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What did you think of beauty and the beast?

Short answer: I’d go see it again, y'all should go see it.

Long answer: ok so movie has mega points for not being too white. There were a lot of Black characters that were not just servants.

Lefou was definitely not the goofy “fool” character, or overly pining for his abusive “friend.” While he had about two seconds of an explicit gay scene, he definitely was coded strongly throughout the whole movie (whether that was positive or negative I really can’t say, but it made my homophobic mother uncomfortable the whole time lmao.)

Everything was lovely, I really liked it a lot.

My biggest problems were honestly Emma’s singing, the fact that the Beast looked like a horned man who hadn’t shaved in ten years, and that Gaston wasn’t beefy enough.

I’m not much for overwhelming heterosexuality, but unlike in the cartoon, I was feeling the relationship in the movie and actually rooting for it.

And, the thought that made me wish I unthought it immediately, was “tumblr is going to want to fuck the candle,” and then “dammit I’m probably right there with them.” So fuck this movie for that.

Faun Aesthetic ; requested by @rusticca

The faun is a mythological half human–half goat manifestation of forest and animal spirits that would help or hinder humans at whim. Romans believed fauns inspired fear in men traveling in lonely, remote or wild places. They were also capable of guiding humans in need.

The Horned Man and the Fire

On June 9, 1979, the Godson family of Sydney, Australia boarded a ferry to Luna Park, an amusement park famous for its giant smiling front gate in Sydney Harbour. As they disembarked the ferry the family’s youngest son, Damian, was approached by a man in a bizarre, almost ritualistic costume, who wordlessly put his hand on the boys shoulder. Thinking the costumed man was a performer from the park, Mrs Godson snapped a photograph of him and Damien posing on the waterfront. The man then ambled off and was never seen again.

Less than three hours later, Damien Godson, his father, and his brother Craig were dead. One of the principal attractions of Luna Park - the Ghost Train - had caught fire, killing six children and one adult. In 1979 it was still legal to smoke in amusement rides, and investigators believe a smouldering cigarette butt might have ignited the extremely flammable paper-mache interior of the ghost train.

Years after the fire, Mrs Godson made the last photograph of her son public and appealed for information on the mysterious horned man. Nobody claimed to have seen him and Luna Park denyed employing anyone wearing a horned head-dress and a loincloth. However, the night of June 9 was a full moon in Sydney, and fire is often connected to the esoteric worship of the entity Moloch, who can take the form of a bull. The mystery of the 1979 Ghost Train Fire and the horned man will likely never be solved.


A ritual in preparation of making Flying Ointment in the morning. All the herbs are gathered on my altar and their spirits appeased with offerings of smoke and wine. The vessels and tools are all consecrated in the sacred names of those who dwell beyond the veil. On this Saturn’s day eve, during the waning moonand during the tide of the Dark Ones, I perform this rite.  May He who is the eternal black flame illuminate my way. 


“Why have you made it stealthy as well…” You picked up your costume and stared at it in shock. He didn’t even ask for permission to touch it! Everyone knew not to touch your uniform.

“Do you want to be caught in the middle of missions? That’s what I thought. Stop complaining.” Tony didn’t even look up but you were too dumbfounded to even form another sentence. Besides, you wouldn’t dare admit you preferred it this way.