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11 Questions To Ask and Answer

So, I was tagged by @canadiangold for this tag game! Thank you!! ^_^

1. What musical instrument do you play or wish you could play?

I’ve always wished I could play the guitar! I love 70s rock, and the guitar solos in the songs of some of my favorite bands are something I’ve always wanted to learn how to play! I played piano for ten years, but then I dropped it and switched to choir. Then, the years just kind of flew by, and all of a sudden, I’m 22 and I can only claim I’ve played a few “hard” level songs on Garage Band III… Maybe I’ll learn someday! 

2. Tell us the short version of your most embarrassing moment and your most proud moment.

Proud: I just graduated with university and latin honors from college!

Embarrassing: I tripped up the main stairs in my high school on the first day in a shortish dress and flashed probably 10 people on my way down. Not pretty… 

3. Given an unlimited budget and a month free of responsibility, where would you go and what would you do?

I would buy my dream car (a 1968 Camaro Rally Sport in Grenada Gold) and drive it all around Europe! (Castles… I would visit lots and lots of castles…)

4. How far would you be willing to travel to meet an internet friend irl for a weekend?

Any distance for my friends! <3 

5. Are you getting into a new style of music or a new artist these days? Tell us about ‘em.

My bestie Robyn ( @the-heart-alchemist) got me into RWBY, and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the soundtrack! She also got me hooked on Niall Horan and Harry Styles’ respective new singles! (No shame!) Otherwise, I just kind of add songs to my playlist as I go. 

6. What would you like your room/house to smell like when you get back after a day at work/at school/running errands/etc?

Lavender. It reminds me of visiting Provence, and it just is the most comforting and calming smell to me. 

7. A generous family member just gave you $1000. What’re you going to do with the money?

Practical me: Put it into savings.

Impractical me: Blow it all on my Riza Hawkeye cosplay if I get a chance to go to NYCC this year!

8. How far have you flown? Have you ever flown international/intercontinental? Are you afraid of flying?

I love flying! I was legit 2 months old the first time I flew in an airplane. The farthest I’ve flown is probably is somewhere in Europe to Minneapolis. I’ve flown a ridiculous amount both internationally and intercontinentally. 

9. How many countries have you visited? Which was your favorite? In which would you like to live until retirement age?

Oh boy.. Let’s see. I’ve visited quite a few U.S. states (30ish), Canada, Mexico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, St. Barths, St. Kitts and Nevis, Italy, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands, and Hungary, My favorite is France, and I could live in Paris until the day I die. 

10. What’re 3-ish things on your wishlist these days?

Finding a job post-grad, renting an apartment, and traveling somewhere new! (Pretty basic but that’s what I’ve got!) 

11. Tell us about 2 things on your bucket list. If you don’t have a bucket list, what’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t?

Visit Japan during cherry blossom season, and getting my pilot’s license!

Oh boy… Now I have to come up with 11 of my own??? I’ll try!

1. What was the first tv show, cartoon, or movie that you first remember falling in love with? Do you remember why? 

2. Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been? 

3. If you could be dropped into any show’s storyline for a day, which show and which episode would it be? Why?

4. What does the smell of rain remind you of?

5. Do you have any useless, but interesting talents?

6. If you could have any pet (real or imaginary), what would it be and what would you name it?

7. What’s your favorite number?

8. What’s your favorite quote? 

9. If you like poetry, who’s your favorite poet and/or poem?

10. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve witnessed in a restaurant?

11. What’s the most interesting fact you know? 

Haha I tried to be as original as possible, but I think I failed a little bit… Anyway, I tag @the-heart-alchemist, @annaleigh, @queenxolivier, @littleblackrose, @gomboc123, @thestaffofra, @sokilokii, @hawkeyedflame, @teslaswife, @excitable-nugget, and @marieclaw if you guys want to do it! ^_^

How I got my Honors Psychology class to discuss Destiel fanfiction

Today I had my Psychology and Philosophy of War class, which I absolutely love. It’s part of a larger, nation-wide honors program and we discuss the effects of war on people, cultures and society. We split into discussion groups to think of examples for what the professor had spoken about.

I brought up a fictional story I’d read about a man named Dean going off to fight in Vietnam, leaving behind his distraught loved ones, and how when he got back everything, including himself, was changed and he couldn’t handle it and had to leave it all behind. My group loved it and we all debated various points of the story.

Yup. My honors class debated Twist and Shout.

Your move, Supernatural fandom.

doing research into minor star wars characters is the best because apparently mitaka graduated top of his class at the academy and all i can think of is what his valedictorian speech must have been like hahaha oh my god what a nerd

So I’ve been receiving this request for a while now, and only recently got around to actually doing it. Here are a few tips for keeping on-task!

  • Respect your space
    • A bit harder than it seems, this one is actually really important. If your study space is your room, keep it organized and tidy. No productive thinking will happen at a cluttered desk.
  • Go somewhere else
    • Your room might also be the place where you sleep, watch Netflix, play video games, etc. If you remove yourself from an environment that enables you to do things unrelated to studying, go somewhere else. 
  • Only light your study space
    • This one is a bit more personal, but I find that if the rest of my room is dimly lit but my desk is bright, it’s less likely for me to get distracted and my mind to drift from what’s right in front of me.
  • Don’t play music with lyrics
    • Language engages your brain! And therefore takes brainpower away from your work! If you can devote all of that energy to your tasks you should be a bit more productive.
  • Video-game music can be helpful!
    • Yup kind of strange, but video-game music is created to keep you focused but not stressed. Personally the Minecraft soundtrack really helps relax and focus me.
  • Keep hydrated
    • If you’re not drinking 2L of water every day, you’re dehydrated. Hydration fuels your body including your brain, don’t neglect it! Especially if you’re sleep deprived :)
  • Eat some fruit
    • Fruits are complex carbohydrates give you quick energy but aren’t as detrimental to your health as candy. Specifically, citrus fruits are great to keep your mind engaged.

Of course, in the end it comes down to your specific habits and needs. Do whatever works best for you, and keep trying new things until you find something that helps. Good luck!

Yale renames Calhoun College in honor of Grace Murray Hopper

Yale University will officially change the name of Calhoun College, its residential college named after John C. Calhoun — an 1804 graduate, South Carolina politician and infamous white supremacist.

It will instead rename the complex after Grace Murray Hopper, “a United States Navy Rear admiral who made pivotal advances in computer science,” the Yale Daily News reported Saturday. Read more. (2/11/17, 7:44 PM)

These are listed in no specific order! The following channels have seriously helped me better understand biological concepts and get great grades :) Enjoy!

CrashCourse (Biology)

Suitable for: Honors, AP

If you’ve been on youtube to find educational videos, especially if taking an AP course, you’ve most probably come across CrashCourse. Run by John Green (yup, the guy who wrote tfios), his brother Hank Green, and a couple of other teachers, CrashCourse is an amazing channel full of beautifully animated videos that illustrate concepts ranging from the Ancient Roman’s to the moon. In particular, their Biology videos, featuring Hank Green, are my go to videos for biology. I watch videos regarding topics we’re going to cover in class as soon as I find out what our next unit covers. All around a great, entertaining way to learn biology!

Rate: 10/10

Bozeman Science

Suitable for: Regular, Honors and AP

I first found out about the Bozeman Science channel run by Mr. Andersen in my Honors Bio class. It’s a great way to get informed about biology, as well as a superb way to learn examples of different concepts. He’s a solid teacher!

Rate: 8/10

Khan Academy (Biology)

Suitable for: Honors, AP

I’ve known about Khan Academy since the fourth grade, but didn’t know that he covered biology until August this year! He has really informative videos, so if you’re in an Honors class and want extra detail, or in an AP class, this channel is perfect for you!

Rate: 9/10

MocomiKids (Biology)

Suitable for: Regular, General understanding for Honors and AP

These videos are perfect for students in the regular biology course. The videos are informative and help to consolidate ideas. I find these videos to be good in studying for Honors Biology because they give me a general idea as to what a concept is, and from then I can get all the small details. 

Rate: 8/10

Great Pacific Media (Biology)

Suitable for: Regular, Honors and AP

I actually just found out about this channel, and I’m so glad I did. It has specified videos on basically every biological concept. Every one. It’s a splendid resource to use when you have specific concepts that you need to fine tune and nail down before a test.

Rate: 9/10

Professor Winchester (Dean Winchester x Reader AU) Chap. 1

Professor Winchester Masterlist

Word Count: 2,613

Professor!Dean Winchester x Reader AU

Summary: A few years after being accepted into your dream college, everything’s going well. Your grades are good, your social life is booming, all your assignments are easy…  Except for the damn essay that Professor Winchester assigned you. Based off this request.

Chapter Warnings : Language, alcohol usage, mentions of sex, mentions of student/teacher relationships

‘Similar to the effects of the mythical creature the basilisk, Medusa…”

You groan out as you sit at your kitchen table, your fingertips typing away at your laptop in an attempt to start the introduction paragraph of your research essay that’s due tonight. You tend to be a procrastinator, which never works well, and more often than not leaves you immensely stressed out.

You shake your head, deleting the first sentence all together before taking a long sip of coffee. Only three hours to get the essay done. Three hours until the deadline. Damn Professor Winchester for giving you such a challenging topic.

Normally, you love his class. He’s easily one of the most laid back, chilled out professors you’ve had throughout your three years at the University of Kansas. His love for Greek Mythology is unlike anything you’ve seen before. His lectures are nothing short of interesting, as he somehow manages to make even the most minuscule of things seem like the most amazing thing in the world. The tests are hard, but as long as you pay attention and take notes in class, you’ve always been fine.

Unfortunately for you, the subject of your essay that Professor Winchester had assigned you is something that you’ve yet to go over in the class, leaving you completely clueless.

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college tips from a real live college student

Hey guys, I’m currently a college freshman at a major research institution and I thought I’d share some of my tips with you all. These are basically things that I wish someone would have told me before I went to school.

  • So you breezed through high school. I did too. (Or maybe you didn’t, and that’s fine–if you know how to study and manage your time already, you’re in a better place than those who got by without studying) And maybe you’re even an honors student. Me too. But unless you were at the very top of your class and test like a damn genius, you’re going to have to get your act together in order to be better than average in college. The thing is that colleges accept students just like you as the norm. A student with a 3.5 in high school is a 2.5 student in college unless they learn to put in more work than they ever have before. I’m a national merit scholar in the Honors college at my school and I’ve had to learn how to manage my time more than ever before in order to maintain a 4.0. Basically, my point is this: you’re not as smart as you think you are. Get studying.
  • Take every AP test you can while in high school. I know the concept of college credit is a little abstract right now, but every AP credit you get in high school is $500 in tuition and $300 in books you don’t have to pay.
  • Which brings me to my second point: books are expensive. Shop around as much as you can. Try online thrift shops, and know that amazon isn’t always the cheapest. Rent whenever possible, and make sure to check the store’s policy on highlighting in rentals.
  • Read your textbooks. I get it, the lectures are the same as what’s in the textbook, but if you want to impress your prof and understand the material, at least skim your textbook. Focus on the conclusion of every section as well as topic sentences. Highlight a key phrase or two and mention them in class–it’ll get you hella participation points.
  • Bring a damn bike. If your campus is larger than a block, you’re going to want a bike. Not only will it get you around quickly on campus, but it’ll get you off campus efficiently as well. Plus, it’s a lot easier to bike back to your dorm at night than it is to walk.
  • You don’t need all the clothes you think you do. I wore shorts, dresses, knee highs, etc when in high school and I brought those with me to college. But I didn’t need them and couldn’t wear them. Take tank tops/anything sleeveless for example. If you’re walking to class with something sleeveless on and you are also carrying a backpack, your back is going to sweat and you’re going to get backne. Or maybe not, I guess, but I sure did. Backpack sweat is real and it kills. Also, if you brought a bike you don’t want to be trying to bike around in shorts/skirts/dresses if your bare skin will be on the seat. Your legs will sweat and you will get clogged pores. Not to mention flashing everyone you ride by–nothing against that, but I personally didn’t feel comfortable biking like that.
  • Bring warm clothes if you live in a temperate climate. Here in Michigan, it gets fucking cold. If you’re walking a half a mile to class,  you really, really need to be dressed warmly. You also need boots or comfortable walking shoes. Heels are hot but crying because your feet hurt from walking across campus in them is not a good time.
  • Drink as much water as possible without having to pee unreasonably much. This is just general life advice.
  • Learn to poop in public. Everyone does it. It happens. If you have communal restrooms or a roommate, you’re going to have to go when someone else is in the bathroom eventually. It will be a lot better for your body if you learn to go when you need to instead of holding it for hours until you’re alone.
  • Utilize academic advisors and counseling services. They’ll usually be willing to help you out with scheduling, required classes, and personal issues. Transitioning to college can he difficult to adjust to and talking about it can help a lot. Counseling is usually free for students.
  • You just moved in and all of a sudden they want you to pick where you’ll live next year? What the fuck? So here’s how it worked for me. I moved into my dorm and a month later I got an email telling me that signups for housing next year would be happening soon. I panicked. I wish someone would have told me that you have to be prepared to find somewhere to live next year early on. You may want to live in the dorms again, in which case you’ll need to sign up a couple months after moving in. You may decide you want to live in an apartment or rent a house. In that case, you should get hunting in order to get a good deal on a good apartment close to campus. Apartments go fast, so you’ll need to be on top of it. Your university may also have housing cooperatives, which are large houses owned by a not-for-profit student organization that works differently from traditional houses or apartments. Do your research to find out which housing situation is right for you early on and you’ll face less stress when deadlines to sign leases occur.

Anyway, this is what I can think of for now. If anyone has any questions about transitioning to college or about MSU in particular, feel free to ask!

College Comparison and Application Checklists

Hi guys! As an obsessive spreadsheet maker, I am constantly using Excel for EVERYTHING, including when preparing to apply for college. I’ve just been told that, for once, the spreadsheets I made for comparing college options and organizing my application checklist are actually helpful, so I’m here to share them!

The first can be used for initially comparing and deciding which colleges you are interested in and the second can be used more as a checklist to see if everything has been submitted or completed.

To make things convenient, I’ve made them available in Google Sheets, from which you can copy to your own Google Drive or download as a Microsoft Excel file! They are also both editable so that you can add or remove categories and compare what’s important to you. Colleges are not one-size-fits-all, so feel free to edit the spreadsheets to cater to you. As a quick example, I’ve used Harvard to demonstrate what each category is for, but you can use it however you see fit. Since I personally have not looked into Harvard, the examples used are not the most thorough, but they should still provide a general idea.

**DISCLAIMER: I am still in high school and have not yet applied or gone to any colleges/universities. I am no expert on college admissions and do not know everything about finding and selecting the perfect college. Please keep this in mind. Any constructive feedback is welcome!

College Comparison Spreadsheet:

College Application Checklist:

To use, click on the link, go to “file”, then either click “make a copy” and save to your drive or click “download” and then whatever format you want. A guide to using each is below the cut. Happy college hunting and good luck!

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Reading for my honors class on the Amtrak home yesterday. The book is The Horrors of Slavery by Robert Wedderburn if you were wondering.

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ladyknighttime  asked:

As a newer follower, what is A Highlander's Tail?

Oh boy. I’m guessing that means you also don’t know PDOC about Fifty Shades of Plaid and The Devil’s Sporran either then.

Hello, welcome to the crack that is going to be my literary career, this post will be your guide.

Hunger Pangs you likely know about but here’s the origin post where @jeneelestrange straight up altered the career path of my life.

I’ll keep Public Displays of Confection short, but basically I came up with the pun and liked it so much I decided to turn it into a w/w romance about two bakers who fall in love while competing in a wedding cake contest. It’s so sweet it might actually give you diabetes. (Small humorous extract)

A Highlander’s Tail started because @thestarfishdancer is a horrible enabler and I couldn’t help from shitposting in response. Somehow I ended up being convinced I should write a thing called A Highlander’s Tail. The vague plot outline I have so far features a Scottish werewolf who becomes a retainer for a young English woman who is brought to Scotland after marrying her much older (also English) husband. (A common trope in awful American written Scottish romances.) As with most old Scottish houses however, there’s rumors abound of ghosties and goblins and things that go bump in the night. Which is absurd of course. They howl. 

Cailean Glenn—our resident werewolf, does his best to make her feel welcome in his own gruff way, but when her marriage starts to flounder and she starts straying farther and farther from home as a means of distraction, he realizes the secret of the (fictional) town of Braedhuin may be at risk of exposure. 

There’s all sorts of shenanigans and romantic guff, as well as fun little absurdities like were-sheep who herd themselves and win national prizes. As per @deliriumsetin‘s wishes Cailean’s best friend is a plucky Irishman, Ruaidhrí, who seems to own an Irish setter who is often conspicuous by his absence. The setter is a downright friendly fellow though.

The Devil’s Sporran is a lighthearted contemporary romance spurred on after an article denouncing romance literature as basically sin, used the hilarious phrase “Shirtless Satan” to describe men in kilts. Some people wanted it to be the actual Devil, but for now he’s just an ordinary good looking man with a smile that can make you think very bad things.

The main focus is on Kate, an American who is the maid of honor to her college bff’s wedding to be held in Scotland where both her and her beau are from. As the maid of honor she gets introduced to all kinds of quaint traditions she’s never before encountered which you don’t really have to deal with in America. Like trying to find a real silver sixpence, taking the bride out around the town on her Taking Out, the whole kerfuffle with trying to find matching dresses for three vastly different shaped women, and realizing at the last minute she’s expected to pick out a tea set for the bride despite being a coffee drinker her whole life, and what the fuck is the difference between Wedgwood and Denby.
And then there’s the groom’s best man Donnie…she feels someone should have warned her about him:

“What are you doing in here?” Kate demanded, scrabbling to cover herself with the ugly tartan shawl despite being fully dressed.

“I was next door,” Donnie informed her, eyes darting over the length of her, “looking at scabbards. Are you all right? You sounded upset.”

“I’m fine!” She protested, but even to her own ears it sounded shrill. Her shoulders slumped, defeated. “I can’t get out of this stupid dress. There’s too many buttons and the assistant has apparently run away and I can’t breathe.”

Donnie chuckled easily and the sound went curling straight down to Kate’s bare toes, hidden under the length of her skirt. It was offensive how charming this particular Scotsman could be, especially given how effortless he made it seem. She was almost certain she’d have hated anyone else for it.

“She’s helping a bride,” he informed her, “I heard crying so you’re on you’re own for a while. Let me?”

The question was so unexpected and softly spoken it threw her off guard, and Kate found herself compelled to turn as he stepped further into the changing room, pulling the curtain closed behind him. She’d half expected to be manhandled by rough hands, surprised when he began freeing her from the confines of the bodice with the utmost of gentleness.

“There now,” Donnie intoned soothingly as the dress began to slip away from her shoulders. “All better.”

“Thank you,” Kate murmured, drawing in shuddering breath, the ghost of his fingertips still hot against her spine.

“You look lovely, by the way, very,” he smiled tightly, catching her eye in the mirror, “honorable.

Kate snorted, and moved to hold the bodice in place against her chest, aware that a good portion of her naked back was now exposed to him. “I’m supposed to look like the bride. Some tradition about keeping the Devil away.”

“Hmm,“ Donnie hummed, the silk of her skirt trailing through his fingers as he leant in, smile broadening into a roguish grin over her shoulder. “Tell me, Kate, do you think it’s working?”

It’s even got fanart already, cutesy of @songofsunset:

Fifty Shades of Plaid started out again as a humorous shitpost when I was being salty over how Scottish history is often romanticized to make us look like tragic heroes, rather than the victims of class oppression, and cultural warfare. 

It’s since turned into a serious novel which follows the standard Scottish romance style but is actually a visceral denouncement of the whole trope of Scottish romances written by outsiders with little to no regard for our heritage beyond “men in kilts look good” (a lighthearted sample).

It’s the story about a wealthy weaver and his daughter acquiring land in Scotland, after buying out a weaving town, intending to produce the cloth for much lower wages, and selling it at a far more expensive price on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh after it became fashionable to wear again in 1822 after King George IV felt like playing dress up, despite the kilt having been banned for actual Scottish people to wear for almost four decades for being considered an act of treason. Hence the title, fifty shades of plaid.

The main characters at present are called Elizabeth and Alasdair, and it will likely be years before I am done writing this. But it’ll get there, one day.

I also have various other writing projects going on, but these were the ones inspired by tumblr. I am hoping to churn one out each year, though in what order I don’t quite know.

And that my doves, is why I have no fucking time on my hands lmao.

Short little rant

In high school, I was an honor student. I graduated with a 4.0 cumulative GPA. My first semester of college (fall) I got a 4.0 GPA. This semester (spring) I have two B’s. And truth be told, I don’t care. I don’t care because I am still doing well in school and I have A’s in my three other classes, I have a part time job with a company that I love and I work overnight, and I am maintaining a healthy social life. I have lost almost thirty pounds in the last three months just because I have been more active with my friends. Do I care about my grades? Of course I do! But I’m not going to sit here and have a breakdown over a B when I realize that my life is a lot better now than it was back when I was in high school. I know that I can’t have it all, and I am willing to accept that I am no longer a 4.0 student if it means that I can continue to improve my life in other areas. I’m sure there is some sort of message here about balance and not having to be perfect, but I can’t wait for spring semester to be over.

1/22/17 - this is my first studyblr post!

i am new to the studyblr community! i just made my blog about a week ago. so far, i am loving it

;these are just some notes that i made to prepare for the ap lang exam in may. i was just bored, so i made these notes because i wanted to post something on my blog.

to make my notes i used: cheap printer paper (lmao), papermate flair pens, and bic round stic pen (also really cheap and i hate it sm.. 1/10)

is anyone else in ap lang having a hard time with rhetorical analyses??? i feel your pain, guys. and if you’re not, please help me out! send me tips, techniques, tactics, ANYTHING! i’m desperate!!

also, i need to follow more blogs! so like/reblog and i will check your blog out! thanks xo

pattonelliott24  asked:

Since you graduated, why don't you make a Seven headcanon about their graduation from the college at New Rome?

  • Annabeth graduates first. She’s so excited and Percy is there to support her even though he won’t graduate until the following year. She got an architect degree with Magma Cum Laude and several honors. Her father, Magnus, and Percy all went out to dinner to celebrate her big accomplishment. 
  • Percy graduated with no honors but as a C student in biology. He never thought he would be where he is now. His mother, father, sister, and Grover traveled to come to his graduation, getting the loudest cheer from his family and friends when his name was announced. 
  • Jason and Piper graduate next. Jason graduated Cum Laude and with a degree in history education. Piper graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Native American Studies and Psychology. Thalia was able to come watch her not so little brother graduate and Mr. McLean was able to come to support his daughter.
  • Leo walked with them but he didn’t finish his degree until the following semester. He graduated from the mechanical school and was excited to show off Festus 4.0 as his final project which would be his greatest achievement.
  • Frank graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Zoology. He had all of his friends there to support him. There was no one he would rather have there than his friends. 
  • Hazel was the last one to graduate, two years after Frank. She graduated with no honors, but college was super stressful for her. It took her a long time to get through her normal classes, not the education classes she needed for her Childhood Education. 
I won!

Further details to come at some point, when I return (I’ve been keeping a list of things to share), but I wanted to tell you all that my honors poster won at the honors conference on 4/28! I’ll post close-up photos later for those who are interested, but here’s a very poor quality (thanks, iPhone 5 and shaky hands) picture of it. 

I hand-drew everything that isn’t typed (including the icons in the title) and fashioned it after the Tumblr layout, which you will all no doubt identify when I post close-ups, if not now.

The judge said that one of the reasons that my poster won was because I had gone the extra mile and collected the data, which is all completely thanks to you.

Stephanie (if you have me on Snapchat, which you should, I talk a TON about her), my English prof, told me that it was award-winning, and she was right. When my name got called she got all choked up, it was so sweet.

I’m proud of it. There are lots of flaws, but for a project I did basically in the space of two days, I think it turned out pretty well. After all, it stood out amongst 100 others in the honors college!

Thank you for your help and support.