the horns of ruin

“Fishing boats gather at dawn in the old port in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, in front of destroyed Aruba Hotel. Somali fishermen-turned-pirates have made the waters off the Horn of Africa one of the most treacherous places in the world for international shipping vessels.” Photo: Nichole Sobecki, from this article on Somalia and climate change.

A re-viewing of The Talented Mr. Ripley, and I am quite undone at how divine it still is. Sun-kissed Ischian vistas, mid-century metropolitan ennui, pulsing Henry Scott Tuke-esque homoeroticism, glacial Hitchcock elegance, morning lolling about in piazza cafes and afternoons idling in the Musei Capitolini, typewriters and telegrams, capricious cruelty and horn-rimmed glasses, existential decadence amongst the ruins of iconoclastic piety, the curve of Matt Damon’s mouth (and Bosie-incarnate that is young Jude Law), and a bust of Hadrian as a murder weapon. It is, dare I say, my ‘aesthetic’?

Back in England

After returning home from ‘the country’, from their beloved Narnia, the Pevensie siblings had troubles adjusting. They were too different, to grown up for their adolescent bodies any longer.

Peter, the eldest, was a magnificent king in Narnia. He commanded armies, fought with a sliver blade, and reigned over his people with a firm but loving hand. He was a glorious leader, and a strong man. But now he was back to being a common school boy with no respect and no authority, and most of all, no one with which to depart his wisdom. He was noticeably pessimistic in his return, even as his heart so desperately wanted to cling to his lord, to his true place in this world. It ate him up inside, and so he turned to his studies abroad, distancing himself from his sibling because he was ashamed to no longer be the man he once was.

Susan, the gentle queen, was solitary and lost in the face of her old life, her old body. After centuries of being a true lady, one with grace, elegance, and many a male suitor, to be forced back into her somewhat awkward teenage years was a slap in the face. She knew she was meant to find Aslan in this world, but how could she seek someone who had abandoned her so easily, taking from her the only life she ever wanted. She had no way to cope, and her parents could not comprehend how their once lively daughter had become so harsh and withdrawn. And so, faithless and bitter, Susan turned to parties and social events, craving to fill a desire she never truly would.

Edmund was the younger son, the one who had strayed and yet returned stronger. After reigning in Narnia, as a just and benevolent monarch, returning to a world he was no longer familiar with was a great struggle. Unlike his elder siblings, Edmund did his best to search out his lord Aslan in England, offering this faith in return for the forgiveness the great lion had offered him all those years ago. He found that his parents and his classmates no longer knew how to approach him, thrown by his newly calm and understanding temperament. He had turned into a man in seemingly no time at all. Edmund turned to religion then, clinging to all he could keep with him from his previous life.

Lucy, dear Lucy, was the favored of Aslan. His dear heart, his valiant lioness who was a brave and compassionate queen. Although she was understandably distraught at being trapped in her childlike form, with no one to recognize the strong and powerful woman she had grown into, Lucy never lost her sunlight, and stayed just as wild and bold as her rolling eastern sea. Unlike the others, Lucy had spent more of her years aging in Narnia than in England, and considered it her true place in the world, and so she never gave up hope in returning, or her faith in her beloved lion. The valiant queen was drawn to painting in water colors in her wait, great and beautiful scenes of a shining palace, wild enchanted forests and glistening oceans.

And so, years later, as a young prince hurried through a darkened forest, desperate and unknowing of the golden monarchs he would bring back to their rightful place, he blew into a horn that was long thought to be lost in the ruins of Cair Paravel. When they felt it, the call, the magic, their kingdom drawing them home, the siblings rejoiced even as they despaired inside, because they never knew when they would be forced to return.

Some Like it Hot

Submitted by @aqua-harry! Thank you, love. x

It was hot. It was so hot, he would’ve welcomed death. It was the kind of hot that dripped down his back, stuck to his thighs, and seeped into his veins, making it impossible to remember a time when he wasn’t so goddamn hot.

He climbed up the stairs to his apartment on the fifteenth floor, dragging his feet up the steps, the weight of his legs too much to bear under the thick heat. With each conquered flight, he allowed himself a few seconds of respite while he pumped himself up to take on the rest of the stairs - one more flight to go.

When he makes it, he slumps against the doorframe and breathes heavily, pulling a heavy hand through his sweaty hair. He groans slightly, but then thinks against it, as complaining about the heat required more energy than he was willing to emit.

Unlocking the door, he drops his belongings at his feet, whining at how hot his fifteenth-floor, one-bedroom loft is. Moving to New York City had never been in the plans, but when the opportunity to establish a homebase for his own record label came about, he knew he’d be stupid to pass it up. He’d always loved New York, always inspired by the industrial feel, never lonely in the city that never sleeps. He’d gotten used to the hustle and bustle of the city, and he enjoyed watching the seasons change throughout the year. He figured nothing could get much hotter than Los Angeles in July, but he didn’t account for what the center of New York City had to offer. At least LA had a breeze - at least LA had open spaces - at least LA had swimming pools. The heat in New York City nearly made him feel trapped, unable to escape the skyscrapers and concrete, closed in on all four sides.

He’d always liked the heat. It meant that he could cool off in a large body of water, the relief of silky waves something to write home about during the hot summer months. He’d felt at home in the water, never fearful of the ocean or diving into the deep end of a pool. He relished in how it made him feel weightless, how the water calmed his nerves and relaxed every muscle in his body. He’d always loved the heat, but he’d never experienced this. A heat that he couldn’t escape, a heat that he couldn’t find solace from.

He slowly makes his way to the windows - large, streak-free glass rectangles - and opens them up. The relief is minimal, but at least it provided a slight breeze that provided a relief lasting all of two seconds. Yellow taxi cabs honk below him, the flow of traffic at the intersection outside of his building coming to a halt. Without the traffic lights working, everyone forgot how to drive. He rests the heels of his hand against the windowsill, looking down on the street while his forearms glisten with sweat in the sun. He shakes his head knowingly and wonders if he had ever seen a more chaotic sight. He’d performed for screaming fans in stadiums that sat a hundred thousand people, but it was an experience to see the entirety of New York City shut down. The last city-wide power outage had been in 2003, but back then, he was still a young boy in Holmes Chapel, never thinking that he’d find himself here, with his own apartment worlds away from the small town he loved so much.

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anonymous asked:

hc's of Link getting hyper from a haste potion? Like he just downed a few red bulls?

Link hyped on Haste Potions

  • You want things done fast? Have a Link fucked up on haste potion! He’ll get any menial task completed!
  • Doesn’t mean it’s gonna be pretty though
  • You need about 30 rushrooms for a good hearty meal? Fear not! Link is already half way done, but oh shit- he ate some because his stamina was dropping and didn’t have more stamina potion. Link is now going ludicrous speed that he isn’t paying attention to wear he’s grabbing- OUCH..that fall must of really hurt. It’s okay Link, walk it off.
  • He’s moving so fast that even the bokoblins can’t even spot him! They’re all dead before they can blow the horn
  • But he wasted about 5 swords, 6 spears, and ruined his guardians shields. All because he’s moving too fast and missed all his targets. Be nicer to the ground, Link. Get your shit together.
  • He runs faster than his horses! Who needs them anyways when everyone knows the best shortcut is climbing a mountain!
  • which still takes him 15 fucking minutes, because why not
  • Need to herd in some sheep? Forget the dog, Link will throw them all in the kennel!
  • Need to collect cucco eggs? Well shit, he already did it but accidentally decked one in the face- WATCH OUT FOR THE HORDE OF CUCCOS
  • But the wind down is harsh, bros. So very, very harsh. The moment he’s out of haste potion, he face-plants the ground and sleeps there for good three days.
  • Fear not, some wandering travelers threw a blanket over him. He’ll be fine.

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How do u make your horns?

Ok I don’t have an extensive tutorial on this cause I just,,, haven’t gotten around to it yet but for now I can give a quick rundown

I use aluminum foil and paperclay unless I’m making Tav horns or something. In that cause I use styrofoam instead of aluminum foil but the foam sheet things you can get at Home Depot work just as well. In all honesty I’d use that stuff instead because it doesn’t make as big of a mess as styrofoam, I just haven’t gotten around to grabbing some yet.

Make your base with aliminum foil. Make it near the size you want your finished horns to be, the less clay you have to use the better. When you make your horns make sure you’re making them as symmetrical as possible. Getting things symmetrical is basically just a bunch of eyeballing, there’s no trick to it. 

Stick your clay on and don’t worry about making them super smooth or anything, it doesn’t matter. Just lump some clay on. Just be sure to keep your clay symmetrical too, this is doubly important for curvy horns, like my Dammek horns. You gotta constantly check if things are curving the same way or pointing in the same direction cause it’s a lot easier to spot asymmetry on curvy horns imo.

If you have lots of time you can let your horns air dry but if you need them quick just stick them in the oven for a few minutes.

That’s what I mean by curvy. Super important to make them both even.

Also another important thing. Don’t do that thing where people don’t add enough clay to the bottoms of their horns. Rounded bottoms don’t look good so Don’t Do That. That’s not how actual horns grow so make sure you add extra clay to the bottom. When you’re done with these you don’t want the horns to taper at the bottom; the bottom should be your thickest point and it should have a flat bottom.

Ok, time to sand. Sanding is probably the most important step to me because I’m really anal about having perfectly smooth horns. Before sanding I use an Xacto blade and cut off any big lumps to make sanding go by quicker. I sand for a LONG TIME so this helps me out a bit. After that I use 60 grit sandpaper and sand until smooth. It’s very rare I have horns that don’t need extra clay added onto them after sanding. Cracks and dents and uneven sections of horns and areas that are too thin to the point of the aluminum foil showing through all get clay added onto them (If the foil is showing through, use something to poke it down.)

Once the added clay dries, resand those areas until smooth. Sometimes I have to do this several times for a pair of horns so don’t worry if it doesn’t look right the first time. After all that is done, I use 360 grit sandpaper and resand the horns with that. 360 grit is very fine and will make your horns smooth. If you only use 60 grit you’ll have marks from the sandpaper all over your horns. If you’re ok with that then don’t bother with the 360 grit but like I said I really love smooth horns lmao. The Dammek horns up there have been sanded with the 360. Smoooooooth.

Here’s a before and after sanding comparison of some old Tav horns. Also you don’t want a thick layer of clay on your horns but you don’t want them to be so thin that a bump to your horns makes the clay cave in. A couple millimeters thick is all you need but I do like to keep the tips of horns a little thicker just to make sure they’re sturdy enough to not break, should they bump into anything.

Here’s a pile of sanded horns ready to be painted. After you sand, the last thing you need to do is angle the bottoms (Some horns won’t need to be angled, like Terezi horns.) If the bottom is flat your horns will stick out at a bad inaccurate angle. I cut off just a tiny bit to get the horns to point inwards more, you don’t need to lop off a ton. 

Start small, it’s easier to cut off more than it is to have to add more clay and sand (Start off with cutting off like ¼-½ of an inch.) Since you’ll be cutting through aluminum foil, use an Xacto to hack away at it. After it’s cut off I sand the bottom a little to make sure the edges of the bottom are level. If I’m making horns for someone else I add a lil clay over the bottom to hide the foil but if they’re for me I don’t because idgaf.

After that paint your horns!! I use plain cheap acrylic. These horns are old and the paintjob on them isn’t all that great but it gets the point across. As I add each color layer I use the 360 grit sandpaper and GENTLY sand away any lumps the paint may have left. Once you’re done, seal your horns. I use acrylic sealer because it’s quick and leaves no brush strokes like mod podge would.

I use the screw method for my horns because using a headband just,,, it ruins it man don’t do that it looks so bad :[ ANYWAYS, I jab a hole in the bottom of the horn with a screwdriver and hot glue a screw anchor into the hole. (Hot gluing it in means it won’t come out accidentally but once the screw anchor gets stripped you can just grab some plyers and yank it out. Using superglue or e6000 kinda sorta guarantees you’ll never get the screw anchor out without making a mess of your horns.)

Grab a screw that’s not so tall it’ll poke out the sides of your horns but not so short it doesn’t support the horn much. You also need washers and something to put between the wig and screw. I used to use this dense cardboard looking stuff but I ran out of it so now I use wonderflex because idk that’s what I’ve got laying around lmao. Just find something sturdy.

You need the cardboard/whatever you’re using because if you just screw your horns in without something between the screw and the wig your screws will just go right through your wig and your horns will fall off. The cardboard keeps that from happening and also keeps your horns at the correct angle and stabilizes them and stops them from wobbling. The washer prevents the screw from going through the cardboard. The bigger your horns, the bigger you want your cardboard to be to make sure it can support them. For Sollux horns I use one piece of cardboard per side because it’s easier and stabilizes them more than if I had one piece of cardboard per horn. I also like to cut the corners off the cardboard so they don’t poke out of the wig.

That’s it!

#102 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “one when the girl Van is with is like an super famous singer or something and they meet and start dating, but he feels a bit confused as to why she chose him, a guy in a rock band, when she is a massive a-lister with tonnes of fans. Like Van feels like she is so out of his league and he got so lucky, but she loves him back and they are both happy?” and “Van falling for another touring singer. Maybe they play the same festival and he falls for you while watching backstage etc.”

Note: If you like this, @you-andthebottlemen has written a story with a similar prompt. Click here!

You were tired and just wanted a fucking nap. It was not too much to ask for. You stalked through all the backstage areas and rolled your eyes at the fuss being made about the ‘rock stars’ on tour. Every time someone moved to come to you, you ducked out of their way. You found a tent that had yoga classes in it in the morning. You were worried if you went inside someone would ask if you wanted some culturally appropriated henna tattoos. You cautiously peeked in. There were a few people lying around on bean bags holding small and quiet conversation. Perfect. There were couches that you could stretch out on completely, but they were all occupied. Only one of the occupants wasn’t asleep. You walked over to him. He was in a white button up tucked into black jeans and boots. He was on his phone.

“Sorry. Hi,” you said. He looked up at you and his smile was instant. You smiled back, unable to do anything else. There were a good few seconds before you stopped grinning at each other like idiots.

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It's You || Jimin x Reader

Pairing: Jimin x Reader (with mentions of Got7 Jackson)
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1k

Desc: You are good friends with Bangtan, but you can’t deny that you’ve been head over heels for Jimin ever since you met him. However, you didn’t think he’d ever like you back. To keep your mind off of Jimin, you spend your time with Jackson, whom the boys don’t like. One night, after your date with Jackson, Jimin decides he’s had enough.

My smile faded as I entered Bangtan’s dorm, not knowing how they would react. I opened the door to find them spread across the couches in the living room, and Taehyung and Jimin laying on the floor.

“Nice of you to show up, (Y/N),” Yoongi commented.

“Yeah, where were you?” Hoseok asked.

“I was out,” I replied, moving to sit on the arm of the couch next to him.


“Jackson,” I responded hesitantly. At this, Jimin unexpectedly jumped up from the floor. He walked straight by me, shaking his head. “Where are you-” I started to ask, but I was cut off by him walking out the front door, slamming it behind him. I turned back to the boys, who each had shocked expressions on their faces. “What’s his problem?”

“The same Jackson who ditched you for another girl last week?” Yoongi questioned. I didn’t respond, because he knew the answer was yes. “That’s what Jimin’s problem is.” What? I thought. The boys all gave me a sad look. I didn’t know if it was more for me or for Jimin. I looked at the front door, debating whether I should go out. I didn’t want to face Jimin. I was scared of what he’d say… but I had to know.

Hesitantly, I walked towards the door and opened it, my hand shaking as I turned the doorknob. Stepping out into the cool night air, I spotted Jimin sitting on the curb of the sidewalk. I took a deep breath before reluctantly walking over and taking a seat beside him. I was practically shaking as I waited for him to break the silence.

Eventually, he did.

“Why?” Jimin asked suddenly. His pale skin stood out against the black material of his sweatshirt.

“Why what?” I responded, hoping for clarification.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” He questioned, turning to face me.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I told him, pretending to be suddenly interested in my fingernails. He sighed.

“Yes you do.” When I didn’t respond, he said, “(Y/N), look at me.” Reluctantly, I tilted my head up to look him in the eyes. The moon’s reflection danced in his dark brown eyes, and his dark brown hair was perfectly tousled.

“I don’t know what you want me to say, Jimin,” I confessed softly.

“Well lucky for you, I know exactly what I want to say,” he replied. He reached out for my hand and took it in his own. “It sucks for me to sit back and watch as Jackson treats you like shit over and over again, because you’re so much more than that. You deserve so much better. Every other guy would die to have you,” Jimin spoke sincerely. I looked down to where he was rubbing circles on the back of my hand with his thumb. The mere contact sent shivers down my spine; an effect Jackson didn’t have on me.

“What makes you think that?”

There was a pause. “…Because I would die to have you.”

With those words, I felt my stomach drop. “What?”

“Come on, (Y/N). You can’t tell me you don’t feel something between us.” Well, I could, but I’d be lying.

“Jimin, I just—” I hesitated, trying to figure out what I wanted to say. “Jimin, of course I realize there’s something between us. I feel it every time we talk, every time we’re anywhere near each other, even whenever I just think about you. And it’s terrifying,” I barely choked out the last part as tears began to slide down my cheeks. “Just sitting here right now, my heart feels like it’s about to burst. You are one of the biggest stars in the world, and you are honestly the greatest person I know. It scares me that I like you, because everyone else wants you, and you deserve the absolute best. It’s almost selfish of me to want to be with you when there’s so much better out there waiting for you.” I reached up to wipe the tears from my face. I felt pathetic and vulnerable crying in front of Jimin.

Jimin looked somewhat surprised at my confession, and it took a few seconds for him to respond. “(Y/N), I can promise that I know what’s best for me,” he started. “It’s the girl that’s in my thoughts all the time; the one that drives me absolutely crazy with just her presence. The one who has such a kind heart, which I know I don’t deserve. The girl whose brain and personality makes me fall for her more and more every day. It’s you, (Y/N). It’s been you since the day we met.”

Before I could respond, Jimin put a hand on my waist and pulled me towards him, crashing his lips onto mine. I melted into his touch, feeling adrenaline course through my body. The kiss communicated all the words we hadn’t said, and everything about it felt so right.

As we regretfully pulled away, a wave of emotions hit me. I was ecstatic that he felt the same way, but upset that I didn’t know earlier. “I wish I would’ve known this months ago,” I said, almost laughing.

“I wish I would’ve told you months ago,” he added, “before you started liking Jackson.”

“Are you kidding?” I scoffed. “Obviously, I don’t like Jackson.”

“Then why are you around him all the time?”

“Well, I never thought you’d give me the time of day. I only hang around Jackson because he’s a distraction from you,” I admitted.

A smile appeared on Jimin’s face, and I smiled as well. “Good, because he’s an asshole.”

“So, what now?” I asked.

“I guess we give us a shot.” Without saying anything, Jimin began leaning in to kiss me again. Unfortunately, a car turned down the street we were sitting on, blinding us with the headlights. As they passed us, they honked their horn, fully intending on ruining the moment. “But… maybe we should go somewhere else first.”

Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari - Miyasaka Haruki

This series is an R18 drama CD (not meant for minors. There will be explicit terms used in this CD) by Apricot.
T/N: Here’s my translation to the 3rd volume of Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari. Please do not repost on tumblr or copy to any other site. If you want to share this translation please reblog or link to this post  

Summary: You meet a gentle kindergarten teacher when you were looking for your fallen button and the relationship between you two starts to develop.
CV: Shingaki Tarusuke

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This is an opinion brought to you by a rancher, who knows quite a few other ranchers and dairy farms.

I recently watched a documentary called Earthlings, which gets praised on a lot in the Vegan, animal rights, and animal welfare tags.

This documentary is complete, biased, exaggerated, and twisted bullshit (At least when it comes to beef and dairy, which is what I’m talking about)

It opens on beef with branding, showing an animal being hot ironed on the face. In my state, you cannot register to brand a cow on a face. In fact, the face is the least common branding site available, as it can damage the cow’s jaw and make it difficult for her to eat. The most common branding site is the hip, rib, and shoulder, but the documentary simply says, cows are branded on their face.

Does it say why? No. Because obviously we scar our animals for fun, right? Cattle don’t have microchips like a dog. If your dog gets stolen, you can usually find it because of it’s Microchipped. Cows don’t have that. Cows are so expensive, they’re like gold, so often Ranchers brand their cattle. If a cow has a brand, she cannot be sold without the brand owner’s authorization, meaning, someone can not steal young, healthy animals from my pasture, and sell them for slaughter.

Next they go on to dehorning, stating that it is cruel, painful, and often done with simple pliers. HAaha.

If I have an animal, I don’t want to ruin it by painfully tearing off it’s horns. This animal will never let me touch it again!

Most cattle, and I DO mean most, are dehorned either as calves (Less painful, not remembered), or have a shot to numb the area at the base of the horn before it’s CUT off, not YANKED off. This way, the cow can still be handled.

Does the documentary say WHY cattle are dehorned? Does it mention that a cow with horns is a danger to itself, humans, and other animals? No? Of course not!

Beef cattle are not stuffed into trailers until it’s so full the animals die. This makes absolutely no sense. If the animals die before they reach the sale ring or slaughter house, no paycheck for you! You make less money if the animals die before slaughter.

Nothing the documentary covers is explained why. WHY do they do that? It’s biased. It makes it seem like ranchers and farmers WANT to hurt their cattle. They don’t. Most of us get attached to our cows. It exaggerates EVERYTHING


According to the documentary, Dairy cattle are CHAINED to their stalls, in their own feces, with no water or food, pumped full of hormones to make them milk more. Wrong.

A dairy barn consists of a long isle down the middle of the barn, with a large alley on each side for the cattle. The cattle can walk down the main alley, or lay in a padded stall. They can stick their head through railings to eat food specially mixed to meet all their needs, or drink water. Dairy barns, because they produce milk that MUST be clean, cannot milk a cow pumped full or hormones and chemicals, and clean their barns daily to avoid bacteria. WOW! It’s almost like we take care of our animals so they produce! WHO KNEW?

Most dairy cattle are allowed to graze in a pasture with their calves, until they’re milked in the morning and the evening. Others keep their cows in a well airated barn. Calves are removed to avoid injury! Calves are often kept it smaller pens, with calf huts, pads, soft bedding, and even blankets! It is counter productive to not care for a calf. A calf is your future cow! Dairy farmers feed them the highest quality milk so the calves grow into strong, productive animals.

Dieing cows are not left in the isles. If a cow begins to appear sick, a vet is called. Simple as that.

The documentary states that a cow’s lifespan can reach 20. WRONG. at the age of 8 or 9, a cow starts to lose her teeth. If you kept a cow alive until 20 she would be malnourished and miserable, unable to eat. The average cow lives until 8 or 9, at which point they are sold. It would be cruel to keep an animal who cannot eat or fulfill it’s own needs.

Cows do not, on average, die at FOUR YEARS OLD because of exhaustion! Four years, at almost any dairy or ranch you visit, is a cow in her PRIME! We do not run our animals to death. We do NOT torture them.

You don’t eat meat? Great! Do your thing! Eat your veggies! That’s fine! But don’t make me out to be devilspawn if I eat meat. Don’t make me out to be cruel, (As stated by the documentary, as cruel as hitler to the jews), because I raise cattle. Fuck. You.

The shit thing about that documentary is it preys on people who have never been on a farm or dairy. If you’ve never been to one, it’s easy to believe things like this. If I made a documentary about how vegans grew their food, and showed it to people who have never met Vegans, or seen how crops are grown, I could easily exaggerate and make Veganism seem horrible, like this documentary does to livestock owners.

Please stop hating on ranchers and farmers. Please?

Nessian Illvermorny AU

Cassian struggled to stand after having been knocked clear off his feet by a blast of magic that backfired. His blue robe had dirt pieces tumbling off once he found his bearings. 

Nesta groaned nearby as she too was beginning to pick herself off the ground. Her cranberry colored sweater had grass stains on the back which she proceeded to brush off with vigor. She couldn’t stand the sight of dirt over her recently washed uniform.

“What the hell was that?” Cassian questioned looking at his wand. Moments ago he was flirting with Nesta and casting a few innocent spells to get a rile out of her. The next they were shooting spell after spell at each other until the magic collied in the air and a Prior Incantato, reverse spell, occurred sending the two Ilvermorny students flying backwards.

“Should have known your big head wouldn’t have any clue,” Nesta scathingly said. “You Wampus cats focus so much on exercising your muscles when you should be working on your brain.”

“If you know what happened than perhaps you could find it in your scaly heart to explain,” Cassian looked at her with searching hazel eyes.

He received a steely glare in return before Nesta’s eyes settled on her wand firmly clasped in her hands. “It can’t be possible, but there’s no other explanation.”

“What’s not possible?”

Nesta looked up and glanced at Cassian’s wand. “Is your core a Griffin’s feather by any chance?”

“Yea, but that’s not an uncommon wand core,” Cassian replied.

“Perhaps,” Nesta said. “But I think our cores come from the same Griffin.”

Cassian paused. “But that means-”

“Our wands are connected.” Nesta interrupted. “And that they are stronger when they fight together.” Nesta sighed. “Which also means we are going to be placed together for training once the Headmaster and Headmistress finds out.”

Cassian stood there in shock. He would finally get to train with the Horned Serpent witch who had captured his heart since their first year at Illvermorny.

“But luckily they won’t find out,” Nesta said sending Cassian’s thoughts to a halt. “This will remain a secret. Or else.” Nesta added with her words pointedly directed at Cassian.

A slow grin began to form. Oh yes. We will see about that sweetheart.

I was thinking if Maxie’s now outfit has a hoodie with horns like his grunts what would happen (because I pictured him as a pretty serious guy, but he just has those cute little horns) so:

Maxie: *caught in the rain with Archie and sheilds head with hands* Fiddle sticks! I didnt bring an umbrella
Archie: Dude, just use your hoodie
Maxie: *blushes from embarrassment* no!
Archie: Why the hell not?!? Just use the god damn hoodie!
Archie: *forces him to put on hoodie, which has tiny horns on it* pffft! Adorable
Maxie: I dont need to hear this from you!
Archie: Whatever you say Satan’s little helper

Requested: yes 😊

From: @amisbae

Heyy, sorry this took FOREVER, i hope you enjoy it and it is completely what you wanted. I wanted to make it longer but it just didn’t end up happening 😒 Thanks so much for sending a request in :) and to everyone else who has sent one in, I’m working bottom to top so i will be getting to it eventually!

“Whoooo” the cheers from your classmates filled the gymnasium. A typical pep rally at your school. The cheerleaders were doing their routine and the band was playing the fight song. Your school is playing the biggest rival of the season and you couldn’t wait to see your boyfriend, Hayes, play. Plus its a turn on to see him after, sweaty and out of breath. As you stood in your section and continued to cheer you saw the football players enter in the side door. The crowd goes wild. The only negative side effect of dating hayes was he was wanted. By everyone. Your eyes followed him as soon as he walked in the room, you felt as though the world stopped. His smile lit up the whole room, you could see him scanning the bleachers until his eyes met with yours. A small smile tugged at your lips, he gave you a small wink and continued about the rally.

“I still cant believe you and Hayes are together” your best friend (y/f/n) whispered beside you, clapping at the time that was appropriate.
“Its still a question to me too” you admit, clapping along with her. You saw the cheerleaders getting position in the middle of the gym floor and watched all the eyes of the football team linger on them.

“Jealous already?” Nash has appeared at your side, standing a little too close. Little did you know Hayes was watching you both.

“No” you stated firmly.

“Sure babe” he leaned in letting the words tumble out, cills ran up your back. But as soon as he appeared he disappeared. When you turned to find Hayes he wouldn’t look at you, you let out a scoff an focused your attention back to the pep rally.
When it was finally over you went back to your locker to gather up your books, Hayes never came by. But who cares you think, he can be mad you didn’t nothing wrong.

“Black or Grey?” (y/f/n) stated holding up two school shirts, you thought for a second.

“Grey” at this remark she threw you the black one. “What should i do about Hayes?”
“Nothing, you didn`t do anything wrong” She admitted while putting on the great shirt over some white skinny jeans.

“Yeah but..”

“You did nothing wrong, don’t overthink it” she interrupted and you didn’t mention it again. She was right. “Alright lets go” she said and grabbed the eyes walking out the door with you at her heels.

The game was packed, students milled around and the visitors were filling up the bleachers across the field. You phone signaled a text but you knew it couldn’t be Hayes, could it? When you looked down at the glowing screen it was Nash asking if he could sit by you. You groaned and quickly sent back no. Hayes was mad as it was was making him angrier going to help this case. No. You were led to the student section by (Y/F/N), elbowing your way over to get a front row. You sat on the cool metal of the third row with her, watching intently for the team to come onto the field. But they wouldn’t be coming just yet, you still hd what? 10 minutes. You just let you eyes bore into the freshly cut green grass, following the white lines that marked it. 5 minutes left, you grabbed your phone and sent a quick good luck text to Hayes, but got no reply when the whistle blew.

The cheerleaders packed the side lines trying to get the crowds excitement up but to their prevail it was already up before they uttered out their first cheer. The crowd suddenly goes wild and you know that the football team is making their way out. You stand onto of the now warm bleacher and try to catch a glimpse of Hayes, or his number. The crowd was too dense though so you decide to just join in on the cheering.The game starts soon after and the ball cuts through the air. You weren’t to big on sports but you enjoyed watching as the game progressed.

When it was finally over you walked up to the rail and let your body press against it, your hands gripped tightly on the metal bar. You saw Hayes slowly, taking his time, walk over. It was a tradition to kiss after every home game, but instead he just walks to the big container of gatorade and grabs a cup. You stand there flabbergasted about his action, but he wouldn’t even meet your eyes.

“You still need a ride, or is that forbidden to do” you scoffed at him, you knew he heard you because he turned his back to you. You gave (Y/F/N) a quick goodbye before heading off to your car. You jumped in the drivers side and slammed the door. (Y/F/N) is bound to find a new ride, and your weren’t surprised when she sent you a text a few minutes later supporting your guess. You waited for 15 minutes, what you normally do when you give Hayes a ride, before the passenger side opened. It was Hayes. He put his sports bag in the bag and sat calmly beside you. You were both quiet for a moment. The tension was so think you thought a knife would break if it tried cutting through it.

“So did you have fun kissing Nash under the bleachers” He spoke sharply making the silence end but then lapse back into the still air. You looked at him confusion before he continued, “I saw you go under the bleachers and Nash headed that way as well..”

You cut him off “Thats what this is about?” His guilty look answered your question. “You thought id actually kiss him?!” You started to laugh at how ridiculous his claim was. “No i went and got a snack, from the snack bar? Nash bumped into me but i blew him off” he snapped, your anger flowing back. He ignored you all day because he was jealous? How highly he must think of you. You started to start the car but Hayes put his hand abruptly over yours. You gave him a displeased look but he just stared at you intently.

“Im sorry” The two words came out of his mouth and hung in the air. His hand slowly caressed your cheek and you let your eyes close. His lips suddenly grazed your own softly. You pressed your lips onto his. The kiss became heated, one of his hands on your lower back and one of yours tangled in his hair, he left out a groan. Thats when your elbow hit the car horn and a loud beep ruined the moment that had been expressed between the two of you moments before. You both let out small chuckles into both of you were laughing hard and clutching your sides. All had been forgiven, and all would be well.