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i just wanna gather a large following on the internet because a latino with a large fanbase online eventually reaches the pinnacle of getting invited to the latin grammys as a red carpet host/interviewer which means ill be one step closer to meeting daddy yankee and asking him the question that every latinx needs an answer for: ¿que tipo de gasolina compra daddy yankee, regular o diesel? 

She left her career as a journalist because she chose to accompany me to continue enjoying football and I understand that this was a difficult decision for her. Now she is more relaxed, but within two to three years, she can resume career. Sara, I repeat, is calm and will soon be able to return to journalism, which is what she likes to do. Everything is cyclical, everything changes. Today she is for me, tomorrow I’m for her.
—  Iker Casillas talks about Sara Carbonero
nct dream reaction to (y/n) their idol crush calling them cute

mark: he was watching you in in interview when you were asked what idol is closest to your ideal type

“Mark from nct is cute, i’d say he’s pretty close to my ideal type”

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donghyuck: you were co hosting a show and interviewing nct dream when the other host asked you:

“who do you think is the cutest in nct dream, (y/n)?”
“haechan definitely”

donghyuck @ you:

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jeno: you were co hosting my smt with doyoung and nct dream were the guests,doyoung started teasing jeno and exposing him for always talking about you 

“ah so cute, is it true?” 

he can’t stop smiling but tries to deny it

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jaemin: you met after an awards show and he stuttered while talking to you

“hello, I’m jaemin, nice to- uh, nice to meet you, (y/n). I’m a big fan”
“i’m a fan as well it’s nice to finally talk to you”
“yo- you’re a fan of us?” 
“so cute, don’t be nervous, yes i’m a fan”

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renjun: he was watching an interview on his phone, all he needed to hear was his name and cute in the same sentence to throw down his phone and *gif*

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chenle:  he was watching you talk about other idols when you mentioned that you thought he was really cute and

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Michael yo got fired from the E network bc he was such a horrible interviewer/host (which says a lot bc e news is known to be super invasive and disrespectful to people not affiliated with them) ! I knew I remembered him from somewhere lol.

i just googled and found this:

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jumping on the bad at sex harry bandwagon: au where he's a singer/songwriter always putting out really racy lana del ray-esque stuff, yknow all sex drugs and rock n roll, always grabbing his crotch at shows and shit, but really hes an inexperienced baby and when louis finds out its just like. What

okay that matches up really well with this one i also got: 

Bad at sex Harry should be famous, pleeease?! Like, singer like he is now butaybe solo, all the girls love him, total flirt, so smooth, but actually the 2 girls and 1 boy he’s ever slept with have all been UNDERWHELMED. And some said stuff and none of them call him back. So he’s this smooth charmer but he never filled through cause he’s SO insecure and this only adds to his rep… Enter Louis, radio host, who interviews him and they just CLICK. he doesn’t usually jump straight into sex with (½)

(2/2) ) with anyone but Harry’s really hot and he can’t help himself but then Harry… Blows him off? What’s with that? (Cue panicked Harry cause he just REALLY likes this guy but he thinks as soon as they hit the sack it’ll all be over. And Louis has heard of his rep and thinks he’s too busy sleeping with his many groupies and ANGST. or something :P

and quite honestly i think that’s brilliant, and so i’m definitely gonna tuck that away in my fic inspo folder too. y’all are blessings, i should crowdsource prompts more often 😘