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Men Quake In Peril As Hasbro Debuts All-Female Transformers Team

“Obviously, these six new character completely invalidate the overwhelmingly male cast of the 30+ year franchise. It is likewise obvious that Hasbro has included these female characters not as a gesture towards actual gender equality on toy shelves, but to satiate the shrieking, histrionic Social Justice Warriors of the world, whose horrifying mandate to erase all masculinity from modern society most certainly includes the task of giving certain fictional robots somewhat larger chest pieces, which can possibly be interpreted as breasts.”


Well, ok, so long as it’s for Science, here are some of my sketches. Believe it or not, these are among the least messy ones I could find in my great, teetering stack of roughs. Sometimes I’ll draw up to ten pairs of legs or arms on a character before deciding which pair to go with (I think there’s some evidence of that in the sketch of the pyramid-headed gentleman on the bottom left).

One habit I really need to cultivate is roughing out a character’s skeletal structure before drawing the clothing over the top. As it is, I constantly catch myself putting knees in places where knees have no business being.