Cocoa finally proves her worth in a truly epic showdown against Tubbs.

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Rating: G

Featured Characters: Cocoa, Marshmallow, Tubbs

Pairing(s): Marshmallow/Cocoa

Chapters: 1

Word Count: 666 (that’s right, the beast)

Publication Date: 13 December 2015

Warnings: None

Alt. Links: AO3

Extra Notes: help how do I get it on, there’s no fandom tag :C

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