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unique french crap #7

- we pick up the phone saying “allô?” or “oui?”

- we eat at 7-8am, 12-13 and 7/8pm.

- la fée des dents gives us coins for our teeth and le lapin de pâques hides chocolate eggs in our gardens. and no one knows the reindeers’ names.

- a french braid = ‘une tresse’ (a braid), french bread = du ‘pain perdu’ (lost bread), french fries = ‘frites’ (fries), a french horn = ‘le cor’, a french press = ‘une cafetière’, a french kiss = ‘un baiser avec la langue’ (a kiss with the tongue), a french door = ‘une porte-fenêtre’ (a door-window) and pardon my french = ‘excusez-moi l’expression’ (forgive me the exp). you guys are a bit weird.

- we whistle a lot during conversations. it usually means you’re fed up or impressed with something. we also do “rhoooo” when bothered and “rhaaaa” when irritated. and loads of putain merde fait chier of course.

- during christmas we’re only interested in la bûche (ice cake?) - i feel like we’re losing our interest for foie gras and it’s for the best, poor geese!

- even though christmas is a big deal, we don’t have the decoration madness, lots of stores will just sell stuff but don’t care about looking festive, some places will display shitty tinsel and a miserable looking christmas tree in a corner. (same for halloween - barely anyone tries anymore, you don’t do shit to your house and even kids don’t go at people’s doors anymore, i haven’t seen that in years.) nothing ever looks like whoville. sad face emoji.

- we call the 17 for criminal emergencies and the 112 to get medical help

- cellphones start with 06 or 07, for house phones it depends when you’re from (03 in the north) and a regular phone number looks like 06 21 44 53 38.

- our number plates look like this

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Hello! Could you do a hoseok mermaid au please? I just really find that concept real cute :)) and and i just wanna say i love your bloggg !

really felt like writing some hoseok,,,,so here you go!!!

  • is a merman,,,,but his lower part is smooth and not scaley,,,it’s more similar to a shark than to a fish 
  • he has double fins near his hips and some scars around them because he’s always trying to get up close to new coral and new fish that he hasn’t seen before and his friends jin and yoongi always tell him to watch himself,,,,,but hoseok kind of lives for adventure and never listens so,,,
  • his skin is a golden tan but once you get to the gills near his neck it turns slightly blue like his tail with small speckles running from below his jaw up into his cheekbones
  • wears shark teeth earrings that taehyung made him
  • when he smiles it’s like ,,,,,,there’s sunshine underwater????? rumor has it it reflects up into the sky???
  • but also when he smiles u can see that some of his teeth are super duper sharp compared to a normal mermaids 
  • you actually work at a small seaside cafe during the summers that sits right on the boardwalk to the ocean
  • and on some mornings the owners trust u with opening up the place but,,,,that’s like super early around 5am,,,,,and some people are out mostly those who jog on the boardwalk and all that
  • but the beach is practically vacant but one day ur sure u can see the figure of someone sitting in the rocks close to underneath one of the boardwalks bridges
  • and u think,,,,,for a moment,,,,,that u have to be hallucinating,,,or maybe the person ur seeing spent the night there????
  • worried u grab some food from the cafe,,,,and head out to see if the person might be hungry in case they’re homeless or something
  • but as ur climbing over the sharp rocks you accidentally scrape your arm which somehow makes the boy a couple yards away react 
  • (maybe it has something to do with a sharks keen sense of smell,,,esp for blood)
  • but he turns and for a moment u just freeze because,,,,he’s too far to hear u??? right??? but u wave awkwardly either way,,,wincing when u realize ur hand has started to bleed 
  • but you just clutch your fingers into a fist and try to make ur way over and the boy,,,,,once ur only three feet away,,,,is still looking at your hand
  • and u notice how handsome he is,,,,but theres some kind of discoloration in his face,,,,and u see something that looks like fins on his neck and ur like wha-
  • but he reaches out before u can say anything and takes ur hand thats still in a fist, gently prying it open and then?????? bringing it to his lips
  • and ur like ?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1? UM but when he pulls back he smiles and u see his teeth and ur like even more confused but he just keeps grinning and goes
  • “u should wrap the cut with seaweed, it’ll stop ur bleeding” and ur like caught between being at a loss for words because did this stranger lick your wound? why does he have gills? his eyes are such a pretty sparkling brown? what is going on?
  • and hoseok suddenly splashes his tail which diverts ur attention and ur like OH MY GOD MERMAID 
  • and hoseok bursts into laughter and is like “yep!!! sometimes people say sharkmaid,,,,sharkman,,,,but yeah!! my names hoseok by the way!!”
  • and he sticks his hand out like it’s the mOST casuaL Thing
  • but the only words u can blurt out are “people know about you?” and hoseok blinks a bit and laughs again and is like “not really!!!! but i realized u were hurt so i couldnt just slip away into the water.” 
  • his smile settles on his face again and ur still standing there pretty sure ur in bed dreaming rn
  • when hoseok points at the bag and is like “for me???” and ur like “y-y-yeah but it’s a- a- -t–tuna–tuna- s-sand-sandwhich i-so-sorry-didn’t know-kn -know u wer-e a m-mermaid-shark-sharkmaid-mer—me–merma”
  • and hoseok seems a little shocked by your shaking voice and he takes the bag anyway and thanks u and asks if u wanna sit beside him he’s going to leave soon since people are going to start coming out but since u already know he’s here ^^
  • and u do,,,knees basically giving out because ur still looking at him like this- what-
  • and up close u can see his gills better and the long,,,blue fins near his waist and where his ears should be,,,the shark teeth swaying from them every time he tilts his head to give u a smile
  • and u dont know what to even ask or say all u can think of is “are u,,,,a prince?? like in little mermaid she’s a princess so-” and this cracks hoseok up again
  • and he’s like no no im normal,,,,just like you
  • and you’re like no no no u have a.,,,,,,tail,,,,,,,,a shark tail,,,,,,i just have legs
  • and hoseok is like this is true but hey we both have eyes and a nose and look ur cute!!! i cute too!!!
  • and ur like kjsdhfgfds oh,,,,yes,,,u are cute,,,,,but im n-
  • and hoseok puts his finger to ur lips and is like “nope! ur cute. ive seen some humans before,,,,,none as cute as you”
  • and the compliment makes u flush and u look down at the water 
  • and hoseok thinks to himself that are all humans this shy,,,,,it’s even more endearing than he thought,,,,
  • when suddenly a boats horn passes by and hoseok slips into the water off the rocks and it startles u
  • but he pocks his head up above the water and is like “thanks for the,,,,,,sandwich u said??? i liked meeting u!!! let’s see each other again!!”
  • and u get up and lean over a bit so u can be closer to hear him
  • when hoseok takes off his earring and outstretches his hand to u and is like “here!! so u can remember me cute human!!”
  • and with that he smiles one last time,,,,the sharp teeth don’t even bother u because u feel like that smile ,,,,,is somehow the warmest smile u have ever seen 
  • and disappears into the ocean
  • and u stand there,,,,holding the shark tooth earring,,,,wondering if ull see him again,,,,,,,,,,,or if ur seriously still dreaming 
jeep pt. 1 • monty de la cruz

warnings: hints at sex i guess?? idk

a/n: this is the first i’m writing an imagine, but this idea has been stuck in my head for days so here goes nothing lol. monty is a snack btw.

It had been nearly 4 days since you last saw your boyfriend. He left for a baseball tournament, and you couldn’t be more excited that he was finally coming home, mostly because you needed his touch desperately. You sent him teasing texts and pictures, awaiting his arrival so that you could give him a congratulations, but he blew you off to celebrate the win with his friends.

You look around the cafeteria and spot Monty from across the room. He shoots you one of his infamous smirks, to which you roll your eyes and walk in the opposite direction.

“Hey girls!!” you say to Hannah, Jessica, and Sheri while you sit down, laughing. They greet you back and you guys eat while sharing stories and obnoxious laughs over your weekend activities.

“Don’t look now, but there’s an impatient Monty heading towards you at 3 o'clock.” Jess says while giggling.

“What do you want Montgomery?” you ask him.
“You.” he replies simply and smiles. You roll your eyes at him and he wraps his arm around you while sitting down. He places his hand on your thigh and starts to inch higher. He grazes you slightly, right where you’ve craving him the most, and you let out a slight gasp. There’s no way in hell you we’re gonna let him off that easily. You stand up and walk away from the table, making sure to lightly palm Monty’s crotch while you leave. “I’ll catch you girls later okay? Bye.” you say and smirk as you head towards your next class. You can feel Monty’s eyes on you while you walk away, swaying your hips enough to make him want to chase you. “I don’t know what you did De La Cruz,” Hannah begins, “but fix it.” she answers while shaking her head and laughing.

The last bell of the day rings and you rush home to avoid seeing your boyfriend. You had intended to make him suffer until he gave what you wanted from him, so when he didn’t see you standing in your usual meet up spot he decided to call you.

“What’s your problem?” Monty says as soon as you answer the phone.
“Well hello to you too, sunshine.” you shot back.
“I’m serious Y/N, what’s the deal?” he asks you.
“You’re my problem, you asshole.” you say into the phone as you flop backwards onto your bed.
“Look, you’ve been nothing but cold to me ever since I got back from the tournament. I don’t even know what I did to upset you. You only act like this when you’re hungry, or when you want me to dic-” he stops mid sentence. You smirk while he finally realizes what you’ve been so frustrated about.

“I’ll be there in 5. Be ready.” Monty growled into the phone. You begin to shiver with anticipation, knowing that Monty is now angry, while hot and bothered. 

The all too familiar horn of Monty’s jeep honks from outside your window and you run down the stairs. “I’m going out with Monty, Mom, love you, and see ya in a bit!” you yelled out. 

“Alright, have fun, but not too much. I don’t need a mini Monty running around here.” your mother winked and laughed. You couldn’t help but to crack up at her statement. “You’re crazy, mom, BYE!!!” you said skipping out the door. Little does she know that “fun” with Monty was exactly what was in store for you.

a/n: hey guys, i decided to make this into 2 parts bc i felt like it was gonna get too long. as you can see, the second part is where the JUICY BITS will start happening so stay tuned and stay gold my fellow sinners ;))

Which One...?

Fandom: Vikings

Pairing/Characters: Reader x One of the Ragnarssons XD and Uncle!ish Floki

Warnings: None?

Summary: For the anon who asked:

Eyyy sup. Love both the marvel and PotC stuff. I’m wondering if you could write a platonic/uncle-ish floki X reader where they’re like discussing the merits of marrying each Ragnarsson (reader is liked by em all)? Cheers mate!

Enjoy! Or don’t, it’s up to you…

“What are you doing, y/n?” Floki smirked sitting beside you. You were huddled in the corner trying to stay out of sight.

“What does it look like I’m doing Floki? I’m avoiding those irritating little shits.” You scoffed pointing to where the four Ragnarssons sat drinking ale.

“Why now?” Floki giggled, leaning back against the wall.

“They just don’t give up.” You sighed swigging from your own horn of ale.

“They are all competing for your affections?” Floki guessed, glancing over at the boys.

“It would appear so…” You gave Floki a wry smile. Each Ragnarsson had offered you gifts and the like to try and win you over. You tried to turn them down, but none of them got the idea. You couldn’t deny that you were flattered by their attentions.

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Tom Vs The Forces Of Evil (Au), Chapter 3

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One of the most unusual things about earth for Tom, was school.

Mewni didn’t have schools, or classes, or tests.

So being introduced to Math, science, and earth history was a huge struggle combined with the fact that he didn’t know how schools worked or how to even succeed in class. Tom honestly didn’t know why he should care, why did all of this matter when he’d be going back home someday?

Well according to Marco, him not going to school and being educated would look bad or something.

When Monday came back round, Tom wasn’t eager to start his second week of school, if it wasn’t for Marco he was sure he’d have either blown up the school already, or been lost forever.

Despite him being mildly popular for being foreign and for catching the attention by quite a few girls in the school, Tom also didn’t feel too comfortable around a lot of the students. Between his pink-bunny backpack, his hat, and his clothing style he seemed to be an easy target for some students to pick on.

Marco usually stepped in before Tom did something he’d regret with his magic wand.

Thank god for Marco Ubaldo Diaz.

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If I may be so bold, your animation looks wonderful. Tempest is very expressive and shows so much emotion. Twilight is very expressive as well, but her left eye is travel a bit too far and distracts from the rest of it, as it's a bit off. But still amazing, keep up the wonderful work!

Thank you, Thank you!!

Yeeeeeaaaahh, there’s still a lot about it I don’t care for  and it could be A LOT better and polished… IF I cared enough XD… luckily it was just for fun hahahacoughcough,

 Tempy’s face shrinks a bit, and Twilight has some… rubber face issues. 
It’s definitely good practice though!~ I did learn a bit from it. Facial expressions in animation is still hard for me, and keeping on model is insane (i can’t tell you how many times I tried fixing her damned horn, it still severely bothers me.). But for 8 hours of work I’d say… meh. 

I appreciate any and all criticism! It’s always nice to have a second pair of eyes! Too bad Twilight is losing one. HA!

(and I went to look at her eyeball, jebus it’s like one of those stress toys where you squeeze it and the eyeball pops out!! HAHAA)

so I find it really interesting that the saddle design of choice for DAI is basically a western saddle with weird thin metal stirrups. especially the inclusion of the saddle horn. is… is the Inquisitor meant to rope wolves?

the bridles on the dracolisks bother me, too (where and how is that bit.), so I messed with the design of their tack as well.

the endurance saddle is based heavily on the McClellan saddle: it was designed to be both cheap to produce but sturdy enough to last years (or decades!), to not be cumbersome on the animal but still provide support for the rider and allow for gear to be packed on.
woven cinchas are preferred over leather cinches on dracolisks, owing to their belly plates. horsehair or wool rope are popular choices.

riding a dracolisk is no task for a novice rider; even so, most prefer the standard bridle, which restricts its dangerous jaws.

it takes a brave or boastful rider to sport the Vint bridle on a dracolisk (though whether this design actually came from Tevinter is debatable). a chain bit is looped through the beast’s lower jaw, secured with a leather strap, leaving the dracolisk free to bite. the chain may be made from or plated with various metals, as many dracolisks seem to prefer the taste of certain metals (such as copper or silver).
suitable for those that wish to ride a dracolisk into battle, though with the risk of an irritated mount turning on its rider - dracolisks have a nasty habit of biting onto and tearing a rider off its back rather than throwing them.

more about my dracolisk headcanon here.

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I noticed this awhile ago and it's been bothering me a little bit, but what's up with the (horns?) things on Ramia's head? Cuz they look like big flathead screws are holding something onto her head, so is it just that her horns are weird or are they artificial? Or are they just a fashion statement

It’s a fashion statement =v= a lot of demons do that but Ramia goes a step further by having them engraved.

Runaway Bride: Part III

You are a runaway bride from an arranged marriage to a man twice your age, and while running away you get almost hit by Hongbin’s car. After such a meeting, Hongbin helps you out and the both of you fall in love. With Hongbin by your side you decide to go back and confront your family and your fiance.

And now I present to you part 3!! Sorry guys for making you wait for so long!!! As always feedback is always welcome!! Hope to hear from you guys!!

Admin AA

As he took you away, silent tears slid down your cheeks. This was it. It was over. Your freedom had lasted a total of 7 days and 16 hours and now there was nothing left…

Only Hongbin didn’t take you towards the front door, instead he paused at a door that was at the end of the hallway right in front of the living room. He opened it and to your amazement there, on the floor, was a small spiral staircase large enough to fit a single person; what you had taken to be a closet turned out to be the hidden entrance to the basement where Hongbin had placed all the stuff he had already purchased to finish decorating the house, stuff like linens, cushions, curtains, paintings, frames…etc.

He turned you to face him and without even thinking about it he cleaned your tears with his hands.

“Listen to me,” He said in a harsh whisper that didn’t carry, “I’m not fully convinced, but if those men say they come by orders of your family then I’ll believe you, if not I will turn you over to them, do you understand?”

You nodded like a small child, hope growing within you.

“Meanwhile, hide in here,” he pointed at the closet, “if you hear them come into the house then go down to the basement find a box or something you can hide in, understood?”

You nodded again and quickly stepped into the small space next to the staircase as the doorbell rang again. Hongbin closed the door quietly leaving you in complete darkness, there was a light bulb you could turn on in the ceiling but the point was not to draw attention to this place.

“Coming!!” You heard him yell on the other side of the door and walk towards the front door that was located about four meters from where you were hiding. You could hear all of them perfectly.

“Oh hello. How may I help you?” Hongbin said in a very pleasant voice. You couldn’t help but admire the fact that he could relax his voice so much, he sounded so normal as if he had not just been threatening you a minute ago.

“Hello, Mr. Lee Hongbin is it?” A man in a very clear soothing voice responded. He sounded nothing like the bad guys in movies you would have imagined would come for you, but then again the devil didn’t always present itself with horns.

“Yes?” Hongbin asked.

“Sorry to bother you Mr. Lee but you see we are looking for someone. This woman…” There was a pause and you could imagine they were handing Hongbin a picture of you. “People in town have informed us that they saw her with you up until two days ago.”

“Yeah, she was with me. What do you want with Miss Mina?” Hongbin asked now in a guarded manner.

“Miss Mina?” The man asked.

“Well yeah… That’s her name isn’t it?” Hongbin asked a bit bewildered this time.

“Ha! No that is not her name Mr. Lee, I am afraid you have deceived.” The man continued with a bit of false humor to his voice.

“Excuse me?” Hongbin responded this time bringing his voice up in surprised hurt and disbelief. He was playing this perfectly, while you wished you had that kind of control.

“You see Mr. Lee, we are looking for this woman, Miss Mina as you called her, because her family is very concerned about her well-being. She is a bit disturbed, not a danger to others but a danger to herself.” The man began to explain while you almost audibly scoffed in anger and disbelief. “She ran away from the care of her family and seeing as how well, she is not exactly in her right mind, we have been hired to find her before something happens to her. We must return her to the safety of her family as soon as possible.”

You were shaking with so much anger at this point at being called insane that you had half a mind of wanting to burst out of this little space and smack the guy. But then something occurred to you, he had said he was looking for you by orders of your family so now Hongbin knew that you had not been lying…. However what if he actually believed what these people were saying, that you were certified crazy?

 You began praying that your behavior this past week pointed otherwise… still even if he did trust you to that extent you for sure thought he would kick you out of his house anyway… what a sad way to end something that had been good….but still even till the end he had helped you out…

“She’s not here anymore.” You heard him say and your heart skipped two beats in complete elation!

“She’s not?” The man asked disappointment clearly audible.

“No sir, this…woman left my house yesterday.” Replied Hongbin in a disgusted tone, the same tone that had tainted his voice when he had found out you had deceived him, he was not acting this part. “She only stayed in my house for the week… who knew she would take advantage of me that way… I guess you are right about her not being right in the head…”

“Yeah, she is sick but unfortunately she is also very smart. Intelligence and madness are a potent combination… Do you know where she was headed?” The man asked.

“No not really, she only said she was going south to finally get to some friends she had there. She never mentioned anything specific…” Hongbin replied.

“Ah I see, so she is still trying to erase her tracks,” the man abruptly paused, “I hope Mr. Lee Hongbin that you are telling me the truth, I mean it would not be good for you if word got out that you had been alone with a young woman for an entire week, what a scandal that would be.” Malice was evident in his tone.

Scandal for him? What the hell? You thought behind the closed door.

“Why would I lie when I have been but a victim here?” Hongbin said in controlled anger.

“Her family is willing to pay anything for information you know.” The man told him.

“I don’t need anything as you can clearly see.” Hongbin said.  “Listen, I found her walking alone at night at the edge of the city and in my generosity I offered her a ride and later a place to stay for a while seeing how she was alone and tired. She left yesterday for the south as per what she told me and that’s it…” he finished sighing tiredly. There was a long pause and finally the man spoke again.

“Ok, Mr. Lee I believe you. Thank you for everything, her family appreciates it.” The man finished.

“Well then, I hope you find her, for herself and her family. Good day.” Hongbin ended.

“Good day to you too.” You heard all the men walk away followed by the distant closing of car doors. With the roar of engines they were gone and you heard the front door close.

Another five minutes passed before Hongbin finally opened the door to where you had been hiding. He grabbed you by the arm and led you into the kitchen sitting you down in the same stool you had enjoyed sandwiches that first day. He took a bottle of soju from the fridge and two shot glasses off a cupboard. He poured himself a shot and downed it leaving the other glass and the bottle in front of you. What a difference this moment was from that first day. He still looked angry but not as much as when he had discovered your lies. His brown eyes where intense and focused on your face as if trying to gleam some of the madness the man had mentioned but had not found it there. He was leaning against the counter of the kitchen island you were sitting on opposite him with his hands resting on it, almost as if he were to spring at you at any moment if he did not like the explanation you had to offer. You waited for him to speak.

“You better start talking.” He said after a pause. You looked away from him and simply took the bottle of soju, poured yourself a shot and drank it in one go. You were still numb from what had happened that you didn’t even feel the burn of the alcohol but you needed some of it in you to give you strength to start talking. He raised an eyebrow when he saw that you didn’t even flinch at the shot and waited, time to come clean.

“My family used to be a normal middle class family up until I was three years old.” You began

“Not that far back, explain the now.” He said exasperated.

“I need to start that far back in order for you to understand… for you to believe the fact that I am not crazy like they said… Please, let me explain fully.” You told him.

He stared at you for a while and finally said, “Fine go ahead.”

“Like I said my family used to be a normal middle class family up until I was three years old when my father decided to open up a small company with some savings he and my mother had collected for several years, plus a small inheritance from my grandfather. He was immediately by either luck or intelligence or both, highly successful and the company grew leading to him opening up more businesses, some of which began expanding abroad, including here. Life took a big change for us, at least that’s what mother says since I don’t remember most of it, but it must have seeing as how everything got bigger and more luxurious as told by our family pictures.

Money I guess has a way of opening doors you didn’t even know existed and harvesting a need for it you never had before…

Anyway about five years ago my father decided to relocate here although I stayed abroad studying…. You can probably imagine what my life was.”

Hongbin nooded.

“There was nothing I couldn’t buy and nothing I really wanted but still bought anyway so I guess life was good for us. Things however changed abruptly about three and a half years ago. One of my father’s biggest companies began to fail in a considerable way and when I came home for the holidays I could see that my father was under a lot of pressure. My mother too was unwell and I could not help but be infected by their mood. What would happen to us if the company did fail? What would happen to me? To the things I was used to, my studies, my lifestyle? These where questions that plagued me often.

Once you get used to something it’s so hard to give it up, specially such a good life. Fear took over, fear of truly losing everything, can you imagine that?” You raised your eyes that up until this point had been focused on the shot glass in your hands, to meet Hongbin’s warm brown ones; they were almost back to the same warmness you had grown used to. He nodded again. He understood up until this point.

“Anyway things suddenly began to get better thanks to a man who decided to invest in our company. Richard Leeds is his name, maybe you’ve heard of him, although I doubt it, mid 50’s or so, highly successful, highly educated and very rich, extremely rich. He and my father quickly became friends due to mutual interests and he would dine with my family quite often whether I was abroad or here. Even though he and my father saw eye to eye, he still hesitated to fully restore the company not wanting to be so tied down to what he knew to be a broken vessel. I was still scared he would pull out his investment; my family was too in all honesty. So my father did all he could to keep Richard happy. ”

Hongbin leaned back against the counter opposite the island, crossing his arms. He was beginning to see where this was going.

“During one of the dinners where he was not present and I was home, my father began talking about him, trying to find ways to make him fully commit and I remember I jokingly said ‘a marriage might do it’ and I guess that is where this situation really began. At first I thought my father had taken my words the way I meant them, but  it wasn’t long before I realized he had taken them very much seriously.

‘Do you want all this to go away?’ he said after he proposed to me my marriage to Richard and I refused. ‘Do you think your travels and studies and everything is going to stay if the company fails? What do you think is going to happen to us? Complete ruin that is what! If this company fails how long do you think we’ll keep the other smaller ones afloat? Those companies depend on this one!! Think of me and your mother who have done so much for you!’ He kept repeating over and over again, I think I cried…

But like I said once you get used to something it is hard to let go of it… I had been given a privileged life thanks to my parents and now it was time to give it back and earn my share were my thoughts. I could not see beyond the money that had surrounded most of my life and frankly it was because I selfishly did not want to. And so, I agreed to the plan. It was at that point that my father told me that Richard had been admiring me for quite some time, he had even gone so far as to make certain remarks about how I would please any man that married me. This would not be so hard, he kept saying, I needed only to play shy and the rest would just work itself out; my father said he would mediate and things would go according to plan.”

Hongbin’s face slowly had turned into a grimace, you could feel disgust growing in him and you held back your tears because yeah you were disgusted by your actions too every time you thought about it. Poor little rich girl scared of losing her money…. What a sick human you had turned out to be… were sentences you had repeated to yourself over and over….

“So you and your family convinced this Richard that you had affections for him and married him and after being disgusted by such a lustful old man you ran away is that it?.” He said refusing to look at you, it was clear that the image he had formed himself of you this past week had been shattered and this deeply saddened you. You did not want this man who had helped you out so much to think badly of you, you could not stand the thought of it.

“No…” You replied in a small voice. “I couldn’t go through with the wedding.”

“Oh well nice to know you do have some morals.” He said venomously. And at that, something within you snapped, yes you had done wrong but you had accepted your guilt! And maybe it was the soju finally coming to bite you or maybe it was years of repressed disgust and protests and a silent voice finally breaking out but you felt a sudden burn invade you.

“Do you think I was happy doing that?!” You half shouted suddenly slamming the shot glass on the counter and getting up. Hongbin was startled.

“Do you think that I was not disgusted every time Richard came to see me because I knew my father had fed him lie after lie after lie of my supposed love and attraction to him?!” Words and tears where rapidly tumbling out now while Hongbin was stunned into silence. “I was selling myself with every smile, every look and every touch he expected from me once my father proposed the marriage to him, I could feel how little by little my soul withered until there was nothing but its ghost left. I was using him but at the same time he was using me. I could feel his eyes staring at me from every angle admiring my body, I could feel his growing hunger with every kiss I had to give that man and it terrified me to the point where sleep eluded me. I was nothing!!!” You began pacing now, Hongbin simply staring at you silent while you let out three years of emotions finally come out.

“By the time the wedding planning began I felt trapped, caged in my own body with no way out! What have I done? I kept thinking over and over and over again. Honor, respect, self-worth, I had sold them all away with my family acting as the auction house but now there I was the savior of the company! Oh how I should have been happy by that!!! My father always remarked. I had single handedly saved the company and all of us and not only that but I had managed to snag a very rich man that would surely just open his vaults once the marriage was sealed. Only…..only…. the money at that point did not matter to me anymore….” You stopped shouting as you said the realization that had broken all your chains.

“What was money to me now? Nothing! People who had but a small percentage of the money we had where infinitely more happy, more satisfied than I was and not only that, they still owned themselves. I had money but now it really was worthless. It could not buy me anything I really needed now and by then I thought it was too late, I had agreed to this arranged marriage and I thought it was too late to back out, to set something right in my life…. I came to realize, maybe too late, that money really isn’t the answer to anything…

And so finally, an hour before the wedding almost, I couldn’t take it anymore… I ran. And yes I am a coward for doing so instead of staying and fighting back I know that too…. But… but… what… else could I… could I do?” You were sobbing uncontrollably now and with so much grief running through your veins you sat on the floor to cry. You had finally gotten out what you had wanted to say for such a long time, you could feel a weight lift off your shoulders. But you couldn’t help but to cry at the fact that you had failed in so many ways….What would this man think of you now?

Hongbin did not know what to do but to stare at you. He had sensed something deep was buried within you the time you had both been together but not something like this. And although he knew that what you and your family had done had not been the right thing he realized that it had broken you. He could feel the regret and the pain of it oozing out of you and in that moment he realized that he did not care at all about what you had done, or what you had failed to do.

He had offered his assistance with a good heart and seeing you on the floor so helpless, so guilt ridden, he realized that he had forgiven you for deceiving him and now, knowing that you had confided in him such a deep secret even if it had been by need, he decided he would not take back his help and instead would continue to help you out. After all we all at some point in our lives need someone to help us figure out our way, you had no one right now, and maybe he thought, fate had made it so that you two would meet that night you had run away.

Homestuck Cosplay Difficulties (Ancestors)

Yeah, before I start anything here, let me tell you something: The Ancestors ar not to be considered as “beginner” costumes, because these contain a lot of sewing and/or are unpractical to wear. So be aware if you choose one of these. [EDIT: Apparently two characters were missing. I added them. Thx for the note!]


Easy means: You’ll only need basic sewing here, the costume consits of not many parts and is easy to wear at cons.

The Sufferer/Signless

He is basicly easy (such as Karkat and Kankri, what a coincidence). Depending on your headcannon, his main outfit consists of one or two pieces and his cloak. His horns are very easy (you can even use the other Vantas’ horns here) to make, too.

The Piioniic

Psii is easy, too. Again, depending on your headcannon his outfit consits out of one or two pieces. The rest is relativly easy to get ot make. (NOTE: I do not recommend Captor horns for him. I would make larger ones for him, if your Mituna ones do not match.)

The Disciple

The Disciple is easy in general. The problems here might be her dress and her hair (that gurl has a lot of it). It’s depending on your headcannon a lot though.


Normal means: These costumes could be a bit difficult to make, beause the things are not easy to get or you need to sew a bit more.

Neophyte Redglare

Redglare’s outfit is easy in general, too, like the Disciples but you need to sew a lot here. But don’t worry, even if it is a lot, it’s quite easy IMO. You might (like the Pyropes’) have difficulties getting or making her glasses.

The Dolorosa

Dolorosa’s costume might fit into the “hard” category, depending on how complicated you make it for yourself. You need to sew a lot here, again, but I don’t think it is impossible.

Marquise Spinerett Mindfang

Mindfangs might be a bit difficult such as Dolorosa, but again it is not impossible to do it. You’ll probably have problems with her hair and her coat though.


Hard means: You either need to sew a lot here or it’s just plain difficult to do. Also, you might experience difficulties with making/wearing the horns.

The Handmaid

Same as the other two Megidos. Her horns are a pain to make, here, even more because they are even bigger. Her dress is basicly easy such as her wig (but it’s the same problem as with Meenah).

The Summoner

(bad pic, huh) Okay, as you can see, his horns and wings are huge. Now ask yourself: Do I want to be realistic and accurate here or do I actually want to attend the con like a normal person?. The rest of his costume isn’t difficult (but I don’t know how to get the fur stuff on his pants.)

The Grand Highblood

GHB is not hard on himself. It’s his horns and hair (see Gamzee or Kurloz). The rest should be easy and managable with some fabric paint, I guess.

E%ecutor Darkleer

Seriously, I have no idea. It looks hard to me though. (Sorry)

Orphaner Dualscar

Problems here: His hair, his cape and his “armor”. But with a little bit of concentration, luck and skill it will be makeable.


)(er Imperious Condescension

Look at her. There is nothing easy about her. Her outfit: Depending on your headcannon. Her jewelery: SO much and hard to get matching one. Her horns: Huge as f*ck and hard to make/wear. Her hair: A mess (don’t even bother to try to match her hair, it will kill you, literally.


srgobea  asked:

"Oh hi, let me guess, Ted?" I love that episode 😂 Hi guys, I want to know, what do you think about the Great Finale? 😱 I expected more of the writers, the whole serie was perfect, except the Finale 💔

hi! :) the series was one of my favorites (obviously haha) and I still like it but I just feel like the finale ruined that ~magic~ a little bit.. Knowing that barney/robin aren’t endgame bothers me, but also the fact that the mother died and we didn’t get to see that much of her after we waited for so many seasons… also how the writers made an episode in season 9 (A whole season about barney& robin’s wedding…) of ted “letting go of robin” and in the finale he’s likE GOING AT HER WITH THAT STUPID BLUE FRENCH HORN WHATEVER (lmao sorry that really annoys me)  and don’t even let me begin with their kids like they should feel different when ted tells them about their DEAD MOTHER, not be like “THATS IT? u just wanna bang aunt robin but that’s ok you have our blessing, dad. go for that booty” and also ROBIN completely drifted from the gang like???? come on she had important jobs before but noooo this time was different. anyway, overall the finale was truly depressing to watch (if this makes any sense) and I got really mad watching it from pretty much the beginning to the very end & it was truly disappointing