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For Honor Anime Opening

What if For Honor was anime?

The mind of the ancient Buddhas should not be understood as something irrelevant to your experience, as some mind which exists from the beginningless past, for it is the mind which eats rice gruel or tastes other food in your ordinary everyday life, it is the mind which is grass, the mind which is water. Within this life just as it is, is the act of sitting like a Buddha which is called “arousing the thought of enlightenment.”

The conditions for arousing the thought of enlightenment do not come from anywhere else. It is the enlightened mind which arouses the thought of enlightenment…

One honors the Buddha with a grain of sand, one honors the Buddha with the water in which rice has been soaked. One offers a handful of food to living creatures.

—  Dogen
Code Geass Announced Season 3!!!

So in honor of one of my favorite shows revival and ten-year anniversary I present Code Geass nails!

Here it is just with a glossy top coat

and matte

so yeah my thumb has Lelouch! I am more than excited about the new season can’t wait!

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, I was just trying to emphasize that I loathe RH, but even I think that calling that sexual assault is ridiculous. I have a question though - you don't have to answer, obviously, I'm just curious. Why do OQers think RH wasn't going back to Marian? I remember in the vault scene he never said he was going to talk to M, he just acknowledged he was married & I always got a feeling that until M told him to go be w/R, he wasn't going to. I got that impression from how Regina&RH were acting.

Apology accepted :)

As to your question…

Marian was an ice statue and might never wake up again - Robin knew that. He couldn’t talk to her and honor is one of his main traites…something he technically betrayed by sleeping with Regina. And remember we are seeing all of this through Regina’s POV not Robins. Regina didn’t believe he would chose her and he didn’t want to make promises as long as he couldn’t talk to Marian.

But he couldn’t stay away from her, his heart made a decision long ago. And because she needed him. Because Marian might never wake up again.

We are here now and this is true

And then the Spell hit. Where he begged her to take him with her to her vault.

Regina I’m not afraid of you.

Those actions show clearly who he choses. But we have it in words as soon as Marian is unfrozen and Robin could do the right thing and explain everything to his wife first - which he does as soon as she wakes up. There was no conversation between Robin and Regina after waking Marian up till the one on the bench.

Robin: Regina I chose you

Regina: But Roland? What will this look like to him?

Robin:  Its gonna look like a messy and complicated situation .Which it is. But if I were back to my life with Marian i’d be living a lie.The best example I can set to my son is to live truthfully, to follow my heart. To you.

actually imagine the rogue one crew being honored in the same way han and luke were at the end of a new hope. imagine a big ceremony with the princess and mon mothma and all the soldiers and they just lay forty medals on the steps, one for each rebel who died and for the strays they picked up on the way

imagine luke being there and seeing the force ghosts of chirrut and jyn as they are laid to rest finally, and he’s there to honor their sacrifice and understand that it wasn’t him who really took down the death star that it was the original rogue one that he is their legacy

han can sense the presence of the force ghosts but doesn’t know what it means. it’s that moment, looking at those medals given to the dead rebels that he really understands this cause is worth dying for

leia knows who these people are and has seen them leave for missions and return only this time they left and didn’t come back and to her the only way to truly honor that sacrifice is to see the last remnants of the empire destroyed which is why she is still fighting the first order in the force awakens

just imagine the rogue one legacy

the squadron named in their honor

old pilots telling the new recruits why there’s no “rogue one” that flies under rogue leader

because she already flew

and will never fly again

Why? Does he look more like a “Totalitarian Regime” to you?


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Zendaya attends the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles | January 10, 2016