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If there is one thing Boyang unequivocally and undeniably smokes the rest of the competition in, it’s his banquet suit and fashion game 👀🔥🔥🔥 (sources: X, X, X)


Real-Time Fandub is doing another Ouran High School Host Club tomorrow at 12 PM EST! (noon, not midnight)
Watch it live on

Also watch the first time we dubbed it here:

A friend convinced me to go to a bonfire hosted by her club to meet new people but when we got there we scanned the crowd n immediately felt like everybody else was on a different frequency than us n we didn’t want to disrupt the energies so we just went to the beach n now I smell like the ocean

Anime recs to temporarily cure depression??????

Idk these series help me out a fucking lot and dont make me want to die anymore. I love depressing shit too but heres a list of more lighthearted stuff I guess

•literally any ghibli movie: literally any of them bESIDES GRAVE OF FIREFLIES NONNONOONONNNOOJJNKOJJ

•ouran highschool host club: its mainstream for a reason. I re watch my favorite episodes of it when im depressed it makes me feel whole

•doukyuusei: lighthearted gay romance without all the disgusting tropes of ya/oi or b/l. Very blissful and pretty to look at. Probably my favorite movie and manga

•nichijou: the funniest short running series of all time

•gakuen handsome: a literal fucking shitpost idk what else to tell you just watch it (watch the half hour long OVA first before the miniseries)

•ghost stories (dub): the best anime dub in existence

•haikyuu!! (?????): idk this show just makes me really happy


•orenchi no furo jijou: a boy finds a merman and lets him live in his bathtub its kinda dumb but cute and lighthearted and also very short

Idk theres probably some I missed but take these theyre good and I like them


harem anime where everyone but the protagonist is sentient furniture            

Long fic writers

Special shout out to long-fic writers who churn out what are essentially novels and for doing it for free. Purely because you have so much love to give to your fandoms. You guys are awesome.


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Hey would you be able to share the “you may now KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE” video? I can’t find it and I need to watch it 264688766788 more times    

Here you go.

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