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If you'd still like to, I'd love to know why host kept pulling at his bandages

In the silence and the seclusion of his library, the Host timidly reaches for his bandages. Ever since Dark and Walter’s attack, he hasn’t let the Doctor touch them, but now, slowly and carefully, Host pulls them off.

And he can see.

But he’s seeing everything all at once. Amy’s first time in the library, Wilford shouting and complaining, the Doc finding Host passed out at the bottom of the stairs, and… and things that haven’t happened. Yet.

Host shouts and clamps both hands over his eyes, blocking it all out. Quickly, he slides the bandages back on over his eyes and waits a moment for the panic to clear. Calling it a sensory overload would be an understatement, and Host takes a moment to make sure his lunch doesn’t end up on the floor.

He should go tell someone, the Doctor possibly, but he decides against bothering Doc and instead grabs his cane, rides the elevator down to the lobby, and leaves.

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I feel like Bim's broken Host's trust too many times, and I respect the Host for forgiving him, but maybe he's doing so too easily?

The Host tugs gently at the sleeve of his coat, struggling to find an appropriate answer. “Trimmer is too… bombastic, for the Host, sometimes. He takes too much for granted, and while the Host appreciates having someone to talk to…” The Host hesitates, head down. When he looks up again, it’s with an unnerving smile. “The Host does not forgive what he cannot forget.”

LORELORELORE So I had the Host address this one, just because I think there’s a story behind all of this.

Bim is over the top, egotistical, not the sweet summer child we all make him out to be. He’s self-centered and loud, rarely taking into consideration other people’s wants, needs, or accommodations. When he does, it’s for his own benefit or because he’s forced to live with them for a long period of time. Bim is a disabled individual’s worst nightmare, and some things are unforgivable.

The Host likes that Bim comes to listen to him, because Bim is genuinely fascinated by the Host’s power and how much he knows; however, Bim is the least sensitive or tactful person, and the Host has to remind Bim a lot that he needs to slow down. The Host also isn’t our sweet reading bean, he’s Dark’s right hand. The Host appreciates Bim, but he knows that this living arrangement is temporary, and waits for the day that someone as obnoxious as Bim will leave him at peace. In the meantime, he holds a not-so-friendly grudge. 

Bim’s also probably helped Wilford pull some cruel pranks, way back in the beginning, but that’s a story for another time. 

Currently, Bim reads to the Host and vice versa, and they’ve developed a soft spot for each other. That doesn’t mean the Host likes Bim, nor does it mean that Bim cares for the Host more than he does for himself. 

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You liked Ouran?!? Who was your favorite host + who did you want to end up with Haruhi? My favorite was Kyouya and I wanted her and Mori to end up together

yeah!! i read the manga and was happy that they got married (right??) 

but man i really wanted her to end up with hikaru haha, especially after reading the manga o: 

MEA Celebration Meme

#2 - Tuesday: Characters Day

So many things to say.

We met a whole host of colorful new characters in Andromeda, many of whom became like friends and family. Who was your favorite major character, and why? What about minor characters?
My favorite major character was Cora. I absolutely adore her and her character development in Andromeda. I find her incredibly sweet and always eager to do what’s right. I like how she went from someone who always needed a guide to a leader of her own. She’s such a serious person but her banter with others show how witty and smart she is.
She is an inspiration.

Suvi is next because this is the first time I find someone in a game who thinks about God the way I do and who isn’t afraid to talk about it. She sees the beauty and horrors of this world and comes out of it stronger.
Hearing her talk for the first time legit made me want to cry. It was a “I can’t believe they made a character like her” moment.

Favorite minor character: Sloane. Who is surprised? :D
I have no interest in defending her or excusing her actions. I like her as she is, with her shitty sides and her better sides. Sloane is definitely a more complex character than she appears in the game. I also gotta give a shout out to Indira Varma for voicing her so beautifully.

Which squadmates did you take out into the field the most?
I took Cora and Drack the most with my broRyder. With my sisRyder, I’m taking Peebee and Liam.

Were there any characters you took a while to ‘get’ or to warm up to?
Peebee. It’s not that I didn’t like her, it just took me a long time to “get” her. Now I do and I’m really enjoying time spent with her. I’m also romancing her. 
Jaal is another character I didn’t fully get at first but he is becoming one of my favorites in my second playthrough. I plan to romance him with a future broRyder :)

Which character had the biggest impact on you?
Okay I’ll be a biiiiit pretentious and cut it in two.
Intellectual impact: Alec Ryder. I think he’s the one giving us a sort of key to understand all the mysteries in the game. He’s also the one that makes me question my moral stance on many themes such as grief, death, … 
Emotional impact: my Ryder, though I can’t really go into details. It’s hard to pinpoint why exactly.

Whose development arc did you enjoy the most?
Cora, like I said but also Drack, Liam and Peebee. Drack because he realized that he is not too old to matter and he can still be important and valuable at his age. Liam because his emotional investment in the Initiative made the whole project much more real to me. I also really liked that he understood, in the end, that everyone has a different reason to come to Andromeda.
Peebee because she went from believing she didn’t need the crew to flat out telling them they were her family. 

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why do men think they're allowed here? wtf? and this isn't the case straightphobia or whatever the hell that is, this is just a rule to make women feel safer. it's like hosting a church event and only allowing religious people, or hosting a furry event and only allowing furries, or a preschool and only allowing minors. what's so difficult to understand?

100% facts but blease don’t talk about furries

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Host did you sense the eclipse when it happened the other day? What did it feel like?

“I did.”, the Host replied and smiled lightly. “I was a little saddened, being unable to see the eclipse. I only know from words how beautiful and amazing it had been.”. He sighed softly, fiddling with his sleeve.
“I kind of watched it with Bing, though. He tried his best to describe it. It was nice.”, Bing had been adorable trying to describe it.

I wENT TO KCON FOR THE FIRST TIME and I woulD just like TO SCREAM because it was the best experience ever

-I never ever knew what living was until I saw Bambam dab in real life

-also seeing astro was amazing

-i’m dyING

-someone send help

-bambam with his hair swept back makes me stop breathing 

-this boy will be is the death of me

-mark and jackson hosting was so adorable like mARK SEEMS SO SHY AND SWEET IN PERSON AND JACKSON IS STILL JACKSON #bringbackthemarksonshowonasc

-sanha from astro is actually an angel and seeing his aegyo was like heaven after I already died several times that day

-MJ’s voice is so cute soothing and sweet that I almost cried 

-I think I need help again, should’ve held on, but I had no chance

-Jinjin’s dancing skills are highly underappreciated and I would like to show him some love yes

-Binu is actually the sweetest thing seeing tol boys interact

-someone save me from rocky’s dance skills that actually glide everywhere

-yugyeom is a lemon and ever since someone told me mark and yugyeom are ketchup and mustard I can’t unsee it

-I personally think yugyeom would be sweeter than that tho

-I actually screamed my soul out at seeing JJP because it was actually the most beautiful thing I could watch forever: tomorrow, today, next week even 

-astro’s dancing stage opener was also like THE siCKEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN LIKE LIKE WOAH 

-Can confirm now: youngjae is still sunshine even with his new, sleek, hOT AS HECK BLACK HAIR *hAEEHH*

-jackson is actually the sweetest thing cause omg that proposal and that sweet girl who was very lucky

-yugyeom’s dancing stage to open their set was like seeing god 

*bows*  my final words for all ya’ll who haven’t been able to see them for real yet


*hit the stage im out* *BRRRRRAAH*

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9 and 11?

9. What is something you and all of your alters have in common?

besides a body? lmao. I don’t know about ALL of us, but dogs and horses are good things for most of us. we also are prone to prefer darkness and blankets and things like that, though that is sensory related. most of us connect strongly to specific media too.

11. In what places do your alters have to act like the host?

at home, since thats really the only place i ever am. mom and dad are getting better about it. they can kind of handle when trauma littles are out and can deal with crisis stuff. but calmer parts like Karter, Alec, and Phoebe, they don’t handle as well because they don’t understand why they arent me. things are getting better, but its easier to pass as me than confront them i think

6 more sketch requests to do!!! Gonna get to them between more commission work! ;v; Since it’s been a little rough, I’m trying to take it easy so im sorry things are going a bit slowly rn;;;

It’s been raining a lot, so I haven’t been able to stream reliably ;^; but im going to see if I can get one running tonight maybe! That being said, I was thinking that during most times I would stream Haikyuu of course, but maybe once a week I could do a ‘movie night’ where we just watch a regular movie while I draw! I have some ideas about making the movies themed to a haikyuu au every now and then–and can take art requests and do scenario/headcanons based on it! (still working out the details for this but just some thoughts!) 

Feel free to suggest movies you like btw if you think you’d like me to host a weekly movie night! (some of my personal favs are: HTTYD movies, Any of the Jurassic Park movies–but top fav is Jurassic World!) I love animated movies in general so anything under that genre is fine with me too! 

haikyuu Au theme suggestions are welcome too! <3 

I think that’s it for now! <33

Tuneage Tuesday

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Raindrops - Basement Jaxx
hosts n Stuff - Deadmau5
angarang - Skrillex
ienna Calling - Falco
verytime we Touch - Cash Cash
ight of Fire - Initial D
ind Lady - Okoyatos
idnight City - M83
round the World Tonight
emesis - Shriekback

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a couple of many pieces i want to draw to show my love of the orbiting human circus (of the air)…if you haven’t started listening yet, season one just finished up recently! it really sings to my heart, i can’t recommend it enough