the horror


“I’m looking for Mme De L’Oradore? Is she at home?”

“Not right now.”


disclaimer: this is my own version of scourge and does not follow canon
I just really want scourge to have a bumblebee collar ok??

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what even is this

Warning: what’s coming on 6x09 might be worst than what we already saw. This is why...

Changeling definition: “A child stolen by the fairies” “A child who was taken”. 
Now look at this: 

It is clear to me that Rumple takes the place of that Fairy and he delivers his own baby. What happens next? Rumple takes the baby away, leaving behind a heartbroken Belle. Then he uses the shears of destiny on the baby hoping for… whatever he is hoping for. But of course this backfires on him badly and what Rumple truly achieves is changing his son’s destiny from a Savior to an anti-Savior. That is why Gideon/Morpheus fights Emma…and possibly, dies. 

A&E to us, after said episode: 

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