the horse and i share a name :)

I love the idea of Jesse and Han having lots of shared interests in name but practicing them in such different manners that they no longer seem related. 

With horse-riding, Han was trained from a young age in a prestigious equestrian center whereas Jesse grew up on horseback but was well into his twenties before he encountered a saddle. Another notable example would be their drinking habits (will make a crappy comic about that soon!)

Laaazy background as per usual

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A Hundred Lesser Faces: (Eight)
  • The first section of this story stems from the premise: what if Voyager!Claire had gone first to Lallybroch instead of directly to the print shop in Edinburgh?
  • The second section will explore the aftermath of Claire and Jamie’s reunion, following their journey as they work to build a new life together. 

Section Two: A Hundred More 


So close,” that wretched, strangled voice kept choking out over and over again. “Claire—” He kept trying to hold her closer, wrap his body around hers still more completely, searching, searching for her, though he knew she was beneath him. “So—so close—

To losing her. He had come mere minutes, moments away from losing her forever, again, right before his eyes.

Shhhh, darling, I know,” she kept whispering into his hair, his neck, though she was sobbing as hard as he. “I know—It’s—It’s alright, love—” 

“Don’t go…” The snow-flecked dark seemed to spin and scream around him, throwing everything into a hellish whirl that he couldn’t grasp, about to throw him off the very face of the earth. “Claire, ye canna—Claire—don’t—go—” 

“I’m not going—anywhere—” she gasped out, clutching harder around his back. “It’s over, Jamie—All—over….”  She cupped his head so urgently, so tenderly as she cradled him and wept into his shoulder. “Shhhh, it’s alright, love…it’s alright…It’s all over….

He hadn’t let her out of his arms, not for one single moment.

Those minutes on the hill, his body, his heart, his MIND had all been on the verge of shattering from the terror that she was leaving him. The strength—the pure, desperate strength— it had taken to keep upright and to speak, to ask instead of screaming and lunging? Never, not even in battle, had he ever felt something like that: the absolute life of him being ripped apart before him, shred by shred, hope by hope, until he was no more than a bloodied, quivering plea. 


But then, she had run to him and he had become flesh again, breathing and needing, with arms that could hold and a soul that could feel joy, this joy, 

and the rest of world had gone still. 

It had been hours—or perhaps only moments—before he’d crumpled to the ground.  Utterly overcome, utterly dissolved in relief and love, in scarce-contained panic, he’d laid her down and covered her like a cloak with his body, surrounding her, trying to convince himself that she was real. 

There, on the frozen ground of the faerie hill, oblivious to the wind and the snow, they’d broken apart in one another’s arms, each kept from vanishing only by the other grasping them tight enough to bruise, from feeling their arms, hearing what words they could manage to gasp out; and it was both everything and scarcely anything at all compared to what they each felt, in those moments. 


She felt the same under his hands, exactly the same. It was the same voice—the same gentle hands—the same glorious spirit. She was Claire; and he was going to die from her. 

“Are you shaking from—” She had to stop and get her sobbing breath under control before she could finish. “—from—crying— or cold?”

He truly didn’t know. 

She pushed up his sleeve. “God, Jamie, you’re like ice,” she moaned. He felt her shifting and fumbling about. “Here, put—Take this—”

Though he was still shaking, still barely able to see through swollen eyes, he managed to pull the cloak out from beneath her and throw it over them both, heads and all. It was quite large, of good, thick wool, and a pocket of warmth instantly began to form around them. While he wouldn’t have thought the cold had been affecting him so very much, the change was like a dram of good brandy, rushing through his body from head to toe in an instant. His sobbing eased, his mind began to clear, his breathing slowing to something like a normal pace. He could hear hers doing the same, tapering and settling as the calm and the gentle pool of heat settled over them both. 

He had had both arms around her before they’d shifted, hands gripping her side and twined in her hair, needing in every muscle and fiber of him to hold her. Now, in utter darkness, without even the faint glow of the snow-clouds to illuminate her, he could only reach for her face, needing, paradoxically, to see her, to look into her eye. And the moment his palm came to rest on her cheek— so cold and slick with tears—she gave a little whimpering sound that might have been his name, and she was reaching up for his mouth. He couldn’t stop kissing her; tasting her; touching her; couldn’t stop moaning her name. All the years—All the years of longing for her, and she was here in his arms, sharing his breath. 

“I’m here,” she kept saying back against his lips, knowing that he needed to be told. “I’m here, Jamie….I’m here….”

“When I saw ye,” he said, a long time later, when the world had once more gone quiet, his hand pressed against her heart. “When I saw ye climbing up that hill, Claire—” 

Jamie had found the horse a mile or two back. It was one of the Lallybroch mares, a beast he’d broken himself and would have known anywhere. Terror had driven him all the way from the Lallybroch dooryard, or so he had thought. No, he had only felt the true, ripping claws of it when he had seen that riderless horse and known that he had come too late. The furious minutes of that last hellish gallop were a blank in his memory, but he remembered the ecstatic fury of seeing her up there in the distance; seeing her turning; and then the life dropping out of him once more as she began to sprint upward, away from him, toward the stones.

“What would you have done?” Claire whispered, stroking his face. “If I had kept running?”

“I’d have run faster,” he said with what voice he had left, “and pinned ye to the ground until ye listened to sense.”

She stiffened. “…You’d have stopped me by force?”

He forgot the complete darkness enshrouding them and gave her a look.  “If you’re asking ‘would I have done whatever I could to keep ye running off forever before ye kent all the truth’ you’re damned right, I would. I’d have tied ye hand and foot to a tree, if I had to.”

“You bloody man,” she muttered, and it was not said in fondness. “Nothing changed.”

Anger flared up in him, red-hot and blinding with panic, and he closed his hand tight around her wrist. “You were going to just leave, Claire,” he hissed. “Can ye honestly blame me? God, I’m still so furious that ye would have—Had I not—” He swore, shaking her. “You damnable, foolish wom—

“Oh, is that the way of things?” she snarled at him, her breath hot in his face. “So, when YOU sacrifice your own feelings and well-being for love, it’s noble and right, but when I do, I’m just a ‘foolish woman?’”

“That’s—Damn you, that isna at all—”

She yanked herself out of his grasp. “Can you honestly tell me, James Fraser, that if the circumstances were reversed—if you’d somehow found your way to 1968—found that I’d married someone new—heard I’d had a child by him and was by all accounts blissfully happy—you’d have just waltzed right in and thrown yourself at me? You’d truly have put me in that position?”


“No,” he moaned, defeated, as the true tragedy of what she’d been planning to do for his sake settle around him. “No, I….I couldna have put ye through such a choice.”

“Well, I bloody couldn’t do it to you, either,” she spat at him, sobs starting to shudder through her again in her rage. “No matter how much—much it tore me apart to—”  

“Oh, lass….” He felt her convulse and cover her face with both hands, as though she might hide from the terror of what they’d so nearly lost.  “No,” he moaned, gathering her tight against his chest, covering her again, the intimacy between them knitting together once more. “No, it was noble what ye meant to do, Claire. If what Jenny told ye had been true, it would have been right. I—Christ, that ye would have done that for my sake…Thank you.” 


“We’ve been lucky, Sassenach.” He rocked her softly, buried his face in her hair as she wept.  “God….we’ve been so lucky, today. We were in the right places at the precise right moments to find one another again.” He kissed her, softly hushing as she had done for him. “And now, it’s all over, just as ye said… We’ll never be parted again, I swear it, Claire.” He sealed the promise with a kiss in the hollow of her neck. 

Not ever.

“But what—what will we do?” she managed, voice taut with worry. “About Laoghaire? The girls?”

What will we do, indeed?

“I dinna ken….not precisely,” he admitted. 

“That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence,” she said, with a tremulous smile in her voice. 

Lovely wee smartarse. 

“We’ll find some arrangement that separates me from Laoghaire as honorably as can be managed. You and I are still man and wife, after all. That must count for something wi’ the law.” 

Wife. His wife. 

Lord have mercy upon his soul, WIVES. 

“It will be a tricky business, Claire, and I’ll no’ say it will be over quickly, but I will fight for it with everything that I have.”

“What if it can’t be managed honorably?”

He exhaled. “Then I shall find a way to reconcile wi’ dishonor.”

She choked out a laugh and held him tighter, sighing in deep relief. “Well, I’m glad to hear it. At least we’ll be in hell together, eh?”

“And a happy damnation t’will be.” 

A warm, pulsing happiness had pushed away the tears from their sanctuary, and he suddenly wondered how long he could keep his eyes open amid such peace. He’d slept scarce more than an hour at a time on the ride from Lallybroch, and only then when he could no longer stay upon the horse. Each and every time, he’d awoken in a dead-panic that he’d slept overlong, leapt right into the saddle, and repeated the harrowing process over and over, pushing himself to the very limits until he reached Craigh na Dun. 

It wasn’t merely the actual fatigue—it was the relief. Many a time in his life—from battlefields to his examinations in the Paris days—he had witnessed the body’s incredible stamina to push through lack of sleep, of food, and of physical strength. It will go to incredible lengths to complete the task at hand, to survive. When the deed is accomplished, though, it takes its own, and fairly well damns the consequences. Jamie was hungry, true, but that could wait. Sleep, though…No, that could wait as well. In the growing warmth of her body and his together, captured by the warm cloak, it was harder and harder by the minute; but he didn’t want to miss a single moment with her. Not one. 

“Will you tell me….” It was such a tiny voice that asked it; so tentative and careful. “…why Laoghaire?”

He stiffened, steadied himself with a breath. It was a fair question.

“She was…there,” he hazarded, “at the right time, when I was come back to Lallybroch. It was Jenny’s idea, ken?”

“Mm.” A great deal unsaid in that mm, perhaps having to do with the destructive nature of Jenny’s ideas of late.

“She seemed—sweet, I suppose. Eager, and—Wi’ the wee lassies to feed, she needed me; and I needed—I needed something, too.

Claire didn’t say a word.

“I am sorry, mo chridhe. I ken it’s—painful.” 


“Well, I certainly dinna delight in thinking of the men that have shared your bed.”

To his surprise, she bristled. “It’s not that she was another woman, Jamie. It’s that it was her.” 

“I do ken she was quite the jealous brat, all those years ago, at Leoch,” he said, carefully, at something of a loss. “But she was naught but a wee lassie at the time. Surely ye can forgive her a few youthful indiscretions?”

“Youthful ind—?” He heard her choke back whatever retort she had planned and instead breathe through her nose, calming herself. She was being careful, so careful, but there was true indignation, there, true hurt, kept in check for his sake.

“Say it, mo ghraidh.” He touched her face, bent down to kiss her. “Tell me what it is.”

“Wouldn’t it trouble you,” she said, very quietly, “if had chosen to marry someone who’d gone out of their way to have you hurt and killed?”


“Cranesmuir? Surely you remember that little episode?” 

He felt a jolt run through him. Then it walloped him over the head like a brick. “Laoghaire? She was—?”

“Jamie, she was the one who arranged for me to be taken with Geillis Duncan, that day, for Christ’s sake! You knew that! Surely we discussed it??”

“We certainly DID NOT. Sassenach! BELIEVE me, had I I known, I would never have taken her to wife. NEVER.” He gripped her tight, as though he could look into her eyes. “Had I KNOWN….Christ, the wicked wee bitch!

She laughed at that. “Well good, I’m—That’s a burden off my mind. I’d certainly have understood if you’d remarried. I did understand, until you mentioned her name. Lord,” she laughed, groaning. “Laoghaire bloody MacKenzie. Laoghaire….Fraser.” 

Lord forgive him, he had given Claire’s would-be murderess his name, shared her bed. “I’m—I’m truly so ashamed, Sassenach.” He felt as though he would vomit. “I’m so sorry for this. After what she did—” 

“Don’t be,” she said at once, and he heard the sincerity in her voice. “You didn’t know, and would have had no reason to ask. It’s water under the bridge. Though,” she said with good humor, “I do reserve my right to make snide comments from time to time, at her expense only, not yours.”  

“’Tis only your due,” he laughed weakly, grateful for the gift of levity, which did help the anxiety and shame abate. 

“Jamie, can I ask, does it….?”

More to do with Laoghaire, surely. 

“Does it what, mo nighean donn?”

“Does it frighten you? How—easy this is?” She touched his chest. “Like it was only yesterday we last saw each other?”

He released the breath he had been holding and touched her face. “It frightens me only insomuch as it makes my heart feel whole again; and it hasna been for a verra long time. It frightens me to feel that I must learn anew how to hold all these emotions in my heart, once more. But the comfort and the—us-ness between us? I couldna ever be frightened by that; no more than I could be frightened of my own voice.” He gently laid his palm flat against her breast. “Mo chridhe.” 

She traced the lines of his collarbone. “I very nearly went to Edinburgh first, you know.”

“Aye, ye said, in the…your letter.”

It was tucked away in his satchel, along with the PhotoGraphs; and he would keep it, always, but he wasn’t altogether sure he could bring himself to read it again. 

“All the way here from Lallybroch, after I spoke with your sister, I wondered if I ought to have gone there first.” She paused. “Do you think it would have been easier on us? If I had just appeared through your shop door?” 

“It would have given me back a hank of grey hairs that I’ve gained in the last week.”

She laughed, but was not to be dismissed. “What would you have done?” 

He’d have been toiling away at the presses, no doubt, with no notion of great happenings about to take place. Perhaps Fergus might have been present, but most days it was him alone in the shop. What would he have done, when he’d heard her voice with no warning? He’d likely have fainted, as he nearly did at Jenny’s news…but beyond that? What would he have done with Claire Beauchamp before him, alive and well and glowing like the June sun, ready and willing to spend the rest of her days with him? 

“I ken I wouldna have told ye all the truth…about Laoghaire and William.”

“Oh? Why should that have changed?” 

“Is it no’ clear? I’d have been so scairt that it would be too much to hear.” He shook his head in growing conviction. “For all the terror and the near-missing in the way things did come to pass, at least I was able to tell ye all, Claire, wi’ no hesitation. There was nothing more to be lost and so I was able to just say everything, some things I hadna ever once spoken aloud to everyone! It just—The truth was the only thing that could keep ye from going. And so while I canna say this is precisely how I’d have wished things to occur, everything is known between us, now, and that is right. Do ye see?” 

“It was a gift to both of us, in its way,” she whispered, “though I know it wasn’t easy.”

“No.” He squeezed her hand, feeling the fine bones and the unbearable silkiness of it. How he wished he could see her. “But if ye’d come upon me in Edinburgh, so far from home, from Laoghaire, wi’ me living under a false name already…. Lord, if you’d just arrived there before me? Handed me the moon and offered this miracle of which I’d vainly dreamed for so long? Could I have told ye I had a son? Could I have told ye was marrit and risked ye leaving at once?” He swallowed, ashamed of the truth, but knowing it was truth all the same. “No. I’d have kept it from ye as long as possible. Maybe forever.”

“No you wouldn’t,” she said with immediate, easy confidence. “You’re too much of a noble hero-type to have conscienced any such thing, Jamie Fraser, and you know it.”

God, does she truly believe that? 

A new terror gripped him and he felt his mouth go utterly dry. 

The man he had been these last years—James Fraser or Alexander Malcolm or whoever he might be when he was alone only with his thoughts—had been shaped so deeply by grief and bitterness. Crushed first in the loss of her and the bairn; then laid low by the years of hiding and imprisonment, the strain of clearances upon his family; then William, first the fear of him, then tentative joy, and then the loss, forever; and finally rushing up that crest of hope, that desperate hope that something good was to be found in marrying again, and the ache of crashing down onto the sharp realities below. 

Claire held in her arms a man bitter and broken. Was he one that she could love, really love, once the euphoria of reunion had worn away? Was the shattered man he had been merely a relic of loneliness that would now vanish with her presence? Or would traces remain? Perhaps the Jamie she had loved had ceased to be and could not be revived. In fact, he was certain that it was not so very far from the truth.

“I’m none so very noble as ye might wish to believe, Sassenach.”

He felt her stiffen. 

“Perhaps it’s that I’ve lost too much to honor, or….I’m…” He withdrew, trying to touch her as little as possible as he got the words out. “Ye must ken I’m not altogether the same man of twenty years ago, Claire.”

“You are.” 

“But I’m truly not, Claire. I wish to be, will endeavor to be, for your sake; but I have…. such fears.” 

The wind had ceased to wail outside their cloak shelter. He could hear every intake and exhale of her breaths. 

He suddenly felt her hand, cool and sure, touching his cheek, the other coming to rest on the curve of his breast. “Is your heart still mine?”

God, Claire. 

“Yours,” he croaked. “Yours, mo nighean donn. Never did it stop being so.”

“Then, we’ll manage with the rest. All the rest.” She cupped the back of his neck to pull him down closer. “I see what you fear, what you dread you are. Perhaps I couldn’t have seen it, if I’d found you in Edinburgh; but I’m here now, and I see you.” 

She saw him. Even in darkness, Claire saw him. 

I love you, Jamie Fraser.”

And though that was a point on which he had never held the faintest doubt, the hearing of it now, her declaration, his true name…. 

To be seen, and yet still be loved. 

Tears came, fast and many, and he made no move to halt them. She pulled him down to her breast, murmuring love over him again and again as sleep pressed itself upon him, her hands holding him. He could sleep, at last. Claire was watching over him.

The Weapon

Part 1:

Lance watched numbly as Shiro dragged Keith away.
All he could hear was a loud ringing, but he could tell Keith was screaming his name.
As he closed his eyes for what he assumed would be the last time Lance was happy.
Keith was going to live, and if that meant he had to die then he would pay that price willingly.
Just as he slipping into the painless void of unconscious, Lance saw the blurred outline of a figure moving towards him.
“Did it work Haggar?”
Lance could hear voices but they sounded far away and muffled like he was under water.
“It appears so my Prince. The genetic modification has been a success.”
As Lance became more aware he realised he was tied down to a table with tubes down his throat.
His eyes snapped open and he began to struggle silent screams of panic muffled by the tubes.
“Ah so you awake.” Haggar’s face came into view, a disturbing smile on her face.
Lance couldn’t speak and he was sure his attempt of glaring was pathetic at best.
Another face appeared, Lance assumed was the Prince she had been talking to.
“I’m glad to see that the modifications did not kill you my pet.”
Lance couldn’t understand what was going on.
Where was he?
Where was his team?
What modifications were they talking about?
As though she read his mind Haggar pressed a button on a console and a long mirror was was lowered to allow Lance to see exactly what they had done to him.
His skin was a mess of what appeared to dark blue and grey scales covering his bare chest, arms and legs.
The scales came high up his neck over the sides of his face.
His eyes looked too large and were a solid black with no visible iris or pupil.
Haggar removed the tubes leaving a painful ache in his throat.
He opened his mouth and gasped at the sight of needle sharp fangs filling his mouth.
“Human evolution is interesting, there were so many routes we could of taken, but considering you are the guardian of water, this seemed appropriate.” Haggar smirked.
“You will be the perfect weapon for the Galra empire.” The prince smiled
“I…I won’t w..ork…. for you.” Lance gasped, his voice horse from lack of use. He couldn’t help but wonder just how long he had been here.
The Prince and Haggar shared a look.
“Oh you will, they always do.”
Haggar’s voice was the last thing Lance heard before the shocks started and agony engulfed his entire body.
As the pain continued Lance found it harder and harder to keep his thoughts together.
It got to the point where Lance found it hard to even think.
“My name is Lance McClain
My name is L-Lance Mc…McClain”
My name is… erm my name is Lance
My name is…
What’s my name?“
“You are a weapon of Galra.”

Hellsing Character Names

So today I was googling the names of some of the Hellsing characters and thought I’d share them with you :D

Integra = (Latin) “Important”

Seras = from the Latin name Sera, meaning “heavenly/winged angel” (here’s the post I found the info from: )

Pip = (English) “lover of horses”

Walter = (Germanic) “ruler of the army”

Enrico = (Italian variant of Henry) “home ruler”

Alexander = (Greek) “defender of men”

Luke = (Greek) “light giving”

Jan = (Hebrew) “gift from God” (WHAT)

Hans = (Germanic) (coincidentally…) “gift from God/God has been gracious” 

Zorin = (Sanskrit) “strong/powerful”

If any of you guys know about the meanings of the names of any other characters feel free to add them!

anonymous asked:

For peridot taur you could use cream buckskin or cream dun both would look great for her

Quite right in that they would!

I’m a definite sucker for buckskins, but I do think the darkness of the legs may be too harsh for Peri’s palette. A double cream Dun is very lovely and fitting when considering that, but lemme pitch another possibility we have…

A (very yellow) mealy cremello? Have I said working with green is hard

Just ideas though, it could very easily be nudged towards cream dun and look fabulous. Our dorito has been surprisingly fiddly and hard to work with!

Also don’t ask me how not-smol Peri works because I have no idea and frankly just wanted to draw horses okay

Anyway I didn’t much wanna share this one before (had it for a while!) because that’s a Peri ref’d pretty close off her official character sheet. Felt a bit lazy on my part if I treated it as anything other than a personal tester of ideas. But hey, this is sharing ideas.

bornwithgasolineheart  asked:

Omg dude I love your regency!AU!!!! Can you imagine Bucky waking Tony up early in the morning, acting all weird and suspicious with a bag full of something as he guides the omega through unknown hallways and Tony is so confused. And then, they're outside the stables and Tony is even more confused but at the same time elated like, "are we going to feed the horses?" and he's so happy for that but bucky just smiles and says, "it's even better than that".

They go in and they’re met with horses neighing. Tony, of course, goes to pet every horse he can see and Bucky patiently waits for him before leading him to the most beautiful creature he has ever seen- a giant, chestnut horse, that’s Tony’s and only Tony’s, his to name and care for and train. And Tony can only stare as Bucky gives him the bag, that was actually full of horse treats like apple slices a d carrots.

The morning is spent on learning how to take care of a horse, like grooming and feeding, etc. Bucky teaches the omega how to ride other than sideways and this is how morning rides with Bucky start. Steve occasionally joins them, but this will remain their special time Sorry for the long rambling but your AU got me going and I just had to share this

Okay but in the morning when Bucky comes and wakes him, Tony gasps and pulls the blankets up over his head. “James! I’m not dressed!” And Bucky being like “You’re wearing more than I do when I spar??” But then he rolls his eyes and sighs and says “Just–get dressed and meet me outside.” He pauses, then adds, “Put on something that you don’t mind getting dirty.” And Tony does, wondering just what they’re going to do that he needs to worry about getting dirty (gardening?) but then he balks because Natasha’s not there. “This is inappropriate! Her Majesty will be upset!” (Tony has no idea Sarah has put these rules in place for Tony’s sake and not for Steve and Bucky. Tony’s a delicate flower.) “Then we just won’t tell her,” Bucky tells him slowly, and then grabs his hand and begins dragging him down the hallway.

And Tony is so nervous, so afraid of being caught, so he keeps his mouth shut and follows silently. He doesn’t recognize most of these hallways and for a moment he feels a thrill of real, bone-chilling fear–but Bucky wouldn’t hurt him. (He mostly believes this. But there’s a little niggling doubt.) He’s even more confused when he’s led outside but then–then he hears the shuffling of hooves, the sound of lips flapping–he’s only heard them a few times but he knows this is what horses sound like. Tony clings to Bucky’s hand, nearly vibrating with excitement. He gets to give the horses apples.

Except apparently he doesn’t? Bucky didn’t bring apples? But that’s okay because apparently too many apples is bad for them and Tony gets to pat each one’s face and coo at them as they walk through the stables. They all have names, some sillier than others, and he giggles over “Cigar” and “Dr. Fager” and “I’ll Have Another” and  “Mr. Prospector.” He even gets to meet Steve’s silver and gray horse, The Captain, and Bucky’s beautiful black, white-stockinged mare, Red Star.

“This one has no name yet,” Tony says sadly, admiring the beautiful chestnut. It probably just doesn’t have a name marker yet. It’s probably something strong, like Admiral or Man o’ War. “Well that’s because you haven’t named him,” Bucky tells him gently. “Oh.” Tony strokes his palm over the horse’s nose a few times before whipping back toward him. “Wait what?!” “He’s yours,” Bucky says, and then hands him the bag, and Tony fumbles but then he opens it and sees apples and manages a stuttered, “You said they’d get colic–” “Unless it’s moderated. A couple apples as a treat every once in a while won’t hurt them.” Tony’s eyes widen as Bucky whips out a knife, flips it in the air to hold the handle out to him. “It’s better if you cut the apples up, too, so they don’t choke.”

Bucky shows him how to groom the horse, assuring him that they have a farrier to look after its hooves, laughs a little when Tony takes the time to carefully braid its mane. He needs to give the horse one pail of grain in the morning for breakfast. The couriers take care of the second pail of oats in the evening when the horses are brought in from the pasture. You need to put the saddle blanket up higher or he’ll whip it back off. This is how you put on the saddle–

“This–this is the wrong kind of saddle, Bucky, wait, this is–Bucky it’s wrong wait!” Tony grabs his arm but Bucky just draws the belts tight anyway, gives the saddle a tug to make sure it’s on firmly. “No, this is the right kind. You’re gonna learn to ride a horse like this.” And Tony stares up at him, uncomprehending, before he leans in and whispers, “But won’t it make me unable to have children?” “Why the–” Bucky takes a breath. He has learned to hide his first reaction to the terrible things Tony has said. “No, honey. Omegas can ride horses like this and still have children.” “Are you sure?” “Sarah rides horses like this all the time and had Steve.”

Bucky saddles Red Star and helps Tony get on the horse outside the stables. He clutches the reins with white knuckles and keeps looking at Bucky for reassurance as he carefully walks the chestnut around. Then he gets a little confident, starts sweet talking his horse, calling him sweetheart and honey and buttercup. “How about we try a trot?” Bucky offers, and shows Tony how to urge his horse faster. They get up to a canter that Tony is delighted by before they have to head back in, and he shows Tony how to wipe his horse down and give him water. The couriers will put him out to pasture with the other horses.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, this giant, spirited chestnut ends up with the name ‘Sweetheart.’

Baby Names

Summary: A cute story about Jensen and the Reader’s first child

Pairings: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none! :)

Word Count: 855


Hear ye, hear ye! Ask Dean and Sam a ‘would you rather question!’

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“Jensen, when is (y/n) due?” The question made the whole panel room roar. Jensen chuckled, looking at a laughing Jared. “An inevitable question.” Jared commented, making Jensen laugh more. “Well how about we ask the Mrs. herself?” Jensen said excitedly and the whole crowd cheered. You giggled into the mic that was handed to you and Richard and Matt escorted you up the stage. “The princess has arrived!” Rich shouted over the crowd and you laugh. “Oh, shush it!” You joked. Jensen offered his seat to you, fishing ‘awws’ from the crowd. “Hello, guys!” You greeted. “Oh I have missed this crowd!” You said. “As for that question, I am 7 months pregnant and it’s really close to pop!” You joked. “Yes, my son’s gunna have a best friend now!” Jared said. “I’m very much excited to be a dad for sure and was very much excited during the making process.” Jensen joked, wiggling his eyebrows. You lightly slapped his arm but the crowd has roared once again.

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i recently came out to my friends with a pun (i know a horse named ace so i sent a pic and said 'hes Ace and so am i') and so at 2 am last night i woke up to a phone full of ace puns from my best friend for me because 'you love puns and i love u' which was awesome idk i wanted to share this

That’s so pure and good omg. My coming out actually went really similar to that, it’s truly an amazing thing to be accepted so easily:) 


Types as Lord of the Rings Characters

NOTE: This is a typing based on the movies because I’ve seen them about ten times while I’ve only read the book once.

NOTE 2: Dear Diary, this is the 27382394782th time I’ve found a nice gif of the character I want, put it on the post and then realized it’s a hilarious edit. You Tolkien fandom are some funny folk.


“A red sun rises, blood has been spilled this night.”


“And all that was once great and good in this world will be gone. There won’t be a Shire, Pippin.”


“You must understand, young Hobbit, it takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish. And we never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say.”


“Pity? It was pity that stayed Bilbo’s hand. Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo?”


“I miss the Shire. I spent all my life pretending I was off somewhere else. Off with you, on one of your adventures. But my own adventure turned out to be quite different.”


“The closer we are to danger, the farther we are from harm. It’s the last thing he’ll expect.”


“This day does not belong to one man but to all. Let us together rebuild this world that we may share in the days of peace.”


“He has just as much reason to go to war as you do. Why can he not fight for those he loves?”


“Rosie Cotton dancing. She had ribbons in her hair. If ever I were to marry someone, it would have been her. It would have been her.” 


“Where does my allegiance lie if not here? This is the city of the men of Numenor. I would gladly give my life to defend her beauty, her memory, her wisdom…”


“Our people, our people. I would have followed you, my brother… my captain… my king.”


“Give me your name, horse-master, and I shall give you mine.”


“Concealed within his fortress, the lord of Mordor sees all. His gaze pierces cloud, shadow, earth, and flesh. You know of what I speak, Gandalf.”


“The man who can wield the power of this sword can summon to him an army more deadly than any that walks this earth. Put aside the Ranger. Become who you were born to be.”


“I have passed the test. I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Galadriel.”


“And to that I hold. I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.” 


I’ve talked about this somewhere else before but can’t help bringing it up again.

So…I’m Chinese but I didn’t know any local musical theater fan community until I started uploading musical related stuff to a Chinese website recently. And the most precious thing in Chinese musical theater fandom turns out to be the really hilarious nicknames they give to actors and characters. Crack me up every time without fail. Here’s a list of everything I’ve seen so far. Will add more when I find new ones.

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Has anyone checked Sherlock: The Network??? It's been pulled from the App Store I think. I scrolled way back through my purchased apps but can't seem to get the page to load, downloading the app now though. Not sure what I'm looking for tbh

Update: Google play hasn’t updated the app since January 6th 2015, I can’t find a date for Amazon, and apple have pulled it from the App Store. Which is odd seeing as it’s available elsewhere? When I found a link that sent me to the App Store page it told me that the game wasn’t available in the UK but told me to change to the Russian store in order to view it. The Russian store told me to change to the UK store. I’m not sure if this is significant but at least worth sharing just in case lmao

Oh that’s really strange! Maybe try contacting the Sherlock Network game on twitter and see what happens? ;) I would check my app but it’s on my dead kindle lol- Sherlock the Network had so many cool clues in it like:

Here- one of the horses was named Inigo Montaya- a character from The Princess Bride.

And here- Beth’s Pool & Mary clue.

So the game is certainly also part of ‘The Game!’ ;)

Learning Martial Arts From Videos: Yay or Nay?

Hey everybody! This post is probably going to be controversial, so before reading on bear in mind this blog is meant to stimulate intellectual conversation. With that in mind, lets get to it.

Recently, I’ve had questions from some of my tumblr followers as well as a few of my own students regarding “distance” learning for martial arts. I’m going to tackle this topic in two different parts: the first being video learning, and the second being webcam distance learning. That said, all of the questions I’ve received are worded pretty much the same way, “Should I learn martial arts from videos?”

It’s dangerous to use the word “should” in martial arts learning. There are lots of things you “should” do, lots of things you “could” do, but there are an equal many things it is advisable not to do. From a business model, “distance” learning could be quite lucrative and a great way to make a quick buck. As a martial arts instructor, however, I advise MOST to shy away from video learning.

In the age of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOC), youtube martial arts “masters” and instagram martial models, it can seem like a great idea to try learning martial arts from what you see in videos. If you want to take a MOOC on subjects like Biology, Psychology or Algebra, video learning can be fantastic. But, in my experience, learning martial arts is not as simple as sitting down and reading a textbook. Yes, a great many martial arts “how to” books exist, but most are written strictly for those with some legitimate martial arts experience. Illustrations and detailed instructions are great, if you already know the proper positions to be in. Now, with this out of the way, let’s dive in to the first topic: video learning.

We’ve all seen the Youtube videos. Channels with 100,000 or less subscribers saying “you too can be a martial arts master”. These videos have been around since the dawn of VHS, and the Youtube videos are a continuation of a trend trying to sucker absolute beginners into spending exorbitant amounts of money to “learn real martial arts”. Why do I say it is inadvisable to learn from Youtube videos or otherwise? That answer lies in my previous statement: they are not necessarily meant for absolute beginners, even if they market it that way.

As an absolute, “uninitiated” beginner, one has no concept of the “proper” way to perform a technique, stance, and so on. As such, beginners who are just starting out have no way of knowing (aside from a pre-recorded video) if they are doing something correctly. Take the horse stance as an example. Every eastern martial art has their own name or variation, but they often share the same form. Some take a narrower foot position, and some take a wider foot position. Some styles tell you to keep stick your but out and keep your tailbone curved back, and some tell you to tuck your hips under so that your neck, back, and tailbone are in a similar alignment. Are you starting to see the problem yet? The many variations in foot position, hip position, alignment…its difficult to know if you’re doing it correctly for the martial art you want to learn. I correct my own beginner students by placing my hands on them and fixing them if they so wish, as an instructor will. Oftentimes these same beginners will struggle for several classes to get into the right positioning until they begin to feel it well enough for themselves.

For this first topic, I’ll use one of our irregular students at my school. He lives several hours away from any major city, and decided he wanted to learn our martial art. He shows up maybe once a month, and claims he trains at home while he’s away. In conversations with him, whether or not he intended to, he let slip that all of his previous martial arts experience was through books and DVD’s of a different style he picked up a few years ago. As an instructor, that was very clear the first day he stepped into the school last year. To this day, despite his “training and experience” he still struggles to have his knees, hips, back, and feet in the proper places for just about everything. To his credit, he does make an effort at correcting it in class. Yet the one day a month he comes in, he’s back to his improper form. (improper in this case meaning that no martial art in my experience has their stances in such a contorted, back and joint straining manner) This student is a prime example of my point for the first topic, because he previously had only learned from books and DVD’s without an instructor or another person present.

I do not mean to say that one cannot learn martial arts techniques from videos indefinitely. For those beginner students who have progressed well enough to understand proper form, I would say its okay to try out different techniques from different styles they may have interest in, with the understanding that knowing a few techniques does not mean you “know or have trained” the style.

This leads to the second topic for today, distance webcam learning. Like the previous topic, it is inadvisable for absolute beginners to attempt to learn a martial art through distance webcam learning. Unless you have a good understanding of the basics of proper form, I would suggest to shy away from this kind of teaching/learning medium.

As another example, one of our recent beginner students informed me he would be leaving the state to pursue a master degree at another university, though he would return to the state during his breaks. Being a closely knit federation, we do not have Shifus in every state or city, and as such he expressed to me his interest in distance webcam learning. My response was less than he had hoped for. Like the previously mentioned student, he also shows up fairly irregularly for classes. As a result, many of his Kung Fu brothers and sisters he started with have advanced, and he has stayed at his beginning level. Though he claims to have a black belt in some style of Karate, he consistently demonstrates a less than desirable grasp on basic form and technique, instead relying on his height and build to intimidate and overcome. Despite his previous martial arts experience, I still turned him down. Why? It goes back, again, to a grasp on the basics of form and technique. As an instructor, I feel it is my obligation to my students to reinforce proper basics of their level before allowing them to advance. I give students some leeway with the understanding that they are in fact beginners and they’ll pick up the proper form as they continue to advance in their training, and in this case I did not feel comfortable giving him an absolute yes on teaching him via webcam. I absolutely could have told him yes, but at the end of the day, it felt as though it would be a disservice to his training if I or another instructor were not present to physically correct his form or technique at his level. After all, most webcams/internet connections aren’t up to par in order to reveal all the little details that may be hiding behind the grainy connection. Were he at the level of understanding of his Kung Fu brothers and sisters, I may have said yes. Whether or not an instructor chooses to do so is at their discretion.

I’ll end this post here for today. Do I think it’s wrong to teach students via videos or webcam? Not necessarily. If you have a good grasp on form and technique, there’s nothing wrong with trying out something new from a different martial art. Would I advise absolute beginners with zero experience to learn via videos or webcam? I personally would not, on the grounds that it’s a disservice to the beginning student who may not understand the proper execution of a stance or technique.

With that, I turn it over to the budoblr community! What do y’all think? Do you think students should have the opportunity to study from home via webcam or video? Maybe you think I was wrong to turn this student down?

Agree or disagree, I want to hear from you! Remember, this blog is meant to stimulate intellectual conversation, so your opinions are always welcome!

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What are your top 10 elenaxmateo moments? I have a few of my own, but I love your take on things. Also, maybe i’m biased but would you say the quality of their moments is a step above all other relationships?

Oh my gosh! This ask!! Thanks for sending it! I’m flattered that anyone even thinks my opinions are worth reading :) Can I just say how freaking hard it was to pick just 10 moments?! I’ve seriously got about a hundred more! I may need to make a collage just to get them all out there, lol! But before we get to the top 10, I’d like to address your second question. Also, just a quick warning, this is a LONG post…mostly because of all the pictures :)

I wouldn’t say that the quality of Eleteo moments is greater than the others because I honestly think they’re in a completely different class all by themselves. Elena has some cute moments with Gabe and, heck, even Prince Alonso. There are beautiful moments that really showcase the amazing sisterhood she has with Naomi and lots of fun friendship moments between Elena and all three of her BFFs on individual levels. But there are so many moments between Elena and Mateo that are meaningful and demonstrate a deeper physical, emotional, mental and magical bond than what she shares with anyone else— friend or family.

I mean, Elena has helped all of her friends with their problems, but the only one she shares a give and take relationship on a deeper level with is Mateo.

He helped to free her from 41 years of captivity within the amulet. She helped him find the confidence he needed to stand by her side as her royal wizard. He conquered his fear of horses to carry her back to the palace when she couldn’t stand on her own two feet. She vowed to do whatever it took to get him back when he was launched into the spirit world. He promised to be there for her as the darkness closes in, no matter what. And the list goes on.

The best example I can think of that really demonstrates how much deeper her connection to Mateo is than the others is in comparing the song, “The Magic Within You” with “Play it Your Way”.

In “The Magic Within You”, Elena sings to Mateo about finding his inner strength, not hiding from his destiny, and how she needs him by her side. In “Play it Your Way”, she sings to Gabe about how to play olaball…or if you are determined to take it to a slightly deeper level, she sings to him about being himself so that he can play olaball.

So, all in all, I can’t deny that Elena has great moments with all of her friends. However, I also can’t ignore the fact that she and Mateo share something special. Within the bounds of canon, as it currently stands, they share a deep bond of friendship, the kind that is nearly impossible to break. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but those are the kinds of bonds that true love–– the kind of love between two souls that creates an irresistible pull and lasts forever–– is founded on.

Ok, I’ve rambled enough, so without further ado…

My Top 10 Eleteo Moments

# 10 - Queen Elena would like to take a walk with her king. I love this moment, not just because the verbiage the writers chose is just perfect! But also because it’s the moment of truth where Elena steps into the path of potential danger to save her friend.

#9 - The moment they met there’s instant chemistry between them, not to mention the obvious hint of mutual attraction. I’m sure it helped that Elena probably recognized that Mateo played a key role in securing her freedom.

#8 - Ok so this isn’t a deeply emotional moment, they’re not even alone or talking privately. But I love this because it’s such a small innocent touch that is just a natural thing between them. Most of the time when Elena initiates physical contact with her friends, it’s in direct response to the situation. Like she put a hand on Gabe’s shoulder when she told him she hoped the best guard won but was really doing a terrible job of not showing favoritism as the crown princess or she briefly put a hand on Naomi’s shoulder when she playfully appointed her captain of their sailboat in POAL. But here? There was zero purpose in the story for her to put her hand on Mateo’s back aside from she just likes touching him. This has happened so many times, but I especially love this moment because she was being so completely obvious this time.

#7 - Elena defied natural laws and fulfilled her vow to do anything to rescue her friend by crossing worlds to retrieve Mateo from the spirit world. This moment when Mateo thanks her and she declares she’d do it again while they share a sweet look and the spirit guides are swirling around them— practically wrapping the two in magic? Umm…yes, please!

#6 - Elena falls into Mateo’s arms after the scepter saps her energy for the first time. Usually, when someone tries to physically support her, she pushes them away and tries to stand on her own, no matter how bad off she is, but this time? She cringes into Mateo, not away— and eventually (when they’re riding back to the palace) completely relaxes and gives him a look that, to me, really speaks volumes to how safe and comfortable she is in his arms.

#5 - This moment where they’ve come full circle to emotionally support each other and now Mateo is the one trying to boost Elena’s confidence. This is a huge emotional bonding moment between the two and you can tell by the look in her eye that Elena really takes his words to heart and appreciates not only the sentiment but the person offering his unwavering support.

#4 - The moment when Elena’s clearly hiding something from Mateo and he responds by taking her hand and declaring “I’ll always be there for you, no matter what.” She breathes a sigh of relief and looks as if she’s trying not to cry. To me, that speaks to how much she appreciates his steady presence and faithful support in her life.

#3 - The moment when, figuratively speaking, Mateo allows Elena to pull him from where he’s been hiding his talent away in the darkness to stand proudly by her side. She’s earnestly telling him how and why she believes in him and there’s this spark in his eye that tells me that he’s finally starting to believe her. All of that together creates this beautiful, tender moment between the two of them.

#2 - This was my #1 Eleteo moment up until very recently. I still think it’s an incredibly important moment between these two, but it’s just the beginning for them. It’s the moment when Elena reminds Mateo that he’s not just one of her staff, he’s her friend. I don’t care how cliche it is, but “friends to lovers” is my absolute favorite trope and I’d rather emotionally invest in those fictional relationships than “love at first sight” any day. Also, I’d like to take a second to rant about how the idea of “Ooh! Burn! You’ve been friend zoned” is complete and total crap. In real life, true happily ever afters— the kind that last— are built on deep emotional bonds and meaningful friendship.

#1 - This !!! My #1 Eleteo moment! I LOVE that Elena allows Mateo to see the vulnerability. She doesn’t try to hide it. She doesn’t shrug his concern away like she did in ROTJ. She lets him see the emotional exhaustion and the tears (that initial look between them a few seconds before, I really think she looks like she’s about to cry) in her eyes. They share a look and a secret smile that speaks volumes. She only spoke two words, “I didn’t,” but those along with the smile and the sweet hand pat/squeeze open a door of enormous possibilities as to what happened after the credits rolled.

Personally, I headcanon that they sat until sunrise while she opened up and told him all about her parents. But everything about this moment shouts to me that he is concerned and she is not only open to accepting his concern but open to sharing everything that happened with him. Just another moment that solidifies the deep emotional bond between our beloved crown princess and royal wizard.

So those are my top 10 but I’m not even kidding about how many different screenshots I had to pick from…it was really hard to narrow it down so much. Like the moment where Mateo is carrying Elena on the horse or the moment when she takes his hand in Party of a Lifetime, or the time when they high five in Blockheads and then pause to look shyly at one another, or the time in Spirit Monkey Business where they are struggling to reach each other in the crowd of wild zanies –– to name a few. If anyone has favorite Eleteo moments you’d like to share, let me know and I’ll post it here!

Can you imagine it? #20

Short CTM/Pupcake scenes i can imagine but cant stretch out into full fics

This one comes from an idea from the lovely @pirateboots and is also for @notanunsophisticatedwoman who seemed to like the idea. I’m not too happy with how it turned out, honestly i dont think it’s my best work but i hope you all like it anyway.

This takes place immediately after Patsy and Delia are reunited in 6:08

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What's a more infuriating way to get your name wrong, Twight Spark or Twiglight Splarker?

Neither are particularly infuriating. I’ve come to accept not everypony shares my standards for spelling, and it doesn’t help that letters may be transcribed and transmitted in Horse code, which introduces additional error sources.

You should see some of the spellings I get in my fan mail! I assume most are from foals given the erratic spelling and hoofwriting. I think the worst one was Toilet Sparkle, that one I couldn’t tell if it was a spelling error or if somepony was making a joke at my expense. I was not amused.

sometimes i wish people names were more like horse names

  • no two can be the same
  • can be literally anything
  • instead of sharing a last name, family names can be thematically similar

So we all know that scene where Sean is all “touch my horse and I will cut you” at Mutt and briefly mentions that Mutt would not be the largest thing to die on that knife. So…. what else do y'all think Sean Kendrick has murdered?

Hey howdy! I’m Tasha, 22, livin’ in the lovely wilds of Pennsylvania~ I’m still figuring things out as I go along, but I’m pretty comfortable identifying as nonbinary, demisexual, and panromantic. (She/They pronouns are fine by me.)

I’m a huge nerd with a variety of eclectic interests tbh - I write and read a lot - hoping to start a novel soon! - as well as play exactly Too Many videogames. (please feel free to hmu for my psn - i game on ps4!!) I’m real into paranormal/metaphysical stuff as well. I also love horses - in fact, I have a very large hoofed son of my own. His name is Benjamin and he is a good bean. <3

Mostly I’m just looking for some local (or global, haha) like-minded folks to become friends with!! Although I’m not actively looking for romantic partners right now, if something ~*mutually romantic*~ does happen to spark, I’m not entirely opposed to it. *wink wonk*

Anyways, message me sometime and we can holler about fictional characters together and share some dank memes, yeah? :3c

In addition to my Tumblr (@ruinwiings), I can also be contacted via Skype/Discord/PSN, though I’d prefer to chat a bit before sharing these with anybody.