the homework debate


Eyelash game a bit too stroganoff in this but uhhhh

IF Jack was so socially behind that he´d show a corncob into someones mouth he might like. Idk be a bit cooler about it? But I struggle to think of a cool way to show a corncob into someone’s mouth. Life debate homework right there, turn in by tomorrow.

Slytherin Common Room Headcanons

•part of the ceiling and walls are glass and you can look through and see everything in the lake
•communicating with the mermaids through sign language
•huge emerald green armchairs
•like six fire pits with huge pillows for laying on in front of the fire
•if it’s not winter, there’s usually only embers in the fire, just enough to keep the dungeon warm •if you light the tip of your wand, the giant squid will follow you back and forth across the huge windows
•beautiful black marble tables for homework, studying, meetings, or debates
•a large “virgin bar” with the same beautiful black marble, complete with snack, desserts, and virgin fire whiskey
•giant ornate columns of black marble, and one right in the center of the room with a fireplace at the bottom, wrapping all the way around
•dark wood floors that stay warm with a charm placed on them
•expensive beds with black silk curtains and matching pillowcases
•a gold plaque with each students name above their bed
•small and large balls of soft green light that float around freely, that you can move closer to you if you need more light
•huge velvet black couches with dark purple pillows
•touches of gold throughout: gold flakes throughout the marble, gold studs on the couches and chairs, gold tassels and seams on the pillows
•custom emerald green goblets with “Slytherin” etched in gold upon them (for the bar of course)
•no, it is not necessarily warm, we are in a dungeon for Merlin’s sake! for it to be warm, you have to be close to a fire. the Slytherins are used to it though, we like it that way

Should I Stop Assigning Homework?

I have written in the past about my hatred of homework from the perspective of both a teacher and a parent, so when I heard about a teacher who had ditched the practice of assigning homework altogether, I was intrigued and skeptical. Former teacher Mark Barnes wrote in a post called “Homework: It fails our students and undermines American education”:

  • Students often ask me why I don’t assign homework. “I don’t believe in it,” I quickly respond. “It doesn’t tell me what you’re learning.” They forge ahead with furrowed eyebrows. “Then why do all of our other teachers assign homework?” Although I typically leave that one alone, my experience tells me that the answer isn’t at all elusive. The average educator was taught in her pre-service days that homework is a part of every teacher’s instructional handbag. You lecture, model, assign a worksheet and follow that up with homework that, in many cases, looks a lot like the worksheet. Then you test and move on. Students who don’t complete homework receive zeroes, but they learn a valuable lesson about responsibility, many teachers argue, even though there’s no legitimate research connecting responsibility to homework. 

While I’ve read the research, and I know that there’s little academic benefit to homework before middle school, and even then, the benefit is limited, I’ve continued to assign homework all these years for a couple of reasons. One, students, teachers, parents, and administrators expect me to, and when I don’t I am labeled an “easy” teacher, viewed as less serious or rigorous than my colleagues. Parents may rage about the veritable avalanche of homework that threatens to suffocate their children, but in my experience, parents also view that avalanche as a badge of honor, evidence of academic rigor.

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11:24 am
I am proud to say I have accomplished a lot since I have waken. I am currently having some tea, hoping it will cure me of my cold with some chips to munch on.
I am writing some notes on my debate, almost finished :).
Don’t mind me but I’m just gonna rant for a few seconds.
I hate group projects. I have one partner and she doesn’t do anything. At the end I literally told her what to write and I still had to fix it up. I wish that everyone would work equally in a group project, but NO!
Anyways I hope you guys have good day! :*


6/100// Well this isn’t going as planned..

I was planning on posting for this challenge of daily, but the first week of term has been pretty busy.

I will admit that I did not work on anything school related this weekend, but I did help clean the entirety of my boyfriend’s apartment (which has three guys living in it, so it was a lot).

Tonight I am getting back in the groove…

-finished typing up all my notes from the week

-read my assigned chapters for this week

And now to settle in and take notes on the Democratic Debate.

P.S. Anyone have any advice on reading dry textbooks? They’re killing me.

I saw the skimmons hate, and most of it is just downright disrespectful to fans and I was debating addressing it, because senseless hate like that doesn’t deserve an audience, but there’s one part I find extremely problematic I need to address and it is this: 

“Stop saying, “Oh, why can’t a man and a woman just be friends? Why does it always have to turn romantic?” when the question of, “Why can’t two women just be friends without certain fans turning it into a gay thing?” applies just as much and the man/woman dynamic doesn’t require the characters to act out of character for it to happen.“ [x]

(oh and before I continue, my dear fitzsimmons friends, I don’t hold you accountable for this person at all, I am well aware this person is not representative of any of you, and I know you are as frustrated by their hate as I am.) 

That question does not apply just as much. The idea that people not wanting fitzsimmons to happen because they want a man and a women to be friends is applicable here shows a clear misunderstanding of the representation of sexuality on television. Men and women being friends for a long time and then getting together is a trope. Best friends to lovers is done dozens upon dozens of times in movies, tv, and books. Just look at literally any cop drama– it's especially a trope in regards to team members.

But that trope is gender specific. It is always a man and a woman. Of the tv couples that go best friends / work partners to lovers, I would wager about 98% of those are male/female pairings. Even the ones where they don’t go best friends to lovers, they just show one of them in unrequited love, that is almost entirely heterosexual. It’s rare to find a very close, intimate friendship and partnership on television that never goes romantic in any way.

The idea that we should be wanting women to be just friends for once is laughable because women are ALWAYS just friends– the majority of deep, intimate female friendships on TV stay just that. I’d wager about 2% of deep female friendships actually become romantic.

The problem with this comment, and why I feel compelled to post this, is because this comment assumes that queer sexuality has equal representation and is just as common as straight sexuality and that is false, and it is offensive. Men and women constantly fulfill this trope, and women rarely do, if ever. So no, we should not be treating these two relationships the same, because it’s simply not. 

(I’d also just like to add that no one’s saying there’s something BAD about that trope or that you can’t like tropes– we’re just saying it IS a trope where as skimmons is NOT and is something you never get to see.)

Anon, please

I’m the anon with the guy who wouldn’t stop texting and threatened his friend if i ignored him btw, and I’d appreciate if this could be anonymous too.

Okay, so for a little background you should know that i go to a charter school. Me and my brother go pick up and drop off homework weekly.

This first began when I was exiting class and some random kid came up to me with a note. The note said “(insert random phone number) call him if you wanna know who he is”. My teacher was right there when it happened and she’s pretty chill so she just basically told me not to call cuz the way he gave me the note was strange. Being who I am, I texted him asking “who is this” to which he answers “I’m (insert name here) and I was wondering if we could get to know each other” I didn’t answer bc i didn’t feel like it tbh. A couple days go by and he texts me “Can i ask you a question?” multiple times. Since i don’t answer him, he asks me anyway. “Can i call you?” (He also sends this many times) I still don’t answer, At this point I may sound like a bitch for not answering but I really didn’t feel like it, I basically just wanted to know who it was. He keeps on asking if he can call and eventually just calls me, a call which I don’t answer to. He obviously leaves a voicemail. Not a really long voicemail but he just says that he really wants to get to know me and wants to hang out the following weekend and to please please call him. Sounds pretty desperate. He then texts me again the following day: “Turns out I can’t call you, sorry. My parents say i use the phone too much.” I never asked to call him, but whatever. Not even five minutes later he says “SORRY!! That was my cousin, I can call you if you want.” The situation is hilarious to me. I keep on not answering. He stops texting for a whole week til Sunday when he says “I just wanna know if an amazing girl like you would like a guy like me.” He doesn’t even know my damn name. Then finally he asks “Are you ignoring me” Yes, yes I am. It gets interesting the next day when i’m going to school. He texts me saying. “I dropped a package with my friend F, please go see him and take a letter he has, It’s for you, and if you don’t something terrible will happen to him.” after that he says “If you tell anyone about this I’ll hurt him even more.” I ignore that too. As i sit with my teacher going over my homework i debate to whether tell her or not. Then i get another text saying “My friend informed me you arrived. Go get the letter. It’s your choice.” That’s when i get bored of the situation and tell my teacher. She calls the principal over and the three of us talk about it. He asks me to send him screenshots of the text, which i gladly do, but at that moment i get the most hilarious text: “jk about the whole thing.” lol i actually laughed. My teacher and principal seemed pretty unamused and mad at the kid (who isn’t present atm) I still don’t know who it is but i sorta hope to see him at graduation. And idk if he did hurt F but i doubt it. Sorry for the length and terrible english.

sorry for uploading this it was actually my cousin on my computer