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My love for putting stars and clouds in backgrounds is too great. Every time I think I am going to avoid putting any clouds or stars in, I put clouds and stars in. At least clouds are appropriate for these legendary birdies.

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This shit is called Handprints and boy let me tell you it is fuckin’ hardcore, and  it will be the best fuckin’ thing you watch all day, guaranteed.. The channel is featured as archived footage being uploaded by a random user who has been able to get into the deepest reaches of a mysterious case titled “Handprints”. The /story/ if that’s what you can call it, is a giant puzzle. Viewers will be left speechless and confused as they try to unravel the mystery of “Who is the Hooks killer?” The videos seem very random at first and will jut around through distorted clips, and jumbled audio, and will over-all, keep dedicated viewers busy with figuring out the order of events, and sequences of the released clips. Along side this, it does minorly exist within the Arkn Mythos, holding a strong tie with that one series “-HooH-: Everybody Screams in the Dark”, but is soon to be completely its own thing, and closed off story.

I will gladly be the first to tell you this series is fucking amazeballs, from the mystery, to the horror, and that’s without even talking about the Hooks killer!
This shit’s fucking dark. So I’m going to state this in very large letters;


This series comes from the uploaded videos of an archived fictional serial killer, within a fictional town, in a fictional state. This killer has no remorse, has no morals, and has no cares if you are one or one hundred.
This fucker just doesn’t know when to quit and you will probably vomit like six or seven times while watching this. I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT.

Video wise, as of this post there are like 30 or something and it’s pretty easy to watch in one sitting if you have some barf bags and a teddy bear. Be sure to bring your pee-pee pants because, goddamn it’s going to be golden by the time you are done watching, and the best part? There is still more to come, this shit will be updating on and off until the cows come home, fuck, have baby cowlets, they leave, then they come home. 

As an added bonus, there are three short-films, with the third one coming out later this summer and it’s going to be fuckin’ great, as in film festival entering contest great. 

Anywho, I’ve kept you all at bay too long, go watch it, reblog, like, share with your friends and family, and sleep tight, but also, no like seriously: