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A Galaxy Far, Far Away Pheryon

An inner rim gas planet with floating cities that are buffeted by strong winds and roaring cloud-to-cloud lightning storms. Pheryon hosts stormsail races, visible from its capitol cantinas and glassed-in bleachers. Poe Dameron was tricked into a near-capture by the First Order on Pheryon when his longtime friend Suralinda Javos invited him there as a pretext to gather information about the then-secret (and illegal) Resistance.

Gulf fritillary butterflies are our naive species here. My passionvines play host to their caterpillars so that we have a constant cloud of #butterflies around the house in the warmer months. #butterfly


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Call for Osomatsu-san Artists!

Have you ever wanted to be featured in an art book or zine? Have you got a lot of love for a certain second brother? Have you got at least some sort of basic art skills? Then I have a proposition for you!

Do any of you remember this?

Yes, Karamatsu’s one-time gag, the “Beauty  Karamatsu” photo book. (just look at that toned body, those roses, those glasses, i’m shuddering)

The idea is to make “Beauty Karamatsu” a reality, available to read online or purchase a hard copy of from online for all Karamatsu Fans! 

It would basically be a nice big book full of pictures featuring and centering on Karamatsu, our lovely, painful, favorite brother.

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It is with great pride that I can finally announce that I have posted the first chapter of the sequel to my RWBY fanfiction ‘The Sword and Spear’.

Summary:  It is the second year at Beacon Academy for Jaune and his friends, and with it comes a whole host of new challenges and enemies to face. Dark clouds brew on the horizon as Teams RWBY, JNPR and their allies face off against fate itself. Can they prevail against odds which seem insurmountable? - A direct sequel to a previous work; ‘The Sword and Spear’

Please find it at:

Let me now what you think :)

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70) In addition to dead animals, the Glow Cloud sends hail to the PTA when it doesn’t get its way.

76) The Glow Cloud felt bad about destroying Cecil’s painting — after all, Cecil hadn’t been the actual target and the host has always had a pleasing intonation when hailing the mighty Glow Cloud.  Unfortunately, the Glow Cloud’s attempt at apology is not what either we or Cecil would recognize as an apology.  Or comprehend at all, for that matter.

79) The weather is codified. For example: songs about love are a sign of hail, songs about the Glow Cloud are a sign of “all hail!”

107) The Glow Cloud is actually Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time.

109) Night Vale changes those who move to it, but for the banal. Glow Clouds join the PTA, five-headed dragons run for mayor…and unscrupulous, cold-hearted scientists become adorkable boyfriends.

112) Deb and the Glow Cloud are distant relatives.

136) The Smiling God is Desert Bluffs’ version of the Glow Cloud.

157) Deb the Sentient Haze is the child of the Glow Cloud who is just entering the workforce, hence her sometimes nervous tone.

214) Of all the teenagers in Night Vale, the offspring of the Glow Cloud is by far the most embarrassed at its parents.

222) In Nulogorsk, the Glow Cloud HAILS ALL OF YOU.

this-will-be-the-gay  asked:

What about Penny's memory system? Does it run primarily on a hard drive or is everything synced to a cloud to be imprinted on a host "shell" and, in case of an emergency in which her body is damaged, transferred to the next available model? Does she sync her data automatically or does she require a plug in to back up the data? Is her personality intertwined with her memories, or is that part of her A.I.? Does each shell have it's own basic A.I. that requires a personality imprint or is it given?

( hc. )

can u hear my delighted wheezing rn bc,,,

      okay okay so there is only one penny. the concept of aura and soul is hard to grasp, even for her, but the soul she possesses in intrinsically tied to her body. the reason they thought her death would be permanent was because the idea of creating a new body would create a new robot, sure, but it wouldn’t be penny. it’d be a cheap imitation, aura and soul impossible to replicate, and the only option was the repair of her original form which originally seemed impossible (hence why it was so easy to assume she was truly gone).

      when it comes to personality and emotions, her A.I. and memories are intrinsically intertwined. while there was a base A.I. program, a large part of that included learning programs that rely heavily on experiences she’s had to continue to grow. the base A.I. she possessed when she was created has heavily evolved, while under supervision, to the point where it’s impossible to replicate and affects her in ways her creator never could have imagined. in that regard, she is very human. there’s still plenty of base protocols that can’t be altered through learning programs or memory files, such as certain rules to ensure her safety and the safety of others, but her program now includes many others that were created due to experience she’s had (whether positive or negative). some of those relate to minor things, such as newly found limitations of her systems, but many of them correlate to the way she expresses emotion and her growing personality.

      for example, when penny first met ruby she was exceptionally socially awkward and still figuring out how to modulate tone or even interact with people. on top of that, she still had trouble believing she was genuinely real and possessed a great lack of self-confidence and relied purely on not thinking about it to cope. after enough time, though, her memories of friendships she’d formed and ruby’s words were enough to adjust the personality and emotion centers of her programming so that her confidence became real and social interaction became far less of a struggle. her particular learning programs, specially designed for her and her alone, allow her to intake information at a high rate and sort through it rapidly before creating protocols and commands based off the new files that allow her program to adapt. they’re all sort of tied together in who penny is, if you erased the memories the protocols would still exist but they wouldn’t activate as easily because there wouldn’t be the same knowledge of what situations fall into the correct parameters.

      penny’s memory systems comprises of high capacity memory banks stored partially in the skull and partially in the main body. the choice to separate them was in hopes that if there was a minor accident more of her memory banks would be left intact. despite their high capacity and the repeated maintenance she goes through back at the lab, there is a disconnected storage bank back under her father’s watchful eye in atlas. the internal hard drive system is the only thing she actually uses on a day to day basis, the separate storage back in atlas simply serving as a record of her growth and something for her father to analyse to see how her system has adjusted and grown since her last check-up. back-ups are entirely wired and only happen during maintenance,  a small port hidden under synthetic flesh at the base of her skull the conduit for the data transfer. she doesn’t particularly like the sensation, but she knows its necessary. if anything happens, at least part of her will continue to exist.


All Hail.

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Who’s your Brother?

Aries: Lambo (Katekyō Hitman Reborn)

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Taurus: Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach

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Gemini:  Hidan (Naruto

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Cancer:  Toshiro Hijikata (Gintama

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Leo:  Naruto (Naruto

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Virgo:  Allen Walker  (D.Gray Man)

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Libra: Rock Lee (Naruto

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Scorpio: Sanji (One Piece

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Sagittarius:  Cloud Strife ( Final Fantasy VI

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Capricorn:  Zoro (One Piece

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Aquarius:  Tamaki Suoh ( Ouran Highschool Host Club

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Pisces:  Gaara (Naruto

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Pluto in High-Res

Soon, we will have images of Pluto’s surface so detailed that, if they were of Earth, you could pick out the ponds in Manhattan’s Central Park. With those images will come detailed topographical information, composition data, and atmospheric readings. We will find out whether Pluto has visible rings; whether it shares an atmosphere with Charon, its largest moon; whether it has clouds or haze; whether it hosts a deep subsurface ocean or active geology; and much, much more.

Read more about New Horizons’ discoveries in Nicola Twilley’s story.