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Catedral de Baeza - Baeza

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Anime idea:

What if you got superpowers from holding hands with a cute girl that looks just like your little sister but with purple hair! Also, everything is animated like some maximalist horror vacui shitstorm. Nope, this series definitely wasn’t intentionally designed by the Japanese government to kill off the anime watching populace with tons of seizures. Don’t even worry or think about that. Check out the lens flare we made sure to put on every metallic surface.

Preview of my “Paradox of Consciousness”
This large piece of paper has traveled 25,000 miles across the USA with me on tour in the last 15 weeks of my gypsy caravan tour with Palaye Royale.

It’s important to me for the physical piece of paper to be where I have been. Experience my surrounds and influence my thought process.

It’s has become a necessity for me to exist by constant self expression. To test the bounds of ones own mind. See how far experimental living can go..
Alter fixed consciousness to live and embrace an internal Age of Enlightenment.

anonymous asked:

Parlerai davvero del problema ontologico? Chiedo perché lo trovo molto interessante, ogni pensiero al riguardo è sempre ben accetto. Mi dispiace, comunque. E se ti serve una parola sulla falsariga del male di vivere per spiegare, inscatolare o che so io andrei sull'horror vacui. Magari è banale, magari pretenzioso af. Magari no, che ne so •

Horror Vacui dovrebbe essere il titolo che ho dato a qualcosa che scrissi in passato, credo addirittura di averlo pubblicato su questo blog. Il vuoto mi spaventa, il vuoto mi manca, il vuoto mi attira, il vuoto mi spiazza. Sento come la mia vita sia un eterno tira e molla tra una ricerca di sostanza, la paura dell’assenza di essa ed il totale annientamento. 

Come parlare, però, del problema ontologico? Mi sento così fottutamente stupido ogni singola volta che tento di parlarne. Lo puoi capire, e vivere con questa domanda nella testa per sempre, che ti tiene compagnia come una malattia senza cura che ti accorcia lentamente non la vita, ma la tua capacità di pensare, oppure puoi semplicemente ignorarlo ed essere totalmente incapace di concepirlo. Come spiegare cosa vuol dire? Come far capire, se non se ne ha già esperienza? Come parlare di qualcosa che è un non essere, che una domanda sul perché debba poter esistere un perché?

Me on Dating Sites

Who are you: 1 part grumpy grandma + 1 part luna lovegood on acid + 1 part baby moss fairy + 1 part witchy nymphet

What’s your sexuality: pansexual but kinda asexual but kinda super sexual but kinda unicorn

What’s your ethnicity:  alien?  multiple monsters??

How old are you:  mote of dust???  stars?????

What food do you like: raw fish and lobster but also vegan food and mushrooms and alcohol

What do you do for fun:  hang out by myself and read or blog or play games

What are you passionate about: plants.  blue skin.  outsider art.  japan.  shadow boxes.  doll houses.  stickers.  horror vacui.  zombies.  many arms.  lavender milk tea.  pastel colors.  the woods.  childhood.  organization.  making lists.

What’s your religion: hindu buddhist teaist witch with a sprinkle of upg

What do you look for in a partner:  they have to like seafood and veggies and studio ghibli and horror movies and gardens and weird art and magic and tea and nature and books and reading my lists and basically i’m looking for someone who is me but another person



*logs out for 9 months*

Hola, que tal?

FIRST!!!  Wait…I guess that doesn’t count on here.  Anyway, I’m Lloyd, and this is where I will post updates on what is going on at Villain Place.  Villain Place is recording, producing, web/merch designing, social media help, and basically anything that a band needs.  We are in Nashville, TN and have been working on getting this going for a while now.  I’ll be sharing the stuff I’m working on as it comes up.  Today, I’m finishing the mastering on The Horror Vacui’s debut album.  I have been working on recording, editing, mixing, and mastering the album for about 9 months, and I’m really excited about the way it is sounding.  You can check them out at