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Do you think that kiribaku can legit be canon?? Because for me, this is the first ship of the same sex that i feel have the potential to be canon in a shounen manga>▽< in a way we know that hori sensei supports the lgbt community by having two canon transgender charas in the manga. But some people say even so it wont have much development in the story by making them canon?? But dude theres SO MUCH DEVELOPMENT if they DID become canon. (Lowkey wishing the traitor kirishima theory is canon hehehe

god i just. hope so. we’ve been burned so many times before (by other shounen) that hori could just as easily pass their concern off as ‘a bro was in trouble and i had to help him’ and 'fucker spent money on me and i feel guilty’ as it could mean they’ve caught feelings. i mean, looking at uradeku and kiribaku, the feelings are VERY obvious in the first and a subtle game in the second, which makes me think nahhhhh ain’t gonna happen. also, this is shounen!! shounen doesn’t do romance, not usually. power of friendship is their go-to for the whole genre.

at the same time…there were just. so many panels. dedicated to kirishima losing it. at the training camp and after, how easily he was ready to break the rules for bakugou, 'it has to be you kirishima,’ etc. i think it’s impossible to argue that hori isn’t setting up for SOMETHING involving kirishima and probably bakugou. imo, the only two possibilities are a) feelings b) traitor kiri or secret option c) BOTH

personally, im camping in Team BOTH because i remain unrealistically optimistic and am ready to be let down at any time.


Chapter 118

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