the horror in her eyes

Divided: Part 14

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: Violence, Angst, Fighting, Fluff, Cursing. 

Word Count: 2970

Summary: The effects of the Winter Soldier being released leads you into danger as you attempt to rescue Bucky. 

Authors Note:  Sorry it has taken me so long to post, I got very sick the week before Christmas with a horrific stomach bug and then the holidays happened. But I hope you all enjoy it, I always love hearing from you guys, so drop a line with thoughts or predictions!  Tagging is open, just ask

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“I don’t want to talk about it” He growls, breathing slowly, keep calm, everything will be fine, she’ll be fine. Steve is her Captain.

“You feel that if you open your mouth,” Steve will protect her. “the horrors might never stop.” Bucky’s eyes flash up to the psychiatrist as the man clicks away at a screen. There was only one horror locked in Bucky’s mind right now.

The vision of her, motionless and still on the pavement as he fights to get to her, unable to reach her. Her image swims before his gaze, battered and bleeding as she beat against the glass… Her voice still ringing in his ear. Every sob from her echoing in his head, drowning out the interviewer’s voice. “Don’t worry, we only have to talk about one.”

Everything goes dark as the lights in the room are extinguished, emergency flood lights turning on within Bucky’s cage, making him wince as he looks around in confusion, his eyes focusing on the smirking face of the supposed psychiatrist.

“What the hell is this?” Bucky growls, quickly tensing, acutely aware of his vulnerable position. “Why don’t we discuss your home?” The man begins, leaning forward slightly on the desk as the hair rises at the back of Bucky’s neck.

“Not Romania, Certainly not Brooklyn,” Steve. Steve will come for me. He will know something’s wrong. “No. I mean your real home.” The man stands as he finishes his monologue, pulling from his briefcase a worn red leather bound book with a silver star emblazoned upon the front.

Bucky’s teeth lock as he recognizes the artifact. No… not again… I’ve worked too hard… “Longing.” The man begins pronouncing the word in Russian, causing Bucky to feel a blur in his vision as a pulse shoots towards his metal arm. I’ve come too far… “Rusted.”

“Stop” Bucky pleads as his metal fingers lock in a fist. My name is James Buchanan Barnes. My parent’s names are George and Winnifred. I lived on… “Seventeen.”

“Stop” Bucky snarls, beginning to lose control as he feels the confines of the cage. NO! “Daybreak.” His eyes squeeze shut as he struggles for control Fight it. Fight it. “Furnace.”

Bucky’s mind suddenly yanks ferociously towards the dark rage he had worked so hard to lock away. Feeling every bit of pain he had been trying to lock away, the sound of her crying reverberating in his head once more.

His eyes snap open, focusing on his memory of her. I can’t hurt her. She’s in the building… If I get free…Think of her. Fight. Fight it! My name is JAMES BUCHANAN… “Nine.”

Bucky’s mind lurches once again as his metal arm breaks free of his control, springing forcefully from its steel confines as he begins to rip at the restraints on his other arm.

“Benign.” Bucky screams as he frees himself from the chair, coming to crouch in front of the glass door, hesitating for a moment as he notices the smudges on the glass left by her fists. Fight for her. She fought for you. God Dammit! Fight back. Fight back!

“Homecoming.” Bucky screams as his metal arm rears back, slamming his fist sharply into the glass. He feels his eyes sting as his arm winds up again, smashing a series of cracks into the glass, the splinters caressing the smudge marks left by her frantic, pleading fists. Y/N…

“One.” I’m sorry. He screams again as his fist beats more ferociously against the glass. Fight… please… “Freight Car.” With a final scream Bucky smashes the glass door off its hinges just as the man recites the last word.

Bucky emerges from the cage, rising to his feet with a vacant icy stare on his face. “Soldier?” The man asks cautiously, not daring to get too close to the potentially activated assassin.

“Ready to comply.” Bucky responds sedately in Russian, his eyes empty of any part of his soul. No shadow of himself or memory of the people he loves.

“T’Challa, something is wrong. My team needs me… PLEASE!” You plead with the King as he rises tensely to his feet. Looking at you, he bites his lip, debating whether or not to help you. In a second he has made his decision and kneels before you to pull at the zip ties holding you to the chair.

“My knife, it’s against my thigh.” You instruct him, his hands quickly move along your leg as he frees your blade and gets to work cutting you free. “A Scorpion?” He raises an eyebrow as he hands your knife back to you, flipping the blade into his hand so the embossed handle is extended to you.

You quickly retrieve your signature weapon from him, nodding as you acknowledge his observation. He takes a deep breath, holding you back for a moment “In my culture, the scorpion is a fearsome and dangerous predator, but can lose sight of its best interest and act rashly, leading to its own demise. Tell me young arachnid, have you ever heard the story of the turtle and scorpion?”

“Now isn’t really the best time T’Challa!” You speak sternly as warning lights begin to flash red above you. You wrench your arm from his grip and begin sprinting up the stairs in the same direction as Natasha and Tony. T’Challa quickly follows you, overtaking you in moments.

“T’Challa wait! We don’t know what’s…” You yell after him, but he is long gone, his pace too quick for you to catch up. You hear the sound of gunshots down the hallway as you turn out of the stairwell, dashing towards the sound.

You come into an open area, seeing Bucky locked in combat with multiple guards. He lands a hit on the closest guard, sending him flying back as he disarms the second, turning the gun around to fire on him.

“BUCKY!” Your shout echoes clearly through the open area causing him to freeze in his movements as his gaze snaps towards you.

A chill rushes down your spine as your eyes connect with his, seeing no sign of the man you had come to know. Seeing only the sheer mass and killing force of the weapon he had once been. Your stomach knots as you realize, the Winter Soldier has been activated.

“Y/N, get out of here!” Tony yells as he sends a flash of light at Bucky, drawing his attention to him as Bucky engages him in combat. Tony moves quickly, having only a single iron glove for protection. Bucky turns the gun on him and fires just as Tony gets his metal covered hand around the barrel, blocking the bullet.

Tony responds swiftly, taking the ammo out of the gun as he slams Bucky across the face with it only to have Bucky respond in kind with a firm hit that sends Tony sprawling backwards.  

“Buck stop!” You yell again making to move forward once more. His eyes connect with you, his brow furrowing slightly in confusion as his footsteps falter.

Sharon suddenly appears, hitting Bucky hard around the torso, drawing his attention away from you. She moves rapidly around him Natasha stepping in by her side, the two of them taking Bucky on. But they are no match for his moves, having never fought someone of his caliber.

In seconds Bucky has caught hold of Sharon and flips her onto a table, breaking the wood as she lands painfully. Natasha hastily climbs his torso, wrapping her legs firmly around his neck as she slams hit after hit into his head.

It doesn’t take him long to overpower her as well, catching her around the throat as he brings her to the table, pressing hard on her wind pipe.

“JAMES!” You scream as you fling your scorpion knife forward, imbedding it in the flesh of his thigh, causing him to wince in pain. He releases Natasha, pulling the knife from his leg as he advances on you. You stand firm, locking your eyes on his as he comes closer to you.

“Bucky,” you warn as he steps before you, his stare cold and blank while his metal hand connects with your hip, driving you roughly back against the wall. He raises his other hand, still holding the knife. He won’t hurt me. I know he won’t hurt me. “Buck, this isn’t you.”

You try to twist out from his grip but his hand presses into your hip, leaving bruising marks as he traps you against the wall. “Bucky! Fight it. This isn’t you. Please baby.” You whimper slightly, becoming scared of the situation you may have landed yourself in. So sure you were that he wouldn’t harm you, you never stopped to consider you might be wrong.

“Bucky!” You scream as he pulls back his arm, raising your own knife above you, the familiar blade flashing in the light as he drives it forward, a snarl ripping from his mouth. He embeds the knife in the wall an inch from your head. His metal fingers tensing firmly on your hip as he grips you, his empty stare faltering slightly as he seems to register your face.

“Bucky… This is not who you are.” You whisper, your hand rising up to lovingly caress his cheek, his eyes following your movement cautiously. As your shaking fingers make contact with his cheek you feel his jaw relax beneath your touch, his eyes softening slightly at the contact.

Then he is ripped from your grasp as T’Challa lands a hard kick to his side, causing him to step back as he gears up for another fight. “T’Challa stop! He’s not dangerous! STOP!” You yell as the two begin to engage in combat, each hit harder than the last. Until Bucky exercises a rapid combo that sends T’Challa sprawling backwards.

Before T’Challa is back on his feet, Bucky is already moving quickly up the stairs. You rush forward, trying to block T’Challa as he goes to chase after Bucky. “T’Challa! Stop, listen to me.” You chase after them, staling for just a moment as they engage in another bout.

You look around the room trying to predict Bucky’s next path, you spot the stairs around the hallway, signs leading to the roof. Well… he does like roofs. If I can just get him alone, I can calm him down and bring him back.

You move quickly positioning yourself in the stairwell. Only moments pass before Bucky’s large form bursts into your hiding spot. He fails to notice you as he moves quickly up the stairs.

You dart behind him maintaining a safe distance as you call out to him “Bucky!” He whips around furiously, moving quickly to you, his eyes empty, his metal hand reaching up around your throat, pushing you harshly into the wall, his body coming to press against yours.

Your hands fly up to his face, forcing him to look at you as you gasp for air. “Bucky, stop… look… look at me.” You feel his fingers soften on your neck, his grip retracting, you gasp for air as his fingers slide gently behind your neck, his eyes boring into yours.

“Bucky. This is not who you are. You are stronger than this. You can fight this.” His brow furrows harshly as he winces looking away from you. He retracts his metal hand, drawing it back firmly as his fingers clench.

His metal fist suddenly slams forward beside your head, creating a small crater in the stone wall as the plaster crumbles on your shoulder.

“Buck…” You whisper, your voice shaking slightly as your hands reach out to frame his face once more, forcing his steel blue eyes to connect with yours once again “Please come back to me.” Tears fall down your face as you look at him, wishing to see the man you had fallen in love with gazing back at you.

His eyes widen slightly as he connects with you, his face softening in its confusion as his shoulders relax faintly. You move quickly, seeing your opportunity, you press your lips to his, pulling him into a deep kiss.

You move your mouth firmly against his, feeling his chest relax against you as his arms slide around your waist pulling you closer. Then suddenly you feel a growl rip through his chest, an alarm beginning to sound in the stairwell, flooding you both in red light as he yanks away from you.

His flesh hand slides down your arm wrapping firmly around your wrist as he begins to roughly pull you up the stairs.

“Bucky no! Stop! Bucky listen to me! Where are you going, stop!” You protest fervently as he leads you all the way up to the roof. At the site of the helicopter, your protests escalate as you begin to actively seek to dislodge yourself from Bucky.

“Stop! We can’t do this! Stop!  Bucky please!! Just look at me, come back to me. PLEASE! Bucky!!” You pull feverishly against his grip trying to twist your wrist from his grasp.

“I’m not leaving you!” He shouts, shocking you enough in your struggle that you halt for a moment, allowing him the opportunity to pick you up.

“No!” You shout as he opens the helicopter door, strapping you in and locking the door as he moves around the other side. His arm locks forcefully across your lap holding you in place. Though you try to block his movements, he begins to flick on the switches.

Suddenly Steve appears on the roof, looking shocked as he sees the rising helicopter. “STEVE!” You scream, still forcibly fighting with Bucky trying to stop him from taking off. Bucky’s attention falters for a moment as he notices Steve moving quickly towards the helicopter.

“Y/N!” You hear Steve call your name as he lunges for the helicopter, trying to pull it back to the ground as Bucky attempts to manipulate it away from the landing pad. “Bucky stop!!! You have to stop!! You’re going to kill him!” Your fist hits across Bucky’s face as you try to stop him.

Bucky’s brow furrows as he looks at you, rage seeming to swell in his chest as his gaze whips furiously to Steve, holding the helicopter to the building. He growls as his arm locks against your legs, holding you firmly in your seat, he jerks the helicopter towards the building.

“NO!” You scream, watching Steve dive out the way, moving fervently to dodge the helicopter and blades as they scrape against the roof. Finally, the helicopter comes to a stop, your body held by the seatbelt, suspended at an odd angle.

“Steve! STEVE!!! Are you alright? STEVE!” You begin to cry, not knowing the fate of your Captain, terrified of what may have happened. “Y/N!” Steve calls back, as you see the blurry outline of his body move outside the window.

“Him!?” You hear Bucky growl beside you as his metal arm shoots through the glass grabbing Steve by the throat as he pulls him against the glass, looking to you with wild rage seething in his gaze. “You. Prefer. Him?” Bucky spits every word as if struggling to speak.

“Bucky, this isn’t you pal. You have to fight it.” Steve speaks through the glass as you watch, paralyzed in fear.

Your frozen state is only allowed for a moment as you start to feel the ground crumple beneath you as the helicopter sways, beginning to slide backwards.

You scream as the helicopter falls, your seatbelt holding you firmly in place as the water rushes towards you through the window. The impact sends your neck snapping back as water rapidly fills the compartment.

In a moment you free yourself from your seatbelt, turning quickly to Bucky’s unconscious form beside you. You grab at his arm, taking a deep breath, the water quickly rising over your head. You pull feebly at him as you try to move his unconscious mass.

Suddenly his body is moving, rising towards the surface as Steve swims beside you, pulling his unconscious friend upward. You feel your head break the surface as you gasp for air.

“Steve! Are you alright!?” You cry out as soon as you get enough air in your lungs, wiping furiously at your eyes as you try to focus on him.

You both begin to swim towards the bank, Steve pulling Bucky’s unconscious form behind him, “I’m fine, I’m fine.  Are you alright?” He asks calmly as you both heave Bucky onto the shore, slightly beneath the bridge.

You nod as you kneel down next to Bucky pushing his hair out of his face, you check to make sure he is breathing. You feel your stomach relax when you hear the small clear breathes coming in and out of his mouth.

“We need to get out of here.” You say, turning to face Steve as he looks around, beforing reaching for the phone in his pocket, shaking the water off of it.

“Really Y/N? You think. God Dammit… what were you thinking? Going after him. Taking him on. He’s the god damn Winter Soldier babe! Why do you always do this? These rash decisions, always about to get yourself killed! I… I just can’t do this anymore!! I love you… But I can’t… I just…”

“Steve I’m…” “Don’t say you’re sorry. Not again.” Steve takes a deep breath, rubbing his eyes as he turns away from you, unable to look at you any longer. “We need to find Sam and we need to get somewhere safe.”

He moves up under the bridge without another word as he goes to look for Sam, leaving you hidden with an unconscious Bucky resting in your lap. His shallow breathes cause his chest to rise and fall as you try to stop the bleeding of a large cut on his forehead.

Part 15

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I look at women and I see a woman. So I remind myself, all women are goddesses.

I look at her and I see a goddess. So I have to remind myself - she is just a girl.

But knowing that she is a goddess first and a girl second…

seeing how her divinity radiates and oozes out of her so effortlessly…and seeing the endless depth of the ocean, with all it’s horrors and wonders behind her eyes…

All that grabs my heart and mind and soul and shakes me down to the marrow of my bones, to the deepest part of my being.

—  Typhoon, looking into the eyes of a goddess.
The Pine Tree

A/N: Heyyy guys long time no see? Yes, writing this latest chapter was like wresting a rattlesnake while balancing a few ceramic plates on top of my head, but here it is! Plus I already started working on the new one, so hopefully it’ll be out relatively soon. In the meantime, enjoy this small detour before the plot rears its ugly head again. 

Au by @doodledrawsthings, based on Flat Dreams by @pengychan.

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Part 3

“Hey, who’s the new guy? He’s kinda cute.”

Dipper tore his eyes away from the book he was reading to stare at Wendy in mute horror. She was glancing from the corner of her eye at Bill, who had taken the opportunity to rearrange all the snow globes on the shelves as a petty way to spite Grunkle Stan. Why they even let Bill into the gift shop was anyone’s guess. So far, all he managed to do was to scare away customers and give everyone a headache. No one recognized him so far, which was a good thing, but most of these people were just passing through the town anyway, and had no idea about the disaster that took place last summer.

Wendy had just come back from a hiking vacation with her family, and since nobody expected her to be back so soon, they had no idea what to do with Bill. Dipper assumed they would have to tell her eventually, seeing how she was a regular employee, and was definitely smart enough to connect the dots by herself at some point. Better to warn her ahead of time than to wait until she dragged in an exorcist or something. Not that Dipper though it would work. At all.

But Hearing his past crush call the devil in disguise “cute” was something vaguely traumatic. And it showed, because Wendy suddenly looked concerned. “Hey Dipper, are you okay? You look like you’ve just seen Stan in his underwear again.”

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What I want from ACOWAR

More than anything, I want a happy ending for Lucien.

He had to suffer the loss of his lover, and worse still, being forced by his own brothers to watch her execution.

He had to suffer the horror of having his eye gouged out by Amarantha.

He had to suffer at the hands of Tamlin because he helped Feyre. He was whipped, bleeding, for being a true friend.

He had to suffer his best friend - his High Lord - turning into a rage-filled, controlling monster.

He had to suffer Ianthe’s advances, her sexual harassment.

He had to suffer the loss of Feyre, and before that, he suffered through her confinement. I firmly believe that he *wanted* to help her, to free her, but Tamlin’s control stretched to him as well, and he found himself in the impossible position of being damned if he did, and damned if he didn’t.

Then, finally, he suffered when, after he discovered Elain was his mate, she was ripped from his arms mere seconds later.

Basically, poor Lucien has suffered enough heartbreak, enough pain, and I just really, really want him to be able to smile by the time I turn the final page of Wings and Ruin. I hope to the gods I get my wish.