the host spoiler

Those who have not read the manga will never experience:
  • Haruhi melting when Tamaki tells her his name in French.
  • the joy of Tamaki playfully stealing a kiss from Haruhi on a trip and her blushing like love-struck school girl because of it.
  • “Carmen.”
  • Tamaki actually being trilingual and reading really complex books in English. 
  • Ranka and Yusuru becoming friends.
  • Mori being Superman.
  • Tamaki finding Haruhi’s “weakness.”

Ciel and “Ciel” For the new leak from Black Butler as the pose from the twins from Ouran ~ 

Anyone wanna play the “ Which one is Ciel?” Game~ ;)

How Searching for A.W. Should Have Ended

Tyki: Where’s Allen, Wisely?

Wisely: Don’t know

Tyki: What do you mean you don’t know. YOU CAN READ MINDS.


Allen: *current status: lost as all get out*

10 Reasons Kyoya and Tamaki Make A Good Couple

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION. I’M A MULTI-SHIPPER. I like them each with different people, but they’re my favorite together. Please don’t yell at me for my opinion, and I won’t yell at you for yours.

1.) They understand each other and why they’re the way they are

2.) They’d never try to change the other

3.) They already call each other “Mama” and “Daddy”. I mean, really!

4.) They look out for each other

5.) They will stand up for one another without a second thought

6.) Tamaki is pretty much the only one who has seen every side of Kyoya and has stuck around

7.) Kyoya is pretty much the only one who would go to France and spend his entire vacation looking for Tamaki’s mom to make sure she’s okay, and to see if he can do anything for her. Why’d he do this? He knew it would make Tamaki happy, that’s why.

8.) Kyoya knows about Tamaki’s family troubles (Grandma, Dad, and Mom) and is understanding.

9.) Tamaki knows about Kyoya’s family troubles (Father and all his older brothers) and helps him get in good with his Father. (By making sure Kyoya’s dad knows he’s in league with Tamaki’s family)

10.) They’re just really freaking adorable together, okay?!?!?

Meanwhile, in a Basement in Emon


“Alright, Princess, you really gotta stop fidgetin’ or I’ll just end up making it worse!” The tiny woman she vaguely remembered lectured her while slowly trying to pull the arrows out of Cassandra’s body, hands glowing softly with healing magic.

Fidgeting, in this case, meant rocking back and forth while breathing heavily and desperately fighting down the urge to vomit.

“I know,” Cass managed to gasp, desperately trying to shake off the memory of the last time she had been struck down by arrows, the warmth of the healing spell not enough chase away the creeping cold and the sensation of snowflakes falling down on her while she watched her brother get away. No, no, no snowflakes this time. She wasn’t even outside. She was in some sort of basement, there were only two arrows stuck in her, no one had left her behind… The cold still wouldn’t go away, though.

“What, you get into fights often?” The gnomish woman snorted. Cassandra vaguely recalled her being the missing gnome’s daughter… Hailey? Miley? Something like that. “Didn’t think you were the type.”

“I’m going to get us whatever healing items I have left in stock,” Shaun announced.

“I wouldn’t recommend doin’ that before someone takes care of that giant-ass cut across your chest!” The gnome reprimanded him, accidentally yelling right into Cassandra’s ear. The ringing was a good distraction, though.

“My dear, I’ve gone toe-to-toe with an ancient dragon before. Twice,” Shaun informed her, his usual bravado slowly returning to him. “This is nothing I can’t handle.”

“So have I,” Cass said quietly. With one arrow removed and the wound it left behind closed up, she could now feel the blood rushing through her veins again, trying to fight off the cold for her. “Not in a fight, though, I just played hostess to one. Which Mother used to say was a battle in its own right. All the hospitality in the world didn’t keep her from killing my brother, though, and while he sort of had that coming, I supposes that’s just what guests do to our family…”

“Screw the healing stuff, this one needs booze!” The gnome now more considerably didn’t really yell into Cassandra’s ear. This one felt different, too, magical somehow, and despite the volume and candor was almost pleasant.

“I’d still categorize that as healing items,” Shaun declared, then Cass heard a door close.

“A man after my own heart!” The gnome declared. “And I don’t say that lightly.” She then turned around to Cassandra once more. “Okay then, Princess, one more arrow and we’re done here!” She announced while eagerly rubbing her hands together as they started to glow again.

“My name is Cassandra,” Cass somehow found it in herself to remind her healer. “Cassandra Johanna von Musel Klossowski de Rolo of Whitestone, Guardian of the Woven Stone.”

“…Yeah, I think Princess is pretty apt.” The other woman said after a short pause. “I’m Kaylie. Shorthalt, I guess, but don’t tell anyone I said that.” She winced. “You’re the, what, sister of the white-haired asshole then?”

That made Cassandra laugh a little despite herself.

“I suppose so,” she confirmed.

“I won’t be holdin’ that against you, don’t worry,” Kaylie assured her for some reason. “So, uh… You come here often?”