the horror stories we used to hear


It is interesting to note the contrast between the media’s coverage of Mosul and that of Aleppo. Mosul is in the hands of ISIS. Aleppo was in the hands of al-Qaeda affiliated Nusra and various US-supported “moderate” rebels, such as the Zenki group who proudly published a gruesome video of themselves beheading a 12-year-old boy.

Everyday we hear horror stories about what happens in Aleppo, yet the exact same thing is happening in Mosul and in Yemen, but we never hear about it. Because it is the US and its allies doing the bombing in Mosul and Yemen. We are supposed to shut down our brains and believe that US-sponsored bombs are “good” bombs, bringing freedom to the civilians they decimate, while Russian-sponsored bombs are “bad” bombs.

Aleppo is a massive failure for the Obama administration (and Qatar, Saudi and UAE). They simply cannot accept that Russia out-played them and managed to defeat their sponsored terrorists, similar to how they cannot accept their defeat in the US elections, resorting to making up bogus stories about Russian hacking.

I am not a fan of Bashar, but for the good of the people of Syria, I hope he wins. If he loses, the US will turn Syria into another US success story (Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya), with daily car-bombings and terrorists taking over entire cities. Bashar will at least create enough peace and safety for people to go on with their lives without fearing death every day.

[Note that by posting this video I’m not saying everything she says is true. But I wholeheartedly agree with her main point, that the US narrative regarding Syria is fiction.]

Yom Hoshoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day Prayer

A very relevant prayer today, even for non-Jews.

Ribbono shel Olam – Master of the Universe:

On this most solemn of occasions, we open our hearts, minds, and souls to you.

As we remember the six million, the eleven million, the indifference, and the evil;

As we honor the heroes, the martyrs, the survivors, and the victims;

We ask you to soothe our souls, to amplify our memories, to strengthen our resolve, and to hear our prayers.

We ask for your presence in our midst; for healing, light, and love to soothe and ease our pain, as we commemorate the horrors that were committed not long ago. Please, oh Holy One, be gentle with our souls.

We ask that you help us to forever remember the stories we hear. As tales of the atrocities are shared, as we re-encounter the unthinkable, we ask that these memories be strengthened and never fade, in the hope that those who remember the mistakes of the past will not repeat them. Please, oh Holy One, amplify our ability to remember.

We ask that you strengthen our will, that you help us to ensure that the world does not again see such monstrosities. We say “never again” and we dedicate ourselves to this principle, to the idea that justice does not allow persecution, that genocide shall not be repeated, and that vigilance is the responsibility of freedom, at all costs. Please, oh Holy One, make manifest our resolve that these horrors remain but memories.

We ask that you answer our prayers. We pray that the call of evil falls on deaf ears, that those who fight for freedom and justice always prevail, that those who need protection do not become victims. We pray that the lessons we learn from this darkest hour allow all humankind to better itself, and to truly and nobly embody the idea that we are each made in Your image. We pray for the souls of the millions and millions of victims of this brutality; we pray that we honor their lives and their memories by observing this day, and by doing everything in our power and beyond to make sure that no such shadow again darkens our world.

Above all, we pray for shalom—for wholeness and peace—to be in our midst, now and forever. Please, oh Holy One, answer our prayers and bring us a world devoid of hatred, filled instead with peace.

Ken yehi ratzon – may this be God’s will. And may we all say together, Amen.

grunklesphinx  asked:

i saw that coffin belt post and thought. what if space zombies. the ship is cruising throught the belt and they hear a bang. maybe we crashed into one coffin, we should be more careful. but the noises persist and suddenly theres a bang against a window and the crew sees a hand

That either sounds like the material for a good horror story, or a hilarious one.

“….and when the captain of the ship went to check, all they saw was man door hand hook space door”

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Television: Video killed the radio star, but AHS eventually kills everyone else.

Shadowhunters sneaked two peeks, earning them No. 9.
American Horror Story: Hotel checked in at No. 2.
Gravity Falls, and so did the show, to spot No. 4.

Movies: This week’s talkies.

☆ Disney picked Moana’s voice. Got you so hyped it landed at No. 1
The Night Before Christmas debuts at No. 8, because Halloween.
Deadpool still lives, moving up five spots to No. 14.

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Music: All we hear is radio ga ga, radio goo goo.

⬆ You went gaga over Lady Gaga, shooting her to No. 8.
The 1975 dropped a new single and embraced the color pink (No. 14).

Celebrities: They’re just like us!

☆ Another AHS success: Matt Bomer debuts at No. 7.
Benedict Cumberbatch is cumberback at No. 18.
⬇︎ What happened to the  Sebastian Stans? He fell to No. 9.

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Games: Your Nintendos and such.

Fire Emblem Fates was destined to return to No. 15.
⬇︎ Super Smash Brothers was nearly KO’d, falling to No. 17.

Web stuff: Dan and Phil forever.

danisnotonfire is on fire, back at No. 1.
Amazing Phil is on amazing fire, back at No. 2.


During the recording session, the three of us actually weren’t sure what Dust was picking up. We thought this sequence would be used the first time the player defeated an enemy and picked up its remains. Y'know, like bones for crafting new items. …Or a severed head.

So that’s not just confusion you’re hearing in Fidget’s tone of voice… it’s also disgust and HORROR.

Creepypasta #605: Fear Of The Dark

Story length: Short

You hear your child screaming “Mommy there someone in my bedroom! Turn the lights on!” Of course you come to your kid’s bedroom, turn the lights on and find no boogeyman, no monsters, no creatures.

Children and adults alike have adapted to fearing the dark. Why? Well it’s something called fear of the unknown. We as people fear what we cannot see, what we cannot feel, what we do not know. We do not know what might come at us nor could we see what really lies in the dark.

So why are kids more afraid of the dark then adults? The answer? Maturity. But adults should know that the dark is the only blanket between fiction and the truth and without the dark, you wouldn’t be able to hide, nor will you tell yourself that its just imagination because seeing is believing.

Now you hear your child screaming again about the same boogeyman in his room. You go to your same routine telling your child, who is now under the covers, that there is no such thing as monsters. Then you turn on the lights to find there are no monsters, no creatures, nobody under the covers.

Credits to: Kristine_Murray

Two years of TEW!

In just a couple of weeks, it will be The Evil Within’s two year anniversary. In order to celebrate, we’ve decided to create a little fan blog for just such an occasion.

So, this month of October, we’d love to hear your stories about why you love TEW. Show us your fanfiction, your fan art, your cosplay, your gifs, your edits. Talk about the characters, your favorite scenes, headcanons. Share your experiences and tell us what TEW means to you! ♥

It’s time to spread the love for this wonderful survival horror game!

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Creepypasta #617: Let Go

Story length: Medium

Barry’s in a mood again. I start making dinner while the kids play out in the puddle-filled backyard. It always brings peace of mind when I can watch them out the kitchen window.

“Dinner’s ready”, I yell out. “Sarah and Dylan, take your shoes off please, I don’t want mud dragged through the house again”. I feel like I repeat this request day after day. As we eat, I ask the kids about school, while Barry barely acknowledges us and just gobbles down his food.

“Barry, did you hear how well Sarah did at her sports day?” I ask hoping he’ll listen. Barry stares up at me, sighs loudly, takes his dinner to the lounge and turns on the TV. Sarah looks hurt but manages to tell me about coming 3rd in the 100m sprint. I tell her I’m proud of her, then ask them to eat up before I clear the plates. They never eat much anymore, they used to love the food I made. Maybe I need to make something more interesting!

I tell the kids to get ready for bed while I clean the dishes and prepare the next days’ lunches. Barry silently steps in to help, and eventually says “I think you need to see someone, this can’t go on.”

Great, this conversation again. Barry thinks I’m losing my mind. “It’s been 4 years”, he says, “Pretending they’re here isn’t going to bring them back”. I disagree. They’re already back.

How else would there be muddy footprints in the hallway every night?

Credits to: One2bknown

I think it is important for us to hear, somehow, about success stories of marriage and relationships as much as we hear about the horror stories. It’s important to have balance in our exposure, somehow, to have equal amounts of caution and hope. Its important to listen to the horror stories of divorce and break ups and abuse and disappointment but also to produce hope, somehow.

As a nation, we are at a crossroads. Since the police killings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Ezell Ford, and more, the Movement for Black Lives has captivated the world and shined a bright light on the desperate need for systemic changes to policing nationwide. And while many of us are talking about the problem and taking steps to address it, it seems that every day, we hear another horror story of a person of color being stopped, assaulted, or killed by the hands of law enforcement. Each story makes my heart hurt. This can’t go on.
—  John Legend