the hood and the jacket and the low shirt

Okay, but just think about this for a second:

You have the supers (none of whom bother hiding their faces): 

  • Clark “My mom made me this suit” Kent
  • Kara “Crop top and skit” Kent
  • Conner “I used to wear a leather jacket now I wear a t-shirt” Kent
  • Jon “Hoodie with the S-shield” Kent

And then you have the bats:

  • Bruce “Cowl + industrial-grade suit” Wayne
  • Dick “Once upon a Discowing now a skintight bodysuit” Grayson
  • Jason “Red helmet with its own facial expressions” Todd
  • Tim “I have wings” Drake
  • Damian “Hooded cape and gauntlets” Wayne

And I thought it might be a meta vs non-meta thing, but Green Arrow wears a sleeveless vest and Wonder Woman wears a fly leotard.

So, I’ve concluded that farm influences results in low maintenance hero clothes and being/knowing Bruce Wayne results in high drama costumes uniforms.

That is all.

Character Profiles

Superhero AU

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  • Name: Guardian
  • Powers: flight/wings, super strength, telekinesis
  • Emblem: none
  • Suit: black wings; sleeveless black and cobalt blue suit; black and gold arm sleeves; no mask (wears glasses as a civilian); wears a gold band/crown, with blue gem in center, on brow/along hairline
  • Bio: a test subject in the same place as Tae because they both have wings; she also had super strength already when she first arrived, but experimental testing unlocked her hidden telekinesis powers; she escaped one day with Tae and ran into Jungkook by accident and they all became close friends, as well as formed a small superhero team; has a sibling relationship with Tae, they call each other brother and sister

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  • Hero Name: Terra Hawk
  • Powers: wings/flight, control over nature, communicate with animals 
  • Emblem: the stylistic black raven shape on his chest; on the body of the bird is a capital H with a capital T right above it (vertical line of T is resting in top of H)
  • Suit: dark brown hawk-like wings; cobalt blue suit, fading to white at the wrist, ankles, and neckline; artistic black bird symbol on chest; eyes glow yellow when powers are used, black feathery domino mask; natural brown hair with green streaks in the front
  • Bio: was a test subject at the same underground lab as Y/N because of their wings; also had the power over nature and his eyes changed when using said power, but testing unlocked his ability to talk to animals; he escaped one day with Y/N and they ran into Jungkook and became great friends/heroes; has a sibling relationship with Y/N, call each other brother and sister; has a brotherly relationship with jungkook as well

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  • Hero Name: Golden Boy
  • Powers: super strength, invulnerability, martial arts training, laser vision
  • Emblem: gold letters “G.B” on his chest; inside a gold diamond outline
  • Suit: black short sleeved suit; a black domino mask; gold-colored, metal wristguards; light brown hair with blonde streaks; gold and black belt with black (simple) diamond shaped belt buckle
  • Bio: mutant, born with his powers; left home young due to discrimination; lived on the streets and quietly helped people whenever he could; ended up running into Y/N and Tae right after they escaped a lab; became the best of friends and eventually a star hero team with their own secret base; Tae and Y/N teased him for basically being “knock off brand superman” so out of spite/humor he picked the most pretentious name he could

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  • Name: Shadow
  • Powers: martial arts training, acrobatic, teleportation, invisibility/shadow control
  • Emblem: none
  • Suit: traditional black ninja uniform; black mask covering lower half of face (nose and down); concealed weapons, prefers these and his own skills to a traditional sword or larger weapon; eye black (sometimes); black hair
  • Bio: a lone wolf character for the most part, but has nothing against working with others if he needs to; had left his home in Busan to train in a place in Japan to help control his unpredictable power of teleportation; ended up learning and becoming highly skilled in martial arts and his teleportation, as well as gaining the powers of invisibility and shadow control through further training and meditation; came back home after nearly 8 years; was immediately resolved once gaining his powers that he’d use them to help others; ran into Jin once on a mission, and while they don’t remain together indefinitely, they have become great friends and often work together due to their powers working fairly in sync with each other; similar case happened with Yoongi as well, Jimin needed something from Yoongi’s shop, and they became close friends after a while, also teaming up on missions when need be (yoongi likes to magically change his hair colors while he’s sleeping just to mess with him, like to bright pink or blonde)

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  • Name: Crimson Ghost
  • Powers: super speed, pyrokinesis, acrobatic/dancer
  • Emblem: stylistic flame symbol made of reds and golds; with a capital C in the middle, with a capital G inside the C  in black
  • Suit: black sleeveless suit; red leather jacket; black belt with gold flame insignia/buckle; red calf-high boots; red-brown hair; sometimes a black/red snapback; all specially made, friction/heat-resistant clothing, thanks to Yoongi’s spellwork
  • Bio: was a talented dancer before discovering powers during a practice session; he was dancing by himself in the studio when his feet started lightly go aflame while he was moving, same for his hands when he moved them, and after that noticed he had started to move way faster than was normal; panicked at first and ran out the back door, running into Yoongi, who then helped him understand his powers; teamed up with Yoongi and Namjoon later; still does dancing in his off time, as well as competitions

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  • Name: Dream Bane
  • Powers: magic/spellwork, shapeshifting, dream control
  • Emblem: either none or he’ll magically make one on whatever he’s wearing (back of jacket or front of shirt, just depends); looks like spiky black letters, a backwards D and correct-way B; doesn’t use it often
  • Suit: usually just his street clothes; but makes sure when he actively goes out to fight crime that he wears a big baggy, dark colored jacket with a big hood and black pants; wears a black cap low over his eyes; sometimes a face mask, but it usually gets bypassed because it muffles his spell casting, causing problems; wears multiple (magic) rings on his fingers; puts black grease paint around his eyes; uses his magic to change his hair color, so its not usually consistent
  • Bio: found an ancient spell book in an old bookstore; learned and mastered the full book fairly quickly was an underground rapper at the time, so his quick skills in linguistics allow him to chant spells much quicker; travels/lives on his own mostly; met Namjoon mostly by accident because he needed special help restoring something he accidentally nearly destroyed with his powers; teamed up with Namjoon afterward; met Hoseok later just bumping into him on the street; they make up another team of three

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  • Name: Captain Desctruct
  • Powers: destruction/decomposition through physical contact, psychic, astral projection
  • Emblem: diamond shape on back of jacket, with angular C and D in the center, put together so the letters almost for a diamond as well
  • Suit: white blonde hair; black studded leather jacket; instead of a mask, he wears bright yellow tinted sunglasses; black leather pants (with the zips and textures) and combat boots; white t-shirt, sometimes also with his emblem
  • Bio: he was usually clumsy in his younger years, and always seemed in tune with others feelings/emotions, and this later grew into his powers during adolescence; around 18 he touched his laptop to slam it closed while in a fit of anger, and it immediately started to deconstruct and he panicked; he had heard of Yoongi and went to him for help: became great friends; after a few months he expanded his powers to being psychic and doing astral projection; very leader material, and most others agree, but if he’s ever teamed up with the 7 others, Y/N is his co-captain, so to speak

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  • Name: Mirage
  • Powers: telekinesis, healing powers, mirror manipulation/illusions, invisibility, eyes turn completely white/iridescent when using powers
  • Emblem: on the back of his jacket, the iridescent embroidery forms a capital M in the middle of his back (not solid)
  • Suit: soft pink hair; white t shirt; black pants; unbuttoned black suit jacket with geometric designs in iridescent thread; black shoes; black artistic/stylistic mask just covering his eyes
  • Bio: discovered his multiple powers on more than one occasion in his teen years (18); his dog was limping after taking a small tumble, and when jin touched him, the dog perked up almost instantly as his leg stretched back out and he ran off perfectly okay; jin found out about the mirrors and illusions when one morning when he was brushing his teeth, he saw cracks start to spread across his face, and panicked but after touching the mirror the image faded away, leaving his real reflection, and it changed his eyes as well (they faded back to normal fast too); had heard about yoongi and his “specialities”; went to him for help, and got trained how to control his powers, and after a brief denial stage, decided to use his powers for good; became best friends with Namjoon (also helped Joon through his fears about his powers) and Yoongi, and then Hoseok as well

I noticed a bit of discussion online about “techwear” and how expensive it is. I thought I’d throw something together that was both affordable and accessible to illustrate that this look can be done on a budget.

There is also an argument to be made that cheap, disposable and low-key looks are more in line with the archetypal urban denizen depicted in cyberpunk texts and media. Further, “cheap” doesn’t always mean poor quality and many of the pieces I’m wearing in these photos are years old and have been worn countless times during a number of physically demanding exercises, in a range of environments.

Gear List:
• Cotton-polyester blend cap: $AUD3 – K-Mart
• Linen bandana: $AUD2 – eBay
• Polyester vented, hooded running jacket: $AUD35 – Nike Outlet
• Nylon, polyurethane-coated backpack: $AUD30 – eBay
• Polyester mesh t-shirt: $AUD3 – K-Mart
• Quartz military watch on NATO strap: $AUD10 – eBay
• Paracord bracelet: $AUD2 – eBay
• HUSS cargo pants: $AUD25 – Military surplus/disposals store
• Polyester knit sports socks: $AUD3 – H&M
• Mesh running shoes: $AUD7 – K-Mart  

Total Price: $AUD120 (Roughly $USD90)

All items were purchased brand new and only the Nike jacket was on sale. The jacket could be swapped for any black windbreaker or even a surplus vinyl rain poncho. A $12 digital Casio is a more robust alternative to this Chinese military watch, but I wanted something with a cheap nylon strap.


Sweaters: Topshop Fluffy Pullover Sweater, H&M Cashmere Jumper, Topshop Slouchy Boucle Sweater

Plains: Topshop Oversized Crinkled Shirt, H&M Jersey Top, H&M Jersey Top, H&M V Neck T Shirt

Crops: Tosphop Ribbed Crop Tee, Topshop Lurex Crop Top

Hoodies: Adidas Trefoil Logo Hoodie, Rally Cottop-Blend Jersey Hooded Top

Jackets/Coats: Topshop “Ronnie” Faux Leather Biker Jacket, Joy Denim Jacket, Folded-cuffs Notched-lapels, Md-long Woolen Coat

Skirts/Dresses: Warehouse Compact Yarn Pencil Skirt, Vero Moda Eva Skater Skirt, Topshop Pleated Foil Mixed Media Dress, Topshop Glitter Mesh Body-con Dress, Topshop Moto Utility Denim T-Shirt Dress

Jeans/Pants: Topshop Moto Salt and Pepper Leigh Jeans, H&M Skinny High Jeans, H&M Skinny Low Ankle Jeans, Topshop Marled Jogger Pants

Bags: Mango Quilted Tote Bag, Mango Quilted Cross-Body Bag, Mango Leather Messenger Bag

ShoesDv By Dolce Vita Marlyn BootsBlack Chunky Platform Lace Up Block Heel BootsNike Flex Experience Run 2 Women’s Running Shoes

Beanies: Urbancode Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie Hat, Statement Beanie, Forever 21 Oversized Pom Pom Beanie

Scarves: Burberry Prorsum Printed Cashmere Scarf, Burberry Heritage Cashmere Scarf

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviator GradientMykita x Maison Martin Margiela Dual SunglassesRay-Ban Original Wayfarer

RingsFOREVER 21 Etched Rhinestone Midi Ring SetMissguided Katalina Multi Stack RingsAurelie Bidermann 750 Sterling Silver Love Ring - SilverALDO Elysien RingAdina by Adina Reyter Star Ring, Stack a stone ring set, PIECES Julia Sterling Silver Ring

NecklacesDavid Yurman Petite Pavé Cross Necklace with Diamonds in GoldMarni NecklaceOscar de la Renta Hand Painted Resin Disk NecklaceBlack Veil Brides Winged Logo Choker | Hot TopicAtmos&Here Bejewelled NecklaceASOS 90s Tattoo Choker Necklace with Faux Pearl

WatchesCasio Women’s Classic LA670WD-1 Silvertone Stainless Steel Quartz WatchCasio Casio Women’s Classic Watch LTP-1292D-1ACasio Women’s Core LTP1131A-7B Silvertone Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

BraceletesPIECES Beads BraceletSalvatore Ferragamo BraceletBERRICLE 925 Sterling Silver Curly Wave Plain Bangle Bracelet

EarringsWith Love From Ca Mix And Match Earrings SetSteve Madden Women’s SM00543E02 SilverRachel Entwistle Modern Primitive Ear Cuff Gold

Fanfic - Your Hold on Me - 1/1

Title: Your Hold on Me

Summary: Sebastian is trying to solve a murder but his ex-boyfriend Blaine Anderson keeps getting in the way. (babboy!Blaine, Cop!Sebastian)

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3761

A/N: Sequel to Up Close and Personal 

“This is a colossally bad idea.”

Sebastian sighed in frustration and turned to his partner Nick. The two of them were parked outside Steely Dan’s, a local dive and favorite hang out for Lima’s less than reputable citizens. They got a tip that one of their suspects in the Schuchester murder case Jake Puckerman would be here. The plan was for Sebastian to go in and scope the place out, see if he could bring Jake in for questioning. However when Sebastian told Nick of his connections to the gang Jake was part of, he suddenly wasn’t so thrilled about their plan.

“So he’s part of your boyfriend’s crew?” Nick repeated the information he just got.

“First off, ex-boyfriend.” Sebastian clarified. “Second I don’t know for certain that he is. All I know is that Jake’s older brother Puck is Blaine’s right hand.”

Keep reading

high school teachers//c.h pt 2

A/N: this was requested a whole bunch wow! part one here

“So don’t forget to read the next chapter in the textbook, because you’ll be investigating the digestive system tomorrow.” You rolled your eyes as your class groaned in protest, “Oh hush, it’s only 10 pages! You may even be able to get away with reading it at lunch. Anyways, that’s all for today so I’ll see you tomorrow!” 

You watched as your students scrambled to get their books and pens, eager to finally go home after the school day. A few stayed behind to ask some questions, of which you were happy to answer. After the last student had left, you started cleaning up your desk, getting your lesson plan ready for tomorrow. Remembering your date with Calum that was coming up quicker than you realized, you felt your nerves now more than ever. Your palms were sweating and you felt like you were clammy; hopefully you were able to calm down before he stopped by your classroom, which would be any minute now. You turned to the chalk board to erase some of the notes and diagrams you had drawn up earlier. You were almost done when you heard a voice from the door, making you turn around. 

“Miss Y/L/N, I do believe this classroom has never looked more….alluring.” You flushed as familiar brown eyes raked down your body, and in that moment you were thankful that you had decided to dress nicely today. 

Choosing skinny cropped black trousers and a patterned button down blouse with the sleeves rolled up, you thought you looked quite professional…not to mention the trousers made your ass look amazing. Your hair was in a low bun which had slightly deteriorated throughout the day, and your makeup was minimal but classic. Gazing down at your feet you realized you still had on your worn Vans, allowed this week as you were working on dissections, and there was no way you could wear those on your date. 

“Oh Mr. Hood you are too kind,” you replied, trying to control your irregular heartbeat, “You look quite dashing yourself.” 

And he did, in fitted trousers and a button up shirt peeking through his denim jacket. He was wearing his famous Converse and he had his messenger bag slung casually on his shoulder. He still had a pencil tucked behind his ear but you thought you’d keep that to yourself, it looked quite good on him. 

“I hope you don’t mind I’ll be just 2 more minutes?” you asked, now rushing to organize yourself. Calum smiled and nodded and you breathed a sigh of relief as he took a seat at one of the lab benches. You turned back around and quickly erased what was left on the board. 

“It’s a wonder how any of your students can focus in your class with this view.” You were sure that your face was fiery red now at Calum’s comment, but when you turned around you were only met by a smirk. 

“I um…uh….I –” You were at a loss for words but Calum just chuckled at your embarrassment. Deciding to brush it off you got everything organized for the next day, shoving the extra papers and binders in the top desk drawer, and quickly traded your grubby Vans for the heels you had worn this morning: plain, nude, and sexy. You grabbed your leather jacket off your chair and shrugged it on, let your hair out, and grabbed your purse. “Ready?” you asked, cheeks flushed from hurrying. 

“Of course,” Calum replied, standing up and following you to the door, “After you.” You both walked in silence down the halls and out the doors, making your way towards the parking lot. Calum opened his car door for you which you smiled and hopped in, and he ran around to the driver’s side and started the engine, pulling out of the lot. 

“So where are we going exactly?” After a couple minutes of silence you spoke, wondering where the hottest member of staff was taking you. 

“You’ll see, only a couple more minutes” he said, a sly smile on his face. And sure enough 3 minutes later you pulled into the parking lot of….Denny’s?

“Um…?” You didn’t even finish your question as you turned to look quizzically at him, brows furrowed and confusion all over your face.

Calum scratched the back of his neck and you swore you saw a blush creeping on his cheeks before he cleared his throat and answered you. “I um, I asked Melissa at lunch what you liked for dinner and she said you liked breakfast for dinner….so uh, here we are.” Your mouth hung open, you were so surprised ad flattered that he asked your best friend on staff, Melissa Tavish from the math department, what you liked to prepare for this date. 

“Well Mr. Hood you certainly are an over achiever!” you laughed good heartedly, unbuckling your seatbelt. “But you’ve certainly found the way to my heart” you winked as you got out of the car, a flushed Calum following suit. He rested a hand on your lower back and gently guided you into the diner, and kept it there as you were led to a booth in the back by a young waitress. After she gave you some menus you immediately glanced at it then put it down on the table. 

Calum raised his eyebrows, “You already know what you want?” 

You laughed, “Yeah, I always go for the pancakes, they’re my favourite.” 

“Well Y/N that’s very….decisive of you. I like a woman who knows what she wants” he winked. 

“My my Mr. Hood, you are so full of compliments, I’m sure you know that flattery isn’t necessary” you replied with a chuckle. 

“I know, I just want to stay in your good books.” 

“Well I’ll give you a hint….you’re already there.” Calum grinned and happily looked back at his menu, and a few moments later you were ready to order. 

The evening was amazing, by far the best date you’d ever been on. Once you’d overcome the slight awkwardness, you and Calum had talked like you’d known each other for years. You were surprised to find out his love for music and that he had formed a band with a few of his friends. He loved adventures and animals, and he was kind of a dork. He had a natural charisma and a personality that just drew you in. He was funny but laid back, and he took a genuine interest in what you had to say. What you didn’t know was that Calum found you equally as intriguing. There was no doubt you were intelligent, but he found your smile to be intoxicating and he wanted to make you laugh so he could always see it. He loved your shy demeanor and the way you blushed at his boyish advances, and he saw that you were a kind and nurturing person in the way you talked about your family and friends and even your students. Your passion for what you did was clear, and he loved that you weren’t concerned about how large your paycheck was but rather that your students were learning. It seemed like you were only there for a few minutes but in reality you had been there for hours, and after looking at your watch you were shocked that it was already 1am. 

“Calum, as much as I would love to sit here all night, I do believe it is 1am, and we both have work tomorrow” you said with a small smile, a sigh evident in your voice. 

“Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!” he replied. 

“The lady is just stating the obvious” you retorted with a grin. 

“Touche!” he laughed. 

He insisted on paying for the bill and after pulling a few bills from his wallet  and leaving them on the table he casually took your hand and together you walked back to his car. The drive back was filled with loud music and even louder singing along and lots of laughter. By the time he reached your apartment your stomach was sore from all the giggling and your face hurt from all of the smiling. Calum walked you to your door and as you fumbled to find your keys your mind was racing. Did he think the date went well? Will he want to see me again? Is he going to kiss me? But your thoughts were silenced as Calum cleared his throat. 

“I had a really great time tonight Y/N, I would really like to take you out again.” He suddenly became bashful as he waited for your reply, but that was soon replaced with relief as he saw your eyes light up. 

“I would absolutely love to go on another date with you Calum,” you replied softly. Your heart fluttered as he took a step closer, your chests almost touching. He gazed down at you softly, smiling as he gently brushed a strand of hair out of your face and around your ear. His hand cupped your cheek as his other wrapped around your waist, and he leaned in, his lips so close to yours. You were impatient and needed to feel his kiss so you closed the gap between the two of you, gently pressing your lips on his. You could feel his smile but he moved his lips in sync with yours, slowly and passionately. His grip tightened on your waist and he brought you as close as he could, your chests finally flush with each other. Your hands wandered from his shoulders to his neck to his hair, where you tugged lightly at his soft curls. Too soon he pulled away but with a smile on his face and a mischievous look in his eyes. 

“Can’t give it all away on the first date can we Miss Y/L/N” he whispered. 

Chucking you shook your head, “I suppose you’re right, Mr. Hood, but best not wait too long for that second date.” You took your keys and unlocked your door, “Thank you for an amazing night Calum.” 

“The pleasure was all mine,” he replied, giving you a kiss on the cheek, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” And with a wink he left, leaving you in a rosy daze and you floated into your apartment and into bed, dreaming of your second date.  

A/N: hope you liked it! request another part here if you’d like, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day/night! xx

Laying Low in Malibu || CeoGeniusWrangler (Closed)

The dust had settled, sort of, but the world and life in general still felt poised to chaos. In some ways Natasha didn’t know which way was up or down. She felt lost. She hadn’t felt lost in a very, very long time. One chapter of life had closed and now a new one waited to be written and she didn’t know where to start or how. She just knew she needed to leave, she needed to lay low, but right now in the country might not be such a spectacular idea. She had gotten off the hook once, but it was only a matter of time before someone trumped something up and they took her in for hours and hours of endless questions and idiots trying to play bad cop/good cop.

She packed light, she might come back at some point, but not right now. Once that was done she decided where to head and she knew one thing she had to do. She couldn’t run off without seeing Tony and Pepper. Or at least one of them and letting them know she was okay and that she needed to lay low for a bit. Loki she wasn’t worried about, he’d find her and she’d tell him when he did.

One commercial flight later and she was standing in front of Tony and Pepper’s door in Malibu. She could enter her passcode, but right now even Natalie may not be safe. Instead she hit the door bell and waited. She was clad in jeans, sneakers and a jacket (beneath a nondescript tee shirt) with the hood of the jacket pulled up over her head.

I'm a Hacker, and on a Garchomp I Ride || Criminal AU (fallen-immortal-king)

It’s all the same, only the names will change
Everyday it seems we’re wasting away
Another place where the faces are so cold
I’d drive all night just to get back home

It was just like any other day, for Augustine. With Garchomp presently on his belt, he made his way to the store–a different store, this week. Wouldn’t make sense to steal at the same store every week–they’d catch on. He was surprised most of them hadn’t, yet. Didn’t they realize things went missing, every time he stepped through their doors?

Sure, he dressed differently every time he went. Today, Augustine was wearing a simple T-shirt and jacket, with some beat-up jeans. The jacket was zipped up to prevent him from getting a chill from the cold air outside. He was thankful it hadn’t snowed yet…he didn’t have the clothes for that. And he didn’t want to run low on food and vitamins, when there was a snow storm. At least his bearded face would keep him somewhat warm…

Just gotta get some basic food and some more vitamins…he thought to himself, pushing down his hood, as he stepped under the store’s foyer. He did notice a rather bright haired policeman standing outside of the store…but Augustine paid him no mind. He’d stolen plenty of things from stores that had security officers. Just had to make sure you didn’t act suspicious, and didn’t move your hands about suspiciously on your person. And make sure whatever you stole, doesn’t show through  your clothes. Baggy clothes were the best, but don’t be overly baggy.

Augustine had this in the bag.

Ignoring the Pyroar haired officer, Augustine walked into the store, before going over to the food first. He’d get a few simple things–some bacon, a small bit of raw chicken, and some apples. He fiddled with his demagnetizing device in his hand,, knowing he’d have to use it on the vitamins, if he didn’t want the alarms being raised. And he needed those gummy vitamins, with how horrible his diet was. If he couldn’t eat normally, then at least he could still keep himself somewhat nourished.

Just a normal day out ‘shopping’…




She doesn’t know what she’s thinking. Taking off two weeks of work for a roadtrip with just herself? Absolutely ridiculous. But she still shoves random articles of clothing into an old backpack and heads out to her beat-up truck with the chipping blue paint. 

The need to get away, to get out into the open and breathe clearly without the stress of work or relationships, is so heavy in her mind and the only cure is to drive. 

So Emma sticks the key’s in the ignition, slinging the backpack into the passenger seat, and does just that.


The coffee tasted better in Seattle. 

It was rich and dark, slipping down ones throat like silk. It was flavorful, some sweet, other’s a nice kind of bitter sting.

Killian missed it.

He also missed the kind of money he had back in Seattle. 

Now as he sat in a crummy old diner/gas station that was right off the highway, he thought about the choices he’d made. 

With hardly anything to his name besides a few flannel shirts, three pairs of jeans, the coat on his back and the boots on his feet, and the guitar sitting in it’s case on the other side of the vinyl cushioned booth, he wondered if he could really make it all the way to Nashville before falling into an exhausted heap and calling it quits. 

Killian had been hoofing it for weeks now, sometimes hitchhiking when the blisters on his feet became too unbearable to move another step. 

It was rough going, but he’d somehow managed to stick to it, the promise of a bright new shiny future in Nashville just right in front of his grasp. 

All he had to do was keep holding on.


When Emma stopped for gas, big fat raindrops were just starting to fall. She watched the dark sky as the truck filled up, her fare turned up to feel the refreshing, cool breeze. 

She’d been everywhere the past couple of day’s. New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and so on until she stopped that rainy day almost a week later at the gas station in Iowa and parked at pump number 3. 

It was freeing being by herself with not a care in the world besides the little needle on the gas gauge. 

But she was also starting to get a little lonely. 

The gas clicked, signaling that her tank was full just at the same moment when he walked out the front door of the diner. 

Even with the hood of his jacket pulled up, the dark scruff along his jaw and blinding blue eyes stood out like a beacon on a dark night. Jeans slung low on his hips, red flannel shirt hugging his upper torso tightly could be seen through his unzipped jacket, and black boots with ratty soles covered his feet. it was a miracle they hadn’t fallen off as he stepped. 

Emma watched him, this attractive stranger, as he crossed the parking lot. His eyes flicked up to hers for the briefest of moments and his lips curled up in a slow smile before he turned and kept walking down the road.

Emma felt her cheeks flush with heat and she quickly ducked her head and focused on screwing the gas cap back on and putting the pump back in its slot. 


What an unfortunate time to rain. 

His guitar case did a good job of repelling water, but he didn’t want to chance it and end up losing his one and only guitar and means of living. 

He walked a while before the sound of a car engine hummed and he turned, sticking his thumb out, hoping that the driver would take pity on him and give him a lift.

She did.

The blue truck pulled to a stop, the blonde driver leaning over the passenger seat to open the door for him. 

“Throw your guitar in the back seat,” she called to him. 

Killian smiled as he did as he was told, and then swung the door closed behind him as he sat hard in his seat. He closed his eyes, sighing, as the exhaustion finally hit him as it always did when he finally sat down.

“You’re the girl from the gas station,” Killian said after a minute of silence. 

“The one who was watching me. Thank you for stopping.”

“Your welcome,” she said. After another minute, “And I wasn’t staring.”

Killian held up his hands. 

“Who am I to argue with the woman who’s taken pity on a poor musician like me?”

“My name’s Emma.”

“Just Emma?” he asked. 

“For now,” she answered, shooting him a look out of the corner of her eye as if she was keeping a close watch on him.

“Are you going to tell me your name and where you want to go or am I going to have to guess?”

“My apologies. Killian Jones.” He dramatically bowed his head in her direction. 

“And as for where I’m going, I’m making my way towards Nashville.”

“Nashville, huh?” Emma asked, looking out the rearview mirror and finally starting to drive. 

“Is that what the guitar is for?”

“Of course.”

“Music is a hard business to be in.”

“It is,” Killian agreed. “But some of us are lucky enough to make it.”

“And you’re extremely lucky?” Emma asked, skepticism dripping in her voice. 

“No.” He let out a somewhat humorless laugh. 

“But I have a feeling my luck has just changed.

His flirty grin flashed and she kept her eyes straight forward on the road, trying to ignore how the words made her heart flip. 

He didn’t say much as she turned onto the highway, driving on the endless path that seemed to lead nowhere and everywhere at once. Night fell and the sky grew darker and the rain came down harder, though were both content to sit quietly and revel in each others company. 


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